What's Good for the Goose

by Knave of Hearts

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, First, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A sequel to "House Guest", my wife wants to explore another sort of threesome ­ this time with two guys.

It had been only a few days since Alice had the incredible threesome experience with Lucy and her husband, Joe. Since then, not a moment had passed when she wasn't exploring her new found sexual freedom. She woke up with Joe's cock in the crack of her ass, had Lucy's pussy for dessert after lunch, and shared them both after dinner.

Rather than sate her, the exponential increase in her sex life just made her want more. No matter where she was or who she was with, she wanted sex. Her nipples throbbed, often poking out through the sheer silk bras that she wore. Her pussy twitched, like a runner's muscle that needs to be stretched and massaged. She sought to relieve herself - in the bathroom, while driving, behind her desk while talking on the phone - but the small orgasms only served to whet her appetite.

The phone company had said that their technician would be there around one, so Alice took the rest of the afternoon off. Changing into some comfortable shorts and a tshirt, Alice poured herself some wine and settled down with a book. It was almost one when the doorbell rang. Thinking that it was unusual for the phone company to be so prompt, Alice went to answer the door.

The sight as she opened door made her pussy wet. The technician was tall, dark, and if the snug blue jeans were any indication, hung like a horse. His short hair and goofy grin made him look younger than he probably was, but Alice was more interested in the well packed crotch of his jeans.

"Uhhh, hi."

"Hey. Joe Arquel said that there'd be someone here to let me in."

"Yeah. Ummm. It's right over there."

Alice took a moment to stare as the young man moved across the room to the telephone box. His tight ass was almost as delightful as the front side. She bit her lower lip as he bent over, stretching the denim tight across his muscular backside.

Alice tried to think of something to say. "What did you say your name was?"


She tried to come up with other snippets of small talk but found that her throbbing clit was making it difficult to concentrate. Excusing herself, she went back into the bedroom.

After a few moments, she called down the hallway. "Enrique, could you come look at this?"

Enrique went down the apartment's short hallway, poking his head into the bedroom her was greeted by an eye opening sight. Alice had changed into her yellow string bikini. Alice noted with some satisfaction that the lump in his jeans seemed to grow rapidly.

She turned around and offered him the bra strings. "Will you help me tie this?"

Alice heard him walk unsteadily across the carpet toward her. She smiled to herself, imagining the confusion that must be going on in his head. Too bad she wasn't done yet. She felt his hands take the strings and stepped back towards him.

She felt his hands on her back. His touch burned like acid. Alice arched her back in pleasure. She could all ready feel the damp warmth spread through her pussy. She took another step back, pushing her back against his broad chest.

Enrique ran the back of his fingers down the smooth curve of her back to the crest of her barely covered ass. Alice moaned softly, rolling her head back to rest against his firm pecs. His hands came around her waist, making her shudder with suppressed excitement. Keeping his left hand at the top of the little yellow triangle at her stomach, Enrique skimmed her smooth flat stomach with his fingertips as he traced a lazy serpentine toward her chest.

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked in a whisper, his hesitance belied by the throbbing bulge that poked her in the small of the back.

"Yessss, I want all of you." Her hands went behind her to cup his cock through his pants.

His broad, calloused hands scooped up her small, firm breasts. He lightly squeezed a tall swollen nipple between his thumb and forefinger making her groan even louder. Alice turned around in his arms. The bikini top twisted over her shoulder, completely exposing her breasts. Enrique licked his lips at the sight of her rose tipped mounds.

Alice cupped her tits, offering them to him. Enrique bent over and took a nipple between his lips, rolling it around with his tongue. Alice ran her fingers through his hair, pressing his mouth more firmly against her. Her nipples swelled, looking like large red erasers. Her breath hissed between her tense lips.

Pulling his mouth from her breast, Alice decided to take things to the next level. She stepped back, discarding her bikini top with a flippant toss.

"I've shown you mine. Now let's see yours." She teased him with her twinkling blue eyes.

