Reader's Letter

by Phantom2

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, InLaws, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Husband and wife with wife's mother visit her female friend who's husband is confined to wheel chair. He is impotent but likes to look. Scene ensues where 3 women present dress for him (after suitable encouragement etc). Husband has sex with all 3 women whilst wheel chair bound husband watches/touches.<br> <i>Written in the form of a 'Reader's Letter'</i>

Dear Sir,

I really have to tell someone about the events of last night, even if I never send this letter at least I'll have written it down!

First, some background. I am thirty-five and married to Alison, ten years my junior, for two years. I have a very good relationship with my mother in law who is nearer my age than my wife is, being forty-four. Jane, known to the family as Janie, is a buxom lady being of large proportions, though well matched large proportions. We have a "slap and tickle" relationship, quite openly, a squeezed boob here, a flash of knickers there or, when she feels extra frivolous, a bared tit.

Her relationship with Alison has always been open, telling her that she never had sex with her husband any more, how he is all straight and boring and so on. Amid these revelations she mentioned her friend, Margaret, and her husband, Ted. It seemed that Margaret and Ted were both widowed and married each other late in life, they had about five years together before Ted was crippled by a stroke. Margaret spent all her time looking after him and Janie was a regular visitor. It seemed that Ted liked Margaret to wear exotic underwear and would order all sorts of elaborate outfits from catalogues, while he was buying for Margaret he would also buy for Janie. All this I found intriguing especially as on occasions Janie would flash her knickers at me and inform me that, "Ted gave them to me". When I pressed Ali (Alison, we all use pet names) she told me that, from what she could gather, Janie wore them when she visited her friend to show them off to Ted.

An invitation to visit Ted and Margaret was, therefore, most interesting.

We discussed the Dirty Old Man syndrome and decided that, as he had been active before his stroke, he was entitled to whatever pleasures he could get and if Alison's mother liked him and Margaret enough to pose in naughty knickers, then fine, why not? I was looking forward to meeting this wheelchair bound Lothario with interest.

Margaret let us into the flat, the front door was down stairs but the flat was on the first floor so we had to follow her up a curving staircase (which had the mechanics for lifting a wheel chair attached to it). She was a small woman, about fifty years old, still attractive with a neat figure. She wore a rather plain, shapeless dress but, as I followed her and Ali up the stairs, I noticed she wore stockings, not tights.

In the living room I was introduced to Ted, Ali had evidentially met him before. Grey haired and not looking at all frail he sat in an ultra modern looking wheel chair. He made us welcome, we greeted Ali's mother, Janie, with a kiss and drinks were given to us. There followed a period of talking and drinking.

Ted manipulated the subject around to dressing up as a method of expression, the enactment of fantasy, particularly sexual. We joked a little and both Ali and myself admitted that we both indulged for each other. Ted said that Margaret always dressed for him and, if we had no objections, he would like her to now. I was fascinated. Ali looked a little surprised but said something like, "OK, sure, why not."

Margaret smiled, she was slightly flushed as she stood up and placed her drink on the table, "I've not done this for company before," she seemed both nervous and excited, "only with Jane here. Just a minute." She left the room.

She could have only gone to remove the shapeless dress she wore as she returned a moment later. I must admit to an instant erection. Fifty or not she looked very tasty wearing a totally see through white blouse of very fine nylon with a tiny white mini skirt. Under the blouse she wore a white brassier that was more like an open sling as her nipples and most of her breasts were exposed. The skirt did not reach the top of her hold up stockings and as she bent to refill every ones glasses she revealed sheer white nylon open crotch knickers. I held my glass out automatically staring at her breasts, quite reasonable for her age.

Ali laughed at me, "Put your eyeballs back in, it's rude to stare."

They all laughed, "Looked after herself, hasn't she?" Ted asked. I just nodded and took a large drink.

"So have I, in my own way." My buxom mother in law commented.

"Well then," said Ted, "show your son in law how well, I'm sure he won't mind." She smiled, stood up and left the room. "They both make my last years happy by dressing for me," Ted went on, "all harmless fun as I can't screw any more, more's the pity. I can still get excited over a half naked body though!" He laughed and rubbed his groin, "Like you." He added looking at the bulge in my trousers. I actually blushed.

A few minutes later Janie returned to the room. There can not be many men who have seen their mother in law dressed the way she was, a black, long, sheer blouse that she wore belted like a dress. Under it a black basque with red ribbon trimming down the front and on the suspender straps, black stockings, a black and red G string either side of which was a thick cluster of dark pubic hair. I have said she was buxom, her tits were completely bare under the thin material of the blouse, supported only by the basque a full 44 inch double D thrust out at me. She lifted a breast in each hand and looked down at her large, pale nipples.

"Your little wife chewed on these," she said, "stood up to it well didn't they." She thrust one toward me, jokingly, "Do you want a chew?"

I was still shell shocked but had regained my voice, "Why not, Janie," I managed. She shook her left boob at me, grinned in an evil way and sat back in her chair. I now stared at the escapee pubic hair clustering in shiny curls either side of her G-string.

We drank some more and Janie looked at Ali who wore jeans, "There's lots of underclothes in the bedroom if you want to dress up too." She told her daughter. Ali looked doubtful, " your husbands seen it all before," she added, "and Ted is hardly going to molest you." Ali looked at me.

