Late Starter

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, First, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: John is still a virgin at 30, but a co-worker reveals something about his marriage that may change John's life.

Whether you believe it or not I was a virgin up to the age of thirty, I liked women, but for some reason I could never seem to get any further than a quick grope. The number of times I'd had my face slapped should have discouraged me, but I always thought that the next girl would be the one to break my duck. The way I lost my virginity was a complete surprise.

I was a fitter in a coach company, every Friday after work I would go to the pub with Alan, one of the other fitters, for a few beers and a laugh before we went home. This particular Friday I was feeling low, I had been rebuffed yet again the night before, this time by a woman who was supposed to be a 'dead cert', to my knowledge half the unmarried men in the coachworks had been with her. It made me wonder if there was something wrong with me, it also made me believe that I would remain a virgin until the day I died. By the time knocking off time came I felt totally depressed and was not eager to go to the pub with Alan.

"Come on John," Alan said to me in the changing room, "you look as though you could do with a jar or three."

Shrugging into my jacket I followed him out of the door, soon we were ensconced in the saloon bar of the local pub, a pint of bitter in hand.

"You've had a face that would shrivel a lemon all day," Alan commented after our third pint, "what's up?"

For no good reason at all I poured out my problem on his shoulders, it was the first time I'd told anyone about it and I must admit I felt better for getting it off my chest. To my relief Alan didn't laugh or make an issue of my virginity, instead he invited me to dinner that evening.

"Come on home with me now," he grinned, "Jan can rustle up something with no bother."

Reluctantly I let him persuade me to agree, I had met his wife Jan once before, she was an attractive woman, small and very quiet. A couple of pints later we left the pub and wended our way to Alan's house.

"Put your clothes on Jan," Alan shouted as he closed the front door, "we have a visitor."

Jan appeared from the kitchen wiping her hands on a tea towel, her hair was loose and a strand of it lay across her forehead.

"Oh, hello John." she greeted me, brushing the loose hair back into place, "If I'd known it was you I would have left my clothes on the chair."

Their joking made me relax, smiling I said hello to Jan and let Alan lead me into the lounge.

"Alan has come for dinner," Alan said to his wife, "hope you don't mind dear."

"Not at all," she replied, "I was only doing bangers and mash, and there's plenty to go round."

"Well," Alan said rubbing his hands together, "that's that sorted, how about a drink? G and T for you Jan, scotch for me and what about you John?"

"Scotch will be fine." I answered.

Jan disappeared out to the kitchen while Alan poured the drinks, I could hear the sizzling of fat as Alan handed me a very large scotch and told me to sit on the sofa. Alan took Jan's drink to her in the kitchen then came back to the lounge and sat in an armchair opposite and began to chatter on, I added a comment or two, but on the whole was happy to let him do the talking. Twenty minutes later my glass was empty and Jan was calling us to the dinner table. Though basic the meal was good and it helped to sop up some of the booze I'd put away, after the meal we all went into the lounge where Alan handed out more drinks. I'd sat myself on the sofa again, Alan sat himself in the armchair and Jan, now minus her pinny, sat herself on the sofa with me. One second later I spluttering into my drink as Alan told Jan about my virginity, blushing bright red I stared into my glass as he told her the story.

"Anyway," Alan continued, "I thought John could help us. What do you think Jan?"

"I like that idea Alan, but what does John think?" she replied.

Wondering what they were on about I continued to stare into my now empty glass, in my mind I was working out how I could get away without appearing rude.

"John," Alan said, "Jan and I have a problem that you may be able to help us with and at the same time solve your own problem."

Puzzled I looked at Alan.

"You see," Alan continued, "I'm impotent unless I see Jan getting fucked by another man. It's damned awkward finding men to, well, do the deed; normally they are strangers we pick up in a pub. If you are willing I know I can trust you not to blab about it to anyone else."

"It would make a change," Jan commented, "to have sex with someone who I know and like."

I was bewildered, it had never occurred to me that Alan had a problem in the sex area; he was always jack the lad, flirting with the female staff whenever he could. As for Jan I found her desirable, but had never pictured her as the eager and willing type, she always seemed so demure and quiet. The opportunity they were offering me though was too good to miss, I didn't mind if Alan watched me porking his wife, hell the whole world could watch if it meant I would lose my virginity, as for keeping my mouth shut, that went without saying.

"I'm not sure what to say." I responded a few minutes later.

"Say yes." Jan said taking my hand.

"Yes." I laughed.

"Great!" Alan said jumping out of his chair, "I'll pour us all a drink and put a video on."

"Maybe John doesn't want to watch a video." Jan smiled, "They are rather raunchy."

"All the better," I grinned like a school kid, "it'll warm things up."

Laughing Alan filled the glasses then chose a video from a shelf, put it in the machine and turned on the TV, Jan shuffled across the sofa to sit close beside me. Excusing himself Alan left the room, as he went out the door Jan leant over and put her mouth near my ear.

"John, let me guide you for your first time." she whispered.

"I'm in your hands." I whispered back.

"Alan will be back in a minute," Jan whispered, "he's gone to get undressed, kiss me before he comes back."

Turning my head I leant forward and kissed her lightly on the lips, to my surprise she pressed her lips tightly to mine and sighed.

