Daddy's Girl

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Having raised his daughter single handed, this father falls prey to his lust with surprising results.

It hadn't been easy bringing up my daughter single handed after her mother had died, though I never told Jackie that her mother had been leaving both of us when her car crashed. I'd been left with an eighteen month old baby which forced me to give up my job, thankfully my wife's life insurance money was enough to keep us if not in style at least in decency. My daughter had been a handful from the word go, by the time she was five she had worked out how to get around me most of the time. When she had started school I had tried going back to work for a while, but I had spent too much time away from people, all my energies having been devoted to raising Jackie to the exclusion of all else.

So I ended up at home again, I tried to get involved in my daughter's school, but to my surprise I found myself virtually rejected by the mother's that formed the parents association despite all my efforts to help. Despite this I made sure that I took an interest in my daughter's schoolwork and her gay chatter about each day's events. Gradually she grew up, her interests turned to things other than dolls and I found myself having to put my foot down on more than one occasion where boys were concerned. As for me I had no social life outside school functions and events that I attended religiously, naturally as a normal healthy male with normal healthy appetites this was a great frustration and when the frustration grew too much I would use the services of a prostitute. My life had come to a virtual standstill since the death of my wife and had remained that way while my daughter grew up. Now here we were nearly seventeen years later, Jackie had just turned a very beautiful eighteen while I was thirty-seven and feeling every one of my years.

Across the room from me Jackie lounged on the couch, her short dress riding up her legs as she smiled cheekily at me, however, she had picked the wrong time to try her cute little tricks with me. This latest trick of hers was her most frustrating, she would wear skimpy clothes that were designed to show off her body while she wheedled me for something and she had a great body to show off, but it was also a major source of frustration and she knew it. It had been added to her arsenal of tricks six months back and had fast become her favourite method of 'persuading' me to let have her way and it normally worked, but on this day I was not in the mood for her tricks, I was in a foul mood. Not that Jackie was to blame for it, the whole day had contributed in one way or another, but I suppose two things had really made my day for me, first was being turned down for a job by being bluntly told I was too old and second was receiving a phone call from the woman I had been dating, the first woman I had dated in nearly seventeen years, telling me that she thought I was too boring and would not be seeing me again. These rejections on top of a number of small, niggly frustrations had set me to drinking heavily throughout the evening, which had made my mood even worse. Now my daughter was trying to persuade me to let her go to a party being given by a boy that the whole neighbourhood knew was not only a drug dealer, but an addict as well.

"Go on dad," Jackie wheedled in her best little girl voice "I promise to be a good girl."

"I said no and I mean no." I snapped.

I had to admit that it amazed me that at eighteen my daughter still asked me for permission to go places, even stranger was the fact that she generally acceded to my decision. Mind you she generally managed to get me to agree to what she wanted anyway so I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised really, it was almost a game between us. Only this time I had no time for her games, I felt too frustrated both mentally and physically and was half cut from the scotch I'd drunk. In fact I was still brooding on having been told that I was old and boring and at that moment in time I felt like lashing out at something, anything, to relief my frustration.

"Is poor dadums in a bad mood then." she grinned saucily.

"You are not too old for a good spanking, young lady," I replied sharply "and any more of your cheek you'll get one."

"Ooh daddy," she laughed, "I'm so fwightened."

It was too much for me, this, on top of everything else, made something inside me snap and I pushed myself out of my chair, crossed the room, pulled Jackie to her feet, sat on the couch and pulled her down across my knee. As she fell forward Jackie squealed then wriggled on my legs, I was suddenly very aware of her young boobs rubbing against my thigh then I raised her dress a sucked in a sharp breath. The little minx was not wearing panties; the globes of her bottom and the pouting lips of her pussy lay open to my disbelieving eyes as I raised my hand. Jackie was abruptly still across my legs as I stared at her backside, my hand hovering in mid-air as my anger melted away to be replaced by something even worse, desire.