Alice'e tongue peeked through her bright pink lips. Enrique stood up straight, careful to flex his muscles subtly. He tantalized Alice by slowly unbuttoning his shirt, exposing a broad, firm, tan torso. He tossed the shirt onto the bed and reached for his belt.

"Shoes first, hero." Alice was glad to see that she could make a man like him excited. Her hands brushed back and forth across her damp bikini bottom.

Enrique kicked off his shoes and pulled at his belt. "Steady on, now." Alice was back to playing it coy. "Let me."

Kneeling in front of the strapping six footer, Alice tugged at the top button of his Levis. His bulging cock made it harder to undo to the buttons, but she wasn't in a hurry. Finally pulling his fly open, Alice leaned forward and nuzzled against his cotton clad firmness. Reaching around his waist, she peeled his jeans down to his knees.

Her hands ran across the hard smooth skin of his thighs. Cupping his firm ass in her hands, she pulled his hips toward her face, smelling the musky male scent of his arousal. She noticed appreciatively that the head of his cock had escaped the elastic band of his underwear.

Alice raised her face to Enrique's waist and ran her tongue across the top of his purple helmet. Without lowering his underwear, she teased the seam of his mushroom-like cock head with her flicking tongue. Enrique put his hands behind his head, arching his back and pushing his cock toward her questing mouth. Alice rewarded him by dipping her tongue into his cock slit, tasting the thin pre-cum that was oozing from it.

Pulling Enrique's underwear down, Alice freed his thick shaft. Without thinking, she compared it to her husband's cock. Enrique's was shorter - a little - but thicker. And the head wasn't as big around, more like a cherry than a plum, like Joe's. Whatever size and shape it was, Enrique's cock was here and it was hard.

Alice pushed Enrique back, almost tripping him on his half lowered clothing, onto Joe's easy chair. Casually, she removed his pants and drawers and crawled between his knees. Taking his cock in both hands, Alice softly caressed his turgid erection. He tried to pull her mouth down on his hardness but Alice slipped her head sideways.

Sliding her hot wet mouth down his shaft, Alice licked her way around his pole like a peppermint stick. Reaching the base of his cock, she rubbed her lips against his smooth shaven balls. Alice sucked one of his testes into her mouth, laving it with her tongue. Enrique showed his approval by spreading his legs and raising his hips.

Encouraged, she continued her trip by rubbing her tongue across his perineum. Flicking her tongue in the sensitive region between the bottom of his scrotum and his ass, Alice soon had the big man squirming in his seat. She slid her mouth back up his hard dick, making it slick with her saliva. Tasting the juice that had seeped out of his cock, she knew he was getting very excited.

Without letting go of his phallus, Alice got up from the floor. She climbed onto the chair, straddling Enrique's body. He put his hands on her hips, trying to guide her down onto his erect pole.

"Not yet baby. Now it's my turn."

She stood on the arms of the easy chair and leaned over to support herself against the wall. Tilting her hips, she thrust her shaven mons toward his mouth. She had been careful to keep her vulva smooth, but had left a tiny crown of auburn curls at the join of her hips. Curls which she now pressed against his nose. She'd been wet all day and the exercise of the last fifteen minutes had made her desire more intense.

If she'd been thinking, it might have occurred to her to ask more about Enrique. If she hadn't been so horny, she wouldn't have tried this corny bathing suit seduction scene. If her cunt hadn't been nagging her all week, begging to be sucked and filled, she wouldn't be straddling some bronze Adonis' face. But she was doing all that. And she wasn't done yet.

Enrique's tongue lashed out and caught her erect clit full on. The impact was intense, sending waves of please and pain coursing through her. Whispering through gritted teeth, she tried to get him to slow down but Enrique lapped at her pussy without respite. His broad tongue split her cunt, exposing the wet coral pink inner lips. He moaned in pleasure as he tasted the honey from her slit. Alice could only throw her head back and ride his face, almost smothering him with her twat.

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