by Virago Blue

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: This fire station was hot and only getting hotter. See how Rick fires up Lisa. Or Lisa fires up Rick...

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Back and forth, back and forth... Each stroke edged me closer to Rick. Sweat trickled between my breasts, dampening my shirt. The temperature in the station house felt warm and almost uncomfortable, whetting my desire for a spray of water from a hose. Maybe Rick could relieve me.

His broad, broad back was to me. I leered at each flex of muscle, each ripple beneath his taut skin and tight shirt. I needed to stroke each swell of flesh on this man.

I continued to study him unnoticed as he brooded over a saucepan, touching his finger to the complex red sauce. Oregano scented the large kitchen of the fire station. I inched closer to Rick and the stove.

I was finished with my assigned kitchen chores at the station but kept sweeping the already spotless floor. It was an excuse to spend time with him. Right now we were the only two in the kitchen, the rest of the crew were taking advantage of the clear weather by starting a game of basketball outside. Their laughter drifted through the open windows. Rick intrigued me. Large, well-fed yet muscular, he managed to intimidate nearly everybody he encountered. He was also soft-spoken and sweet with a sentimental side that melted my insides. And he loved to cook. He cooked for me on our first date. Lasagna. We shared a red wine I brought, although I had no clue as to the decency of the wine. It succeeded in relaxing me a bit, relieving me of the quiet demeanor I was so often plagued with. We laughed and joked, shared a few secrets, and I went home. Before I closed the door behind me he called out to me, "Do you mind if I kiss you?" he asked with an almost timid smile. "I wouldn't mind at all," and I didn't. His surprisingly soft and pliant lips caressed mine, kissing me sensually. I was surprised at the emotion in his kiss, the way he expressed a longing in that simmering brush of flesh that sent my mind into that place where carnal desire tempts. That kiss created a slow, simmering burn I knew would need attention soon. A sizzling warmth now simmered in my belly and grew outward. I felt hot and stifled, ready to tear at my clothes to relieve my itch with Rick's body. "Not on the first date," I admonished myself.

"Goodnight, Rick," I whispered, backing away from him, "I--I look forward to seeing you at work tomorrow. We have a day care center coming by for a tour of the firehouse."

He stopped me with another kiss. I fell into him that night, knowing we would have a passionate relationship eventually. I sometimes made the mistake of doing too much too soon. This time I would be careful and not jump him immediately. Although I considered myself plain, not fancy, my sexual side was with me every day. Beneath my clothes I always wore the sexiest lingerie. A small portion of every pay check went towards something silky or scanty: a burgundy bra, seamed stockings, a lacy garter belt, a leopard print camisole, pastel baby dolls, black teddies, bikini panties in lace, satin and cotton, and tiny thongs in satin or even mesh. I had it all.

Now, as I placed the broom back in the large utility closet, I turned to Rick and smiled, just as he turned to me. "Hey, will you taste this and see what you think?" he asked.

"My pleasure," I replied, brushing back the dark hair that had fallen free of my ponytail, tucking it behind my ear. I stepped towards him, my eyes never leaving his baby-blues, and felt sexy, despite the mussed hair, polyester blend slacks and navy blue Station No. 3 T-shirt I always wore on warm days. His eyes took on an almost feral glow which charged my body immediately. I felt the warmth grow deep below my belly. I stood within inches of his chest looking away for only a moment to examine what he was cooking.

"Delicious, I'm sure," I said, looking back at him. I blushed at the double entendre. His smile had left his face and he studied me intensely.

He dipped his finger in the saucepan and held it in front of me. Without hesitation I took his hand in both of mine and slowly brought his finger to my lips. I opened my mouth, a slow, relaxed kind of feel, and touched my tongue to the liquid on his finger tip. His lips parted and I felt him exhale. Just as I slowly sucked on his thick finger, drawing it deep into my mouth tasting of his sauce, he inhaled softly. His eyes narrowed slightly with the look of a man aroused. I continued laving his finger with my tongue, closing my eyes in ecstacy. I slowly sucked his finger back into my mouth while increasing the thrust of his digit. Once, twice, a third time and I was feeling a wanton need I felt positive matched his.

"The utility closet," I whispered hoarsely, cupping his hand to my breast. His thumb grazed over my rigid nipple through the navy blue t-shirt and red lace bra.

I nearly pulled him into the closet, kicking the door closed behind us. Rick started tugging the t-shirt from my waistband, pulling it swiftly over my head. I roughly pushed him back against the wall and dove for his belt buckle. In record time I had it unfastened but tripped over the zipper. His penis strained against his pants and I was momentarily stunned at the feel.

"Lisa--" Rick growled, smothering me with kisses. His mouth trailed down my neck and between my breasts, all the while I was kicking my pants out of the way. He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down. I pulled back and knelt in front of him, quickly freeing his engorged penis. I took a second to admire his proud-standing cock, knowing I would have more time later to get the full feel of it. For now I wanted to feel it in my mouth.

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