Lowering my hand slowly to her bare bottom I stroked her skin and my desire turned to lust, I was shocked by my actions yet seemed unable to stop myself as I stroked my way to her pussy. As my fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips then rubbed along her slit Jackie began wriggling on me again, I felt ashamed of myself nevertheless I continued to caress her soft, warm, moist pussy. Then I found her clit, with trembling fingers I rubbed the tiny button and heard my daughter sigh, her wriggling stopped and her bottom raised slightly as though to make access easier for me. As I played with my daughter's clit I felt my cock swell to erection, trapped under her body as it was it felt uncomfortable, it was also an unexpected turn on especially when she began to squirm gently on me.

Possessed by the demon lust I played with my daughter's clit while my palm pressed along her slit, her juices making my skin damp as I forced them to flow, her squirms became tremors and I moved my fingers to her tight young hole.

"Daddy!" Jackie gasped as my fingers slid into her.

She began to wriggle again, but her motions only seemed to help my fingers as they thrust into her, her body seemed to rise to meet my every stroke yet I could feel her trying to move away from me, my other hand pressing her down across my legs with greater force. The feel of her pussy gripping my invading fingers and her juices wetting my skin made my excitement grow, I knew what I was doing and that it was wrong, but it was as though I was out of control, the more I did the more I wanted and I knew that unless Jackie managed to escape I would take her.

Even as I finger-fucked my daughter I felt ashamed of my actions, but my lust, my desire, my hunger seemed to overwhelm me, to drive me on. Again Jackie's body trembled as I forced her to a minor climax, as she gasped and pleaded with me I lifted her to her feet at the same time rising with her, holding her firmly to me to prevent her escaping. Pushing her out to arms length while holding her upper arms in a tight grip I stared at her, with a mind of its own one of my hands grabbed the front of her flimsy dress and tugged sharply and with a harsh ripping sound the material parted to reveal her naked body to my hungry eyes. Under the dress she had been totally naked!

"Please Daddy!" she gasped as I threw the tatters of her dress across the room.

Her words fell on deaf ears, for a moment I took in the beauty of her lush young body, the swell of her boobs, her hard nipples, and her light bush of pubic hair that could not hide the swell of her pussy lips. Holding her with one hand I struggled with my own clothing, tugging and pushing at it with desperate haste until I was at last as naked as my daughter, then I pushed her to the floor, almost throwing her down. Kneeling beside her I held my daughter's body down with one hand while the fingers of the other invaded her pussy once again, leaning down I kissed her full on the lips, her struggles pressing her lips to mine as though in welcome.

Moments later I parted our lips and moved my mouth to one of her nipples and as I sucked the hard bud into my mouth Jackie sobbed, all the while my fingers thrust into her pussy, forcing her body to respond to my lecherous attentions. As I teased her nipple with my mouth and tongue and thrust my fingers into her pussy I stretched my thumb to her clit, rubbing and teasing her tiny button until she gave a cry.

My daughter's body shook as I forced her to climax, her voice calling out to me, pleading with me, but I was deaf to her pleas, sickened and excited by what I was doing, unable to control my lust I moved my hand from her pussy, my mouth from her nipple and shifted until I knelt between her legs. Licking my lips I leant forward and thrust my tongue into her hole, her juices filling my mouth with their sweet sticky flavour and my body with an insatiable desire, Jackie writhed as I lapped at her pussy, but my hands held her firmly, too firmly for her to avoid my attentions. Again her body shook and again I moved, this time my mouth settled around her clit, my tongue pressing and circling it as I sucked, I heard her cry out as yet another orgasm was forced upon her, her pussy grinding up to my face as she surged to free herself, her hands tugging at my shoulders in an effort to move me away from her.

All to no avail, however, her cries fell on lust-deafened ears, her strength insufficient to affect me other than to increase the shame I felt deep inside me. Moving my mouth back to her hole I lapped and probed at her with my tongue, I savoured the taste of her juices as they flowed from my tongue into my mouth as I drove her to another climax and only then did I kneel up, my eyes gazing at her naked body like a starving man's at a feast.

"Daddy please!" Jackie whispered.

