by Dana Most

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman is interviewed for a more responsible position in a sexual escort service. The interview is conducted by a sloghtly older couple with the assistance of one of the male escorts.

"Come in. Come in, Susan. Come sit with us on the couch."

Susan was strikingly beautiful. Black hair, cascading over her shoulders, framed a perfectly symmetrical hispanic face. She carried her petite, slender, frame with dignity as she joined the forty-year-old couple on the couch. The couple, both gifted in the looks department, shifted slightly to create a narrow space between them.

"Have you met Roy, the owner of our company?"

"No, Miss Russell," Susan responded shyly, "I know who he is, but we haven't met before."

"You're going to have to call us Claire and Roy, Susan, or it will be impossible for us to complete the interview."

"Yes,... Claire."

"Have you met Jerry Stoneham?"

"Oh yes, him I've met," Susan added warmly, "I kinda like him."

"Good. Good," Claire continued. "He'll be joining us in a moment.

"Do you know why we invited you in?

"No. I'm not sure."

"Don't be nervous. Weó" Roy's smooth effort to create a mood for Susan was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Come in!" he said loudly.

The door opened to allow a handsome black man. Dressed in expensive, casual, clothing, he looked to be in his mid-twenties. As he walked over to plant a more-than-casual kiss on Claire, his hand brushed across her left breast.

"Sit down over there," Claire added, in a somewhat breathless tone, as she gestured toward an overstuffed chair, facing the trio from across the empty coffee table.

Roy continued. "We've asked you in because we're considering you for a promotion."

"How nice," Susan said quietly.

"Nice for all of us. How long have you been with Sexual Adventures?"

"Three months."

"Well, I'll tell you... that's an exceedingly short time for us to be considering this opportunity.

"Claire was with us... six months, was it?" Roy asked, looking expectantly at her."

"Seven. And even then I was flattered by the offer."

Not to be left out, Jerry said "I was here eight months, myself."

"So everybody knows why I'm here except me," Susan said, with a lovely, disarming, smile.

"I suggested, and Roy concurs, that we should consider you for our VIP section.

"Do you know what that is?"

"I believe so. Those are the escorts who are introduced to the top- paying clients."

"Exactly," Roy said with satisfaction, "That's exactly right."

"But this kind of job requires a little more than a beautiful body," said Claire, "I'm sure you must realize that."

Roy broke in again, "What do you suppose we mean, Susan?"

She sat there for a full half-minute, as she considered her answer. "You want to be sure I can perform," she finally offered."

"Excellent," Roy confirmed, "But more than just perform, perform with style and dignity."

There was a few seconds of silence before Claire prompted, "Style is what makes the big bucks, Susan, anybody can spread their legs."

"So?" Susan prompted in response.

"So," Jerry jumped in, we're here for a good old-fashioned orgy."


"Uh huh," Roy put in, "Is that all right with you?"

"Good on me," she answered, "Who's calling this dance?"

"Roy and I will do the calling," said Claire. "But let's all have a sherry first.

"Do a little loosening up."

Roy fetched four drinks from the sideboard, and they enjoyed some introductory conversation. As they finished, and Claire was putting the glasses away, Susan said "I'm loose!"

"Help me move this table to the side, Jerry, " said Roy, rising to help with the task. When the table was moved aside, he sat back down but continued "Would you change seats with Claire?" As their two partners changed seats, Roy leaned over Susan and began a kiss.

It was a sweet kiss. One hand was behind her head, cradling it, and holding her head at the perfect angle to him. The other hand stroked her shoulder, her neck, her cheek, and came around again in front. The kiss was long and tender, it inspired Susan to trust this lover. After awhile, there was the barest touch of sex. Roy's hand began to work on the buttons of her blouse.

The four people in the room looked eminently successful, perfectly matched to the successful clientele they'd be servicing. Jerry in his designer jeans, and western-style silk shirt, complimented Claire in her tasteful office dress. Susan was wearing a woman's business suit, with silk blouse, jacket and skirt. And Roy completed the group in an expensive looking suit, that could have been designed by Armani. Anyone who walked in the room with an income less than half a million, would have known to immediately get out. To insure that, the office door was closed and locked.

Susan responded to Roy's opening her blouse, by starting on the buttons of his shirt. But Claire spoke up with a caution, "Susan, you're not on a clock anymore. I want you to tailor your actions to complement the clients'.

"Don't try to match his ardor. Let him keep the initiative if he wants it. Continue kissing and don't try to undress him until his clothes start to get in your way."

It was good advice, and Susan would've told her so, if her mouth wasn't so full of Roy's delightful tongue. She stopped work on the buttons and, instead, caressed his chest from the outside. By now, enough of her blouse was unfastened for a hand to get in, and it did and slipped under her bra cup. Susan shifted her body to give him easier access.

