Vacation On The Beach

by Big-R

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Desc: Sex Story: Couples become lovers at the beach.

My wife Carol and I had bought a four bedroom three bath home in a small community near the city of Birmingham Alabama. We were married just a little over two years and lived in the house we had purchased not much over a year when the vacation I am going to tell you about happened.

I worked for an Architect - Engineering company. Carol worked near by for an insurance company. We were both just twenty four years old and although we wanted to have kids we were going to wait until we were more financially secure. We were both college graduates.

Next door to us was another couple similar to us. They had been married three years almost.

Like us they wanted to wait several more years before having children.

The couple next door were Carl and Amy Parker, Carol and Amy had become close friends... They talked on the phone or saw each other every day. They had no secrets from each other.

The Parkers were our age both twenty four years old. Amy had graduated from college with a teachers degree. Carl had not finished college.

Saturdays Carol and Amy shopped for groceries together. Sunday afternoons they often played Bingo together.

Carl and I became friends.

Carl liked to play Golf on Sundays.

I had no interest in Golf at all.

I was a good pool shooter and often played that Sunday afternoons. Carl was not interested in that.

Most Saturdays we cut our grass, drank a few beers and watched some sporting event on the tube.

Carl would usually drink two or three beers to my one. Often when the girls came home, Carl was more than a little tipsy.

Carl told me about how angry Amy would be with him for that.

Amy would wait until they were home and give him hell about drinking too much.

I commented on Amy having a short memory, she never seemed mad at him on Sunday mornings.

Sundays Amy acted as if she adored Carl.

Carl explained the reason for that. Carl said that it took forever for him to ejaculate and loose his hard when he had been drinking to much. He could keep it hard for hours.

Amy usually was a well fucked woman when Carl finally had his climax. Carl said Amy would usually have more orgasms then she could count, often over twenty.

When they were first married Amy had complained that Carl did not take enough time to get her off more than once or twice. Now sometimes she begged him to finish.

My wife Carol is a real beauty. She is tall ( 5' 10" ) and is a trim one hundred twelve pounds. She is slender except for her breasts, they are 36ds. Her face is perfect, her skin soft and with out a blemish, she has legs like a Vargas model. She is near perfect. I wish her ass was not quiet as slender but it is a pretty ass anyhow.

Amy, Carl's wife was as tall as Carol and she too had large breasts. ( They both wore the same size bra. ) Amy weighed one hundred eighteen pounds and the difference in them was Amy's more rounded ass.

Amy was a green eyed red head. She was not like any red head I had ever known. She had a nice tan and no freckles.

My Carol was gifted with beautiful glossy black hair and dark brown eyes.

Both women kept their nails perfect and did each others hair on Wednesday nights.

Amy's father and his two brothers had inherited a beach house at Panama City Beach Florida from their father. Amy's grand father had bought the property and had a house built there back in 1949. It was built of massive concrete outer walls and had a four car garage under the house. The house had withstood several bad hurricanes over the years, It was solid.

When not in use, heavy steel plate shutters covered and locked over the windows and doors. The house was nearly impossible to break in to and no storm was likely to ever harm it.

In March Carl and Amy asked us if we would like to spend our summer vacation with them there.

Carol and I had not taken a vacation the summer before. We had worked on and been paid extra for not taking off that week. We were buying the house and both of us new cars. We had not been able to afford a vacation.

We had both gotten salary increases since and we felt we could afford a cheap vacation that year.

We were not going to have to spend a lot going as their guests. We took them up on their offer and made arrangements at our jobs.

From March until July was a long time.

During those months Amy and Carol became closer friends but we saw very little of Carl. He was working a lots of Saturdays and off playing golf on Sundays. Three weeks a month Carl was away from home during the week.

On one of the rare times we saw Carl he said his company was working his ass off.

Both of our wives wanted to get new swim suits but decided to wait until they could shop at the beach shops.

Carl's old wreck gave up and he bought a new big station wagon, a G M C Suburban.

We were going to use it to go to Florida.

Amy and Carl warned us that they were not going to be able to spend much on eating out and the night clubs. They were having to watch how they spent their money until that new car was paid for.

We understood. We were on a budget to.

The Friday arrived when our vacations started. All of us had managed to get off from work early. The night before we had packed most of our luggage in Carl's car. When Amy got home and changed clothes we were on the road in a few minutes.

Carol had put on jeans and a shirt.

Amy put on shorts and a brief top.

We were barely on our way when Carol said she wished that she had put on shorts like Amy had.

Amy told Carol to go ahead and change, we were up so high in that kind of car that people in small cars could not see in. Carl said that if she waited until we were on the interstate he would drive between cars so she could put on something more comfortable with out being seen.

Carol decided to change.

She rummaged in her bag behind our seat and found a pair of loose shorts and a flimsy loose top.

She was having trouble getting those tight jeans off in a car seat. I helped her. I shucked off her jeans and panties at the same time.

I glanced at the rear view mirror and caught Carl looking at my wife's bare ass.

Carol took her blouse off and I leaned over and removed her bra.

Carol shook her head ( No ) and tried to take her bra back from me.

I nodded yes and threw it over the seat back.

I glanced at the rear view mirror again and saw that Carl was looking at Carol's tits.

Carol put on her halter top and leaned over and whispered that it was so loose that she needed a bra under it.

I whispered that her tits looked fine to me.

We stopped in Montgomery for an early dinner. Carl got an eye full of her tits as he opened Carol's door for her to get out.

I helped Amy out of the front on my side.

Amy had nice tits but only the top swell showed as she got down from that seat. Her top fit to tight.

We ate in a hurry, we dined in a Piccadilly Cafeteria and we got finished with our meal and out of there fast.

I sat up front the rest of the way and the ladies sat in back. At first they talked but later they got quiet. I looked back and both had gone fast asleep. They were leaning against the doors and still holding hands.

I asked Carl if he wanted a beer as we crossed the Florida line. There was a drive through beverage joint just ahead.

We drove through and got a six pack.

Our sleeping beauties never woke up until we were at the beach house.

We carried our luggage inside and made beds and sacked out. We would open the steel shutters and make ourselves at home in the morning.

It was only ten thirty but it was bed time.

The next morning Carol and I got up earlier than Amy and Carl.

The hall light was on and as we sneaked by the open door to their bed room we could see them still sleeping.

They were nude and had pushed the covers down it was so warm.

Carl was flat on his back with a piss hard on. Amy was sprawled on her back with her legs spread.

We went out the back door to the deck overlooking the beach. We had only put on our robes.

It was just after day break, the beach was empty and the air was cool.

Carol said " Carl has a big prick like yours honey".

I said "Amy's tits are not as pretty as yours sweetheart ".

Carol said "We are the same size ".

I told her hers were firmer, they did not flatten near as much when she was laying on her back.

Amy joined us on that concrete deck high above the beach. She had only her robe on.

She said that she had always thought that this was one of the most beautiful places in the world. As long as she could remember she and her parents had come here as often as possible. When she had become an adult she had brought several of the girls in college with her here. She said that there was never any thing but happy times in her memories of this place.

Carl joined us there on the deck.

Carl said that if we left right away we could have breakfast at the I H O P before it became crowded.

There was one nearby and we got dressed. Carl and wore shorts and tee shirts. Our ladies wore shorts and halter tops.

Carl said that after breakfast he wanted us to buy groceries so we could eat most of our meals at the house from now on.

We had a great breakfast and then went to the super market. The ladies loaded nearly two hundred dollars worth of food into the cart.

Back at our beach home Carl and I got a ladder out and unlocked the shutters over the windows and opened them back.

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