Carried Away

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: When stargazing twins turn their telescope earthwards what they see excites them to the point of getting carried away.

Being a twin isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when its non-identical twins, its even worse when the other twin is of the opposite sex, mind you, it was rare for this to happen so we were celebrities for a while, that was a long time ago though, eighteen years to be precise. My twin sister, Carol, is a right pain in the arse, not that I don't like her or anything like that, if anyone but me says a thing against her they would get free dental work courtesy of my fist, but she is always nosing into my affairs and it gets embarrassing at times. The one major thing we did have in common was our liking of astronomy, our parents had got us both identical telescopes when we were thirteen, for them it was a godsend as we spent hours in our rooms gazing up at the sky. As our rooms were on opposite sides of the house we tended to move between the two rooms to see the alternative views. Okay I admit that I was tempted at times to let my telescope drift a little bit below the plane of the horizon, not that I saw much, but it was not a regular thing and I soon turned the thing back towards the sky, Carol on the other hand seemed to spend as much time gazing into windows as she did gazing at the stars.

One evening I went up to my room at about eight to do a little stargazing, mum and dad had gone to dad's firm's dinner and dance so I knew I would not be interrupted unless Carol wanted something. As I often did I undressed and wrapped myself in a warm robe before gazing through the eyepiece of the telescope, this saved mucking about later when it was time for bed, Carol had the same habit. It was a crisp autumn night, there were a few wispy clouds about when I started to gaze at the stars, half an hour later a cloud mass rolled in as though from nowhere and my gazing came to an end. I'd just put the lens cap on the telescope when I heard my sister calling to me, she was yelling that I should see something and I wondered just which house she'd been peeping at.

"Well," I said as I entered her dark bedroom, "what is it?"

"Have a look," she laughed, her shadowy form moving back from her telescope, "you'll see."

One glance at the angle of the telescope told me that I had been right about my thinking, she was house gazing instead of stargazing, but when I looked though the eyepiece the breath caught in my chest. There in front of my very eyes was one of our schoolteachers, we knew she lived near to us, but I think it was the first time we'd actually seen her through the telescope, she wasn't alone though, there was a man with her and they were both stark naked. I let out my pent up breath in a sharp exhalation as I watched the two of them kissing and caressing, my cock did a quick surge to erection while my heartbeat rose a few notches.

"Move out of the way and I'll put the splitter on." Carol said tugging at me, "Quick or we'll miss it."

I stepped back and watched my sister remove the eyepiece and replace it with the 'T' bar of the splitter, this would let us both watch at the same time and as soon as it was in place our eyes became glued to the lens'. It was a real turn on watching our prim and proper school marm getting her end away with some mystery man, so far neither my sister or I had seen his face and our curiosity as to his identity was growing along with our arousal, well mine anyway. Then, in a moment of great passion, we saw the man's face, my sister echoed my gasp of surprise, her hand reaching out to touch mine as we recognised the man, it was our school's headmaster and he was married with kids of his own.

"Jesus!" Carol breathed as her hand gripped mine, "It's Connor! The randy old goat, he's married!"

"Have you seen Mrs. Connor?" I asked giving her warm hand a gentle squeeze, "Dad's van is thinner than she is. God, look at the tits on Miss. Thirlby!"

I'd always admired the woman's tits, but seeing them now in the raw was a real treat and for once I was glad of my sister's voyeuristic tendencies, though I did wish for a more powerful telescope so that I could get a better view.

"Mine are better than hers." Carol commented with a snort.

"Yeah, yeah." I replied absentmindedly as I stared at Miss. Thirlby's tits lustfully, "Hey!"

The telescope had suddenly swung upwards, straightening I looked at the dark form of my sister who was standing by the window closing the curtains, I was totally puzzled by her sudden change of mood. A moment later she switched on a light and I blinked a couple of times as the glare half blinded me.

"Listen here" she seemed to be unable to find the word she wanted and trailed off into silence.

"What have I done now?" I asked in a puzzled and innocent tone.

"Oh, you beast!" she snapped and stamped a foot.

