A Rough Week

by Knave of Hearts

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Cheating, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Adam Williams is having a rough week. Little does he realize that an after hours encounter with the boss' beautiful secretary will lead him to spend the week as the office stud.


The clock said 6:30 in electric red numbers. Everyone else had long since abandoned their desks and offices, leaving me alone in the dimly lit office building. Alone with my work and my computer. I sat up in my chair and stretched. I had until the end of the week to finish the quarterly review presentation but since my wife had taken the kids to her mother's this week I had decided to go ahead and knock it out now.

Maybe later on the week I would get some time to spend with Veronica, my wife. I looked at the picture of us on the boat in Jamaica. The last vacation we'd had together. Running my hands over my tired eyes I realized that we'd been in Jamaica almost ten years ago. Ten years. It was time to rejuvenate some spark. We'd done everything we could imagine during that two week stay. Fine food. Good wine. Sex until dawn. It had been the perfect fortnight.

But that was B.C. Before Children. And now we were both so busy that we only ate dinner together once a week, in between scout meetings, gymnastics classes, and my work schedule. I had my career and she was usually helping with some community project or attending some social committee meeting or other. Ten years ago it had been a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, and her warm body. Now it was leftovers and a cold bed to go home to.

The phone rang, breaking into my moment of self-pity.

"Mr. Williams? This is Ava. Are you going to be in your office for a few minutes? Mr. Bland left some files that need to go upstairs and I'd like to put them in the file room before I leave."

I assured her that I would be around. Since I was the last one in the office, I told her that I would lock up as we left. I hung up the phone, idly wondering what the boss's secretary, Ava, was wearing today. Ava Langtry was famous for being extremely efficient and very easy on the eyes. I used to stop at her desk while waiting for my boss, Mr. Bland, to finish with a phone call and found that she was easy to talk to as well.

Shaking my head to clear away to schoolboy fantasies, I got back to work. A few minutes later I heard a high heels coming up the hall to my office. Anticipating Ava's entrance, I started saving my work and closing down my computer. A soft knock on my office door announced her.

"Come in Ava."

"Thanks for helping out Mr. Williams, I was hoping to get these taken care of before tomorrow. I won't be long." "Not a problem. Let me unlock the door for you and we'll be out of here in a flash."

We walked to the file room and I unlocked it. I took the walk down the hallway as an opportunity to notice the suit she was wearing. She had a dark, double breasted suit jacket-like top, cut to show an enticing but professional amount of cleavage, and a short matching skirt. Her trim legs were sheathed in sheer black stockings that made a soft swishing sound as she walked ahead of me. I enjoyed watching her hips roll under her suit.

Not for the first time did I wonder what she looked like under her professional exterior. I smiled to myself as I realized what I was thinking. My wife always tells me that I have a endearing fantasy that somewhere in the depths of every woman's soul is a cock- sucking, nymphomaniac slut just waiting for the right time to pop out. Where were those people when you really need them, I asked myself.

Unlocking the door, I held it open for Ava as she turned on the lights and went to the end of the line of filing cabinets. I stood in the doorway making small talk, a cheap excuse for watching her move. Ava bent over to pull out the lowest file drawer. Her skirt rode up on her thigh, exposing tan flesh at the tops of her stockings. I stopped for a second when I realized that Ava wasn't wearing regular pantyhose but had old-fashioned stockings on. I felt my cock stir at the mental image of Ava's tan body in her stockings but tried to look away before she caught me staring. I was too late.

Ava had turned around and saw what I was looking at. A coy smile fluttered across her lips as she also noticed the slight bulge in my trousers. She stood, smoothing her skirt back into place, and reached for the next file. I was thinking of a polite way to go somewhere else and wait for her to call me but before I could move she asked me if I could help her pull out the top file drawer.

"Can you give me a hand? It's stuck."

