Vacation On The Beach

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Cuckold, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: Couples become lovers at the beach.

My wife Carol and I had bought a four bedroom three bath home in a small community near the city of Birmingham Alabama. We were married just a little over two years and lived in the house we had purchased not much over a year when the vacation I am going to tell you about happened.

I worked for an Architect - Engineering company. Carol worked near by for an insurance company. We were both just twenty four years old and although we wanted to have kids we were going to wait until we were more financially secure. We were both college graduates.

Next door to us was another couple similar to us. They had been married three years almost.

Like us they wanted to wait several more years before having children.

The couple next door were Carl and Amy Parker, Carol and Amy had become close friends... They talked on the phone or saw each other every day. They had no secrets from each other.

The Parkers were our age both twenty four years old. Amy had graduated from college with a teachers degree. Carl had not finished college.

Saturdays Carol and Amy shopped for groceries together. Sunday afternoons they often played Bingo together.

Carl and I became friends.

Carl liked to play Golf on Sundays.

I had no interest in Golf at all.

I was a good pool shooter and often played that Sunday afternoons. Carl was not interested in that.

Most Saturdays we cut our grass, drank a few beers and watched some sporting event on the tube.

Carl would usually drink two or three beers to my one. Often when the girls came home, Carl was more than a little tipsy.

Carl told me about how angry Amy would be with him for that.

Amy would wait until they were home and give him hell about drinking too much.

I commented on Amy having a short memory, she never seemed mad at him on Sunday mornings.

Sundays Amy acted as if she adored Carl.

Carl explained the reason for that. Carl said that it took forever for him to ejaculate and loose his hard when he had been drinking to much. He could keep it hard for hours.

Amy usually was a well fucked woman when Carl finally had his climax. Carl said Amy would usually have more orgasms then she could count, often over twenty.

When they were first married Amy had complained that Carl did not take enough time to get her off more than once or twice. Now sometimes she begged him to finish.

My wife Carol is a real beauty. She is tall ( 5' 10" ) and is a trim one hundred twelve pounds. She is slender except for her breasts, they are 36ds. Her face is perfect, her skin soft and with out a blemish, she has legs like a Vargas model. She is near perfect. I wish her ass was not quiet as slender but it is a pretty ass anyhow.

Amy, Carl's wife was as tall as Carol and she too had large breasts. ( They both wore the same size bra. ) Amy weighed one hundred eighteen pounds and the difference in them was Amy's more rounded ass.

Amy was a green eyed red head. She was not like any red head I had ever known. She had a nice tan and no freckles.

My Carol was gifted with beautiful glossy black hair and dark brown eyes.

Both women kept their nails perfect and did each others hair on Wednesday nights.

Amy's father and his two brothers had inherited a beach house at Panama City Beach Florida from their father. Amy's grand father had bought the property and had a house built there back in 1949. It was built of massive concrete outer walls and had a four car garage under the house. The house had withstood several bad hurricanes over the years, It was solid.

When not in use, heavy steel plate shutters covered and locked over the windows and doors. The house was nearly impossible to break in to and no storm was likely to ever harm it.

In March Carl and Amy asked us if we would like to spend our summer vacation with them there.

Carol and I had not taken a vacation the summer before. We had worked on and been paid extra for not taking off that week. We were buying the house and both of us new cars. We had not been able to afford a vacation.

We had both gotten salary increases since and we felt we could afford a cheap vacation that year.

We were not going to have to spend a lot going as their guests. We took them up on their offer and made arrangements at our jobs.

From March until July was a long time.

During those months Amy and Carol became closer friends but we saw very little of Carl. He was working a lots of Saturdays and off playing golf on Sundays. Three weeks a month Carl was away from home during the week.

On one of the rare times we saw Carl he said his company was working his ass off.

Both of our wives wanted to get new swim suits but decided to wait until they could shop at the beach shops.

Carl's old wreck gave up and he bought a new big station wagon, a G M C Suburban.

We were going to use it to go to Florida.

Amy and Carl warned us that they were not going to be able to spend much on eating out and the night clubs. They were having to watch how they spent their money until that new car was paid for.

We understood. We were on a budget to.

The Friday arrived when our vacations started. All of us had managed to get off from work early. The night before we had packed most of our luggage in Carl's car. When Amy got home and changed clothes we were on the road in a few minutes.

Carol had put on jeans and a shirt.

Amy put on shorts and a brief top.

