Team Spirit

by Dana Most

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young, female, college instructor is the team advisor for the Sophomore debating team. She is selected as the trophy to encourage the four young men to excel.

Four eighteen-year-old studs, the Middleton College Sophomore debating team, were gathered in Room 212 waiting for the teacher. They were surprised by who arrived, surprised by the new teacher, slender, hard-bodied, barely older than them, with the voice and face of an angel. "Hello boys. I'm Ellen James, your new team advisor."

"Hi, Miss James. My name is Luis, the team captain. This anglo on my right is Scott; that dude there is Carl, and Jeff is the fool coming out of the bathroom." Each of the four was failing miserably at hiding inappropriate thoughts.

"I looked up your team showings, she said, "and I am absolutely sure that this season we will win."

"Are you for real, Ellen;" Luis had a reputation for never mis- speaking; calling her by her first name was the first step of a plan.

"That'll be MISS James, Luis.

"And what does that question mean, 'Am I for real'?

"Because if you don't know, we CAN win if we want to. If you don't think so you shouldn't be on the team."

"Lady. We are the 'Kidders' here,... officially. Don't try kidding us. "We not only don't win our debates, we don't even get on the scoreboard. We got no training, no incentive, and, if the truth be known, we probably don't even have the brains."

"You look smart enough to me," she said coyly. And punctuated that reply with a smile guaranteed to win them over. "Look, here's the list of debates for this season." She opened her attache case on the teacher's desk and drew out an impressive sheaf of paperwork. And as the four boys crowded around her to see what she had brought, Ellen began to feel that she was going to be a success with them.

They worked together for the whole hour. First, going over the schedule and tossing out ideas for winning arguments, then dividing up work assignments to prepare for the next meeting. Ellen was exhilarated. "Look boys, how about we meet next week at my apartment instead of this classroom. We'll all be a lot more comfortable and we can get a lot more work done. I've written my address and phone number; I want you each to copy it down.

"And... there's one more, very important assignment we haven't discussed, that you all should think about. I want each one of you to come up with at least one idea for how we can improve our team spirit. Is that alright with you guys?"

There was a momentary pause and then, shyly each of the team members nodded in agreement. "Alright MISS James," Luis answered for all of them.

One week later they met at Ellen's apartment. This time she was dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans so she looked like she belonged with them. "Okay guys. Have you all done your research assignments?" And when they all seemed to be in agreement, she continued: "Good! So let's get started."

Almost everything seemed just right. The research the boys had done for Friday night's debate was exhaustive. They had some good points to make whichever side they had to champion. And the assignments for the next debate were agreed to readily. But when Ellen asked the question, "So what ideas do we have for improving team spirit?", she drew blank expression from all four team members.

"Come on, guys, you must have some ideas.

"Don't tell me you haven't thought about it at all."

"I did, Teach," volunteered Carl, "but everything I thought about is tired crap." Carl was dark haired, good looking, and athletic, as they all were; not what you would expect of a team specializing in thought process.

Ellen was sure he did try, and reasonably certain the rest of them had tried, but her face betrayed her disappointment with the results.

Scott spoke up. He was a Nordic type with a totally disarming smile. "You're the only thing that's different about our team, Miss James, maybe you can double as the team spirit."

Ellen was not amused. "You guys better take this seriously and come up with something. We need a good attitude if we are going to win."

And she was exactly right, in spite of their good preparation they were destroyed at the Friday night debate. It was a disconsolate team that showed up at the scheduled Tuesday meeting. Ellen was the last to arrive and she was bubbling with energy as she met them, waiting at her door. Unlocking the door and escorting them in, she didn't wait to ask the question, "So what do you think happened? And don't give me a line about them being better than you.

"And while you're all thinking about that, I'm going to change my clothes."

"Change into the right outfit, Teach, and give us something outstanding to think about." Luis had a grown-up sound to his voice as their eyes followed her out of the room.

That thought stayed with her as she changed. She wanted to inspire them and maybe a little seduction might just turn the trick. Without being totally obvious, she decided to wear a sports bra under a t-shirt, and complement that with running shorts. To finish her ensemble she walked back in on the boys, wholesome and barefoot.

