Just Gitin By

by Big-R

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Life in the fast world of a General Contractor

Birmingham Alabama is a country town with big town ambitions. The leaders of the communities that surround Birmingham are not in the least upset that Atlanta was only a bit larger than Birmingham at the beginning of the 1900s. They felt no need to merge those communities with Birmingham to try to keep up with Atlanta's growth. Those ' bedroom communities' surround and strangle the bigger city's possible growth.

Homewood is one of them. One of it's young adult citizens is Brad Hamilton.

(Bradley Lee Hamilton)

I am another, "BIG-R"

(Radford Rollins)

Brad was born and grew up there in Homewood. He finished school at Shades Valley High School.

I did also.

It was a big school.

Sixteen of us were close friends.

Some were active in school sports, some like me did not care for team sports. The bond that drew the sixteen of us together was that we all liked to camp and enjoy the outdoors. Some of us liked to hunt and fish. Many did not fish or hunt but they sure ate what ever our hunting and fishing provided.

Part of us had become friends when we became Boy Scouts in grammar school. We had a wimp for a Scout Master though and he never had liked sleeping in the woods. He said one time his idea of really roughing it was having to stay in a Holiday Inn with only a black and white TV.

Brad and I organized the first camp out with our parents thinking we were going on a Scout trip.

I was about twelve then.

Earl's older brother hauled us out to near Lake Purdy and we camped and fished until he picked us up Sunday afternoon. Five of us spent a great two nights and days. Earl, Dudley, Tip, Brad and myself had the time of our lives, we skinny dipped in the lake and did as we pleased. We ate pork and beans and donuts.

We had a contest to see who could piss the most distance. Brad won.

Our group grew, the next camp out there were nine of us. Eventually before I graduated from school there was sixteen of us.

After we got out of school a few of us stayed close friends. We tried to get together often but we began to scatter. Earl took a job on the west coast, Dudley decided on a military career, Dewey took a transfer to Miami.

Brad, Stan Edwards and my self were about all that was left after a few years.

Brad had always wanted to become a pilot.

Brad got a job with an Aircraft Sales and Leasing operation at the airport. They had a pilot training school.

Brad would have worked for nothing fueling and parking planes just to be able to hang around those classes. Every dollar he could spare went for flying lessons. He got an employee discount and several of the instructors liked him enough to give him their time free.

Brad had his pilots licensee in a month. He was not through until he was qualified to fly a Lear Jet. The leasing company had two.

Brad flew a dozen flights as co-pilot without pay before he could fly as pilot.

Brad had realized his dreams. He was a pilot and getting paid to do the thing he most loved.

I got through college, Stan got a job selling new cars and Brad hired on with a firm that ran a jet courier service.

I took a job with a General Contractor in their main office in Birmingham.

Brad and I rented apartments next to each other in a new complex.

Brad flew a Lear Jet to deliver a package to different places. Brad flew out on Mondays, back Tuesday afternoon, off Wednesdays, another flight Thursday and home Friday. Brad would be off Saturdays and Sundays. He made two trips a week.

When I asked Brad what he was delivering in those packages he said he did not know. He said he did not want to know.

He had been warned that he would live a lot longer if he never found out.

Wednesday evenings we three would get together and dine out. Stan and I would always have a date.

Often Brad would not have a date unless I got him one.

Brad's job and life style kept him from meeting many ladies. Sometimes he would show up for dinner and dancing with Donna a female flight instructor.

She was a beautiful Lesbian.

Alone Stan and I would day dream about plunging into her in bed, Brad would grin and say something like " Dream on you poor bastards". Once she came to visit Brad on a Saturday morning and the three of us went to the pool at our apartments. Donna was swimming when I asked Brad if he thought her hair was that natural a golden blond.

Brad said that it was. I asked how he knew. Brad said " We took over an hour putting on our suits after she got here this morning.

That jolted my brain, was Brad screwing a Lesbian ? Was she just acting if she was one of the "Boys' and had just gotten dressed with him ?

I had to ask, I was curious. I said "Look ass bandit, can you even conn a lez out of giving you some ?

Brad grinned and said " She likes me, we are kind of buddies and if she thinks I am hard up she will do me a favor sometimes". "Hard up my ass, you have never been 'hard up' since we were kids" I said.

Brad said " Don't tell her that, please".

I asked if he ever got to her, did she ever have a climax from doing him a favor.

