Surprise Package

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It was Adam Connor's 40th birthday and a mystery package had arrived for him. What could it be?

It was my fortieth birthday and I was feeling a little down, the big four-O is supposed to be a mile marker in life, one that I was not looking forward to at all. I suppose I had nothing to complain about though, life had been good to me, mostly; I'd had a good marriage that had ended when my wife died of cancer five years back; I had a lovely daughter of seventeen; I'd made enough money to take very early retirement; this was due in part to my wife's life insurance and I would willingly have forsaken the money to have her back again.

All in all I suppose I should have been happy with my lot, but the prospect of hitting forty was getting me down. According to all the rumours and gossip I'd heard over the years you fell apart as soon as you reached that magic number, even the old sex drive vanished, not that I'd had much drive in that respect since my wife had died. That morning I had woken up feeling old and it was a feeling that stuck with me throughout the morning, Marina, my daughter, had made breakfast just before shooting off to college and I had stood staring out the kitchen window at the pouring rain.

It would have been a typical Friday had it not been for it being my fortieth birthday. It was as I had that thought that I realised that my daughter hadn't wished me a happy birthday. I put it down to her being in such a rush, not wanting to believe that she could have forgotten it. After washing up the breakfast things I grabbed the shopping bags and headed off to get the weekly shop as I did every Friday.

Later that day Marina called to let me know that she would be late home, it was a hurried call and she didn't tell me why she would be late nor did I ask, she was almost a grown woman and I had accepted that she had her own life to lead. Resigned to an evening alone I started to prepare dinner, but I really didn't feel like cooking and decided to have a sandwich when I eventually got hungry. It was just after five when the doorbell rang, when I opened the door a pair of deliverymen was standing there with a hamper and a very large carton.

"Mr. Connor?" one of the pair asked.

"Yes." I replied in puzzlement.

"Sign here." the man said.

A clipboard was waved under my nose along with a pen, bemused I signed at the point indicated and handed back the clipboard. Then I had to leap out of the way as the two men tilted their trolley and wheeled the box and hamper through to the living room. As they took their trolley away I gave them a tip out of sheer habit, the spokesman of the pair thanked me then handed me an envelope that went with the delivery.

Alone again I looked at the package, it was covered in labels showing which way up it should be and declaring it 'extremely fragile', which was not a label I'd ever seen before. I looked at the envelope in my hand and frowned; opening it I read the contents in the hope of finding some enlightenment. Instead I grew even more puzzled, the note inside informed me that the contents of the hamper should be laid out for consumption before opening the package. Even more puzzling was the last sentence of the note, 'due to the extreme sensitivity of the contents of this package all curtains should be closed before opening'; I couldn't think of anything that would warrant this sort of treatment nor could I find a clue as to who had sent the package.

Still it was sitting there in my living room all correctly addressed so there was little chance of it being a mistake, shrugging my shoulders I put a cloth on the dining table and laid out the contents of the hamper as per instructions, it was quite a collection of meats, cheeses and bread, all of which were of the kind I loved. There was a bottle of champagne in a pre-chilled container and a beautifully iced birthday cake; I became even more curious as to who had sent the goods when I saw this.

With the buffet laid out I went around the house closing all the curtains, mind you it was already dark enough to warrant this anyway, but I really wondered what it was that was so sensitive that it couldn't stand even the dim light of a dark and stormy evening. Finally I stood in front of the package and tried to figure out how to open it, there were ties along the top and front edge that indicated that once these were open the package would fold out and down. With a sense of growing curiosity and excitement I opened the ties and tugged at the top. The damned thing didn't shift and I walked around it wondering if there was anything else I needed to undo, I found nothing and stood in front of the thing with my hands on my hips frowning.

With a thump that made me jump the lid flew open and the front fell down, a luscious, scantily clad female form sprang up with a 'ta-da'. I gaped at the sight of a pair of bare tits in a quarter cup bra and a pussy pouting through a pair of crotch-less panties. My cock went rigid as I let my eyes roam over the woman's luscious body for a few moments then I raised my eyes above the level of her tits.

"Marina!" I yelped.

"Happy birthday dad!" my daughter laughed back.

With an effort I dragged my eyes back to her face, I was shocked at the desire I was feeling for my daughter as she stood there posing provocatively, laughing at my bewilderment.

"Do you like your present?" she asked impishly.

"Very much," I sighed "but I'd rather it hadn't been my own daughter."

"Let's eat" she grinned "and I'll explain what happened later."

I was still feeling bemused as we sat down at the table, despite the fact that it was my daughter I just couldn't keep my eyes off her body, in particular her tits and her pussy. Fires that had died with my wife suddenly roared into life inside me and I felt as randy as hell with a five-year head of steam to let off. Smiling sweetly my daughter loaded up two plates and opened the champagne, as we ate I felt my surprise and shock fading a little, but it only made me all the more aware of the excitement I was feeling. Marina said very little during the meal, we had the last of the champagne with a slice of the cake as I fought to keep my eyes above the level of her shoulders; it was a losing battle though.