Four pairs of popping eyes greeted her, accented by four sprouting erections. Not a word was said as she sat on the floor to look up at them. "Sit, boys, let's see what you've got to show me."

Luis was thinking just the opposite, "Let's see what you've got to show us," was what was on his mind, and even he didn't realize how close that was to the truth. Their session was surprisingly good natured in spite of the sour note it began with. Lots of good ideas were brought out and the team's spirit seemed so positive it seemed odd to have to consider that as an issue.

"Okay, fellas. This is all excellent. But what about this team attitude thing I assigned you to deal with? What ideas have you come up with?" Even as Ellen was putting the question out there, her mind was chortling with one obvious answer. Two of the boys, Carl and Luis, were stretched out on the floor with their heads propped up by their arms. They might be thinking they looked innocent but Ellen could see they were trying to glance up her legs. She had purposely omitted putting on panties so it was barely possible they were getting flashes of her pubic hair. She surprised herself, surprised at how willing she was to play up to their schoolboy fantasies, and how much it turned her on.

Her question was met with four blank stares,... or three blank stares and one stare pretending to be blank. "Well?" she persisted.

Jeff was the first to stammer "Umm. Miss James... I don't know what to say. How do you make 'attitude'? What does that mean?"

"Yeah." Supported Carl.

"Me too," chimed in Scott, "how are we supposed to do that.

The silence that followed was broken by Luis. "She wants us to feel like a team. All of us should be for 'us' and not just act as individuals."

Ellen was chronically suspicious of anything Luis said, but she had to accept he was right. "Yes, Luis. Do you have any ideas?"

He certainly did. "Sure Miss James. Scott said it and you shot him down. It's you!"

"Me? What is 'Me'?"

"You should be our Spirit. That'll make us change our attitude."

Ellen was clearly not amused by the direction the conversation was heading, even if ñor maybe because--it was paralleling her own ideas. "Okay guys. We're not getting anywhere on this question. Maybe you'll do better at Friday night's debate. Maybe the next time we meet we'll have something to talk about."

Friday's debate was, if anything, worse than the debate one week before. And on Tuesday Ellen was already home when the boys showed up, once again wearing the same revealing outfit. Nothing was said about 'attitude' as they went over the research, made new assignments, and strategized about next Friday night's debate. Everyone understood that another loss would eliminate them from the semi-finals so there was no point in bringing that up. As they finished the regular discussion, four pairs of eyes were focused on Ellen, waiting for what she had to say.

"Alright boys. I agree with what Scott and Luis say. Just tell me what 'being a Spirit' means.

"And not you, Luis, I want to hear from the other three boys."

"What!" objected Luis, "I don't get to tell what I think?"

"I already know what you think," hissed Ellen, "you think I'm going to be your sex toy."

"Right, Teacher. You must be stupid. Right?"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Two weeks ago you flashed us with your pussy."

When Ellen didn't respond, he let the question hang in the air before pushing for the answer. "Am I lying?"

"What?" yelled Ellen, desperately trying to avoid the question.

"Two weeks ago me and Carl got a good look at your pussy. If you ain't stupid, then you musta known we could see and let us look on purpose."

"He's kinda right, Miss James, but it was only a little pussy hair."

"Really? Miss James, are they kidding? Did they get a look at your pussy?" Jeff was trying to hide an enormous erection, painful to keep hidden.

Luis had the final word. "Miss James. Don't lie... please don't lie. If you lie we're never gonna be a team. Really tell us the truth now. Really!"

That was it. Ellen took a long time before she answered, but felt owed them the truth. "Okay... Okay.

"They're right. I did give them a look up the leg of my shorts.

"I knew they could look if they tried to, and I just let them look." There was an even longer pause as she thought about what to say next. "I do like things a little kinky. Ever since I was thirteen years old.

"But I'm never gonna talk about that."

"So what's next," asked Jeff.

"I don't know," she replied, "What's next Luis? You're the one with the plan."

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