We were barely on our way when Carol said she wished that she had put on shorts like Amy had.

Amy told Carol to go ahead and change, we were up so high in that kind of car that people in small cars could not see in. Carl said that if she waited until we were on the interstate he would drive between cars so she could put on something more comfortable with out being seen.

Carol decided to change.

She rummaged in her bag behind our seat and found a pair of loose shorts and a flimsy loose top.

She was having trouble getting those tight jeans off in a car seat. I helped her. I shucked off her jeans and panties at the same time.

I glanced at the rear view mirror and caught Carl looking at my wife's bare ass.

Carol took her blouse off and I leaned over and removed her bra.

Carol shook her head ( No ) and tried to take her bra back from me.

I nodded yes and threw it over the seat back.

I glanced at the rear view mirror again and saw that Carl was looking at Carol's tits.

Carol put on her halter top and leaned over and whispered that it was so loose that she needed a bra under it.

I whispered that her tits looked fine to me.

We stopped in Montgomery for an early dinner. Carl got an eye full of her tits as he opened Carol's door for her to get out.

I helped Amy out of the front on my side.

Amy had nice tits but only the top swell showed as she got down from that seat. Her top fit to tight.

We ate in a hurry, we dined in a Piccadilly Cafeteria and we got finished with our meal and out of there fast.

I sat up front the rest of the way and the ladies sat in back. At first they talked but later they got quiet. I looked back and both had gone fast asleep. They were leaning against the doors and still holding hands.

I asked Carl if he wanted a beer as we crossed the Florida line. There was a drive through beverage joint just ahead.

We drove through and got a six pack.

Our sleeping beauties never woke up until we were at the beach house.

We carried our luggage inside and made beds and sacked out. We would open the steel shutters and make ourselves at home in the morning.

It was only ten thirty but it was bed time.

The next morning Carol and I got up earlier than Amy and Carl.

The hall light was on and as we sneaked by the open door to their bed room we could see them still sleeping.

They were nude and had pushed the covers down it was so warm.

Carl was flat on his back with a piss hard on. Amy was sprawled on her back with her legs spread.

We went out the back door to the deck overlooking the beach. We had only put on our robes.

It was just after day break, the beach was empty and the air was cool.

Carol said " Carl has a big prick like yours honey".

I said "Amy's tits are not as pretty as yours sweetheart ".

Carol said "We are the same size ".

I told her hers were firmer, they did not flatten near as much when she was laying on her back.

Amy joined us on that concrete deck high above the beach. She had only her robe on.

She said that she had always thought that this was one of the most beautiful places in the world. As long as she could remember she and her parents had come here as often as possible. When she had become an adult she had brought several of the girls in college with her here. She said that there was never any thing but happy times in her memories of this place.

Carl joined us there on the deck.

Carl said that if we left right away we could have breakfast at the I H O P before it became crowded.

There was one nearby and we got dressed. Carl and wore shorts and tee shirts. Our ladies wore shorts and halter tops.

Carl said that after breakfast he wanted us to buy groceries so we could eat most of our meals at the house from now on.

We had a great breakfast and then went to the super market. The ladies loaded nearly two hundred dollars worth of food into the cart.

Back at our beach home Carl and I got a ladder out and unlocked the shutters over the windows and opened them back.

Our wives put away the food we had bought. It was not yet ten when Amy suggested we go for a swim on the beach.

I had never seen as much of Amy's body before that morning on the beach. O, I had seen her nude in bed that morning but all I had really seen was a dim view of long legs and a cunt.

Her tits were flattened and I had not seen her face.

The Amy on the beach was breath takingly beautiful and absolutely desirable.

Carol was just as desirable.

Both ladies were the object of every man's eyes on the beach.

We stayed out in the sun until noon.

It was a Saturday and Carl and I turned on the tube to watch the stock car races. The ladies went shopping for new bikinis. Carl and I had bought a case of beer each.

We liked different brands.

I had bought several kinds of Liquor and wines for our ladies. Neither of them cared for beer that much.

Carl got stoned, he guzzled a lot of beers and passed out on the couch.

Amy and Carol came home to find Carl like that. We helped Amy to get Carl to their bed and left him there still in his clothes.

Carol wanted to model her new bathing suit for me. It was daring, Amy said she had talked Carol into buying a suit that would display her charms best.

I admitted that particular bikini did.

Carol asked Amy to model her new suit for me.