"Go ahead," I said, "Ted and I will sit here and admire!" She jumped up from her chair and was escorted to the bedroom by Janie and Margaret.

Ted raised his glass to me, "A pretty thing, Jane's daughter, fun in bed I should think." An unusual conversation, I thought as I nodded. "Would she mind you fucking Margaret?" He said casually. I choked on my drink. "Oh, but I'm being a little premature, when I saw you get a hard on earlier I assumed. Would you like to fuck my wife?" he asked.

"What have you got in mind," I asked eventually.

"I want her to feel a real prick inside her again, I can't do anything from here and she does deserve it. I would like to watch as well but that isn't essential. We talked to Jean about it, she thinks that you will be ideal provided it is not behind you wife's back. I don't know how much they are telling her now but I think if she come back in here still in her jeans you will know the answer is no." He drank from his glass, "if she is not wearing jeans..." He let the rest of the sentence hang in the air.

My erection was almost painful so when Ted asked me to sort a video out and put it on it was embarrassing. Ted sighed, "God I wish I could get hard like that again, I hope you can fuck Maggie." As I pressed the start button he asked, with a slight quiver in his voice, "Would you let me watch you?"

I turned from the TV and video as the titles of "Loose ends" came up, "Before I married Alison I had one or two parties, I rather like group sex, if Ali comes in here dressed like Jane and Margaret I'll fuck all three of them for you!"

Ted threw his head back and rubbed his groin in earnest, "Yes please!" he moaned and looked at me, "God, I'd love to see you ride them both, Maggie and Jean, one after the other." He rubbed harder, "How many times can you do it?"

"With the stimulation I've got here, don't worry," I told him, "I'll fuck all three for you, I might need a bit of a rest in the middle, but I'll spunk all three!" He seemed ecstatic.

The ladies returned soon after. Margaret entered first, she had removed her little skirt revealing a small pair of split crutch panties through which I could clearly see she was shaved, the naked pink lips of her vagina almost beckoned me. Jane followed, she had removed her blouse and her G-string, and she stood in full glory wearing only black basque and stockings, her massive tits quivering, her thick bush of pubic hair shining.

"May we present," Margaret bowed and both women held an arm out toward the door, "Lady Alison the strict." My wife positively stalked into the room and took my breath away.

You hear about it and see pictures but this was in the flesh. She has a stunning figure and dressed as she was in leather and studs with make up to match she looked incredible. Black leather spiked dog collar, leather straps forming a brassier that covered nothing, her nipples rock hard and pointed, black leather mini skirt slit to her waist revealing leather suspenders holding up sheer black stockings, I could not see any knickers. On her feet and coming up her legs gleaming high-heeled boots, in her hand she carried a coiled whip. She pushed the leather cap she wore on her blond hair back and stood legs apart.

"I understand you would like to be entertained, Ted," she unclipped the skirt and cast in away, "how about this as a starter." She did not have any knickers on and her neat, dark blond triangle was framed perfectly by the black leather suspenders and stockings, she looked magnificent. She was, I realised, just a little drunk. The whip uncoiled, "I think my husband is rather over dressed, Margaret, will you assist him."

Margaret and Jean both came to me whilst Alison posed for Frank who was getting red about the face and worked his hand in his groin constantly. Being undressed by your mother in law and her friend is an experience I can recommend to anyone. Jean I knew did not like oral sex but Margaret obviously had more experience. They quickly rendered me naked and my mother in law lost no time in grasping my erection and fondling my balls at the same time shaking her voluminous breasts in my face, I took a nipple between my teeth and nibbled. "Suck it." Margaret told Jane.

"Don't like it," she replied.

"Let me then!" was the reply and whilst Jane held the base of my rock hard prick I felt the warmth of Margaret's mouth surround the knob and her tongue probe into the end. I reached for Jane's bush and felt two fingers slip easily into her damp hole, she gave a wriggle as I worked in and out. With little effort I inserted a third finger, Jane opened her legs further.

"More," was all she said and I eased a fourth finger up her. She moved herself back and forth with little sighs and grunts, "gently," she said again, "more." I curled my hand and eased it up into her, her cunt gripped my wrist. She had released my prick and stood open legged, leaning over me, her hands against the back of the chair I sat in. She moaned, her head flung back as I gently moved my hand inside of her, "Oh, yes, yes!" The others stopped their activities (Ted appeared to be gently stroking Ali's fanny) and watched. Ted moved his wheel chair to obtain a better view.

"Have you got your whole hand up her cunt?" he asked.

"Yes," Jean replied for him, "and I'm going to come!" She wriggled and jerked harder, almost violently and then shouted," Yes! Yes! Yes! Ooohhhh!" Her legs squeezed together against me as she gave a series of convulsive jerks. She relaxed and sighed, I gently removed my hand from her fanny, my hand and wrist were soaking and her pubes were matted. She sighed again, "I enjoyed that, that's the first time I've come for years!"

"My turn now, I think," Margaret gave my organs a final all over lick, "I am going to sit on this, " she wagged my tool, "ram rod," she looked at Alison, "with your wife's permission of course." Ali nodded and licked her lips with excitement.

"I've never seen him with another woman," she seemed excited by the idea. Ted's eyes bulged with anticipation, his red face was shiny with perspiration.

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