Brotherly Love

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Let down at the last minute by his girlfriend a young man ends up taking his sister to an important function with unexpected results.

"Damn!" I cursed as I hung up the phone.

"Language Peter." Dad commented looking up from his paper, "What caused the outburst son?"

"That was Joyce phoning to tell me she can't make it this evening," I replied moodily, "she waits until an hour before she's due to be here before letting me know."

"Ah yes," My father grinned, "the dance. Of course it's too late to find another partner for the evening I suppose."

"You suppose right." I sighed.

To say I was annoyed would have been an understatement, I'd had plans for that evening which included getting into Joyce's knickers, now they were all dashed, and what was worse I would still have to go to the dance; I was the damned guest of honour. Put simply the dance was being held by the Young Rotarians, I was being honoured for raising a few thousand pounds for charity and I felt certain that I would end up being sponsored for the Rotarians, my father, though a Rotarian, wouldn't do it as he believed that one had to make one's own way in the world and at 19 I really wanted to get on.

"It would look odd" Dad mused, "if you turned up without a partner. What you need is an attractive young lady to act the role."

"Fine, but where do I find such a person at this late hour?" I retorted.

"There's always Linda." Dad replied as he turned his attention back to his paper.

Linda, my 18 year old little sister, she more than met the criteria of attractive and she was fun to be with, but take her to a dance? Well they say beggars can't be choosers and even if she were my sister she would make a good companion for the evening, if she agreed of course. With time running out I went upstairs and knocked on my sister's bedroom door.

"Come in." She yelled from inside the room.

I went in and smiled at the sight of her sorting through her wardrobe, whenever she was bored she'd go through her collection of clothes and it looked as though she was very bored now.

"Sis," I said slowly, "Would you come to the dance this evening with me?"

"Joyce stood you up then?" She replied from the depths of the wardrobe, "I told you she would."

"Okay, so you were right, don't rub it in." I sighed, "Will you come or not?"

"Give me fifteen minutes." She grinned.

Though her reply was ambiguous I believed that it meant she had agreed, of course it could also mean that I should give her fifteen minutes to make up her mind. Sighing I went to my room and changed into my tuxedo then went downstairs to the living room. Unlike most women when Linda said fifteen minutes she meant fifteen minutes, right on the dot she came into the living room wearing a slinky black evening dress that enhance her natural charms to the full, her face was delicately made-up, her hair brushed into a bell that rested on her shoulders and a wrap-over cape was in her hands. To be honest if Linda hadn't been my sister I would have been tempted to say sod the dance and whip her up to my bedroom for a few hours, instead I smiled, picked up my car keys and held out my arm for her to take.

"See you later dad." I called over my shoulder as we left the room.

"Have fun." he replied.

It was a warm evening so Linda put her cape on the back seat of the car, the place where the dance was being held was only a few miles away, as the crow flies that is. Having to go by road made the distance eight miles, but we had time enough for me not to have to rush.

"How do I look?" Linda asked as I pulled into the car park of the hall.

"Delectable." I grinned, "Pretty as a picture."

"What, a Picasso?" She smiled.

"No, the Mona Lisa." I replied meaning what I said.

"Are you this smooth with your girlfriends?" Linda laughed as we got out of the car.

"Not really," I grinned taking her arm, "but you're easier to talk to."

"Listen Peter," Linda frowned as she stopped just short of the entrance, "do you need to tell everyone that I'm your sister? I'm sure I haven't met anyone that will be here tonight and I really am not in the mood to fight off hopeful Lotharios. Can't we pretend I'm a new girlfriend or something?"

"Well I suppose we could give it a whirl," I grinned, "maybe we'll get away with it."

With that we went inside to the noise and hubbub of a room full of people, music played in the background and in the subdued lighting of the hall Linda looked even more beautiful. The evening went well, good food, pleasant music, some dancing, speeches and friendly conversation; I introduced Linda as my girlfriend, which put her out of bounds to the rather excessive number of single males there that night. When I gave my speech accepting the honour I was being paid it was well received and not five minutes later one of the Rotarians was proposing my advancement from Young to full Rotarian, the vote took all of a minute and I had what I had wanted, well part of it anyway.

