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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A broken VCR leads to a father secretly watching his daughter pleasing herself. She catches him watching her and confuses him by her actions.

It started out as a quiet, normal Friday evening, I'd come home from work to find my dinner in the oven and Janice, my wife, out at the bingo, I'd eaten my dried out meal quickly, grabbed a bottle of whiskey and put a mucky video in the player, which was the nearest I came to sex these days. Upstairs I could hear Sara's, my sixteen year old daughter, stereo playing though not loudly enough to be disturbing as I settled back to enjoy the tape.

"Bollocks." I swore as the player made a grinding noise.

Jumping out of my seat I ejected the tape and checked to see if it was damaged, thankfully it wasn't, next I put a tape on which I had recorded a film off the telly into the machine, the film was crap and I didn't mind if it got screwed. Starting the player I heard the same grinding noise, all that appeared on screen was static and I swore a few times under my breath as I pressed every button in sight in an effort to clear the problem, the problem cleared all right, with a grinding thump the whole video went dead.

"Shit!" I said with meaning.

It was the fifth time the video player had gone wrong, it had already cost me more in repair bills than if I had bought a new one and this time I decided that enough was enough, I'd go out in the morning and get a new video. Knowing that I'd need help with this as I was totally ignorant where these things are concerned, believe it or not Janice was worse, I made my upstairs to ask Sara if she would be free to come to the shops in the morning.

Outside her door I listened for a moment to her music playing away then knocked on the door, there was no answer so I knocked again, deciding that she hadn't heard my knock over the noise of her stereo I opened the door. In the space of a heartbeat my cock went hard in the confines of my clothes, I know I should have backed out of there rather quickly, instead I stood in the doorway wide eyed and open mouthed staring at the sight of my daughter with a vibrator in her pussy, a tit in her hand and groan in her throat as she wanked herself. Even as I watched Sara shuddered, her body arching on the bed as she climaxed then flopping down as her peak faded, the hand holding the vibrator moved, I stared at her pussy then raised my eyes as she sat up on the bed.

"Daddy!" Sara gasped seeing me for the first time.

"I did knock." I said lamely.

What I should have felt was ashamed for watching her, what I actually felt was aroused as I stood there staring at Sara's young, naked body, I'd always know she was pretty, but seeing her like this brought home how beautiful she was. Pulling myself together I averted my eyes and went to back out of the room, Sara suddenly laughed which attracted my attention to her again.

"You may as well come in daddy," she grinned at me "I've nothing left to hide now."

Feeling like a little school boy I entered the room, sitting on the edge of the bed I looked at my daughter's face and grinned weakly.

"Sorry love," I said in a low embarrassed voice "I thought you hadn't heard me knock and well..."

"Don't worry about it dad," Sara grinned "I should have remembered to lock the door. What was it you wanted anyway."

Gulping and tearing my eyes away from her ripe young body I told her why I had come to her room.

"I'd love to help you pick a new video." she beamed "So what are you going to do now?"

"I hadn't given it a thought," I sighed trying to control my eyes "I suppose I'll have to watch telly or something."

Rising from the bed I headed for the door.

"Hang on dad and I'll keep you company." Sara called to me.

Glancing over my shoulder I saw her jump off the bed, grab a wrap and put it on, on the bed the vibrator lay glistening with her juices and I found myself wondering how they would taste and smell. Chiding myself for my thoughts I headed downstairs with Sara a couple of steps behind me, I flopped on the couch and grabbed my bottle of scotch while Sara poured herself a small gin and tonic. As she crossed the room towards an armchair she looked down at the floor, there lay the porno tape I had been going to watch, bending she picked it up while I cursed my own forgetfulness, Sara grinned as she read the label on the cassette box.

"This sounds like fun," she commented as she changed course and came to sit beside me on the couch "it says here that it's a tale of incestuous lust in the deep south. Is it any good?"

"I don't know," I replied taking the box from her and putting it on the table "I was going to watch it tonight."

Pouring myself a stiff drink I swallowed it in one go, my cock was still hard from having seen Sara at play and I wished that she would leave me alone for a while so that I could relieve my frustration. Sara shuffled closer and pressed against my arm, I was all too aware of her tit pressing against my arm, only a thin wrap hiding her charms, pouring another scotch I gulped it down.