Brad said he usually saw to it that she did.

The next Wednesday evening Stan had a date with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, she was awesome. Stan introduced her as Darcy Evans.

Stan's date was the focus of all of us.

Donna was vibrating from desire.

I was vibrating from pure raw lust.

My date was fascinated by her beauty.

Brad knew her ! They hugged.

Darcy told us Brad had flown her and her father to Seattle Washington to attend her uncles funeral two years before. She said Brad had let her fly that jet for a while coming back.

Brad grinned and said she had not flown it into a mountain. He said she would make a good pilot if she wanted to be one.

Donna was with Brad, I had a date with a nice girl from where I worked. My date was trying to get over a bad marriage. She had told me when I had asked for the date that it was too soon for her to let any thing happen between us.

Like I said she was nice, and Brad got her to laugh a lot. Her name was Cathy.

Darcy enchanted all of us.

After dinner we danced.

I danced with my date first, Cathy asked about my friends. I told her Brad was an airplane jockey. Stan was now sales manager at the largest Ford dealership in Birmingham. I told Cathy that Donna, Brad's date, was a pilot, and a Lesbian except with Brad. Cathy wanted to know more about that. I told her she knew now all I knew about Donna and Brad.

I told Cathy that this was my first time to meet Darcy.

I danced with Donna next. She told me Brad had told her that he had let it slip to me that they engaged in sex often. Donna warned me to not ever get any ideas. She said Brad was the only man she wanted and the only one she ever would have.

I asked Donna if she would tell me about that someday. She smiled and promised she would, sometime when we were alone.

I told her I had often day dreamed about making love to her but I was sorry, Darcy would be taking her place in my dreams now.

Donna said " I will dream of her too".

I danced with Darcy later. I thought about warning her about Stan, and the way he had always treated women.

Stan was a cruel bastard.

I thought about the time when he was sixteen and had taken a pretty fourteen year olds cherry. He had fucked her for several weeks and gotten tired of her.

He had driven her out to a place where five of us were camping one Saturday night.

Stan had made her undress in front of us and fucked her on my sleeping bag. Stan told her to suck all of us off or he would never ask her out again.

She cried and begged him to not do her that way. She said she loved only him.

Stan had told her to get her ass in the car and he would take her home and never ask her out again.

She had sucked all of us off but Stan still had not had any thing to do with her after that.

He just dropped her !

We felt ashamed about being a part of that after it was over. Brad made us all promise we would never tell any one about her doing that.

The girl graduated from school with every one thinking she was still a virgin.

Darcy was no fourteen year old school girl.

What ever happened between her and Stan would be between a grown woman and a guy that got his kicks out of humiliating women.

Time passed, Stan and Darcy were a "Thing". He brought her to our Wednesday evening dinners every week for two more months before they announced their engagement.

Brad, Donna and I went to their wedding together, all of us kissed the bride.

That was when I found out Darcy was the daughter of the owner of the huge firm I worked for.

I had never asked Darcy if she was related to the owner of Evans Construction. It's a common name.

I shook my boss's hand in the reception line. His lovely wife was the image of Darcy twenty four years in the future.

Three months later Brad called me on a Saturday morning, he asked that I come over to his apartment. Donna and a confused, tearful and upset Darcy were there.

Stan had dropped Darcy off and told her he would pick her up in four hours. She was to fuck Brad and I or he was planning to divorce her.

I was not even surprised.

Darcy was actually going to do it to save her marriage to the bastard.

Then was when I told her about the fourteen year old kid he had made suck his friends off then dropped her like a hot horse shoe.

Brad told of several other incidences where Stan had forced a girl, or later a woman, to degrade herself trying to preserve a relationship with him.

I told her that I would regret for ever not having made love to her this morning but I would not have any part of destroying her pride and dignity that way.

Brad told her he felt the same.

Donna said she would like to make love to her with all her heart but not this way.

Darcy began to really cry, she said we were making it so her marriage was over.

I held her and explained that her marriage was already over, Stan had seen to that. If he cared a dam bit for her he never would have put her out with those instructions.

I told her that Stan would be filing for divorce now, claiming adultery. He would be expecting a huge settlement from her family to keep his grounds for divorce secret.

He knew neither Brad or I could lie under oath in court about having had sex with her.

