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Desc: Sex Story: Taxi driver is at the right place and time.

This was turning out to be one of the best parties my wife and I have ever attended. At first I wasn't enthusiastic when my wife Judy told me a new friend of hers had invited us to a house party in the next town from us. I wouldn't know anybody there and Judy would just know her new friend. However, here we were and I was loving it. Almost all the guys were around my age (32) and there wives were the same age or younger. It was kind of hard to explain, but I was hitting it off with everybody and so wasn't Judy. The music wasn't just the oldies we liked, but the exact songs we loved. Everybody was dancing and laughing and having fun.

The party was going so well that Judy and I relaxed and even had a few drinks. In no time at all I had consumed about 4 glasses of champagne and was feeling great. Judy on the other hand was trying all kinds of exotic rum drinks. Neither one of us were big drinkers so by midnight we weren't feeling any pain. There had to be more than 30 couples at the party and by the time midnight rolled around the party really started to rock. It was about that time I noticed Judy was getting a little unsteady on her feet and very silly. Of course, so wasn't everyone else including me.

Maybe it was the champagne or maybe I was just horny but Judy was sure looking good to me. Naturally a few of the other women at the party were drop dead gorgeous, but many of them were ordinary wives and girlfriends dressed up nice to look pretty. You could tell. A little to much make-up, new hairstyle probably done today, dresses that were a little to tight, but not my Judy.

Judy is what you would call an ordinary and somewhat plain looking girl. She is about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at only 100 pounds dripping wet. In short, she was skinny. But from there she had a number of unique attributes. Her skin was very pale and absolutely flawless and her face was framed by long straight brunette hair that flowed over her shoulders all the way down her back to her waist. Blondes may look awesome by there is something to say about a petite brunette with beautiful shining hair cascading over her bare shoulders. Judging by the looks she was getting from many of the other men, they also appreciated her long hair. Even a few of the women had commented to her about her hair. Of course being a man, I realized the other guys were also looking at another of her special characteristics. You see, Judy has small 'A' cup, pear shaped breast, but they are capped with the most sensual nipples a guy could dream about. Her nipples actually stand up in two separate stages and appeared swollen all the time. I've heard of her type of nipples referred to as puffies.

Since tonight was a warm July night, she had decided to wear a short and slinky, almost nothing there, black dress. The dress was made of some type of satin materiel and held in place with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders. The material was low cut and tight around her waist and then flared out and stopped about 3 inches above her knee caps. Not many women can wear a dress like that but being short and skinny made her look great in it. The only problem I could see with the dress, was the low cut front and nonexistent back. Clearly the dress was designed for a woman with larger breast than my Judy. If a large breasted woman was to lean forward, any nearby male would be rewarded with a healthy show of cleavage. With Judy's small breast, leaning forward would be a 'show all' event. Of course, just her nipples poking through the thin material was worth the view. When we first arrived at the party Judy was very conscious of not leaning forward but now around 1:00 AM and after way to many rum drinks, she was have troubled standing and had long forgotten about not leaning forward. Dancing with her I had seen her titties countless times tonight and drunk or not, I was sporting a raging hard on. Actually, I'll bet almost every guy there had seen her nipples by then. It seemed that a crowd of guys were always around her when she sat down or stood up. A few times I observed her leaning over talking with one of her new girlfriends and watched there husbands openly ogle her great puffies. Jesus, I was horny and proud all at the same time, or was I just really drunk?

A short time later while resting on a love seat with my wife, she fell fast asleep against my shoulder. That's when I realized the party was over for us. I also realized I could hardly stand myself. Did I drink 4 glasses of champagne or was it 4 glasses of beer and 4 glasses of champagne? With great difficulty I managed to get my cell phone out and called a cab. I woke Judy up just enough to get her light blue sweater over her shoulders and get us outside the house. Shortly thereafter, a local cab pulled up and the driver helped me get Judy into the back seat with me.

The cabby turned out to be a nice enough guy. Maybe late 50's or early 60's in age. He had that weathered look like perhaps he had worked outdoors most of his life. He could definitely have used a shave and a new set of clothes to replace his worn out khaki pants and faded t-shirt. I could tell he appreciated how Judy looked by his big smile and how helpful he was getting her into the back seat. Soon I climbed in the back and propped Judy up against me. Her short dress was pretty much bunched up around her waist and since she was fast asleep, I didn't think she minded if most of her legs were showing. The cabby climbed in the front and turned to ask me where I wanted to go but the big grin on his face told me he was having a great time just admiring the view. I gave him our address and checked my wallet to make sure I had enough cash. He switched on the interior car light so I could see how much cash I had and with a happy slurred voice I announced " take me as far as $25 dollars will go". I glanced at Judy and realized the cabby was staring directly between her legs at her white nylons panties. We just sat there for a few moments, both of us admiring her panties, when the cabby finally said that I had a beautiful wife, and with that he started to drive away.

During the drive the cabby and I chatted back and forth with me telling him all about the great party and all the the booze I had drank. We were laughing up a storm as he drove and he kept looking back into the rear view mirror as often as he safely could. He also had left the interior light on and was getting lots of peeks at Judy's panties each time. After A while he pulled over to the side of the road and told me the cab fare was already $26.50 which was $1.50 more than I had. He asked much further to my house and I told him about 5 more miles. He asked me what I wanted to do and I just figured I would pay him the difference when we got home, so I asked him what he wanted to do. To my surprise he repeated that my wife was a beautiful woman and if I didn't mind he had a suggestion. He went on to explain that he really enjoyed the view he was getting between Judy's legs. At that point, with my own cock getting harder by the second, I blurted out that I also was enjoying the view. He suggested that the fare would be just $25 dollars if when he got at my house, he could get a closer and better view of Judy's panties. Obviously the alcohol was clouding my judgment because I figured that him peeking at her panties wouldn't harm any thing and besides peeking at her was making me incredibly horny, so why not give the cabby a thrill. So I told him in my best non slurred, voice he could look all he wanted and as closely as he wanted. With that we both laughed and he drove the rest of the way to my house and pulled into our long driveway.

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