Better Late Than Never

by Scorpio00155

Copyright© 2001 by Scorpio00155

Incest Sex Story: He visits his daughter on her 30th birthday and discovers a new lease of life.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

It was my daughter's thirtieth birthday and though she and her husband lived over a hundred miles away I made the effort to go and visit her on her birthday. This was an unusual year for it was the first time I had gone to see Mary without my wife Claire; her mother was ill and she was staying with her for a few days to look after her, the trip seemed slightly longer without company. When I finally arrived at my daughter's house at nine thirty in the morning it was raining, typically this was not what had been forecast for the day and like a fool I had worn a light suit, by the time I got to the door I was soaked through.

"Dad," Mary greeted me as she opened the door, "come in quick, you're soaked."

Squelching slightly I went inside and stood dripping on the hall carpet as she closed the door, I was a little puzzled that there was no sign of Mary's husband, George, but I had other concerns and paid this little mind.

"Happy birthday love." I grinned as I held out her present.

It was only a gift voucher, but I knew that Mary would put it to good use, she'd probably spend it on a new dress, my girl liked her clothes, but then again she had always had the figure and face to display clothes to their best. She thanked me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek then looked at my sodden clothes and the damp I'd transferred to her dress.

"Let's get you out of those things," She smiled, "I'm sure I've got something you can wear while these dry."

Mary took me up to the bathroom and while I stripped off my wet clothes she went off to find me something to wear, when she came back she handed me a terry towelling robe then left me to go downstairs to put the kettle on. Taking the towel from my waist I put on the robe and wrapped it around me, I had been so wet that even my underpants had got wet so I was starkers under that thick, warm robe. A few moments later Mary came back upstairs.

"Are you decent?" She called through the bathroom door.

"Yes." I called back.

"Pity." She said as she came in.

She quickly hung up my clothes over the bath then put on the bathroom heater, I noticed that she had changed her dress; the one she now wore was short and had a plunging neckline that showed off one hell of a cleavage. Even if I was her father I enjoyed the sight of her with mixed pride and a touch of arousal, wrong of me maybe, but it had always been like that. Even at thirty my little girl was worth more than a second glance, especially her large 38-inch breasts. If the truth were known I was more than a little over-sexed, yet Claire was the exact opposite, in thirty-five years of marriage I had yet to convince her that sex was not something you only did once a week, in bed and with the lights out, despite this I had never been unfaithful to my wife. Most of my relief came from wanking which I did at least once a day, but it never really satisfied me and I spent a lot of time ogling young girls and wishing; at fifty-five I was becoming the archetypal 'dirty old man'.

"They'll be dry before you have to leave." Mary smiled cutting across my thoughts.

We went downstairs and I was pointed towards the living room while Mary went out to the kitchen to make the tea, sitting in an armchair I wondered again about the absence of George. Mary came in a few minutes later with a tray and all the makings for a cuppa, she grinned as she put the tray down on the coffee table, deftly she poured us both a cup then sat down on the couch opposite me. I smiled at the sight of her short dress riding up to reveal more of her long, slender legs then brought my attention back to the present.

"Where's George?" I asked curiously.

"Gone." She replied simply.

"Gone as in away on business or gone as in never coming back?" I asked leaning forward.

"As in never coming back." She smiled, "Not that he'll be a great loss dad, you were right all along, he was no good."

"I'm sorry love." I sighed in sympathy.

"Don't be," Mary laughed, "I feel a lot better now he's gone. I'm divorcing him; he's not contesting it so it should all be over in a few weeks. Once I'm a free woman again I plan on selling the house and moving back near you and mum."

"That would be nice," I smiled at the thought, "we'd get to see you more than twice a year."

We chatted about things in general for about half an hour or so before I found out the reason George had left her.

"He claimed that I was making excessive demands of him," She laughed in answer to my questioning, "anyone would think sex more than once a week was a reasonable request nowadays wouldn't you, but not George, once a week, in bed without lights and that's it."