I called Grace Latham my next door neighbor, told her what was going on, and invited her to a party. Grace came with three dozen donuts she had bought from a charity that morning.

Brad called Glen Baker, a neighbor living in the apartment the other side of him, and invited him over.

Stan picked Darcy up at the appointed time, she said she had done what he had told her to do and she felt degraded by doing it.

Stan told her she had proved herself to be the whore he had always known she was. Stan said he would file for divorce the next week on the grounds of adultery.

Darcy moved back home that day.

Several weeks later Darcy's father and she met me at my apartment on a Saturday morning.

Brad and Donna had flown to Key West for the weekend.

I told them that Brad, Donna, Grace, Glen and I were prepared to swear in court that nothing had happened that Saturday morning but our gorging on cokes, coffee and donuts.

Five of us and Darcy could swear that Stan's charges of adultery were not true.

The court proceeding was comical, Stan's testimony was discounted by our statements made under oath.

The decree gave Stan nothing. Darcy wanted nothing but to be free of that bastard.

After the Hearing Stan bad mouthed all of us in front of the court house. Stan made it plain we were no longer friends.

I asked Darcy for a date to have dinner with Brad, Donna and I the next Wednesday. It was pleasant and became a habit.

Donna and Darcy became close friends.

We went camping. We had set up the tent Friday evening. We were alongside a pretty creek deep enough to bath in.

Brad and Donna did supper.

That night Darcy and I put our air mattresses side by side and slept in our light sleeping bags holding hands.

Donna and Brad zipped theirs together and slept in each others arms.

Around mid night a loud clap of thunder wakened us.

I sat up and turned on a light. Brad and Donna were nude and had been sleeping on top of their bedding. I had too but I was wearing a pair of shorts.

It was hot and humid in that tent. Darcy had undressed and put on a thin tee shirt, it was damp from perspiration.

Brad put on his shorts and we gathered up anything the rain would damage outside and shoved it in the tent.

The rain hit as we were finishing. We got soaked.

Donna said " My man is too wet to come back to bed with me". Donna took a clean towel and began to dry Brad off. She took off his wet shorts and dried him all over.

Donna asked Darcy if she should dry her man or did she want to do that herself.

Darcy got a towel and took my shorts off.

Darcy had me dry in just a few minutes but spent so much time at my crotch being sure it was dry she got to see what I looked like fully erect.

Donna cut the light off.

Darcy slipped her tee shirt off and snuggled in my arms.

We could see Donna nursing Brad's dick during the lightening flashes.

Darcy whispered " I want you in me, I don't want any foreplay, I want you to try to hurt me with your beautiful cock". " Fuck me now, I need it".

If there had been other campers within a mile they would have known that a woman was getting her brains fucked out.

Darcy was more than just loud each time, she had better than a half dozen orgasms.

We lay there resting after I blasted off in her.

Donna reached out and rubbed Darcy's hip and said " Honey that was so erotic I had a climax myself just watching".

Brad said he had not known that I could do that to a woman.

I grinned and said " It takes a special woman".

We stayed in the tent most of the day Saturday, it rained neatly all morning.

Donna made sweet love to Darcy, Brad and I nursed on her tits. Darcy was as loud when she had a climax as she had been the night before. Darcy kissed Donna a lot but was not willing to place her mouth on her genitals.

Late in the morning Darcy asked my permission to have sex with Brad.

I gave my OK and warned her Brad might be fucked out, He and Donna had made love in our arms twice already that morning.

Brad and Donna were bathing in the creek and we were about to join them.

Darcy said that Donna had told her Brad was good for one more time yet. Donna had said she wanted to try me while she watched her and Brad.

We went in the creek. I went straight to Donna and gathered her up in my arms. I told her I had a desire for her, I asked her to share her lovely body and her gift of love with me.

Donna asked if I was telling her I wanted to fuck her.

I said " Well if you want to have me say it crudely, I will". " Donna I want to put my hard prick in your cunt and screw the shit out of you".

Donna said " Alright, now I understand what you want, I did not ever get to college, you have to use simple language with me".

She asked Brad if it was alright with him.

Brad told her to make it good for me.


Brad and Darcy were right there in the tent beside us, from the sounds they made, it was good for them as well.

We began to learn a lot about each other that day.

Donna told of a childhood with three brothers alone in the house most week days. From the time she was seven years old she had to endure their sexual attentions. After the first time she had told her mother when she got home from work.