As I was driving I steered well clear of the drinks contenting myself with fruit juice, not Linda, she was putting it away as though she'd heard that drink was about to be banned. Needless to say she was soon quite merry and when we danced together she would hang around my neck almost seductively. I'm only human and by the end of the evening I had an erection that was throbbing within the confines of my trousers. As we took a break from dancing Linda was still playing the role of 'girlfriend' to the full and when one of the men commented 'if I were you I'd marry that one' she laughed loudly.

"He's working on it." She laughed then kissed me briefly on the lips.

I was too stunned by her action to do more than give a weak grin at the group around us while trying to adjust my even stiffer cock into a more comfortable position, with little success. To forestall any more 'girlfriend' type caresses from my sister I quickly whisked her back out onto the dance floor.

"Christ Linda what were you thinking of?" I whispered while smiling and nodding at the other dancers.

"I thought it added a touch of authenticity." She grinned in reply, "Don't tell me..."

She suddenly pressed tight against me, her lips widened into an even broader grin as she looked into my eyes.

"...It did!" She continued with a laugh, "It turned you on! Well fancy that, but of course you do!"

"Linda will you cut it out." I hissed as she rubbed herself against me.

"How embarrassing for you," She laughed pressing even tighter to me, "and you can't even admit I'm your sister now. Oh dear, poor Peter, whatever will he do now?"

I should have remembered how Linda got when she'd been drinking, playful and teasing, but there was nothing for it but to grin and bear it. Thankfully we would be able to leave gracefully in a short while. Sighing I tried to surreptitiously shift Linda away from me a little, but she clung on to me laughing merrily, all I could do was give a sickly grin and hope that I didn't become so excited that I came in my pants.

"You look to be on a dead cert there Peter." one of the lads called across to me.

"Shut up Brian," I called back with a smile to show I was not serious even if I was, "Linda is not like that."

"Oh yes I am." Linda laughed.

It was relief to get her off the dance floor a half an hour later. In the hope that a little air might help I guided Linda outside into the night, the air had turned cool, but not unpleasantly so and my sister took a deep breath as we stepped out of the hall.

"Oh look." She said suddenly looking at her arm.

Naturally I leant forward to see what it was she was looking at; the next thing I knew Linda had her arms wrapped around my neck and her lips pressed firmly to mine. I stiffened in surprise, but her warm lips sent such a thrill through me that I suddenly relaxed and returned her kiss. Then I came to my senses and jerked my head back.

"Spoilsport." Linda sighed leaning her head on my shoulder.

"Linda what the hell do you think you are doing?" I said quietly as I could hear voices only a few feet away from us, "You're taking the act a little too far!"

She mumbled something that I couldn't quite catch, but it sounded awfully like 'who's acting', I was in a quandary, I couldn't really leave for another forty minutes at least, but the way Linda was acting she seemed certain to do something foolish that we'd both regret before that time was up. I felt my sister's arms tighten a little around my neck and looked down to make sure she wasn't about to faint or something similar. With a little jump she was kissing me again and this time I was responding to her almost immediately. Shocked with myself I snatched my head away a few moments later and carefully disentangled Linda's arms from my neck.

"You don't love me any more!" Linda pouted in a loud voice.

I could hear footsteps on the gravel behind me and looked over my shoulders, with the true irony of fate the president of the Rotarians was approaching. He had been close enough to hear Linda's words and was about to put an end to what to all outward appearances was a lovers tiff. Linda must have seen he was there when she spoke which explained why she had spoken so loudly, I was going to have a few things to say to my little sister when she'd sobered up.

"Here now Peter," he announced his arrival, "that's no way to treat a beautiful young lady. Tell her you're sorry and that you love her."

"I'm sorry Linda." I sighed resignedly, "I do love you, really."

"That's better," the president beamed, "now give her a good kiss to show you mean it man."

Linda's face tilted up to mine, her eyes sparkled with an impishly triumphant gleam as I reluctantly leant down and kissed her, but what I had intended as a brief peck was turned into a passionate embrace as my sister leant up tight to me. My cock was throbbing as thrills and tingles ran through me, I was all too aware of the feel of my sister's body in my arms as it pressed against me, the smell of her perfume only added to the rising excitement I felt as the kiss drew out. With a sigh of contentment Linda eventually parted our lips while I stood there bemused and confused, what I was feeling for my sister was not the proper emotion a brother should feel. I felt guilty at my thoughts and a little ashamed of myself for having them, but at the same time I felt blissfully happy just standing there holding her warm body to mine.