"Sounds a lot like your mother." I grinned.

As you may have guessed Mary and I were very open with each other, we had always had this close type of relationship and she had always brought her problems to me rather than to her mother, especially when the problem involved the matter of sex.

"Lord is she still like that," my daughter laughed, "how on earth do you stand it? You haven't got yourself a bit on the side have you?"

"I've managed to resist the temptation." I grinned, "What about you?"

"Oh," She smiled all innocence, "I'm not as strong willed as you are dad, I sort of slipped once or twice."

"Does George know?" I asked unsurprised by her confession.

"Lord no," She laughed, "like sex, it never occurred to him. Anyway dad, you ought to get yourself a bit of fluff, it would do wonders for you."

"For all her faults I still love your mother young lady and I do not intend causing her grief if I can help it." I said seriously then smiled, "Besides, who'd be interest in a randy old goat like me?"

"Would you like a list?" Mary laughed.

The subject moved on to other things and the time flew by, lunch time came and Mary went out into the kitchen to fix us a little something while I looked out the living room window at the pouring rain. From the kitchen I could hear the noise of my daughter preparing the lunch and a radio going in the background; smiling to myself I wondered what Claire was doing then headed towards the kitchen to see if Mary wanted some help. As I entered the kitchen the news was going on the radio standing on the work-surface, I walked in just in time to hear that due to a lightening strike by rail workers all British Rail services had been brought to a standstill.

"That's all I need." I sighed as Mary turned off the radio.

"You'd better phone the station to see if there will be a train back today." My daughter suggested.

So I phoned the station and, after a long wait for someone to pick up the phone, I learnt that there was no chance of a train that day and that services the following day looked just as doubtful. Mary was carrying trays through to the living room as I hung up the phone, I told her the bad news as I followed her in.

"Well that's no problem," She smiled as she set down the trays, "give mum a ring later and let her know your stuck here. I can put you up in the spare room."

"Thanks love." I smiled as I sat down.

Lunch was a cold collection of meats, cheeses and rolls; Mary had opened a litre of wine and insisted that the bottle had to be drained with our repast.

"Are you trying to get me drunk young lady?" I quipped.

"Of course," She grinned, "then I can have my wicked way with you."

Now I'm not a great drinker and the wine soon made me feel light headed and more than a little fruity, which was one of the reasons I didn't drink that much. Mind you Mary was as bad, she quickly got giggly and our chatter descended right into the gutter, we laughed and made bawdy jokes and were having a thoroughly good time. A little later I rang my wife and told her the bad news, her response was unconcerned, after all she knew where I was and who I was with. When I finished the call I flopped into the armchair and grinned at my daughter.

"She isn't worrying about me." I grinned.

"Now how does she know you're not ringing from the home of some sexy dolly bird who is waiting to ravish you?" Mary grinned.

"Well she knows that I'm with a sexy dolly bird anyway," I grinned back, "and the thought of the other just wouldn't occur to her."

"Do you really think I'm a sexy dolly bird?" Mary laughed.

"Very." I grinned, "Mind you I may be prejudiced."

We had some more wine which made the conversation degenerate even more, but neither of us was concerned about it, we were having too much fun.

"Which part of me is the sexiest?" Mary asked some time later.

"Eh? Oh, I don't know." I replied, "All of you I think."

"No, come on dad," She laughed, "if I wasn't your daughter which part of me would turn you on the most?"

"Well if you weren't my daughter," I grinned playing along with her, "I'd be torn between those lovely tits of yours and those long legs."

Mary laughed and cupped her tits, pushing them up and increasing the amount of cleavage that was showing.

"You mean these tits?" She giggled.

"The very ones." I laughed at her antics.

"And I bet you'd just love to feel my long legs wrapping around you as you fucked me." She laughed.

"I'd love it." I laughed feeling strangely excited by our conversation.

"Well if I wasn't your daughter," Mary laughed, "I'd be at the head of the list of women after your body."