Her mother had whipped the boys.

The next day they had hurt her so badly she never told again.

Donna said they had done terrible things to her for years. They delighted in hurting her.

They would push things in her holes, make her suck and fuck them, piss on her and always beat on her.

She had grown up despising boys and men.

Donna said she had run away from home after graduating from school. She had worked as a waitress until she had finished flight training in Atlanta. She had taken the job teaching flying in Birmingham, it beat the hell out of waiting tables in a restaurant.

She guessed that it was because of her child hood that she had become a Lesbian.

Donna said she had made love to many women. She had found that a woman made love without hurt. She never had sex with a man after leaving home until she had tried Brad.

Brad did not hurt her. He made her like his loving and realize that good, rewarding sex could be with a man also.

Donna said her life was complete now.

She had a good job doing what she loved doing, she made enough money to have a nice car and apartment. She said she would never be rich but she was 'just gitin by' from day to day.

She said that I had shown her more gentle caring loving just a while ago. She wanted more of that.

I told her " Not for a while with me, you girls have my nuts drained".

We all laughed and Brad said he was that way too.

Brad told of growing up in a loving home, he spoke of a nice caring mother and father. He had grown up with two older sisters. They had taught him how a woman needed to be treated.

When they found out he was no longer a virgin they had bought condoms and taught him to become a good lover.

I told Brad I had never known about him and his sisters.

Brad said " Hell man that's incest, you don't tell anyone about that" !

Brad talked about always having had the desire to fly an airplane. He was doing what made him happy now. His life was complete and he never wanted it to change. He was ' just gitin by' from day to day like Donna.

Darcy spoke of growing up in a cocoon. She had been treated like a princess by her two brothers and her parents.

She said she had excelled in school and gone to a special girls academy. She had been awarded a high school diploma when she was fourteen. She had been eager to finish her education and get on with her life. Her parents had enrolled her in a women's college in Atlanta. She had a college degree and her masters when she was seventeen.

She had never had a date. She had not ever been around boys except her brothers.

Darcy admitted to having let several girls make love to her in college. She said it was nice but she knew that only a man could give her complete satisfaction.

Darcy's parents had let her spend a year in Paris learning to become an interior designer.

Darcy was nearly nineteen when she returned from Paris. She had been shy and scared of men, she was still a virgin when she married Stan at twenty years old.

Darcy had taken a job with an interior decorating firm when she returned from Europe.

Like Donna she liked her job and was content with her salary. She said I guess I'm 'just gitin by' from day to day like her.

It was my turn to talk.

I told them I had been born and raised in Homewood and had gone to school there. First I had gone to Shades Cahaba grammar school. Later I finished high school at Shades Valley High.

I had been big enough to play football but spent one day working out with the team and quit. I did not like the coach and his manner.

Brad broke in and said that I had been roughed up by two seniors. I had hit one of them so hard I had knocked him out and the other in the belly so hard he threw up.

The coach had eaten my ass out for whipping up on his star line backers.

Brad said that was what I had not liked about the coach.

I grinned and said I had to fight them again later, they could not stand being beaten by a freshman kid, they were seniors.

Brad said "Yeah and he broke one of those guys nose and blackened both of the other guy's eyes and split his lip bad". Brad added " He knocked both of them out".

I said I never was much of a fighter in school. After that not many had wanted any part of fighting me.

Donna wanted to know how old I had been when I had those fights.

I told her I was thirteen.

Donna asked if I had been big then. I told her I was only about six foot tall then.

Dona asked how tall I was now.

I said " I am six four now".

I went on telling of my life.

I told them I had gone on to college and finished in three years. I got a degree in Building Construction.

Brad butted in again, " He forgot to say that he was not but sixteen when he graduated from high school". Brad said I had skipped the second grade and then the fifth. Brad said "Hell he wasn't even twenty years old when he got out of college".

I asked him if he wanted to tell my story or else shut up.

Brad said he would hush but nobody told him to shut up.

I said " Hush then".

I finished my story by telling them I was happy at my job. I had gotten several raises since I hired on there. I said I felt that I was doing better than "just gitin by".

A few weeks later Donna moved in with Brad. They were a nice pair. I was not sure whether she was off limits to me until our next Wednesday dinner. Brad and Donna wanted us to go home with them to dance after we ate.

