Blind Date

by Scorpio00155

Copyright© 2001 by Scorpio00155

Incest Sex Story: They didn't realize it until it was too late

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

I was feeling excited and nervous as I donned my mask and stepped into the club, I suppose I was feeling more than a little foolish too and I wondered what I was doing there. It had all started as a joke, a way to fill in a boring few hours. After all, I was only twenty-five and attractive enough to have any man I wanted without having to resort to answering ads in contact magazines, well, one ad in one magazine. Now I was getting ready to meet a man who I did not know, in a place I had never been and wearing a mask; excited was not the word to describe how I was feeling, but it was the only one I knew.

Standing near the bar I looked around, my date would be masked as well, but I would recognise him by his outfit. Praying that there weren't two men in the same clothes I looked around again then breathed in sharply as I spotted him. He was tall, dressed in a tuxedo with a long dark cape flowing from his shoulders; his mask was the same as that worn in the musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'. My costume was as near as I could get to the heroine's from the same musical; ironically the music from that show was among my favourites.

My heart was pounding as I watched him turn, his lips curled into a smile as he spotted me and I smiled back as he crossed the room to where I stood trembling nervously. His name was Leonard, it was this that had caught my eye in the ad, my younger brother had the same name and it had amused me at the time to reply to a man the same age, twenty, and bearing the same name as my brother. It couldn't have been my brother though, he was abroad and had been for the last three years with the army; I hadn't seen him in so long that I sometimes wondered if I'd know him when I saw him again.

"Patricia?" Leonard said as he halted in front of me.

"Leonard." I grinned at him.

Close to he was certainly a hunk, well muscled, tall, with a voice that sent shivers down my spine, my pussy had gone wet at the deep baritone of his voice, and yet there had been something familiar about it. Shrugging my mental shoulders I waited for my date to speak.

"You are more beautiful than I expected." he laughed "And please, call me Len."

"Only if you call me Pat." I laughed at his compliment.

"It's a deal." he smiled "Would you like a drink?"

"I'd love one." I smiled.

While Len went to the bar I stood and looked around the club, it was large yet seemed intimate, the lighting was dim and the music soft, romantic get together stuff. Everyone except the staff was wearing masks and costumes, I suspected that the club had some connection with the magazine. It seemed to me that all the couples were meeting as though for the first time, but like myself, they all knew what awaited them at the end of the evening. My pussy juices flowed as I thought about that point in time when Len would take me somewhere and fuck me, it was more of a thrill than I had thought it would be just thinking of what was to come and I hoped that the reality was not going to be a let down. Len came back with our drinks and in an intimate, anticipatory silence we sipped at our drinks and watched the other couples gyrating around the dance floor.

Soon it was my turn to drift around the floor; enfolded in Len's strong arms I let myself sway with the slow, sensuous music that was playing. Though I had only just met Len I felt safe in his arms and I wondered what he looked like under his mask. Turning my head I met Len's eyes, he smiled then closed the slight gap between our faces, closing my eyes I let him kiss me, his lips sending an electric tingle through my whole body as they pressed against mine. Humming quietly with pleasure I increased the pressure of my lips on his and felt elated at his response, there was fiery passion burning in him and I could feel it in his lips as it burnt through to my desires. If I'd had any doubts before about what I was doing that kiss removed them completely. When our lips parted I felt hot, flushed and breathless, my pussy was yearning to be fucked. My nipples had gone hard and were scraping deliciously against the material of my bra, looking into Len's eyes I sighed.

"Do we have to stay here?" I breathed suggestively.

"I've booked a room in the club," he smiled "but we can go elsewhere if you wish."

"Take me to this room." I breathed.

He laughed gently as he took my hand and led me across the floor to a staircase on the opposite side of the room, still holding my hand he led me up the stairs, along a dimly lit corridor to a door; opening the door he ushered me inside. I'd been expecting a dingy little room with a bed in pride of place; instead the room was large and spacious. The decor, though erotic, was subtle and pleasant and although the bed certainly did take pride of place there was nothing sordid about the room, in fact it was quite romantic.

"May I take your clothes Mademoiselle?" Len laughed as he closed the door.

"Of course." I laughed back.

There was no hesitation in either of us; we both knew what it had been we were looking for when we agreed to meet. Still, my hands trembled as I started to undress; Len seemed calm and collected as he stripped off his clothes then looked at me.

"Shall we keep our masks on?" he asked quietly.

It was a wonderful idea, to fuck a man wearing a mask, it would add to the mystery and excitement of the event so delightfully that I agreed instantly. Barely had I spoken than I found myself in Len's arms, I couldn't remember either of us moving, but there was no disputing the exciting feel of his lips on mine or the heat of his body as it pressed and rubbed against me. Melting against Len I let one of my hands slide down to his cock, he gave a little moan as I closed my hand around his semi-erect flesh and began to wank him. In return Len put a hand to my boobs and teased my sensitive nipples while his other hand slid down to my clit. To be honest I was already so turned on that his light touch at my clit sent a minor climax wafting over me, groaning I pressed tight to my lover's body as small trembles raised goose-bumps of pleasure on my skin. Len certainly knew what he was doing; his hands and fingers teased my nipples and clit so delicately yet so excitingly that I had another orgasm only a few minutes later. It was only then, as my body shivered with delight, that Len moved his hand from my clit and probed at my pussy with a finger. As his finger slid into me I groaned into his mouth then gasped out loud as his lips left mine and his head dropped so that he could take one of my nipples into his mouth.

"Mmm yes." I breathed excitedly as he sucked my hard bud "That feels so good Len."

Len didn't waste any time in replying, he was too busy sucking my nipple and exploring my pussy to bother with words, but his actions were all the reply that I needed and before long I felt another orgasm wash over me. His hands and mouth had worked me up to such a point that I knew that if he didn't fuck me straight away I would scream; not that I'd be that quiet if he did take me.

"Oh God Len," I gasped out "fuck me, please fuck me!"

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