I couldn't think of an excuse so, like a lamb being led to slaughter, I moved into the corner with her and the offending file drawer. Rather than step out of the corner Ava stepped against the wall, staying between the file cabinet and me. Rather than say something, I reached around her and tugged on the drawer handle. Seeing that I wasn't getting anywhere Ava clasped her hand on top of mine and counted to three. We pulled together several times before we got the drawer open. Our bodies pressed against each other with every heave. Her bottom had pushed against my bulging groin with every pull. I wondered if I were making more out of this than I should or was she trying to come on to me?

With the drawer finally open I tried to step back and give her some room but Ava pulled the drawer all the way out, pressing me into the corner. I was stuck between her soft, sweet smelling body and the wall. In a trice my mind raced from the physical excitement of the moment to the consequences if we should be caught. Ava took her time placing the file into its correct place in the drawer, every so often standing on her tiptoes to check a file label. This caused her to press her hips against mine, increasing the friction between my rapidly swelling crotch and her delightfully firm rear end.

Worried about the compromising position that I found myself in, I cleared my throat. I made some lame excuse about getting my jacket and placed my hands on her hips to help maneuver myself out of the corner. No sooner had my hands touched her than she turned to face me. In the enclosed space between the drawer and the wall, our bodies touched in some of the most intimate places. Her breasts pressed against my ribs while my still growing cock rubbed against her skirt. She looked up at me with a strange glimmer in her light brown eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something and she stopped me with a kiss. Not a quick peck on the cheek "thanks for helping" kind of endearment. This was a slow, smoldering, tongues fencing kind of kiss that makes your toes tingle and your ears sweat. The taste of her mouth and the smell of her perfume overwhelmed my senses. I couldn't have moved if I had wanted to. Just when I thought that my fantasy had played itself out, I felt Ava's hand rub against my swollen cock. She kneaded my package softly, moaning slightly as she traced its length through my pants. If she'd had any question about the size of my cock, she'd answered it first hand. Giving my johnson a quick squeeze, we came up for air.

Before I could protest she said, "Come with me. I've got something to show you."

Taking my hand, she led me back down the hall to my office. "Sit down, please." I sat on the small couch. She seemed as business like as usual as she walked across the room to shut the door. I prepared myself for a lecture on sexual harassment and the precarious nature of my situation. Five seconds ago she was giving me every signal of her inclination to do the lambada against the file room wall, now she was the picture of a professional office assistant.

Turning around to face me, I realized that she'd undone the buttons on her jacket. I froze. I'd been shocked in the file room. Now I was astounded. Ava removed her jacket and hung it on the coat tree by the door.

She had light brown skin with a faint tan line outlining her pale breasts. I didn't move a muscle. Her tits jiggled slightly as she walked toward me. Her tits were wonderful. About grapefruit size with a scattering of freckles. I could barely see the shadow of her areolas beneath the black lacy bra she wore. Her nipples stood erect, poking through her bra.

She stopped in the middle of the room. Reaching behind her back she unzipped her skirt. My eyes followed her creamy white tits, provocatively contrasting with her black underwear, as she bent over to step out of her skirt... Standing, she neatly folded her skirt and placed it on my desk. Her black stocking highlighted her slender, well-formed legs. She wasn't rail thin like the fashion models, but she looked like an active swimmer or hiker.

I noted the little pink ribbon on the front of her panties. A thin shadow showed the outline of her vulva through the sheer black underwear. She obviously wore a bikini when she sunbathed. I hoped that it meant that she had shaved her twat. From the way this scenario seemed to be headed, I wanted to taste that pie and I didn't want to be picking hair out of my teeth afterward.

"Don't say a word." She didn't need to ask me. I wouldn't have known what to say. I let out a sigh, realizing that I'd been holding my breath. "I'm afraid if you spoke, I might get cold feet."

She closed the space between us and sank to her knees in front of me. Ava leaned toward me, offering her mouth for another kiss. We kissed deeply, slower than in the file room but with more intensity. Her hand caressed my hard-on. I returned the attention by cupping her breasts in my hands.

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