We danced in the nude and fucked together on Brad's king size bed. After we had made love to our dates we swapped. Donna was now bi-sexual. She loved having me in her.

Darcy spent a lot of time at my apartment with me from then on. On the nights Brad was flying we often had Donna in bed with us. Darcy and I would often join Brad and Donna when he was home.

Six months later I knew my love for Darcy was real, she was in my mind often. I could not stand to think about not living with her the rest of my life.

I had learned that she loved children and wanted to have several. She never had a bad day, she was pleasant to be with even when she was having her period.

I asked her to marry me.

Darcy said "Yes".

Then she said " I thought you would never make up your mind that we were made for each other ". She said she would have married me the week after that first camping trip if I had asked.

Darcy said she had felt the first stirring of her emotions for me that morning Stan had put her out to fuck us and I had salvaged her pride.

Her father and mother seemed pleased.

Darcy said we wanted a simple wedding.

Her father and mother agreed.

He said that it was more fitting since this was her second wedding.

Darcy's father said he was only going to give us one wedding gift. He would pay for a two week honeymoon any where we wanted in the world.

I told him we would take a 'rain check' on his offer. I told him I was too busy overseeing the bid proposals in his offices to take off now.

Darcy said she was doing the decorating in a multi million dollar home for where she worked and would be tied up on that for months yet.

Darcy said that we were going camping nearby for two days. She assured her parents that would be more enjoyable for her than a trip some where.

Her father asked if she were going to become an out doors kind of person.

Darcy said she already was, "BIG-R" had taught her to shoot a gun and helped her catch her first fish. She said she had slept on the ground probably a dozen nights by then and loved it.

We set the date for our wedding to be two weeks off. I planned to marry Darcy on a Friday morning and we would spend Friday night and Saturday night camping at a place we had camped before.

The wedding was held in her family church.

My father and mother were there.

Darcy's parents were there.

Brad and Donna made it although Brad had flown back Thursday night with out sleep.

Only one of Darcy's brothers made the wedding, he was a Doctor in town.

Her other brother was in the military in Germany. He sent his love for her.

The wedding was nice. To Darcy it was a new beginning, a new life style. It was the same with me.

We went to our apartment, I carried her over the threshold and clear into the bed room.

I undressed her and myself.

We had a symbolic fuck. We had fucked like animals the night before.

We left.

Setting up camp at our special place was old stuff by then.

I carried my bride in to our nylon honeymoon cottage. There was nothing symbolic about that fuck, it was long and loving and slow.

The next day, Saturday afternoon, Brad and Donna came to visit.

That night I shared my new wife with my two dearest friends.

Sunday was laid back. We untangled from the pile we had become during the night and the ladies did breakfast well after day break.

Darcy was still the center of all of our attention. Some one was constantly touching her.

Later in the tent each one of us spread her legs and made oral love to her. Each of us saw to it that she had more than one climax before we quit.

The weather report came on over the music station the radio was tuned to. We were going to have heavy rains that afternoon.

I carried my completely bushed darling to my pickup truck to sit and Donna, Brad and I broke camp and left for home.

Darcy went to bed after we got to our apartment. She woke near midnight and took her clothes off and snuggled. She went right back to sleep. The next morning we were up and about it before six.

I was at my desk the customary fifteen or twenty minutes before work time. I completed re-checking the total of our bid on a nine million dollar addition to a hospital in Birmingham.

My boss and new father in law ankled in and asked if I could spare him a few minutes.

I told him I certainly could.

He said " Good, let's go to my office".

As we passed by his secretary he said " I would like to be left alone for a bit Gwen".

Gwen with a smile said " I will tell anyone that calls that you have gone to the potty".

George Evans said " That ought to work".

My new father in law closed the door. He asked me to be seated. He said he wanted us to have a talk.

George Evans started off by saying his two sons had disappointed him when one chose to become a Doctor and the other to be in the military. He was proud of them for what they had done and that they were both good at their professions.

When he had started his business he had dreamed that when they were grown both would want to be a part of the business he had gambled so much to create.

George said that since that was not the case he wanted to know if his new son in law wanted to become more than just the head of the estimating department.

George said he would be fifty years old soon.

He would like to spend some time with his wife doing the things they never had the chance to do before.

George said he and his wife had dreamed of going to Alaska for years.

She would like to see Europe.

George Evans said " Son you are not my flesh and blood but you are family now, I hope you have the guts to run this circus for me".

