Taming His Shrew

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: She planned his murder. He punished her with 30 days of Hell.

He grew up in a tough neighborhood and was as mean as they were. He had to be or have the shit beat out of him regularly.

He learned to fight dirty, to hurt, to cause all of the other kids to leave him alone.

Ray Davis was from a poor family, his father worked as a Brick Layer on construction work. His mother worked as a cashier at a Drug Store near where they lived.

Ray was a good student in school. He made straight A report cards.

His teachers liked the quiet boy, he had a brilliant mind and good attitude in school.

Ray's grades earned him a scholarship to a local college and with what he earned at part time jobs, he graduated with honors.

Ray had not known what he wanted to do with himself after college.

Ray decided to join the army. He got into Special Forces and they made a tough kid into a really mean tough man.

Ray excelled at every thing the Army had to teach him. He became a dangerous weapon.

Ray met a Black dude from his home town, Birmingham Alabama, while in Special Forces.

Sargent Abraham Carter was an instructor in hand to hand. He delighted in bruising ' white boys'. Ray took Abe's abuse for a few days then nearly tore his arm off.

Instead of getting mad at Ray, Abe told him he was the only 'white boy' that had ever been able to hurt him. That evening they met at the beer hall.

Abe and Ray became close friends.

Abe's enlistment ended, he decided to leave the Army after six years. His uncle was suffering from fatal cancer and wanted Abe to take over his business.

Abe's uncle owned a Night Club. From it he operated a string of around a dozen whores and was dealing in drugs.

Abe left the Army long enough before his uncle's death to learn the ropes. Abe had to slap around a few of the whores. Abe had to half kill a few guys that wanted to move in.

Abe's uncle had him connected to sources of drugs and women before he died.

He knew who to pay off at city hall so he could operate.

Abe started making the business larger before his uncle was gone.

Abe had been out of the Army nearly a year before Ray took his discharge.

They had kept in touch and Ray looked Abe up several days after he got home to Birmingham.

Abe offered Ray a job helping him run his business. Ray told Abe he would be out of place trying to do that. A 'white boy' would never fit into a Black owned vice operation.

Ray had a drink with Abe and promised to keep in touch.

He did, about once a month Ray would drop in to visit Abe and have a drink. Each time Abe would offer Ray a free session with one of the whores. Ray would thank Abe but refuse.

Ray took a job with a stock brokerage house. In a year he had learned all he needed to know about stocks and bonds. He was good at his job.

Ray had a really nice apartment and was driving a Town Car.

Ray felt he was secure in his profession and began thinking of finding a woman to marry and have his kids.

There was a sensational blond assistant to one of the associates of the firm that caught Ray's attention. She could have been a Playboy center fold.

Eve Landers had a brilliant mind as well as a beautiful body.

( Her beauty had made her a snob.)

Ray finally got her to have a date with him. A few times that evening he made her laugh at his clean jokes. He took her to the most expensive place in town for dinner and dancing. A quick kiss at her door was his thanks for the evening.

Eve played her cards well, she had Ray proposing marriage in three months.

They got married and had a brief honeymoon at Bimini

They had a simple wedding, Ray's parents came. Eve only had two girls from the office to attend. Six or eight of Ray's friends came.

Ray thought she wanted to have children.

She let him believe that.

Eve was not very accomplished with sex.

She let Ray believe that he was nearly her first man to go to bed with.

Ray thought he could teach her how to provide him with good sex. Eve had all of the right equipment.

They returned and Eve moved in to Ray's larger apartment.

Eve showed no interest in learning how to give head, that was nasty and perverted. She liked for Ray to 'go down' on her though.

Eve got mad when Ray requested that she hump back at him while having intercourse in the missionary position.

When he tried to take her from behind, doggy fashion she called him a pervert.

When Ray found her birth control pills, Eve told Ray that it would be several years before she would ruin her figure by having any brats.

Ray still thought he had married a Queen.

Two weeks after the wedding Eve convinced Ray to take out an insurance policy for a million dollars. She showed him that the rates at his age ( 23 ) were cheaper than when they did have children in a few years.

Ray thought it a good idea for the sake of the children he wanted to have.

Sex between them became a Saturday night thing. Eve would have a head ache, be too tired or any one of a hundred other excuses when Ray felt amorous.

She acted as if she could care less but that she was doing a wife's duty on Saturday nights.

Three months after they were married Ray realized he had made a mistake. Nothing he did pleased Eve. She found fault with every thing about him. There were arguments over nothing. She bickered and bitched about every thing.

If any food was cooked Ray cooked it.

She had moved his things into the spare bedroom. She said she could not sleep well with Ray in 'HER' bed.