Amy had bought the nearest nothing Bikini I had ever seen. She looked nude in it.

All of her tits showed but her nipples, her pussy was showing under a narrow thong in her cracks front and back. Amy said she was going to have to shave it to wear that suit.

I asked if she realized that the bikini was saying " Rape Me".

She said that was how she felt coming home to find a drunk husband.

Carol said that she thought the bikini only said " Look people, I am a desirable woman".

I added " And I am in heat" !

Amy said that was true also and right now she would fuck a Niger queer on the bed with Carl if she could wake him enough to watch.

Amy said she was truly pissed off at Carl.

I told her to take it easy on Carl, and that he was a nice guy when he was sober.

Amy said she was worried about Carl, he was drinking a lot lately.

Carol changed the subject by asking Amy if she would like to take a walk on the beach in their new suits. Amy said she would wear another suit until she had time to get a hair cut.

They were gone over an hour. They came back and told me about finding a guy sitting alone on a blanket down by the city park beach. He was young, probably in college, and a nice looking guy. They had flirted with him. They had asked him to put tan oil on their backs.

The guy had gotten an erection while doing their backs.

Amy had let him do her legs.

She had put each leg in his lap and moved it some on his hard cock. He had erupted in his bathing suit.

Amy said she wished she could have watched him spurt. Right now she even wished he had spurted in her.

Carol said " Amy, for God's sake, don't talk crazy like that" ! " That guy looked alright but he could have any one of sixty three venereal diseases".

Amy said she knew that but she sure was in need of a man right then.

Amy asked Carol if she would think of renting me out to her for an hour.

Carol made a joke of that by asking how much she was willing to pay her for my services for an hour.

I interrupted what was becoming a serious conversation by saying " Girls I am not for sale, I have more than I can take care of at home".

We all laughed and Carol said she was going to wash off the salt and sand. She left us to take a shower.

Amy went in the kitchen and made herself a strong vodka and tonic. When she came back she said she had been serious about she and I getting together. Amy said she had began to feel desire for me when we first met. She asked if I was interested in her.

I was honest when I told her I thought about her a lot when Carol and I were having sex. I went on to tell her that was as far as I would ever let it go though, just in my mind. I was truly married and would not cheat on my wife.

Amy asked that if Carol wanted to share me, would that make me change my mind.

I told her that would make a difference.

Amy said that I should not be surprised then if Carol asked me to include her in our lovemaking before our vacation was over.

Carol came back in crisp clean shorts and a top.

Amy left to take her shower.

I asked Carol if she had put on a bra and panties. Carol said that I had showed her the day before that I preferred for her to not wear undies.

I hugged and kissed her and felt of her firm tits and ass. Carol said "Quit fool, every one on the beach can see us".

I took her inside so I could feel of her body some more.

We had made mixed drinks and were back on the deck when Amy came back from her shower. She had fixed herself another drink.

The sun was going down and it painted the edge of the sea to the west in gold. The clouds were suffused in reds, golds, greens and purple.

Amy said that the beach was it's most beautiful at sundown.

We had bought fresh shrimp that morning, we boiled the shrimp and had a salad for our supper. Both ladies had more drinks.

Amy had tried to get Carl awake to eat with us, he was still passed out drunk.

After the kitchen was cleaned up the ladies decided to walk on the beach barefoot.

I turned on TV and found a good movie.

Later when the movie was over I went on to bed.

I could not sleep. Amy's conversation kept running through my mind. She had wanted to cheat on Carl and her best friend Carol. She would have if I had been willing. Her remark that Carol might want to include her in our intimate relationship before this next week was over blew my mind.

Not Carol, she would never share me with another woman.

I felt a little sorry for Amy but knew that she would have to make do with out my help.

I woke up when Carol came to bed.

I got up and had a long pee.

When I got back in the bed Carol said " Honey when you pissed just now there was a good chance that Amy was watching you through the door into the other bed room". Carol said they had made the bed in there for Amy. She wanted to sleep where Carl's snores would not keep her awake.

Carol and I sleep in the nude. We whispered while Carol got me interested in having sex with her. Through the bath room doors I could make out the bed in the other room. Amy was siting up in it. She was watching us. The light was very dim but I was sure she could see enough to know that Carol was getting me hard with her mouth. I thought I could see her hand between her legs, moving rapidly.