I sat there, what was there to say.

George said that he had watched me since I had joined his firm. He said I had been so young when he hired me he had doughted his judgment at first.

George said that he had seen no signs of immaturity or lack of confidence.

He said that my first week in the office convinced him that he had been wise in hiring me. George said that I had been with the company three years now. A year ago he had made me head estimator.

I still sat there like a stagnant bottle of piss.

I was beginning to suspect what the 'punch line' would be though.

George finally said, " Son I want to make you the President of this 'Mickey Mouse' business. I am going to stick around here for a year and if you have what it takes I am going to go off and play with my 'bride'.

I said " Jesus " !

George asked if that was some kind of reply.

" Reply to what " I asked.

George said " To my question son ".

I told him I had not been asked a question I had been told that he was going to make me President of a company doing forty or better million dollars worth of business a year.

George asked if I was willing to try the job.

I told him " Hell yes and I will work my ass off trying to do it right".

George told Gwen what he was doing.

A woman old enough to be my mother and according to George, smarter than he was grinned from ear to ear.

She had a smart alec mouth for sure, the first thing she said was " I hope you will want me to sit on your lap for dictation".

I told her she was making me an offer I could hardly refuse but I had only been married three days. I told her my wife needed no help.

Things happened fast.

The huge conference table in the other office behind Gwen's desk was removed. A new large desk and credenza with chairs and a couch were delivered.

Between George's office and mine was a door. Both offices had private toilets.

Gwen said " Dam, I guess I have another boss that is going to expect me to work for my pay".

George spoke through his open door " Gwen you have never had any other boss but me".

Gwen told us that all her life she had read novels about bosses taking advantage of poor helpless secretaries. Gwen said she was going to miss out on that if she did not find one soon.

George nearly shouted " Cut out the shit Gwen, you may warp an innocent young man's mind".

George came to the door and told me that Gwen had gone to work for him right out of college and was the smartest person working for Evans Construction but you couldn't tell it from listening to her.

Gwen said "George when you say things like that to me I want to kiss you".

George said " Only under the mistletoe at the Christmas party once a year sweet lips".

I asked them how long Gwen had been with the company.

Gwen said " All my life".

George said "Eighteen years, She was my first employee".

George said he had always been afraid Gwen would get pissed at him someday and fire him.

George left before four that day.

Gwen came in my office as soon as he was gone. She said that she had watched me since the first day I came there. She was impressed with my abilities. She said that George may have given me my new job because I was his new son in law but she knew that I was capable of doing a better job than he.

Gwen said she loved George and had from day one but George was a one woman kind of guy. She had never gotten to first base with him.

Gwen said :

" You have every thing it takes to make it in your new job". "You graduated from the finest college in the country in Building Construction, your grades were at the head of your classes".

" You are well trained for the job".

" I have watched you for three years now and seen you make decisions that were always correct".

" You have the most necessary ingredient to manage any company, you have the confidence in yourself to make instant choices". "You are a decisive person".

" I love George but I realize his failings".

" George has always been scared to death he is going to make a mistake". " He started this company on hardly any capitol, any mistake he made could put him back working as some contractor's superintendent".

" He has never gotten over that feeling that he must be cautious". "By being indecisive and scared he has let a lot of good opportunities pass us by".

" George has only a high school education but he is smart". " He has been smart enough to surrounded himself with only the best of employees".

" You are one of them".

" You have much more knowledge and more education than George, I think you can be a great President.

" Don't get lazy, become a 'play boy' or take up golf or women, he is giving you a chance to take charge of the most efficient contracting company in the south".

" If you 'Fuck Up' I promise to cut off your dick and balls with a dull, rusty knife and stuff them in your mouth and choke you to death with them".

I laughed and said " You are scaring the shit out of me Gwen".

Gwen said she doubted it.

Darcy already knew about my promotion, her father and mother had talked to her for the weeks before our marriage about it.

George thought she was marrying a much better kind of person than Stan.

George had to be assured that I was not just marrying her for money. She had convinced him I was not.

I put a sinister smirk on my face and told her that now I could confess that I really had married her to become president of the company. My next step was to have an affaire with my secretary.

Darcy laughed and said her father could fire me faster than he had hired me and to forget trying to make my secretary. Gwen was so madly in love with her daddy she would laugh at me if I even tried to hold her hand.