"You'd be the biggest temptation on the list I'm sure." I laughed.

"Daddyo, I'd be the temptation you couldn't resist." Mary shrieked with laughter as she stood up.

With exaggerated sways of her hips my daughter strutted around the room, we were both laughing so much we were almost crying.

"Where would we meet?" Mary mused as she swayed sensuously across the room towards me, her long, blonde hair fluffing as she walked, "I know, at a dimly lit ballroom, there'd be just you and me and the band and I'd come over to where you were sitting..."

"And I'd watch you coming towards me" I cut in as I joined in her game, "and jump up to ask you to dance."

As I spoke I got to my feet and bowed to my daughter then held out my arms in the classic dance position, she came into my arms and we did a little waltz with the regulation space between us.

"And while we danced we'd just sort of drift together," Mary said softly matching action to words, "you'd put your arms around me and we'd just drift around the floor."

Holding my daughter's delectable body to me I swayed to the imaginary music, her head came down on my shoulder, her face turned towards mine, I could feel the gentle puff of her breath on my cheek, smell the faint hint of her shampoo and the heady musk of her perfume. I was also very much aware of the pleasure that I was getting from my daughter's body as it gently rubbed against me as we moved, so much so that my prick gave a twitch and began a slow rise towards erection.

"Mmm," Mary sighed, "this is nice."

Turning my head a little I found myself looking into my daughter's deep blue eyes, she smiled at me then tilted her head towards me, her lips brushed across mine and I felt a tingle of excitement at the light touch of her warm lips on mine.

"We'd dance like this for ages," Mary said softly going on with her game of pretend, "every now and then we'd kiss briefly..."

Once again her lips brushed across my lips, and once again I felt the tingle of excitement run through me making my cock grow all the faster.

"...Then you'd lean over and kiss me firmly." Mary ended on a wistful note.

Her words seemed to echo in my mind as I leant my head towards her and kissed her firmly on the lips, firmly and demandingly. The pleasure that ran through me from that kiss was like nothing I had ever felt before, and the pleasure grew as Mary returned my kiss. When I eventually parted our lips my breathing was fast and I felt a glow in my loins; Mary's eyes were closed, her lips parted a little as she took a deep happy breath.

"Again." She whispered.

I kissed her again and felt her lips press tight to mine as our passions rose; her body seemed to melt against me as I held her in my arms. Any pretence at dancing was quickly forgotten in the pleasure of that kiss and when I parted our lips again my daughter sighed and kissed my neck.

"What would happen next?" I breathed excitedly.

God knows what had gotten into me, but I was willing, even eager to carry out the role her fantasy story was assigning me; with bated breath I waited for my daughter to speak.

"Next you'd slide your hands down my back" She sighed as I moved my hands, "right down to my bum. Then you'd pull me tight to you and kiss me again."

My hands rested on the swell of her buttocks as I pulled her lower body tight to mine and leant forward to kiss her, but before our lips met Mary added something else.

"While we kissed you'd slide your hands under the hem of my dress and onto my panties then you'd play with my bum." She whispered hurriedly.

As our lips met I slid my hands under my daughter's dress and placed them on her buttocks, I could feel the warmth of her skin on my palms as I stroked her. The panties she wore were so small and flimsy that I rarely touched them in all my stroking. Our kiss became more passionate, spearing my tongue into her mouth I ran the fingers of one hand down the crack of her bum over her flimsy panties, my daughter responded by giving a low moan of enjoyment that excited me even more.

"Then?" I sighed when I eventually parted our lips.

Mary breathed deeply as my hands continued to rub against her buttocks, I felt her push against my hands then sigh happily.

"Then, you'd reach up with one hand," She breathed so quietly that I could barely hear her, "and unzip my dress..."

Moving one of my hands I found the zip of the dress and gently tugged at it, as though well oiled it opened easily, sliding without pause all the way down.

"...You'd part us just long enough to push it off then you'd take me in your arms again and run your hands all over me as we kissed." Mary whispered.

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