Make Me Happy

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: He fulfils her fantasy so she does the same for him!

I woke suddenly with panic filling me, a hand was pressing over my mouth stifling the cry I was about to make, a dark body loomed over me and a low voice spoke to me.

"Do as your told and you won't get hurt." the voice said, "I'm going to move my hand, don't make a sound."

Fearfully I kept quiet as his hand moved from my mouth, I saw his teeth flash in the darkness then something covered my eyes. Wishing my husband was home I lay in the darkness, light suddenly showed at the edges of the blindfold and I knew the man was looking down at me and I trembled.

"Take off that night-dress." The man commanded.

Through my fear I did not move.

"Now!" he snapped.

Terrified I struggled out of bed and quickly pulled off my nightdress, I tried to cover my naked body with my hands and he snapped at me to move them. I felt something cold rub over my breasts, in horror I realised that it had to be a knife.

"Please," I pleaded, "please don't hurt me."

"That depends on you." The man laughed, "If you make me happy then you won't get hurt."

"What do you want?" I sobbed knowing full well what the answer would be.

"Well to start with" he replied with a leer in his voice, "to watch you make yourself cum. Do it!"

With shaking hands I touched my breasts, slowly I started to play with myself and despite my fear I began to get turned on, sliding a hand down to my pussy I fingered my clit then pushed two fingers into my pussy.

"Nice tits lady." the man commented, "Get the fingers moving faster."

Obeying him I fingered myself to a climax, it took me less time than it had ever done before and all the while I felt the man's eyes burning on my skin as he watched me. Gasping I pulled my fingers from my pussy and shuddered, the man laughed and pushed me back onto the bed, my legs were pulled open and I bit back a scream as I felt his tongue touch my flesh.

Despite my determination not to enjoy his assaults I found myself becoming more and more excited until with a groan of shame and delight I climaxed. The bed bounced as he covered me with his body, still in the throes of a climax I could not resist as he harshly pushed his cock into my pussy and began thrusting; seconds was all it took for my body to react to his violation and its reaction shocked and excited me. With a low cry I enclosed the man with my legs and moved in time to his hard thrusts, my cries got louder as I rose to another climax and then he was thrusting into me; a surge of heat filled my pussy and I cried out with shame and ecstasy as his hot seed erupted into me. Tears of shame filled my eyes as he began to move in me again.

"YES!" I cried, as his movements became faster, "GOD HELP ME TAKE ME!"

A part of me felt shame at my cries, another felt nothing but bliss, a tiny part of me wished Trevor would come home and rescue me while still another hoped he wouldn't. I was torn between pleasure and fear, excitement and shame and it was the excitement that was in control of me.

"Christ your a good lay lady" the man's voice mocked me, "and so co-operative."

Feeling ashamed I had another orgasm, which peaked as he filled me for the second time with his seed. He rolled off me and I curled up on the bed, my body still shaking with post climax excitement while I felt disgusted, dirty and used. The blindfold was gently taken from my eyes then he rolled me to face him, my eyes widened with surprise.

"TREVOR!" I cried.

"In the flesh." he grinned at me.

With a shock I suddenly remembered that I had told my husband that I had a fantasy about being forced to have sex with a stranger, the bastard had fulfilled my fantasy and terrified me in the process.

"You bastard!" I snapped at him.

He frowned and looked puzzled.

"But I thought it was what you wanted," he said slowly, "and you definitely seemed to enjoy it."

"I did, but..." I faltered as I realised that he had given me exactly what I had wanted.

With a shock I realised that the fear had added to my enjoyment, Trevor had gone out of his way to fulfil my sick fantasy and here I was yelling at him.

"I did enjoy it darling." I admitted, "Thank you for doing it."

"God help you if you are ever raped for real." he grinned in relief.

We got into bed and fell asleep quickly, my dreams were full of what had happened and I woke up feeling more randy than I had ever felt before. Looking over at my husband I smiled at the thought that he had driven over a hundred miles to make me happy; watching his sleeping face I decided that I had to do something to make him happy in return. Trevor had only ever had two unfulfilled fantasies, one was to watch me with another woman and that had been fulfilled for him a month back quite by accident when an old school friend of mine had come to visit us. The other was to have me submit to him totally, to become a slave to his every whim no matter how outlandish; I knew that I could risk ending up being gang-banged and had always refused in my mind to fulfil this fantasy, though he had never actually asked me to do so. Grinning I decided to make his wish come true and to allow him to dominate me for the weekend, my pussy burnt with desire as I came to my decision. Knowing that he would not want to waste a single moment of the time that I was offering to him I nudged him, Trevor mumbled, sighed, yawned and opened his eyes. With a grin he sat up and kissed me good morning then he looked at the clock.