For the life of me I couldn't figure out what I could have done to get her so annoyed all of a sudden, the last thing we'd talked of had been Miss. Thirlby's tits and that was when Carol had thrown her wobbly. Then I sort of remembered her making some sort of comment about her own boobs, I hadn't really been listening to her at the time and it dawned on me that whatever I had said in reply was the cause of the problem, though I couldn't remember what it was I had said.

"Did I say something wrong?" I asked tentatively, "About your boobs or something I mean."

"Wrong? Hah!" she retorted, "I tell you that my boobs are better than Miss. Thirlby's and all I get is a 'yeah, yeah' in reply."

"Is that all," I grinned, "well I did have my mind on other things at the time, a pair of them in fact. Anyway, how can I comment, I haven't seen your boobs since you got them, and besides that you're my sister."

"I'm still a woman." she huffed.

"I suppose," I replied, "but I still can't comment can I?"

"Then have a look, then you can comment!" Carol snapped.

She threw open her robe and I gulped at the sight of her bare body, my eyes dropped to her boobs and what boobs they were, large and shaped like half melons with dark nipples standing proud from their surface. She was certainly a big girl for her age, for any age come to that, her chest measurement had to be at least 38 inches and most of that were those stupendous tits. Then my eyes sank down to her groin, half hidden by dark pubic hair I saw the swell of her pussy lips and my cock did a war dance under the cover of my robe.

"Well?" Carol asked suddenly closing the robe and cutting off my view.

"Fantastic!" I breathed, "You're right, your boobs are better, a whole lot better."

'And nearer' I thought to myself.

"See," she said triumphantly, "I told you they were."

My sister was all smiles after my judgement on her tits and our conversation went back to what we had seen, it did nothing to calm my hard cock, just the opposite and after a while all I wanted was to get back to my room for a good wank.

"Mind you," Carol laughed, "old Connor was pretty well hung, how'd you measure up to him."

True Connor had got a decent sized tool from what we had seen, but I knew that mine outmatched his by quite a bit, I grinned at Carol and opened my robe, not caring that my cock was erect.

"What do you think?" I asked as her eyes went wide.

"Gorgeous!" she breathed taking a step closer, "No, don't close your robe!"

I stopped my motion to close my robe as my sister gazed at my hard prick; she licked her lips and took another step closer to me. I gave a mental shrug and thought: 'what the hell?', then took the robe off completely.

"Have a good look sis," I laughed, "but fair's fair, let me get a butchers at you too."

Her eyes never left my cock as she shrugged off her robe and tossed it in the general direction of the bed; I didn't notice where her robe landed as my eyes were roving over my sister's body hungrily. I knew it was wrong of us to be acting this way, but that just seemed to add to the mounting pleasure I was feeling.

"You're beautiful." I breathed.

For the first time I noticed Carol not as my pesky sister, but as a member of the opposite sex, a woman and what a woman she had turned into! Carol was a little shorter than my six foot, but she certainly had a frame to die for, 38ish, 26ish, 36ish at a guess; the expression 'legs that go all the way up' certainly applied to my sister, her legs were long, slender and very shapely. All I know is that she had a lot of eye pleasing body. She had blushed at my comment and that only seemed to enhance her beauty as I stared longingly at her from a distance of a few feet, when I raised my eyes to her face I saw her smiling at me uncertainly.

Looking at her face with the eyes of a horny male for the first time I wondered how I could ever have missed the sensuous moue of her lips; then there were her eyes, twin pools of hazel-brown that held a 'come hither' sparkle. Though we looked fairly alike the bone structure of her face gave it a rounder, softer appearance that models spend a fortune in make-up to achieve. Topping off this pleasant packed was her light brown hair, which she had tied back in a short ponytail, but which usually framed her face.

"Ray," she breathed so quietly I could barely hear her, "I feel..."

She trailed off, but I knew what she meant, I was feeling the same way myself, horny as hell.

"Ray, can I...?" she started to say then fell silent with her blush growing deeper.

Something told me that the end of the sentence would have been 'touch it' and I thrilled to the thought of her soft, warm hand rubbing on my cock.

"Yes." I breathed softly.

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