Who Was She?

by Scorpio00155

Copyright© 2001 by Scorpio00155

Incest Sex Story: Following a stupid bet that he could satisfy a woman that had never climaxed Dave drives himself to a nervous breakdown trying to find the mystery woman. Who was she? Will he ever find her?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

When I got my hands on the sod that claimed I had said that I could make any woman cum I was going to kill him, naturally some other bright spark had taken up the challenge and had gone out of his way to find a woman who had never climaxed with either a man or a woman. Now I had been set up with this mystery woman and would be expected to perform, God, the pressure they had brought on me to meet the woman was unbelievable and I was left with little choice in the matter. What was worse was that the woman had stipulated that I should not see her face, it was arranged for us to meet at the home of one the 'judges' where we would both be blindfolded before meeting. This was why I was standing on a mattress in the centre of a room with a blindfold over my eyes and bugger all else on.

"Here we are then," a man's voice said at my shoulder, "this is, uh, Cherry. Cherry, this is, uh, Butch."

How I hated all this cloak and dagger business, it did nothing to help the mood of the moment and only added confusion to an already baffling situation, not for the first time I wondered how I had let myself be talked into agreeing to the whole thing. Nevertheless I reached out and felt bare skin beneath my hands, passing my hands over the body of the woman I could not see I decided that she was very dishy, at least the body was anyway. Grinning I drew her to me and kissed her, her response was to stiffen in my arms, but after a while she relaxed a little. Moving my hands I felt my way to her tits, with great care I explored her more than ample mounds before teasing her nipples and was rewarded by her relaxing a little more. Yet she was giving none of the usual signs of arousal, obviously she was going to be a tough nut to crack and I wasn't sure I would be up to it, but I persevered and slowly worked my hands down to her pussy. After a while Cherry sighed, it was the first positive sign that she was enjoying what I was doing to her, namely playing with her clit, but it was not enough, after nearly ten solid minutes of clitty tickling this woman was just getting warmed up. Cursing mentally I dropped to my knees and pushed my face towards her pussy, flicking out my tongue I circled her clit, when I found it, which got me another sigh from the woman, still tonguing her clit I pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her gently. Her juices were only just starting to flow as I moved my fingers slowly, moving my other hand I pressed a finger to her anus, gently I circled that little hole and was rewarded by a sudden surge of juices in her pussy, I had found her hot spot.

Grinning into her pubic hair I continued to lick at her clit while finger fucking her pussy while pressing and circling her arse-hole, within a short space of time the woman was gasping and her body was actually pressing down to meet my thrusting fingers. Moving my finger from her arse I soaked it in her pussy, her juices flowing over my skin, wetting it for what I had in mind. A minute later I moved my juice covered finger to her anus and pushed it in a little way, just like that she was screaming and shuddering in climax and I knew that I had won the argument, yet I was going to fuck this mystery woman before I left the room. Her knees buckled and I quickly moved my hands to guide her onto the floor, by touch I found her pussy again and got licking at her clit, once again I thrust my fingers into her pussy and played with her anus. I continued to play with her like this until I felt her body starting to tremble, she was close to climax and I quickly slid up her body and thrust my cock into her pussy and set about fucking her with long, hard, fast strokes. Her legs wrapped around me as she let herself go, crying out to the heavens Cherry climaxed under me and I felt her pussy grasp my cock tightly, with a groan I filled her with my hot seed which sent her even more over the top. As my senses calmed a little I began thrusting again and was rewarded by the woman crying out and surging to another climax, it seemed that having got her started it was going to be orgasms all the way. Some time later I pulled my cock from her and rolled off her breathing heavily, beside me I could hear her sobbing breathing and I smiled at the knowledge that I had won the bet and upheld my so-called reputation.

"Jesus!" Cherry panted in a voice that sounded very familiar.

I was damned if I could place the real name that went with the voice and I was tempted to slip off the blindfold and peek, but before I could give in to my temptation the others helped her to her feet and removed her from the room. As I sat up some one removed my blindfold and I blinked at the sudden bright light in my eyes, when my eyes had adjusted I saw the other men standing around grinning. One of them held out a towel and I took a couple of seconds to clean my cock before dressing, I didn't even hang around to have a drink, bidding them farewell I left the house and headed for home. My mind was filled with thoughts of the mysterious woman I had fucked as I drove home, there had been something about her that had excited me as none of my other conquests ever had, I couldn't define what that something was though. Trying to shrug off the feeling I concentrated on my driving, but it was no good, my thoughts kept coming back to the mystery woman they had called Cherry and I realised that I was going to have to find out who she was if ever I was to get any peace of mind. When I arrived home the house seemed empty and lifeless, it was the first time that I had ever felt this about my home, up until then I had always considered it a haven, a refuge from the world where I could relax and hide from all my cares. Sighing I poured myself a scotch and headed up to bed where my dreams were filled with Cherry and the way she had excited me.

When I woke it was with a feeling of loneliness and a damp patch on the sheets, no woman had ever got to me in this way I wasn't sure how to handle the feelings she had stirred in me. Getting out of bed I headed to the bathroom to prepare myself to face the day ahead, being Saturday it was a day of shopping and housework and I was not looking forward to it one bit. Later that evening I went to my local pub, the usual crowd were there including Andy who had supplied the woman the previous night.

"Hey Dave," Andy greeted me as I sat at his table, "that was some performance last night. You know I was sure you wouldn't succeed, that woman has never, but never had an orgasm and she has fucked around a lot trying to get one."

"Who was she Andy?" I asked.

"You know I can't tell you that." he grinned, "Anyway, I don't really know a lot about her, she was the bird of a mate of mine."

"Come on Andy," I grinned, "you must know who she is."

"Even if I did I wouldn't tell you." he grinned back, "Not after what she threatened to do to anyone that blabbed."

Cursing mentally I let Andy change the subject, my mind wasn't really on what he was saying as I was wracking my brains in a effort to work out who the woman had been. Her voice, what I had heard of it, had sounded familiar, I had to know her yet I couldn't put the voice to a face and the more I tried to wrack my brains the more frustrated I became. Feeling totally frustrated I left the pub early, not only that I went home alone for the first time in years, it had always been my habit to pick up a bit of crumpet on Saturday nights, on this night I just couldn't be bothered.

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