Soon Carol had me as hard as I was ever going to get. She crawled up and got astride me and took me in. Carol moaned her delight when she had me all the way in her. I am positive that I heard Amy moan from the other room at the same time.

I think Carol knew Amy was watching us fuck. I know that the thought of her watching made me more excited. I think it was doing Carol that way too.

I made it last longer than usual, Carol was insatiable. She was having frequent orgasms, big ones, and acted as if she could not get enough.

Carol was noisy. It was as if she had forgotten that her friend Amy could hear her cries and moans.

When Carol's legs got tired she began to beg me to gush up in her. I had been ready for a long time.

When Carol felt me spurting in her she had her biggest climax of the evening and fell on my chest breathing hard.

We went off to sleep like that.

The morning came, I got out of bed and had a piss. The door to Amy's room was still open and she woke when she heard the sound of my urine hitting in the bowl.

Amy sat up nude on the side of her bed.

" I'm next" she said.

Before I was through she was standing in the door watching me.

I ran a cup of water for my dry mouth and watched Amy squat and pee.

She did not seem to mind me watching so I stood there with my prick getting hard. Amy finished and wiped. She stayed on the stool and pulled my hard cock in to her mouth. I think if I had let her she would have sucked me off.

I patted her on her head and told her she was about to take something that belonged to her best friend. I backed away from her then and said I was going to make coffee and would see her later on the deck.

Amy grinned and said she would be out there soon.

Carol was still sleeping. I put on the shorts I had worn the night before and went to the kitchen to make coffee.

Carol came out on the deck first. She said she thought the coffee was made and would bring me a cup.

When Carol was back with our coffee she told me she wanted to talk to me in private. She suggested we slip on our bathing suits and take an early morning walk on the beach.

Carol and I went into our bed room for our suits.

The door to the bath was closed and it sounded as if Amy was taking a shower.

Carl was still sleeping in his clothes in the other bed room.

Carol and I walked down the beach and stopped at a huge driftwood log. Carol asked me to sit with her there on it.

Carol had shortly before we were married told me of having a lesbian relationship for her last two years of college. Both she and her room mate lover had lots of affairs with men. They had talked about them as they had made love in their dorm room. At the time she had told me about her BI-sexual lover we had just finished a marathon fuck fest.

I got so turned on I had gotten hard and fucked her savagely again, I had erupted the biggest emission I had ever shot in her.

For months after that if she needed help getting me hard she would tell of some act of sex between she and her female lover.

Carol asked if my thinking of her making love to a woman still excited me.

I told her it still did.

Carol said that last night she and Amy had walked to this same log and talked.

Amy was worried that Carl was becoming an alcoholic.

Carl was not interested in having sex with her anymore. She was certain also that Carl was cheating on her.

Two times while doing the laundry the last month Amy had found traces of lipstick on the fly of his boxer shorts.

Carol said that she had told Amy of several times when Carl had hit on her.

Amy had cried.

Carol had hugged her.

A kiss on Amy's cheek had turned into one of passion.

Amy had pushed her halter top off her shoulders and kissed her breasts. ( Carol can't stand much of that before she must have sex )

Both of them had become aroused and they had spread their towels behind the log and made love.

Carol said that she loved me and guessed she always would but there was a different kind of love between two women. Carol said she was in love with Amy too now.

I told Carol that I could let her and Amy be lovers and still desire her.

Carol asked if I was sure, because if she was going to loose me she would never have anything to do with Amy again.

I told her I wanted to fuck her now, behind that log. Dam waiting to get to the house.

Carol said "We can't here".

I told her we were going to.

We got hidden behind the log.

Carol shed her bikini down to her knees and I pushed my suit down around my ankles. I mounted her from behind. After I entered her gently I fucked her like I wanted to hurt her with my prick. After she had her first orgasm I got gentle with her, I was playing with her tits and clit and taking long slow strokes until she had another climax.

She begged me to finish, she said she had cum enough. I told her I would be the judge of that from now on and for her to take it as long as I wanted her to.

Carol began to have frequent climaxes for a while then she stopped having them.

I finally let go in her.

She was a well fucked woman.

Both of us were pouring sweat.

I checked and no one was near us on the beach. We got our suits back up and had a swim to cool off.

At the house a hung over Carl was catching hell from Amy. They cut off the argument when Carol and I came in.

Undercurrents of bitterness marred our breakfast.

Carl sauntered off down the beach after breakfast. I noticed he had his billfold in the pocket of his beach robe.