"Kay it's only just gone six," he said in surprise, "is there something wrong?"

"Nothing at all." I grinned, "I just thought you would like to know that I want to be your little sex slave for the next two days, of course if you'd rather sleep..."

"Not a chance." he grinned, "Are you serious?"

"I am," I replied, "I will do anything and everything you want me to do, just like the old advert for Martini, any time, any place, any where. Only for the weekend though, so make the most of it."

"I will." he laughed, "Is there anything out of bounds?"

It was typical of him to ask even after I had told him that I'd do anything he wanted, but that was probably one of the reasons I loved him so much.

"Not a thing." I replied with a smile.

Trevor jumped out of bed and literally threw on some clothes, I lay on the bed and watched him; dressed he looked down at me and grinned.

"Put on that mini I bought you." He said.

I knew which dress he was referring to, it was a black halter neck dress that he had bought for me as a joke, the top barely contained my breasts and the hem of the skirt was so high that the slightest movement showed off my bum. The one and only time I had worn the dress I had been surprised at how much of me was on show, but I did not hesitate, getting off the bed I took the dress from my wardrobe and put it on.

"Some stockings and high heels will go nicely with that." he grinned.

Selecting a pair of black hold-up stockings and 4 inch black high heels I quickly put them on and did a twirl for my drooling husband.

"Perfect!" he laughed, "You look fantastic!"

Naturally I was pleased at his words, my pussy, hot to begin with, grew even hotter as his eyes looked me up and down; it was just after six thirty and the sun was already up. Trevor held out a hand to me and I took it, meekly I let him lead me downstairs to the kitchen and despite the fact that I was supposed to be his slave he made us both coffee and toast. Breakfast over, my husband led me out into the hall, it didn't need the brain of an Einstein to know that we were going out. The thought of walking the streets with my bare bum and pussy on show and my boobs liable to pop out sent my arousal level soaring. Even the cool morning air couldn't cool the burning in my pussy, my nipples sprang up with the cold and showed as hard bumps in the material of the dress, Trevor saw this and his grin grew wider. We walked out to the street with me feeling very conscious of my nudity under the thin dress, although it was just after seven there were a number of people about yet they were so busy with their own affairs that they didn't pay us any heed. Our route took us near a park and it came as no surprise when my husband walked through the gate, I trotted along by his side getting more and more excited, in fact it surprised me that I was getting so turned on. I felt disappointed at the fact that there was no-one about, not even a park keeper, I felt cheated, but I should have known that Trevor had something in mind.

We wandered around for about half an hour, despite my excitement I was getting tired of walking about with no audience, then, suddenly, I had my audience. Our path had brought us to the football changing rooms and although it wasn't the football season some of the older boys still used them as a meeting place, there were five of them standing in the doorway. At first they just glanced our way, then one of them noticed how little I was wearing and how much I was showing and began nudging his mates, soon all eyes were turned my way and felt my juices gush. Trevor seemed to make a beeline to the building, each step made me more and more aroused as it dawned on me that my very first command may well be to allow the boys to gang-bang me, and I nearly climaxed at the thought of it. Then Trevor turned aside and I felt disappointed as we moved away from the group of youths.

"You did say anything?" my husband asked stopping suddenly.

"Yes," I breathed.

"Okay," he smiled, "I want you to let all those boys take you in whatever way they want."

"Yes Trevor." I sighed happily.

I hoped that he was getting as much pleasure as I was, eagerly I let him take me back to the changing room building, he walked straight up to the group of youths and pushed me forward.

"My wife wants to be gang-banged while I watch." he said to them.

At first they thought he was joking, but then they realised he was serious and lost no time in grabbing me and literally dragging me inside with my husband strolling along behind. I never knew their names, nor did I care, with no time wasted on things like foreplay the youths got my minuscule dress off and took me one after the other then two and three at a time. Cocks filled my mouth; cocks filled my pussy; cocks filled my arse; my hands wanked cocks while their hands covered every inch of me and I just came and came and came until I thought I would die, and then I came some more. By the time they had sated their lust with me I was too exhausted to move, it was one of the most arousing and frightening experiences of my life and I wished it had not ended. It was a shock to discover how excited being helpless made me feel, even had I wanted to I could not have stopped the youths taking me, and knowing that my husband was watching them take me aroused me even more.

