by Lacy Underalls

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, BDSM, .

Desc: Sex Story: A blindfold, some rope, and a warm room.

I can feel sweat trickling down my back between my shoulderblades. It can't be more than 80 degrees, but from looking at me you'd think it was over a hundred. More sweat is stinging my eyes as the blindfold you tied on me is becoming saturated. My blouse is sticking to my chest as well, and I know it must be almost translucent from the persperation. My arms are becoming somewhat cramped from being tied up for so long. At least you left my legs undone when you left. How long ago was that? It seems like hours since you departed. I know it has only been a short while, maybe 30 minutes at most, but my body grows anxious. My only relief is rubbing my thighs together. This skirt doesn't offer any friction though, not enough to get off anyway. What I wouldn't give for a pair of tight Levis right now! I can hear footsteps outside. Thank God, your back.

"Did you miss me my love?" Even without my sight I can hear the smile in your voice.

"Of course I did you big goof. Now how about untying me so we can solve this problem." A little wiggle of the hips ought to get his attention.

"And what problem would that be Leah?"

"The one between my very sweaty thighs" I thought he'd be tearing my clothes off by now. Maybe he needs something naughtier to entice him. "My very wet cunt, to be more specific, Love." That should do it.

"Such a dirty mouth young lady. How would your mother react if she heard her one and only speaking in such a manner?" His beautiful laugh filled the small room. How he could lighten up a person's day with that laugh. I find myself joining him, a small giggle escaping my lips.

"Get over here and untie me! This game of yours has gone on long enough and it's worked like a charm. I'm horny enough to satisfy you for a week. Hell, I'm horny enough to satisfy two of you for a week." Now I notice his laughter is gone. What the heck are you up to? "Mmmmmm, damn that feels good." He has some kind of cold cloth on my forhead. Yes, I can hear water next to me. It must be the washbasin from the bathroom. "More please, get rid of all this nasty sweat."

"Nasty? No, I disagree. It makes you look fantastic Leah. But I though you could use a little cool down for being such a good sport." Again I hear him ring out the washcloth, then the wonderfull coolness on my throat.

"So, what is your plan for me? Am I going to get a spanking for my naughty mouth?"

"Oh no, my wife. I have a much better suprise for you today." Now my curiousity is peaked. What kind of suprise? We never discussed anything about this when we planned this vacation. Just a nice trip to Fiji and a quiet bungalow on the beach.

"Be quiet now for me, no questions. Just enjoy. You know I would never hurt you, don't you?"

"Of course you fool, and you know that. Why would you even ask?"

"Shhhhhhhh" And that's all he said.

Something cold startles me. What's he doing now? Oh my God! It's a pair of scissors. He's cutting off my blouse with scissors. Now this is kinky. For him it's unheard of. And damn it I am loving every second. Without my vision everything else seems so amplified. The touch of the cold steel on my arm, the sound of the fabric tearing under the scissors assault, the smell of...what the?


Again all I get is a "Shhhhhhhhhhhh".

"Tom, I swear I can smell a..." His hand is on my mouth now. I can feel his breath as he leans over me close.

"One more thing out of your mouth and I stop. I'm serious about this." His tome backs up his words. Now my heart is beating hard in my chest. I'm not scared, but the excitement of this new situation is going to kill me. The smell, it's back again. I know that aroma. Tom used to tease me about it after we would fuck for a long period of time, or after I would masturbate for him. It was the smell of a woman, it had to be. Would he do that? I know it was a fantasy of his, something he would bring up during lovemaking. To actually do it though? I told him it turned me on, but that I could never go through with it.

The scissors had completed their task quickly. The air felt good on my skin, now freed of hot silk material. A quick snap and my bra was gone as well. I thought of a stranger seeing me like this. Tom was the only man I had ever been with. It wasn't by plan, I had no intention of saving myself for marriage. It just happened that way. A wonderful tickling sensation is surging through my chest at the thought of them staring at me. My nipples must be enormous by now. I can feel the tiny hairs on my chest standing up on end. What are they doing? It's so quiet all of the sudden. Listen to me, I said 'them', didn't I. Tom must love this trick he's playing on me.

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