Truck Stop

by Lilith Cherry

Copyright© 2001 by Lilith Cherry

Sex Story: A chance encounter ignites passion in a dark car park

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

I am driving along alone in my car on a dark lonely highway when suddenly the engine starts making a graunching noise and shaking around. I slow right down and pull off into a rest area (just a lay-by surrounded by trees) and get out of my car to see if I can see what is wrong.

Of course, I know nothing about cars so I haven't a hope of fixing it and I am really upset and don't know what to do.

It is cold and raining so my clothes are wet and my blouse is sticking to my breasts which show almost through the thin material as I am not wearing a bra and the cold makes my nipples stand out, large and hard. As I stand there in despair, I hear a deep sexy voice right behind me and almost jump out of my skin!

It is a trucker who has seen me unable to do much and come over to rescue a damsel in distress.

"Need any help, Lady?" he asks me in that deep brown sugar voice and boy am I glad to see him.

He fixes something under the hood and slams it shut before saying to me "You look really cold and wet, sweetheart. How about coming over to my rig and having a cup of hot coffee before you leave.

I have a really big heater too which will help to dry you out again."

This kind, handsome guy really is a dish and I have no-one waiting up for me so I give him my best smile and say thanks.

He leads me over to a big shiny blue truck with a very large cab, opens the door and helps me to climb in by putting his hand on my arse and pushing gently which feels nice. Once inside the truck he puts on the heater and I sit in one of the large armchair seats at the front of the truck while he sits in the other one and pours us both some coffee from a large flask. We talk for a while as we sip the coffee and he reaches over and touches my blouse. "Why don't you take that off and hang it on the steering wheel so the heater vents can dry it for you" he suggests "I know I would enjoy very much seeing what is underneath it - those hard nipples of yours are turning me on like hell!"

Oh what the hell! I think and unfastening the buttons I slip off my blouse and hand it to him.

He hangs it over the wheel and turns back to look at me. "Baby you have the most beautiful suckable tits I've ever seen!

Are you going to scream when I touch them or lie back and enjoy it!"

These words make my pussy start to cream and I squirm in my big chair and say "No I won't scream I promise, not for help anyway.'' which seems to please him as he pinches and strokes my tits.

This turns us both on and he sucks on my nipples as I have my arms around his neck kissing and nuzzling his lips and eyes. "Would you like to be a really bad girl?" he asks and pulls aside a curtain behind us to reveal a bed plenty big enough for two providing they like each other a lot! The kisses and his playing with my tits have really got to me and I readily agree to lie on the bed with this gorgeous knight of the road and thank him very nicely for repairing my car!

We both take off our clothes and slide into the cosy bed at the back of the cab. "Honey you are really something special to look at when you're naked" he whispers to me in the dark and I reply "Oh please don't just look will you?" and feel his arms enfolding me as he kisses me deeply while our bodies are entwined rubbing against each other.

He is strong with warm smooth skin that feels like silk covering iron muscles and I feel so small and feminine wrapped in his arms.

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