That bed room had a tiny bath and only a full size bed. The one she lived in had a Queen size bed. Ray was six foot four, his feet hung off the foot of his new bed.

Ray began making plans for filing for a divorce, he said nothing to Eve about that.

He really needed an excuse for a divorce.

He hired a Private Investigator to check Eve's past.

Nothing much there, Eve had run away from home in Nashville at age sixteen, she had hitched a ride to Birmingham. Eve had gotten a job as a waitress in a greasy spoon working evenings and was pretty enough to make good tips. Eve had finished High School that way and earned a scholarship to college. She had worked evenings and with the money she earned and some PAC grants she had finished college.

Eve had run away from a broken home in Nashville and lived in the Birmingham Y W C A until she graduated from college and got a job.

Her credit was good, she had borrowed seven thousand dollars from her bank the week before and then withdrawn three more from her savings account.

Ray wondered what Eve needed ten thousand dollars for.

Eve began going out often in the evenings, she said she was meeting friends and going to the movies. Most of the time Eve was coming in late. Ray would already be in bed. The few times he got up when she came in, he could smell booze on her breath.

Ray dropped in to see Abe one evening.

Abe told Ray that he had listened in on a conversation between two Black men that came in regularly.

( Abe had all of the tables 'bugged'. )

He had heard them talking about being approached by a yellow haired Honkey gal that wanted to have a guy meet his maker.

They had agreed to do the 'hit' for ten thousand dollars.

Those guys had followed her home, they did not trust her. The deal was that she would pay them five thousand before the job was done and the rest a week after the 'hit' was made.

Abe asked Ray if he knew any one living in apartment 694 in the Valley Avenue Apartments.

( That was Ray's apartment )

Ray said he didn't even know where those apartments were.

Ray asked Abe when the hit was to take place.

Abe said it was to happen on Wednesday night four weeks away. The woman was going to be out of town for a month while the hit was made.

Ray left soon, he had a lot of thinking to do. He could set a trap and kill the guys Eve had hired to make the 'hit'. They would try to make it look like a robbery that went wrong.

If he killed them he was going to get his name in the papers. He would have a mess to clean up in his apartment and Eve would be out of town, acting innocent.

It would be better to NOT let it happen.

Ray went home not certain what to do.

When he got to the apartment Ray searched until he found that ten thousand.

That left no doubt in his mind that Eve was going to have him killed to collect on the million dollar insurance policy on his life.

Ray took the money and put the shoe box it had been hidden in back where he found it.

Later when Eve came home he faked being deep in sleep.

The next morning Eve told Ray she was taking a month off from her job and going on a cruise. Eve said she wanted some time to decide if she wanted to stay married to him or break it up.

Ray put on a show of surprise and sorrow at her statement.

He asked when she was leaving and if she her plans were made.

Eve told Ray she had already told her boss and was going by the travel agency to pay her fare the first of next week.

She was going to fly to Miami Wednesday of next week. She would be gone for nearly a month.

That was on a Thursday morning.

Friday afternoon Ray left work early. He had decided what he would do.

Ray went to Abe's club. Abe was behind the bar. There was another Bartender and the place was nearly empty. Ray asked Abe if he could talk with him in private. Abe led Ray to his plush office.

They sat in arm chairs facing. Ray started by saying that the other night the address Abe had given for the woman buying the hit was his. The woman was his wife of four months. Ray said he was the guy to be 'hit'.

Ray said the Bitch was planing to collect a million dollar policy on his life. She would be two weeks into a cruise and not even a suspect in the murder.

Abe said he had known all of that but had kept his mouth shut when Ray had said he knew no one at that address.

Ray said he needed a favor.

Abe said " Any thing, friend".

Ray said he had taken her money so there would be no pay for the hit, it was off, but he wanted to hurt the bitch for planing to have him killed.

Abe asked what Ray wanted of him.

Ray said he wanted Abe to take her for a month and use her as a whore. Ray wanted Eve chained to the floor with enough chain to use the toilet and the bed.

Ray wanted Abe to see that she worked her ass off fucking for a month. He asked Abe to keep her alive but make her suffer.

Eve was to never know where she was and how she got there.

When the month was over Ray would come and get her, he wanted her to get no drugs while there except a 'Mickey' before he came for her.

Ray asked Abe for something to knock Eve out to bring her to his place.

Abe gave Ray something to put in a mixed drink.

Over the weekend Eve packed for her trip.

She worked her last day at the office on Monday, that night Eve planned an ' evening with the girls'. The next night she was to meet her 'hit' men and pay them the first half of their fee.