Trevor used the building's facilities to clean my body, his hands gentle and caring as he washed away the juices that covered and filled me, drying me caressingly before putting my dress back on me. The time it took to clean me up allowed me to recover somewhat and my knees no longer trembled as my husband led me from the building. Outside the sun had travelled a fair distance across the sky, it was about mid-morning, I had been the plaything of the youths for a couple of hours at least. Grinning Trevor took me out into the middle of a green, lying down he opened his flies, pulled out his hard cock then looked up at me with a broad, sexy grin

"Suck my cock." He commanded.

Kneeling at his side I bent over and took his cock in my mouth, as I savoured the feel of him in my mouth I was very aware that my dress had ridden up and that my pussy and backside were on open display to anyone that cared to look. Just sucking Trevor's cock while displaying myself turned me on in a way I would not have believed before that morning, it was also affecting my husband. With a groan he filled my mouth with his hot, sticky juices making me groan around his flesh as I climaxed with him, but to my surprise he stayed hard even after cumming and he barked out a fresh command that I rushed to obey.

"Fuck me." he ordered.

Sitting up I quickly straddled him and thrust down onto his erection. Anyone who saw us could have had no doubt about what was going on as I began to ride him in a frenzy, I could hear myself crying out as climaxes washed over me and my body seemed to be shaking all the time. Trevor reached up and the next thing I was aware of was the front of my dress falling away to reveal my breasts, his hands covered my globes and played with them, which sent me into an even greater frenzy. When he finally thrust up into me and shot his seed into my depths I screamed and flopped forward onto his chest, my cry must have been heard from one end of the park to the other yet no-one came to investigate; thank God! Leaning up my husband kissed me then sat up pushing me upright with him, he sighed happily as his cock slid in my pussy and it was with a shock that I realised that he was still hard and still fucking me.

"Christ!" I gasped as he moved his lower body.

His mouth closed around one of my bare nipples as I moved with him, over his shoulder I saw a man watching us, his eyes wide in disbelief, knowing he was there sent me into a climax. As I recovered Trevor removed his mouth from my nipple and grinned at me.

"I think I'll save this for later." he said, "Up you get."

With his seed seeping from my pussy I struggled to my feet, glancing towards the path I saw the man was still standing staring at us, his mouth open as I stood there with my boobs exposed. My husband followed my eyes and laughed; closing his flies he stood up, took my hand and led me straight towards the man. At first I thought that Trevor was going to offer me to the man, but with a grin he led me onto the path a few feet from him and turned away from where the man stood gob-smacked.

We followed the path into a stand of trees and at that point Trevor had me do up my top, the day was half over and I felt shattered. I knew that my husband would make the most of the time I had given him, and that there would be little rest for me; I was as eager as he was to continue. Reaching the park gates we turned towards the shopping centre, at this time of day the place would be packed and I just knew that some daring bugger would feel me up from the anonymity of the crowds. It made me wetter just thinking about it! It was obvious that the same thought was in Trevor's mind, I looked down at the bulge in his trousers that marked his erection, what was happening was exciting my husband in a way I had never seen before. Normally Trevor needed a few minutes for his cock to come back to erection after sex, he had now climaxed twice without losing his erection and I knew he was wishing that he had more than two days to command me.

People surrounded us as we entered the shopping centre, hustling and bustling as they rushed to do their shopping. Few noticed the almost naked woman wandering in their midst and even most of those few didn't believe what they had seen. Some of them believed it though and acted on it, I nearly jumped out of my skin when a hand suddenly stroked my backside, glancing around I tried to see who it was that had touched me, but the crowd hid the person.

"Don't look around if they feel you up." Trevor commanded.

A few minutes later I felt a hand touch me again, I tensed and Trevor must have sensed this because he stopped and pretended to look in a shop window while the mystery hand hastily explored my bum and pussy. Then it was gone and I felt disappointed, my husband smiled down at me.

"You'll never believe it," he laughed, "it was a woman, I could see her in the shop window."

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