Give Me Your Love

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: He'd planned a fun night with his wife watching a new porn tape and fooling around, but his wife had been called away. With his wife gone on her 'mercy' mission and his daughter out he watches the tape alone and is stunned by who the star character is!

It had been a long, hard week, all I wanted was to relax and unwind and I was looking forward to spending the weekend with my wife, Greta, and my nineteen year old daughter Amanda. I was feeling every one of my forty-one years as I walked in the door just after seven that Friday evening, calling out to Greta I hung up my coat and sighed, it took me a moment to realise that there had been no reply. Puzzled I headed for the kitchen only to find it deserted, a quick check of the house told me that I was alone which was even more puzzling, Amanda being out I could understand, she was always out with one boy or another, but Greta?

Greta never went anywhere unless she was persuaded to, but the house was empty so where was my wife? As I poured myself a drink in the living room this question kept running around my head and then I saw the envelope leaning on the mantel, how I had missed it until now was a mystery, but I opened it and sighed when I read the contents. It seemed that Greta's mother, who hated me, had fallen ill and had asked Greta to go and stay with her while she recovered.

"Damn!" I swore with feeling.

My mother-in-law was always doing this, what was worse was that she was rarely ill enough to warrant the sole attention of Greta and even worse was the knowledge that the woman had three other children, all of whom lived almost on her doorstep Yet it was ALWAYS Greta she called. Rather spitefully I wished the old bat would die as I sipped at my drink and reviewed my plans for the weekend. Thanks to the mother-in-law I'd not see my wife before the Monday and I had no doubt at all that I'd be lucky if I saw my daughter either, I had a long and lonely time ahead of me as I dare not go out on the razzle myself in case Greta rang.

That was another trick my mother-in-law liked to pull, she'd get my wife to ring me at odd hours just to check that I was home. I was positive that if I was not in to take one of the calls the old witch would poison Greta's mind with thoughts of me having an affair. My mother-in-law would be only too happy to break up our marriage, she'd been trying for over twenty years to do it.

Opening my briefcase I took out the video tape that a colleague of mine had leant me, I had intended watching it with Greta knowing how much pleasure she got from watching porn tapes, but now I would have to watch it on my own. Fun, but not as much fun as I had been hoping for. Putting the tape on the table I went upstairs to change out of my suit, dressed in a robe and a pair of pants I went down to the kitchen and made myself a lonely dinner which I ate at the kitchen table before retiring to the living room to watch the tape.

Pouring myself a rather large scotch I put the tape in the player, switched everything on, dimmed the lights and settled down on the couch. Pressing the play button on the remote I raised my glass to my lips and took a deep draught. One second later I was coughing and spluttering as I stared with bulging eyes at the screen, I could not believe what I was seeing as I got over my fit of choking. There, in full colour with perfect sound was my daughter Amanda getting the pussy fucked off her by not one, not two, not three, but four men.

Even worse was that they were all having her at the same time, one in the pussy, one in the arse, one in the mouth while she wanked the fourth man, I should have turned the tape off, but at first I was so shocked by what I was seeing that I couldn't move and then, when my shock had faded, I was so turned on by it that I was glued to the action. Over the next sixty odd minutes I think my daughter did everything it was possible to do, she had men singly and in groups in every orifice of her body, she made it with other girls, she was tied up, she had her arse spanked and all in glorious Technicolor with her passionate cries blaring from the telly speakers.

By the time the tape came to an end I had a hard-on the likes of which I hadn't had since my younger days. I was shocked at myself for getting so excited at watching my own daughter getting screwed, yet my quivering erection made it impossible to deny that I was turned-on by it. While the tape rewound I poured myself another good stiff drink then sat down on the couch again, it was just after nine and I had nothing better to do. Grinning I set the tape playing again, this time savouring the sight of my daughter and her antics to the full. I was so wrapped up in the events unfolding on the screen that I didn't notice the front door open and close or the sound of the living room door opening. It wasn't until a body sat down on the couch beside me that I realised that I was no longer alone.