"What made you buy that tape?" Sara asked quietly.

Feeling like the lad caught with his hand in the sweet jar I muttered an explanation, but the truth was that I had chosen it because I'd been excited by the subject matter, it didn't take Sara long to wheedle this out of me either.

"When do you watch these videos?" she asked.

"Whenever your mother is out at her bingo club," I grinned "she's usually gone until about midnight."

"Doesn't she ever wonder why you are so randy when she gets home?" she asked.

"She never bloody notices." I replied bitterly without thinking.

Realising what I'd said I looked at Sara, she smiled sadly at me then finished her drink, rising to her feet she got herself another drink and sat down again at my side. It was a strange situation altogether, talking about my non-existent sex life with my young daughter was both an embarrassment and a turn on.

"Poor daddy," Sara sighed "no nookie and no video or should that be the other way around?"

"Look Sara," I sighed "this really isn't the sort of thing we should be talking about."

"Why not?" she asked "Does it embarrass you talking about sex with me?"

"No, well, yes, a little." I replied "It's just that, well, your mother and I have our problems."

"Yeah," Sara agreed quietly "like mum not liking sex. You really didn't need to tell me you know, mum has already told me time and again how dirty sex is. Of course, she's wrong, something so nice can't be dirty."

I was a little shocked as her words indicated that my little girl was no longer a virgin, quite why this shocked me I don't know, but it did, it also excited me and I wondered who had been the first with her. Then Sara began talking about the film I had been going to watch, she seemed as fascinated with the subject as I had been when I had read the precise on the box.

"Do things like that really happen?" Sara asked after a while "Incest I mean."

"Quite frequently from what I understand." I replied "Usually between father and daughter and usually without the daughter's consent."

"Still," she grinned "there are some who agree."

"I suppose so." I replied.

"Did catching me, you know, turn you on daddy?" Sara asked suddenly.

"Yes." I admitted after a long hesitation.

My face burned as I blushed bright crimson at my admission, it seemed strange that my daughter, twenty-four years younger than me, was handling the situation much better than I was, she didn't even seem concerned by my unnatural arousal. Nodding Sara smiled at me, I was aware of her wrap slipping a little off one shoulder to expose more of her creamy white skin, forcing my attention to her face I waited for her to speak again, expecting to be reviled for my lusts. Sara's eyes flicked to the shoulder I had been gazing at, her lips curved as her smile grew broader, my blush grew deeper as I realised that she was more than aware of what I had been staring at.

"I like that." she smiled hugely, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Eh?" I gaped intelligently.

"I like the idea that you find me a turn on daddy." she laughed "It may sound strange, but I fantasise about you when I, you know."

Despite my shock at her words I found it amusing that Sara, for all her worldliness, seemed unable to bring herself to say either wanking or masturbating when referring to what I had caught her doing. I also felt aroused at her declaration that she fantasised about me while wanking, I had no idea whether it was common or not for a girl to have fantasies about her father.

"Sara, I think we should drop the matter." I said pouring myself another large scotch.

As I gulped down the fiery liquid Sara smiled sweetly then shrugged the wrap from her shoulders to reveal her naked young body, I sucked in a breath and stared at her as the scotch burnt a path down my throat. My mouth went dry as my daughter put her hands under her tits then lifted them as though for inspection, licking my lips I tore my eyes from her tits and stared at her face.

"Don't you think I'm pretty?" she asked rising to her feet.

The wrap remained on the couch as my daughter stood and struck a pose that revealed her fully to my startled, hungry gaze, my eyes lingered for a while on her ripe tits and her nipples which looked hard and aroused, then my gaze slid downwards to the tidy little 'V' of golden curls surrounding her pussy. My cock began to ache with the need for relief, all I could think of was how nice it would be to lay my daughter down and fuck her, shame and guilt had no place in my thoughts at all at that moment I'm afraid.

"You are beautiful!" I breathed at long last "Sara, you have no idea what you are doing to me."

"I think I do," she grinned sliding a hand down to her pussy "I think I'm getting you horny."

"Damn right!" I sighed as her fingers began to play with her clit.

"Can I see you daddy." Sara asked in a little girl voice that send a shiver of excitement up my spine.

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