Monday night Ray followed her to her favorite place. It was a bar with a band. Eve liked to walk in the place, find a table, order her first drink then dance with any one that asked her.

She loved to dance and drank moderately.

She drank a Cuba Libera.( rum and coke )

Ray ordered that at the bar and dumped his drug in as he headed for her table. Eve was lost in the crowd on the dance floor as Ray switched drinks with her and kept on walking. Eve must have been thirsty for she drank all of it while the band took a break.

Before the band was back off their break Eve had her head down on her crossed arms and was passed out. Ray went to her table and tried to arouse her. She was out of it !

As he carried her out of the door he told one of the bouncers his wife had too much to drink.

Ray used his cell phone to call Abe and tell him he would make a delivery at the back door in a few.

Abe said they would be expecting him.

Ray dropped Eve off and went home.

He slept in his queen size bed for the first time in weeks.

Every few days Ray would drop in to see Abe at his club.

Abe reported that Eve had wakened the night Ray brought her there and began screaming. She found herself nude and with a long chain locking her to a ring in the floor.

One of Abe's whores had beaten Eve until she got quiet.

Eve was informed of her duties by several of Abe's pushers the next morning.

They were rough during the 'on the job training', she got bruised some but learned to do as she was told.

At four in the afternoon the work day started for the whores. Eve got most of the action. Every black dude wanted some of that yellow haired bitch. None of them were easy on her, she got beaten a lot.

Those first few days Eve learned to give a great blowjob, fuck back and make it good for the customers.

She had to, if she did not it lasted longer and she got the shit beat out of her.

The whore house madam made Eve kneel down over a ten pound weight with a long dildo attached and pick it up and walk with it clutching it with her vaginal muscles. That was how she earned her food.

Eve learned that quick before she starved.

Eve learned the hard way to relax her anal muscles for those who wanted to pump out up in her ass. She was bleeding after her first time of that.

After two weeks Abe told Ray that Eve was performing twenty to thirty 'tricks' a day and was resigned to it. She was a good whore.

Ray said " Good, make her pleasure the other whores with her mouth".

Abe grinned and said "Why not".

When Eve's month was nearly over Ray picked up an unconscious woman from Abe and took her to his apartment.

Eve woke on a pad of blankets on the floor in a corner of Ray's bed room.

She was disoriented and had a bursting head ache. Eve was nude and cold. She sat up and warped a blanket around herself.

Eve looked around her once familiar surroundings and realized she was back home. She had thought she would be kept in bondage for the rest of her life, and a whore's lot was to be Herr's until she died.

Ray was on the bed reading, he said " Get your dirty stinking ass in the shower and clean your self up". " Douche your self out with the shower hose and clean the filth off and out of your self".

Eve said "Yes sir" and slinked into the bath.

Ray watched her fumble with the shower controls until she finally remembered how.

Eve bathed a long time.

When she got out and dried off Ray told her to stand in front of him.

Eve had been a tall full fleshed woman a month before. Now she was tall and skinny.

Ray asked what all of those sores on her tits were from. Eve said they were cigarette burns.

Ray asked how she got that black bruise on her belly. Eve said a trick had hit her there with his fist.

Ray asked Eve if she had been a whore in a whore house while she was gone.

Eve said she guessed she had been.

Ray asked her where.

Eve said she did not know where she had been, she said she had not seen a white person since she woke up in that place.

Ray told Eve that he had been contacted by a person he thought might have been Black. He had been told that for ten thousand dollars he could have Eve back.

Ray said that he had found ten thousand hidden in a shoe box in the closet the week before and had used that to buy her back.

Ray asked Eve how she had gotten herself into a whore house.

Eve told Ray that she could not remember any thing after she had one drink in a night club. Eve said she woke up with a chain locked to her ankle.

They had beat her and made her fuck and suck hundreds of black men.

They made her use her mouth on the other whores.

Eve said that she had to do what she was told to do or get beaten or do without food.

Eve asked if she could go to bed now.

Ray told her she no longer had a bed, she had a dog's pallet in the corner to sleep on.

Ray told Eve that the evening after she had disappeared two Black men had come here looking for her.

Ray said " They told me that you were supposed to have met them with money for doing a job for you". " I told them that you had gone out the night before and had not come home yet" Ray said.

They had left a phone number for when she came in, Ray told Eve.

Ray said he had traced the number with the help of a friend with the phone company.

The phone number belonged to Vernon Leslie an ex-con with a record of being arrested for murder. Each time he had been arrested he had six or eight witnesses to swear he was miles away from the murder scene.