Stabbing at the stop button on the remote I turned my head to find myself face to face with my daughter, she grinned at me while my cock suddenly ached.

"I see you found out about my little tape." Amanda commented in a silky voice that sent shivers down my spine "There's no need to stop it on my account though."

I couldn't control either my voice or my eyes, dumbly I stared at my daughter, she was dressed in a black something that left a lot of her skin exposed and I had graphic memories flooding my mind of the parts of her that were covered. Gulping I gained a little control of myself, putting the remote aside I opened my mouth to speak, but before a sound came from my throat Amanda was talking again.

"God I need a drink." she said firmly as she rose to her feet "Want another dad?"

Bemused I held out my empty glass and watched her as she poured two full glass of booze and came back to the couch, she handed me my glass then put her own on the coffee table.

"I'm going to change out of this damned dress." she declared.

Before I could gather my wits she was gone, breathing out sharply I took a long swallow from my drink then took a long shuddering breath as the scotch warmed its way down my throat. After a couple of minutes my brain was more or less back in gear, though I was still as horny as hell; taking another sip of my drink I tried to prepare some sort of explanation for my daughter when she came back. I was still working at it when Amanda strolled into the living room again, it was all I could do not to splutter into my glass as I stared goggle-eyed at her, she had got out of her dress all right only she hadn't bothered to replace the dress with anything else, what's more she had removed her underwear as well, if she'd been wearing any that is. Wearing nothing but a pair of stockings and a smile she came over and sat beside me on the couch.

"What say we rewind the tape and start from the beginning?" Amanda suggested as she leant forward to pick up her drink.

Tearing my eyes from her heavy tits as they bounced with her movements I took a deep breath to calm my once again excited nerves, at the same time I tried to come up with something to reject her suggestion, but I couldn't, not without looking foolish and with a heavy sigh I rewound the tape and set it playing yet again. As my daughter's cries came from the telly I was very aware of her sitting only inches away from me. Watching the screen was no help as the sight of Amanda's naked body on screen just made my lust grow, but letting my eyes wander from the screen was no good either as they kept turning to my daughter's naked body sitting beside me making my lust grow even more.

The thoughts running through my head as I sat there made me feel ashamed of myself. Yet they were also exciting me even more and I felt torn between the urge to run from the room and to take my daughter in my arms. What I should have done was run, instead I just sat there getting more and more turned-on by the whole situation. After a while I began to feel hot, a trickle of sweat ran down my back making me squirm, it wasn't just the situation that was responsible for this though. Wiping my brow I commented on how hot it was.

"Oh, sorry dad," Amanda laughed "I put the heating on, I felt a little cold when I got in. That heavy robe you're wearing can't help. Why not chuck it off?"

It was a sensible and logical suggestion, but under my robe I was all but naked, one small pair of briefs was all I had on. With my cock as hard as it was my daughter would quickly learn just how excited I was by her film AND presence, especially as the top two inches of my cock were poking out of my waistband. Stubbornly I tried to stick it out, but before long I was sweltering so much I just had to take my robe off. Doing my best to hide my erection I tossed the robe into an armchair and settled back with my hands in my lap, in one sense I felt a little cooler, but in another I felt even hotter as I sat there watching the film through to the end. While the tape rewound in the machine Amanda poured us both another drink, when she held out my glass to me I reached up to take it without thinking while wondering why her smile had suddenly grown larger.

"So what did you think of your little girl then?" she asked sitting down so close to me that I could feel her skin brushing on mine.

"Amanda," I sighed after a long pause to get my voice under control "I just could not believe it was you when I first turned on the tape."

"But did you like it?" she asked with an impish grin.

"God help me," I sighed lowering my head in shame "but I loved it. I shouldn't be feeling this way about watching you being...being..."

"Fucked?" Amanda supplied as I faltered.

"Yes...fucked." I breathed.

I was aware of my daughter leaning forward to put her empty glass on the table. Reaching over she took my glass from my sweaty hands and put it beside hers on the table, then she leant against me sending a thrill all over me as her warm skin rubbed against mine.

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