Her words made me hesitate for a moment, but only for a brief moment, the beast that had woken within me would not let me stop. Sliding forward I probed at her pussy with my cock, my hard shaft sliding along her slit as I tried to gain entry then I felt my knob press to her hole, felt it penetrate a little. As I thrust myself into my daughter's pussy with one long hard stroke she cried out, her voice trailing off in a sob as our groins met sharply, for a few brief seconds I lay still, savouring the feel of her pussy around my prick, her muscles gripping me even as she bucked beneath me to push me away. Then, like a wild animal, I began thrusting, there was nothing gentle about my movements, nothing loving just a desperate need for fulfilment, for satisfaction, a double-edged satisfaction of guilt and pleasure.

In her struggles Jackie's body seemed to be matching my movements, her hips rising as I thrust down into her pussy, cries, gasps and sobs bursting from her throat as I fucked her without mercy, without any thought but my own desire, even so I forced her to climax again and again before I finally felt my balls tighten. With a last deep thrust that made Jackie scream I felt my seed rise hotly along my prick to explode in a burst of bliss into her depths and as I came my daughter sobbed and stiffened beneath me. For a few moments I remained still, my body tense as the sheer power of my climax sent overwhelming signals throughout my nervous system then, with a gasp, I relaxed, my body dropping to crush my daughter beneath my weight.

For a full minute I lay over my daughter, my mind slowly clearing as the seconds passed, her sobs fuelling the shame and guilt I felt at what I had done and with a feeling of shock and sickness I rolled off her trembling body. Sitting up I stared in horror at Jackie, she lay on her back, her head turned away from me, her arm over her eyes, her body shook and I could hear her sobbing, from her pussy my juices started to seep in a white, sticky stream. Tears of shame sprang to my eyes as I sat in shock at what I had done, unable to believe that I had raped my own daughter yet forced to believe it.

"Jackie," I whispered as I buried my face in my hands "Jackie, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."

She sobbed at my words, I knew that there was nothing I could say, nothing I could do to comfort her, after what I had done she would never be able to trust me again and I knew what I had to do. Rising to my feet I walked towards the phone, but before I could pick it up Jackie sat up and looked at me with eyes that held no tears, she smiled up at me then giggled.

"Do you know how long" she said softly "I've been waiting for you to do that? Three years, three long years. I've tried everything to get you to fuck me short of begging you."

To say I was confused was an understatement; I was stunned! With an unsteady step I moved to the nearest chair and fell into it, my eyes never leaving my daughter's, what I saw there held more weight than her words had, they glowed with satisfaction, with fulfilment and I couldn't believe it. All her struggles, all her cries, all her sobs had not been pleas to me to stop, her struggles HAD been her body moving with mine, her cries HAD been of encouragement and her sobs, Christ, her sobs HAD been from sheer exhilaration, the sheer bliss of her orgasm. The sheer knowledge that I had not raped my daughter eased my feeling of guilt and shame somewhat, but not completely, what we had done was still wrong, still against the law.

"Why?" I breathed the question.

"Daddy," she smiled as she stood up and came to sit on the arm of my chair "dearest, darling daddy. Because I love you."

"But..." I began.

"No buts," she said softly "I love you daddy and I wanted you. I only wish it had not taken so long for you to see my signals."

"I didn't," I muttered "I thought I had raped you."

She put her hand under my chin, leant forward and kissed me, our roles suddenly reversed, me the child that needed comforting, her the kindly parent. As our lips met I felt the stir of excitement in me again, it was a shock to discover that I still desired my daughter as a woman.

"Dad," Jackie said firmly as our lips parted moments later "I don't want any other man but you in my life. No-one makes me feel the way you do, no-one can excite me the way you do."

"But it's wrong." I whispered.

"Who says it is wrong?" she replied forcefully "Some judge in his ivory tower, some priest in his pulpit? How can what I feel be wrong? How can what we shared be wrong? I've watched you over the years daddy, the sacrifices you've made for me, the loneliness you've endured for me, it all added up to the fact that you loved me more than anything else in the world."

"But Jackie," I protested "a father has to love his daughter."

"Not to the exclusion of everything else, including his own happiness." she retorted, "Stop thinking with your head and think with your heart. Admit it, you love me as much as I love you and deep down you know it!"

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