Now she could feel her breast was exposed, and Jerry and Claire could see her too. It gave her a thrill! The whole experience made her feel so lucky, making money, screwing around with lots of pretty people, even the fat guys with bad breath turned her on when she could feel the power she had over them.

A mouth was sucking her breast. She could do the arithmetic, if Roy's tongue was still in her mouth it must be Jerry sucking her tit. "Oooh, that felt good."

The hand on her thigh was in for a surprise, when it found out what she was wearing. She knew what would happen at this interview, and she'd dressed in nylons and garter belt so she'd get a passing grade. As the hand slid under her skirt, Roy broke off the kiss and she could see him looking at her. He was handsome. She's heard that and that he was extremely wise about running a business. She couldn't be sure if he liked her but she knew, by now, that she really liked him.

Her blouse was completely open and Jerry was suckling on her right. Her other tit was busy too, Jerry massaging it by hand when he wasn't rubbing her belly. What a lot of fun this was, and both men so good looking.

Susan's right hand felt for the cock on her right, as her left felt the cock on her left. Both were straining for erection against the confines of their pants. She wanted to release them so they'd reach their potential, but satisfied herself by grasping what she could through the material in hand. They were fine feeling cocks, both strong, both long and both happier for her attention.

Claire was there at her feet. She was working on the clothing. As Roy's hand discovered the bare flesh of her thigh, Claire's hands were unfastening the tops of her stockings. She watched Roy's face as his hand explored the edges of her panties, his brow was furrowed in concentration and his tongue was licking his lips. A finger crept into her panties, followed by the hand that was tickling her labia. Her pussy was wet now, and so was the rest of her pubic hair.

Claire's hands were sliding across Susan's thighs as she began rolling down the stockings. So sensual. First the left, then the right, then hands returning to be with Roy's as three hands played with her pussy. She wanted to be rid of all this clothing!

Fingers and hands were all over her cunt, massaging the outside and inside. Then Claire's hands were gone, along with both shoes and stockings.

Not a word had been spoken since Claire offered Susan advice, this continued except for Susan's heavy breathing. Claire was opening Roy's belt, zipping down his fly, and pulling his pants down his legs. Susan shifted her hand to the outside of Roy's boxers until Claire pulled them down as well. As Susan grasped the newly freed cock, she could see from the corner of her eye that Claire was undressing Jerry.

Both cocks and one pussy had emerged from cover.

"Suck me!" Jerry gasped, to no one in particular, and "Oooh!" as Claire complied. There was sound now, Claire's sucking sound along with her purring, and Jerry responding with "Ooh. Nice. There, there. That's good."

Susan wondered about the purpose of this interview.

Roy finally spoke. His fingers withdrew from Susan's snatch and he gestured as he said, "Come lie down with me on the floor."

It didn't take any persuading. She joined Roy on the floor, leaving the couch for the other couple, and lay on her back as Roy slid down her panties. He had a gift for sex, Roy did, on a par with his gift for business. She was sure of that. His mouth was on her pussy, his tongue was in her, his fingers were in her and then his hands were massaging her buttocks.

She exerted a little control. "Let's take off the rest of her clothes," she said, disengaging and standing up. "I want to do sixty- nine."

"No. Get undressed, you suck my cock facing towards me, and Jerry will fuck you from behindó"

Claire piped in, interrupting, "And I'll stick my pussy in your mouth, Roy, while Susan licks my asshole."

"Super!" said Susan, "but when do we get to the testing part?"

"The test... is to see if we have fun," Roy answered, "If we like you, fuck what the client says.

"By the way," he continued, his hand reaching out to her pubis, fingers twirling her hair and stroking along her slit, "I love what you've done with your hair."

"Thank you," she answered, her hand now fondling his scrotum, "I got a haircut especially for you."

So after everyone was naked, they assumed the positions described. It was a skilled little group.

Susan held Roy's cock in her hand as her lips closed tightly. Her tongue pressed hard underneath and then swirled around caressing. When her mouth pulled almost all the way off, her hand would stroke up and down.

Jerry's stroke was arrhythmic. He slid his cock, slowly, all the way in, then jerk out partway, back in again, and pull out slowly till the knob rested at the entrance. Slide up and down along her lips, push just the head in, rotate just a touch, pause, and then push quickly all the way in. It was taking her breath away, as if the cock was the bow and her cunt the violin.

Roy was taking it all in, but with body flat on the floor, there was not enough opportunity for artistry. One hand caressed Claire, rubbing her ass and sticking a sliding a finger near her asshole, sometimes taking the place of Susan's tongue, sometimes brushing lightly Susan's cheeks. The other hand was massaging Claire's tits, then moving over and stroking Susan's hair.

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