Ray told Eve that he was certain the job she had intended those bastards to do was to kill him so she could collect on his million dollar life insurance.

Eve just stood in front of Ray with a scared look on her face.

She whimpered " What are you going to do to me"?

Ray told her he was not sure yet, he was going to be thinking about that. He said he might try to find where she had been for the last month and take her back there.

Eve fell to her knees before Ray and begged him to not do that to her.

Ray told her to shut up and go get on her pallet and let him go to sleep now.

The next morning Ray called in sick, he told them he had a virus he guessed.

Eve had been awake when Ray got out of bed. She was sitting up on her bed pad wrappe in a blanket.

Ray told Eve " Get up and get dressed, we have things to do".

Ray had a piss and came back to get dressed.

Eve was standing in front of a closet with nothing but Ray's clothes in it. "Where are my clothes" she asked.

Ray told her that he had moved her things to the other bed room. Ray directed Eve to put on shorts and a top and sandals, she had time to comb her hair but not to put on cosmetics.

Ray told Eve they were in a hurry.

When Ray had taken Eve to Abe he had kept her purse. He had taken her money out of it but left her drivers licensee and other valuables in it.

Ray gave Eve her purse as they were leaving. Eve said she had figured she would never see it again.

Ray said it had been on the bed when he paid the ten thousand dollars and got the name of the motel and room number where she could be found.

Ray drove straight to the County Health Department.

Eve wanted to know why they were there.

Ray asked "Do you think there is any way you could have been a whore in a Black whore house for a month and not have contacted several venereal diseases" ?

" O God" Eve said.

Ray said that she might even have cought the Aids virus. He told her she was here to be checked for VD.

It took three hours but Eve was told she could go home. She had only Gonorrhea and was pregnant. Both could be cured.

Ray had a prescription filled for a million units of Policillin for her dose of the clap.

He took her to an Abortion Clinic and they took her right in.

Before two that afternoon Ray took Eve home.

She was sick at her stomach, she had not had a good day. The abortion had been painful and they had not eaten a thing all day.

As soon as they were back to the apartment Eve went to her bed pad.

Ray told her "Get your ass off of that and go to the kitchen and fix us something to eat".

Eve told Ray she was sick. Ray selected a wide belt and told her if she did not do as she was told he was going to make her sicker.

Eve ran by him headed for the kitchen, Ray swung the belt at her ass as she went by.

Eve yelped when the belt hit her butt and kept on running.

Ray followed her into the kitchen and sat at the table.

Eve asked what he wanted her to fix.

Ray told her there was ham and cheese in the crisper drawer. Sandwiches would do fine he said.

Eve made two sandwiches and brought one to Ray. Ray opened his and there was nothing but ham and cheese on it.

Ray slapped the table and in a soft voice said " You have been married to me for five months and you have no idea how I like a sandwich made". He asked her if she could remember that he liked Mayo and mustard on his sandwiches.

His manner scared Eve, she said "Yes Sir".

She took his sandwich back to the counter and fixed it. She brought Herr's back with his.

When she started to sit down at the table Ray told her that her place was on the floor near his feet like any other bitch dog.

Eve said yes sir again.

After Ray finished his sandwich he told her to fix him another one.

She fixed two and after she placed his before him she sat back on the floor and ate her second one.

Ray said " Listen up Niger whore, I am going to tell you how things are going to be around here now". Ray told her that she was going to do all the house work now. She would do the laundry and the preparing of the meals.

Ray said that if she did not know how to cook she had better learn dam fast. That was true of the laundry as well.

Ray promised her he would whip her bare ass for any fuck up with the belt on the table.

Eve asked if Ray was going to let her go back to her job.

Ray said he thought not, she was to spend all of her time keeping house and waiting on him when he was home.

Eve said " Yes Sir".

Ray told Eve her life was going to hard and not very pleasant now because she had planned to have him killed.

Ray promised Eve that if she ran away he would find her and either kill her or return her to that whore house when he found it.

Ray told Eve that it might happen any way if she did not please him.

Eve whispered " I will try with all my heart to please you".

Ray told her it was her choice.

Ray told Eve they were going to the grocery store. Eve asked if she could go dressed as she was. Ray told her she could.

In the car driving to the store Ray asked Eve how much she knew about cooking.

Eve said she was a good cook, she had helped out in the kitchen a lot when she worked her way through school.

Ray told Eve to get what she needed for a hearty breakfast and an evening meal for each day of the coming week.

They shopped for over an hour.

They had parked a good way from the store in the parking lot. As they strolled to Ray's car he noticed two young blacks ambling toward his car.

One was coming from Ray's left the other from the right.

No one else was near in the parking lot.

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