The ladies and I drove into Panama City and stopped at Saint Andrews for raw oysters.

The place had changed a lot since I had been there while I was still in high school.

Amy had a friend married to a pilot stationed at an Air Force Base east of the city.

We passed within the smell of a paper mill and crossed a bridge. Amy called her friend and got directions to their house on the base.

We spent several hours there. Amy's friend was nice.

We were back at the beach house by two thirty. Carl was not there.

Amy said she guessed Carl was somewhere getting soused with liquor. She thought he would show up when he was out of money and sober.

Carol and I had never known of this side of Carl and Amy's marriage.

She said that Carl had started drinking heavy a few months before.

Carl came home near dark, he staggered in and asked Amy for money, he had a bar bill down the beach he had to go back and pay.

Amy asked him how much he owed 'down the beach'. Carl said he needed sixty dollars. Amy said "Carl you had over two hundred dollars in your wallet last night, have you spent that and sixty more".

Carl grinned and said "Guess so".

Amy said "Carl I'm broke after we bought groceries yesterday".

Carl asked her to write a check.

Amy said she was not going to jail for writing a bad check. She said that their bank account was near empty after paying house and car payments before they left to come here.

Carl had become angry and left.

Amy apologized for Carl's ruining our vacation. She and Carol cried.

Amy said that when Carl came back she would load him up and take him back to Birmingham. She would leave him there and come back and we would finish our vacation without him. Amy said that after all this was partly her fathers house.

She said that today was Sunday, we still had seven days left.

At a little after ten we went to bed.

Several hours later Carl was back, he was pounding on the back door wanting in.

We all got up and put on our robes.

He came in and went straight to bed.

Carl was very drunk.

Not a word was spoken.

Amy, Carol and I had been in bed together. The girls had made sweet love to each other and I had made sweet love to each of them as they did.

We had drifted off into sleep. Carl got us over that when he came in.

We went back to bed together but none of us were sleepy. I was in the middle of the bed.

After trying to go to sleep for a while Amy sat up. She was crying. Amy tried to slip away from us thinking we were sleeping. She put on her robe and tip toed to the living room.

Carol asked me if I could think of any thing we could do to help Amy. I told her " No we can just be with her through this".

Carol said that Amy was going to get a divorce if Carl could not quit drinking. We both agreed that she should.

We were still awake when Amy came back to bed. Carol went around and got in bed on Amy's side making Amy hugged in between us.

Amy was over her cry.

She whispered " I am glad I have you two, now that things are going to hell with my marriage".

We slept late the next morning, it was after nine when we got up.

I had awakened my two lovely bed mates by teasing the nipples on their tits.

We put on our bathing suits and went to the kitchen.

While we were making breakfast Carl came in. He tried to act as if every thing that had happened the last two days was past history.

I had made a container of Bloody Mary mix and we were sipping ours. Carl looked at that, licked his lips, and had two glasses of cold water.

Carl told a crude joke and made us laugh.

Carl went out on the deck and looked around. While he was away from us I said that if Carl wanted to stay sober and be one of us we should let him.

Amy said she hoped that Carl would not spoil our vacation any more than he had already.

When breakfast was ready Carl joined us. He did not eat much but had two large glasses of juice.

Carl took a beach towel and lay on the beach sleeping all morning.

Carol and Amy took a long walk on the beach.

I unrolled the canvas awning that put part of the deck in shade and read a book and watched the beach parade. Now and then a girl or woman looked good enough to make me pick up my field glasses and get a better view.

Amy and Carol came back and went inside to use the john.

Amy was back first, I was scanning a near naked blond walking by on the beach.

Amy asked if I did not have a better looking woman to look at than that whore. I said "Amy you are a better looking woman but you are not advertising your cunt as brazenly as she is ".

Amy blushed and said " I was talking about your wife being better looking than her, not me" !

I said " Same difference, you have become mine now ". Amy blushed an even deeper red. She thanked me and said she was glad she belonged to someone again and was glad it was me.

She looked at Carl sleeping on the beach and said " I thought I loved him when we got married, now I have made up my mind to give him one more chance before I get a divorce". "If he can't control his drinking I will not stay married to him".

Carol came out. She asked if we should not wake Carl before he sun burned.

We looked at Amy and she said she would do it.

Amy went down to the beach and woke Carl. They came back to the outside shower at the foot of the stairs. Carl had a shower and Amy came back up to the shade.