"It's been a while," she smiled as we parted, "we had a bad experience with the last guy we picked up. That was six months ago and we haven't dared try again since. I am desperate to get laid and I can't think of anyone who I would want to get laid by more than you and Alan. God my pussy is wet already."

I was amazed at the way Jan was speaking, it was a side of her I had never seen, but I liked it. Alan returned a moment later dressed in a gown, grinning he dimmed the lights and started the video. We watched the video for a few minutes; I must admit that I was more aware of Jan beside me than of what was happening on screen. Shortly after the video started Jan took my hand and put it on her knee, her legs opened a little in invitation. Thrilled at the thought of what was to come I slid my hand under her skirt onto the gusset of her panties, they were wet with her juices.

"I told you." Jan whispered.

Leaning over she kissed me while I stroked her pussy through her damp panties, tracing its outline with my fingers before pushing the material into her crack. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Alan lean forward in his chair licking his lips, instead of putting me off it actually gave me thrill and to heighten his pleasure I pushed Jan's skirt up with my wrist. Jan's hands had gone to my chest and I felt her tugging at the buttons of my shirt, she soon had it open and I felt her warm hands running over my bare chest. Bringing my other hand into play I opened her blouse to discover that she was not wearing a bra, eagerly I cupped her small breasts in my hand, teasing the nipples with my thumb and forefinger. Jan moaned as I teased her nipples and squeezed her tits, the fingers of my other hand pressing tightly into her pussy, stretching her panties to near tearing point. This was as near as I had ever come to the act before and when Jan began to struggle against me I thought my luck had struck again. I released her and she leapt to her feet, threw off her blouse and bra, tugged off her skirt and panties and sat down beside me again, naked except for her stockings and suspenders. With renewed hope I stood up and stripped of my clothes, my cock pointing at the ceiling as I released it from the confines of my underpants.

"Oh my!" Jan breathed when she saw my cock, "How could you still be a virgin with a cock like that?"

The size of my cock had been a part of my problem, the few women that had got around to feeling it through my trousers had immediately backed off as though in panic. Jan seemed eager to try it, despite the fact that she was only a small woman.

"What a waste." she sighed closing her small hand around it.

The girth of my cock was such that she couldn't close her hand around it, and her eyes sparkled as she gazed at my fourteen inches. Jan pulled me down onto the sofa again and kissed me, her small tits pressing against my chest as I moved a hand down to her pussy. When I probed at her with a finger Jan sighed and thrust down onto my finger. With my thumb I found her clit and rubbed it while she rode up and down on my finger, her pussy tight around it, so tight I found it hard to believe that she would be able take my cock. Her hand was rubbing up and down on my shaft, tracing its shape and exciting me in the process. Parting our lips she leant back, offering her nipples to me, with a smile of anticipation I leant down and sucked one of her nipple, the tiny bud hard in my mouth. Rolling it on my tongue I added a second finger to the one in her pussy, Jan moaned and shuddered as I began to move my two fingers in her tight cunt. When I released her nipple Jan offered me the other tit, happy to oblige I sucked the nipple into my mouth.

A few minutes later Jan pulled her nipple from my mouth and lowered her head into my lap, I felt her tongue flick over the skin of my prick, covering every inch with a thin trail of saliva. Then I felt her mouth close over my cap, it must have stretched her mouth yet she took it with a groan of pleasure. Slowly she took more of my cock into her mouth, more than I would have believed possible for such a small woman, I felt my knob touch the back of her throat then I felt her swallowing. I gasped as my cock slid into her throat, slowly her head sank closer and closer to my pubic hair, and from across the room I heard Alan laugh at my surprise. Disbelievingly I felt Jan swallow all fourteen inches of my prick, her mouth nuzzling at my pubis as she began a swallowing motion that massaged my shaft.

"God!" I breathed as I became more aroused.

Amazed and excited I sat there, my cock buried in Jan's throat, and enjoyed every moment of the pleasure this petite woman was giving me. How much time passed I don't know, but eventually I felt the tightening in my balls that indicated my climax was near. Somehow Jan seemed to sense this, her head raised and my shaft slid out of her throat until only my knob remained in her mouth. I had thought that she would release my prick, but this was not the case, her lips closed around my shaft and she sucked at the bulb of hard flesh in her mouth, her tongue rolling around and around on the sensitive spot on the underside of the cap. With a cry I climaxed, my seed coursing up my shaft to erupt into Jan's mouth, the gush overflowing at the sides of her lips as she desperately tried to swallow it all. The flow slowed then stopped, but Jan kept on sucking my cock, glistening trails of my spunk running from the corners of her mouth.

From across the room I could hear Alan sighing as he watched Jan sucking me, but my attention was quickly returned to Jan as she sucked and licked my tool back to life. A while later she raised her head and looked at my massive prick, which was now hard and erect from her attentions.

"What a gorgeous cock." she breathed I can't wait to have it up me."

I was no longer surprised at the change in this woman I had thought so demure when I had first met her, but before she 'had' my cock up her I was going to savour the taste of her pussy. Matching thought to action I slid off the couch, parted Jan's legs and moved between them.

"Ooh yes," Jan breathed, "lick my cunt until I scream."

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