"He's gone." Linda breathed quietly, "What a pity."

"Oh Linda," I sighed shaking my head, "if only you knew what I am feeling and thinking."

"Maybe I do." She grinned, her teeth flashing white in the darkness.

"What am I to do with you?" I laughed.

"Later." Linda replied cryptically.

With obvious reluctance Linda let me lead her back inside, I felt I'd be safer in a crowd, less likely to succumb to the thoughts running through my head, thoughts that I had earlier been thinking about Joyce. Then again they weren't the same, there was something more than the purely physical in what I was thinking and feeling, yet none of it was brotherly. As we entered the hall Linda took my hand in hers and smiled happily at the Rotarian president as he looked our way, he smiled and nodded to us then went back to his conversation while I guided Linda towards a quiet corner. As a waiter passed us Linda reached out and snagged a full glass from the tray he was carrying.

"Don't you think you've had enough to drink?" I whispered.

"Not yet." She grinned and raised the glass to her lips.

It seemed coming back inside was a mistake for Linda began to down drinks as fast as she could spot them, the funny thing was that despite the volume of liqueur she put away she did not get any more drunk. Standing beside me with her arm around my waist and her hip pressed to me my sister looked around happily while sipping drink after drink. She'd smile and wave at people and, from time to time, lean up and kiss me lightly and briefly, which did nothing to help me calm my raging thoughts. At last though the time came when I could leave the dance without raising eyebrows or causing comment, Linda was just finishing a drink when I leant over to whisper in her ear.

"Time to go." I said softly.

She turned her head, smiled and a devilish look came into her eyes.

"YES!" She cried so loud the whole hall could hear it.

With a sudden jerk of her hand the glass in her hand went flying, her arms flew around my neck and she was pulling my face down to hers to kiss me firmly; my groan was a mix of pleasure and dismay as I half-heartedly tried to figure out what she was up to now. When Linda finally parted our lips we found ourselves surrounded by a crowd of curious people, Linda beamed at them and loosened her hold on my neck so that I could straighten up.

"Peter's asked me to marry him and I said yes!" Linda announce gaily.

"Oh God!" I groaned under my breath.

I never got the chance to put the record straight, suddenly I was the centre of attention of most of the men there, laughing and smiling they slapped my back and shook my hand as they offered their congratulations; meanwhile Linda was being hugged and cried over by the women as they congratulated her. It was another half an hour before I could finally drag my sister out of the hall and to the car, grinning weakly and waving to the revellers I drove out of the car park, and as soon as we were out of sight I stopped the car in a secluded spot and turned to Linda.

"Christ Linda you really have gone too far!" I snapped out angrily, "God, I'll never get out of the mess you've got me into. What the hell possessed you to tell them I'd asked you to marry you?"

To my surprise Linda burst into tears, it was the last thing I had been expecting and I suddenly felt helpless. I touched her shoulder gently, but couldn't figure out what to do or say that would stop the flow of tears. Feeling unsettled I started the car again and headed towards home, maybe my mother and father would have a clue as to what to do with Linda, I knew I certainly didn't; in fact the only thing I wanted to do was the one thing I shouldn't do. God it was confusing! As we neared the river Linda suddenly sat bolt upright in her seat, by the dim light I could see the tears glistening on her cheeks and the black smear of her make-up where it had run.

"Stop the car quickly," Linda gasped out, "I want to be sick!"

Well at least that came as no surprise, the amount she had drunk I was only surprised that she hadn't been sick back at the hall. I stopped the car in a lay-by near the river and Linda was out of the car before I had the engine turned off, grabbing her cape I quickly followed her to the riverbank. As I approached I could hear her retching, I put the cape around her shoulders and held her as she was sick into the swift flowing waters below us. After a few minutes Linda straightened and turned around, she looked pale, her make-up was a mess and her eyes were red from her crying. Yet I suddenly felt that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Smiling at her I gave her my hanky to wipe her mouth on, she shivered and I drew her to me to share my warmth with her; Linda put her arms around me and gave me a squeeze then looked up at me as though to speak.

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