Carol said Big R you are missing a young thing that has a killer figure, tits like that should be made a national monument".

Carol handed me my glasses.

I looked at a fifteen or sixteen year old that was so pretty a stone statue would get hard all over just being near her.

I said " When I see something like her I can kind of understand the reason for some rapes ".

Carl came up from his shower.

Carl was one of those guys that could never say " I'm sorry". He would die first.

He spoke to each of us in a pleasant way and asked what we would like to do that afternoon.

No one had a suggestion.

Carl thought he would like to take Amy to the Navy museum at The Mine Defense Laboratory. It was located on our side of the bay bridge between Panama City and Panama City Beach.

Carl said it was free, and he and Amy were on a close budget.

I looked at Amy and thought she was about to turn down Carl's attempt at mending things. I shook my head at her from behind Carl's back and said "Sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon to me folks ".

We went inside and changed into casual clothing.

Amy's clothes were in the same room as Carl's. We were changed and going back to the kitchen when we heard Amy say " No Carl not now" and she opened their door and came out.

We had sandwiches before we left.

Carl acted as if he was pissed at Amy but was polite and still being nice.

The afternoon went fine. There was a lot to see at the naval base. One of the old wooden hulled Mine Sweepers was open for visitors.

The modern fiber glass hulled ones were off limits to visitors to the base. ( Lots of mines are triggered by steel hulls )

After we had spent most of the afternoon on the naval base we started back towards the beach home. Amy asked Carl to stop at a big Bait and Tackle Shop. She told us that there were a number of surf rods and spinning reels put up in the concrete storage space under the house.

She wanted to get bait so she could fish. She invited all of us to join her. I went in with Amy and paid for her purchases. Amy thanked me and said that she and Carl were going to be short of money now. She said she would keep account of what Carol and I spent on them and pay us back later. I told her Carol and I both wanted to fish and to not count this.

When we got back to the beach house Amy got the storage unlocked and chose tackle for us.

The ladies fixed a light dinner and shortly before dark Carol, Amy and I carried our things down to the beach. Amy took a folding kind of tent. It was open on the front but had a back and sides. She said she had used it since she was a child to keep the wind from chilling her as she fished.

She took a queen size quilt to cover the nylon bottom of the shelter.

Carl said fishing was not his 'Bag', he was going to watch TV.

Amy caught a pompano before dark.

Carol and she kissed enough to become excited. I kind of stayed outside of the shelter and stood guard. We would not want Carl to find them making love or some stranger to get curious and see them.

It was a good thing I did, Carl came out on the deck while there was still light enough to see me. I had reeled in a line and was baiting the empty hook. Carl saw me and thought the girls were safely in the shelter. He waved and went back to the TV.

Carol was eating Amy and Amy was almost screaming her pleasure. In a few minutes it was Carol's turn, Amy had her face between Carol's legs. I had been hard for an hour, I dropped my shorts down to my ankles and pushed my cock into an already wet Amy.

Amy looked back and said " I love both of you".

I don't like to fuck hard and fast, I like to go slow, hard and deep strokes, but slow.

I had not cum when Amy had her seventh orgasm. She rolled out from under me and said "Use it on Carol for a while". She said she was going to rest and fish.

Carol was anxious. She helped me put it in and said she wanted, no, she needed a man now.

We were all pretty well satisfied in the sex department after I brought Carol to several climaxes and then gushed in her.

We fished until mid-night. We caught enough pompano to make a big meal for four.

As we were taking our tackle and things in Amy said she did not want to sleep with Carl.

Amy said she was going to sleep alone in the bed room with the bath common to ours. She planed to lock her door but wanted to leave both bath room doors open.

Carl was already in bed sleeping.

I told Amy to make it look like she had used the bed. She could lock the door and sleep with us again. I would lock the door to our room. If Carl came looking for her during the night she would have time to put on her robe and cross through the bath room. She could close both doors to the bath and it would look as if she had been sleeping alone.

Amy thought that was a wonderful idea.

I slept again between two soft, loving beauties that night.

At five AM my mental alarm clock made me wake up. I had a pee and went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I had locked the door to Carol and my room as I came out.

Amy and Carol had moved over to embrace each other in their sleep when I got up.

At six thirty Carl joined me on the deck overlooking the beach.

Carl felt good that morning, he told several jokes.

We were quiet for a while.