We had a loving romp in bed to celebrate.

I and Gwen moved my things into my new office.

I thought I should be slow about making changes at first.

That was not to be the case though.

Wednesday my third day as President I drove out to a warehouse project we were building, spent a few minutes with our man in charge, then drove back to the office.

I got back and found the three girls in the front office were in the lounge-kitchen having a coffee break. Rodney, the effeminate book keeper was with them. I heard " and he only married her to become President here, he has women scattered from one end of this town to the other".

" He even has a half white child by a black girl he is supporting".

I walked in as he said that.

One of the ladies saw me and to stop Rodney from saying more said " Hi boss, I thought you were going to be away most of the day".

I said " No Terry I have an appointment at eleven.

Rodney sat there with his shoulders hunched wondering if I had heard his remarks.

I said " Rodney if you were not half my size and queer to boot I would whip your ass".

I told him he was fired.

I told him it was because he was a liar and a piss poor bookkeeper.

I apologized to the ladies and told them I had married my dream girl and I had never had a relationship with a black woman.

I told Terry to be present and help Rodney clean his things out of his office. I instructed Pam the head pay roll clerk to make Rodney's final check. He was to be paid only through the half day today.

Rodney might have been going to object, before he could more than open his mouth I told him "Don't push your luck bastard, I can still change my mind and beat the crap out of you".

I had my appointment at eleven with a prospective client, he left assuring me of our doing business.

George came in about noon. Gwen brought him up to date about Rodney.

George came in later after I had gone to lunch.

" I heard you fired Rodney" he said.

I told him I had.

George said he had made Terry tell him the remarks Rodney had made that caused me to fire him.

George said he would have fired the prick himself if he had heard what he said.

George said " I guess you got to find you another bookkeeper" and left.

Gwen came in with some papers for me to sign. She said " You are a mean bastard aren't you, you could have given him a chance to apologize and take back those lies".

I told her Rodney did not deserve a second chance, he was not that good a bookkeeper and a guy with his attitude did not fit in this office.

I told Gwen to find us another bookkeeper.

Gwen said " You fired him, you find a replacement for him".

I said " Damit Gwen get used to it, I am going to delegate the shit details to you always".

" Get us a replacement", I said.

Gwen said " Youser, youser boss just don't whip me no more". I swatted her hard on her butt as she left, Gwen grinned and said " I ain't interested a dam bit in romance with you right now, don't try to make love to me I'm pissed" as she rubbed her stinging ass.

At quitting time Gwen peeped around my door and said " You are going to make it just fine".

I told her " I ain't interested a dam bit in romance with you right now, don't try to make love to me I'm pissed ".

Gwen stuck out her tongue at me and left.

A month later Gwen was standing beside me as I was signing a set of new contract documents. Gwen said " Dam you "BIG-R" I have fallen as much in love with you as I am with George".

I put my arm around her hips and hugged her to me and told her to try to get George and I out of her mind. George and his wife were dedicated to each other for life and I was Darcy's for the rest of my life for sure.

I told Gwen to find herself a good man and fuck his ass off.

Gwen said " I got men, lots of men, no good men though, they are all rejects" ! " I get fucked but not fucked very well ".

I asked what she meant by 'Rejects'.

Gwen said most of her dates for years were with guys that had been married then divorced. They were quick to blame their broken marriage on their ex-wives. Soon she would discover the probable cause of the divorce to be some character flaw of theirs.

They were mostly flaws that made them not even a good date.

Gwen said " All of you good men are taken".

I told Gwen that she had to be mistaken, there had to be someone out there that was a 'good guy' and was not 'taken'.

My job was made a lot easier by Gwen, she handled all the petty tasks for me. I could tell her what I wanted to say in a letter and soon she would have it on my desk for my signature. It would be composed better than I could have dictated it.

Gwen never screened my calls but when one ran overly long and some one was wasting my time, she would announce over the intercom " You have a call on line six sir".

We did not have a line six.

If I tapped the transmit button three times she would make that same announcement.

It became evident that Gwen's work load had become a real burden to her. She had to take care of George's needs and mine to.

Gwen's office was large but cluttered. There was a couch, two end tables and a row of six filing cabinets in there. ( Years before, someone waiting to see George would wait on that couch until he was free. ) A visitor waited in the front now.

I told Gwen to hire herself a secretary.

I told her to get rid of the couch and files.

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