"Explanation time I think." I finally said as we pushed our empty plates aside.

"I booked all this" my daughter began as she waved a hand at the depleted buffet and the package "two weeks ago. The box was supposed to contain a woman who specialises in this sort of thing, the idea was that I'd be here to watch you open the package, share the buffet then bugger off while you and this woman had some fun."

"What went wrong?" I asked with an idea of what was coming.

"The woman broke her leg yesterday," Marina grinned "it was too late to book a substitute, but I really wanted you to have a special surprise present so I decided to do it myself. I borrowed this outfit from the company who sets these things up and got into the package in the delivery truck. You do like your 'special' present don't you?"

"Marina, Marina," I laughed, "only you could come up with something like this. Yes, of course I like my 'special' present, more than I really should. It's not every day a virtually naked woman springs out of a box at you, a very pretty naked woman at that."

"I'm so glad." she laughed "I was worried you'd go all square on me when you realised it was me."

"Well I almost had a heart attack when I did realise," I grinned "but I've sort of got over my shock now. If you pop upstairs and put something on I'll clear the table."

"I'm not popping anywhere," Marina laughed "I'll clear the table while you pour us both a drink."

It must have been the champagne because I let her talk me into agreeing with her plan, with my eyes constantly flicking to her body I went over to the drinks cabinet while my daughter cleared away the table. When she came back from the kitchen I gave her her drink and forced myself not to stare at her gorgeous body as I drained my glass. Pouring myself another drink I sighed and headed for my usual seat on the couch.

"Do you really think I'm pretty daddy?" Marina asked striking a pose that would have got her arrested in any part of the world "If I weren't me would you really like to do lovely things to me?"

"You are gorgeous," I grinned "and you know it. And yes, I would really like to do lovely things to you."

Boy would I have like to do things to her, it was a temptation to do them anyway, one I was finding increasingly hard to resist as she strutted around seductively chatting away merrily and sipping her drink. I was surprised, even shocked at the feelings I was experiencing for my daughter, my cock had gone hard when she'd first leapt out of the box, it had stayed hard and was now quivering with the desire to be used on the only female in the house, my daughter!

"I do wish you'd put something on." I muttered to myself "God you're a temptation."

I hadn't intended Marina to hear what I had said, but she had damned good ears and I must have spoken a bit louder than I had intended.

"Am I really a temptation?" she laughed "That's a real turn-on for me. What would you like to do with your little temptress then?"

"Don't tempt me girl," I growled as my lust grew "you may not like the answer."

Five years of suppressed desire was shooting through me, five long and lonely years of abstinence after over twenty years of daily sex had my blood boiling. I couldn't tear my eyes from Marina's ripe boobs with their dark nipples or from her young shaved pussy with its lips pouting so invitingly.

"I think I might." Marina whispered.

Sighing I got to my feet and headed towards the drinks cabinet to refill my glass, Marina intercepted me half way there, she laughed then kissed me lightly on the lips with her body pressing gently against me. A sudden thrill ran through me as her lips met mine and I could feel them even after she had stepped back to smile at me. Way down inside me something snapped, I put down my glass and started to tug at my clothing. A tiny part of me seemed to have stepped aside and was watching events unfold as though it were an outside observer, this part of me felt surprise at the smile on my daughter's face as I threw off my clothing, the rest of me just felt a burning desire to take her as a man takes a woman.

My daughter's eyes widened when I revealed my erection to her, but it wasn't surprise or shock that I saw in her eyes, it was a desire to match my own. My 'observer' felt shocked as I stepped close to Marina, put my arms around her and drew her tight to me as I placed my lips firmly on hers. As though she had melted, Marina pressed against me, her skin warm and soft as it rubbed against mine; her lips warm and responsive under mine, my whole body glowed at the sudden realisation that my daughter wasn't resisting me in any way. Quite the opposite, her hands were running up and down my back sending thrills and shivers of delight through me.

Sighing I slid one of my hands around to her chest, my fingers squeezing and pressing her ripe tits before concentrating on her hard nipples, my daughter's lower body pressed against me squashing my cock between us then, with a wriggle of her body, she got my cock under her body so that it lay along her slit. I could feel the moist heat of her pussy on my flesh as I gently rubbed myself along her pussy. Marina groaned and pushed down on my hardness at the same time pushing her tit tight to my hand, with a low moan I let my hand squeeze her heavy flesh then I bent and picked her up in my arms. Our lips parted and my daughter rested her head on my shoulder as I carried her upstairs to my room, laying her on the bed I gazed down at her longingly, Marina smiled up at me invitingly and I actually laughed as I climbed onto the bed between her open legs. Lowering my head I ran my tongue along her pussy, the scent and taste of her juices fuelling my lust even more, Marina hummed as my tongue circled her clit, she groaned as I pressed on it then slid my tongue down to her wet hole to lap at her sweet juices.

"Oh...oh...yes." she panted as her body began to tremble.

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