Carl was a sales person for a large drug manufacturer. He really did not sell any thing, he called on Doctors and Hospitals. He would leave samples of his employer's products.

Carl told me that for him this was a working vacation. If he logged at least two calls on customers a day, this week did not count as vacation time.

Carl said he was going to be away with the car every day until Saturday.

I told Carl that Carol and I had no problem with that, we had wanted to have a vacation on the beach and unwind.

Carl said he would be home nearly every evening.

He was going to spend two nights away while he called on customers. He planned to spend a night in Fort Walton, he had decided to go on to Pensacola from there and stay over another night. He hoped that two nights would be all he would be away.

Carl said that since Amy was a school teacher, she was free until August fifteenth.

He was thinking of taking her to Vegas before then on the extra week of vacation he would earn by working that week.

Carl said that he was kind of broke and asked if I could lend him a hundred until we got back home. Carl said he could use company credit cards for gas, motel bills and meals to entertain customers. Carl said he would need some cash though.

I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to Carl.

Carl said he had hopped that Amy would be up and awake before he had to leave. Carl said he wanted to give Amy a good fucking to get her over being mad at him.

He said he guessed it could wait until later, tonight might be a better time.

Carl said he had to get dressed and get on the road to make his first sales call.

Carl's leaving woke the ladies.

They put on robes and came to the deck.

I told them about Carl making this into a working vacation.

Amy said that the bastard had not even thought about how he was leaving us on foot. We were stuck at the beach house while Carl was off in the car.

I told Amy that I was going to rent a car for the rest of the week.

Amy promised to pay for that later.

Amy said she guessed that she would not need to haul Carl's drunken ass home and leave him now.

I called a car rental service on my cell phone and had a four door sedan delivered out to us. I used one of our credit cards for the charges.

While the girls cooked breakfast I cleaned the fish we had caught the night before. I had just put them in an ice chest when we came in from the beach. There were a lot more filets than we could possibly eat at one time. We froze two packages.

After breakfast Carol and Amy walked on the beach while I stayed in the shade reading. Occasionally I would pick up my binoculars and look at a luscious female walking on the beach.

Not a one was as good to look at as the two I was blessed with.

Carol and Amy took the rental car and picked up a movie at a rental place. They brought back a box of fried crab claws and a box of coconut battered shrimp for our lunch. They got back after one PM. We gorged on the lunch.

Amy said that Carol had paid but that she was going to re-pay her after we got home and she got her next pay check.

I told Amy that if she was going to pay for our lunch, it was only fair that Carol and I paid for supper.

I told her that I was going to call Pompano's and make reservations for dinner at eight that evening.

After the big lunch the ladies took a nap.

Near six Carl called Amy on her cell phone. He said he was at Fort Walton and was going to spend the night there. He planned to go on to Pensacola the next day. He would spend the night there and planed to return before Saturday.

We heard Amy ask Carl if he had been drinking. Apparently Carl denied that he had.

Amy said "You sound as if you have Carl".

Amy said in a few seconds " I hope so Carl".

Amy hung up and said " It scares me to think about Carl driving when he has been drinking".

My ladies put on their nice dresses and we left for our dinner reservations. We were on time but had to wait for our table at the bar for thirty minutes. Carol and I had one drink and nursed it. Amy chugged three while we were waiting. When we were finally seated at our table I suggested the stuffed flounder. I told Carol and Amy the place was famous for that. Amy told us to order what we wanted, she thought she would get a country fried steak.

I said " Amy you can get a better country fried steak at a hundred places back home". I asked her to order sea food from the menu.

Amy said she was just going to drink her dinner then.

I slapped the table and whispered " Don't make me take you out to the car and spank your butt sweetheart, I will order for you and you are going to eat what I order for you ".

Amy thought about that and said "Yes sir".

I asked Carol what she would like for her dinner.

Carol said " Not to get my butt spanked, and I think I would like for you to order for me too".

Amy sobered up and got rid of her blues. She was smiling and having a good time after I had chastised her for her bad attitude.

After a wonderful meal, ( Amy cleaned her plate ) I took them to The Hill Billy Club.

I told them to dance with any one that asked them while I went for drinks. I had not even gotten to the bar before two guys were at our table asking them to dance. Carol and Amy got up and danced with them. While I waited for my order they danced with several different guys.

When I got back to the table the guys stopped coming and asking my dates to dance.

Amy said that all that attention by those men had been good medicine, she was not feeling so neglected now.

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