Sister Act

by Scorpio00155

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: They say that everyone remembers their first time, for this teen this is especially true.

They say that everyone remembers their first time, for me this is especially true, it happened when I was fifteen and came about quite by accident, at least I think it did. Six years on we still have 'fun' together regularly. This is how it all came about.

My parents had gone away for five weeks; virtually the entire duration of the school summer holidays, and left me in the care of my older sister, Angie, who had just turned eighteen. Although I got on well enough with Angie I wasn't too pleased about her being 'in charge', after all how many boys like being bossed about by their sisters. During the first week there was an uneasy peace between us, she giving the minimum of orders which I reluctantly obeyed under protest, then things settled down and I found that things weren't as bad as I had expected, at least Angie allowed me a little more freedom than my parents did.

It was at the start of the third week that everything changed, for the better mind you, and all because of a magazine I'd found in the sideboard.

"What are you reading Rickey?" Angie asked as she barged into my room on that Sunday afternoon.

"Uh, nothing." I replied trying to hide the magazine under the covers.

"It's a lot of nothing you're trying to shove under the blankets then." She said, "Come on, hand it over."

I could feel myself blushing as I handed her the magazine, the naked woman on the cover seemingly screaming out the contents of the mag. Angie looked at the thing, her eyebrows rising towards her blonde hair, then she looked at me.

"Where on earth did you get this?" she asked.

"I found it in the sideboard." I muttered.

"Come on." Angie replied disbelievingly, "Where did you really get it?"

"I told you," I responded, "in the sideboard downstairs."

"Is it any good?" she asked.

To say I was stunned at her question would be an under statement, I'd been expecting a severe ticking off and a warning about the sins of reading such things.

"I don't know," I stammered, "I'd only just opened it when you came in."

"Well, let's look at it together then." Angie grinned, "Shove over."

I shuffled across the bed and she sat down beside me, her long legs stretching out on the covers beside mine. Opening the mag Angie held it between us while we looked at the pictures revealed, they left nothing to the imagination, the first picture we saw was a woman with a man's cock in her mouth and another in her fanny, the camera angle showed it all. The rest of the magazine was like that, very few words and lots of graphic pictures of men and women plus women and women together. As we slowly flicked through the pages I felt my cock gradually rising to the occasion, had I been alone I would have found it a pleasurably sensation, however with my sister beside me all I felt was embarrassed and uncomfortable.

"Were there any more where you found this?" Angie asked as we finished the magazine.

She seemed a little breathless and her face was slightly flushed, all signs of excitement to those who knew, I didn't know, then, and thought she was getting angry.

"Yes" I replied controlling my breathing, "and a videotape."

"What's on the video?" she asked.

"How do I know," I said, "there's no label on the thing."

"Come with me." Angie said swinging her legs off the bed.

Reluctantly I followed her downstairs into the living room where I pointed out the cupboard in which I'd found the magazine. Angie opened the cupboard and took out the five magazines inside, then she sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to her to indicate I should sit beside her, which I did. To my surprise she began to go through the top magazine, which was pretty much the same as the one she'd found me with, few words, lots of pictures. We sat there for the rest of the afternoon looking through the magazines, Angie turning the pages after we had both stared at the content. So engrossed were we that it was only as Angie closed the last mag that we noticed the time, six o'clock and it was starting to get dark.

"Looks like rain." Angie commented putting the magazines on the coffee table in front of us, "Come and help me with tea."

Confused, excited and frustrated all at the same time I followed her out to the kitchen where we prepared and ate tea. While we had been eating the rain had come down outside, a downpour that looked set to stay all night, it had become so dark we had drawn the curtains and switched on the lights. She had me help her with the washing up then took a bottle of wine from the fridge, two glasses from the cabinet and led the way back to the living room. Placing the wine and glasses on the coffee table Angie picked up the pile of magazines and put them back in the cupboard, as she stood up I saw that she had the video tape in her hand.

"Let's see what's on this." she grinned.

I must admit that Angie had surprised me so far, instead of being mad about the magazines she had sat down with me and looked through them, now it seemed she was going to let me watch the video and from the fact that she had brought in two glasses I was going to be allowed to have some wine, something my parents only did on special occasions. Angie turned on the TV and put the tape in the video machine while I sat on the couch and watched her, she picked up the remote controls and sat down beside me. Then suddenly she jumped up and headed for the door.

"Rick," she said over her shoulder, "pour us out some wine while I go and put the heating on."

It wasn't until she had mentioned the heating that I realised how chilly it had become. As she vanished from sight I opened the wine and poured it out filling the glasses to just below the rim, which was three times what I was normally allowed, but I was hoping that once it was poured out Angie would let me drink it. A few minutes later Angie came back in and sat down beside me again, she made no comment at all about the level of wine in the glasses and inwardly I grinned at having 'got away' with it.

"It'll warm up soon." Angie commented taking a sip of her drink.

"Did dad get the thermostat fixed?" I asked.

A few days before my parents had left the thermostat on the boiler had gone funny, now you had two choices either no heat at all or full blast, our father had intended having the thing fixed before they left.

"Not as far as I know." Angie replied, "Well I'd rather be too hot than freezing."

With that she started the video, picked up her glass and settled back to watch what was to appear on the screen.

At first there was a lot of static and a few squeaks, clicks then music blared from the TV speakers and a fully clothed woman, and two men crossed the screen to a bed. Sipping at my drink I watched as the men started kissing and striping the woman, then the men stripped while the woman wanked herself. In full colour and close up the woman sucked the men's cocks then lay back on the bed while one of the men fucked her while she continued to suck the other mans' cock. Just before cumming both men pulled away from the woman and shot their juices across her stomach and face at which point the sequence faded out. Angie stopped the tape, fifteen minutes had passed, my glass was empty, my cock was hard and the room felt stifling hot. Leaning forward my sister picked up the bottle of wine and refilled our glasses, filling them to the brim, to my joy.

"Well," Angie grinned, "that was something."

"I wonder if there's any more on the tape?" I mused.

Angie fanned herself and took a sip of her wine before replying.

"It's bloody hot in here." she said, "Excuse me while I undo a few buttons, then I'll restart the tape and we'll see if there is any more action on it."

"Feel free," I grinned, "in fact I'll join you, at least I can take my shirt off."

Why I made the comment I don't know, perhaps it was a combination of the wine and the excitement, but as the words left my mouth I looked at Angie and for the first time realised that she was more than just my sister, she was a woman. For the first time I looked at her as a woman, her shoulder length blonde hair, her deep blue eyes, her pert little nose and her full lips made her face beautiful, my eyes moved downwards to her shoulders, then down to her large tits. A little guiltily I turned my eyes away from my sisters body and busied myself taking off my shirt as her hands rose to open some of the buttons of her blouse.

"What do you mean?" Angie asked.

"What?" I replied puzzled.

"About at least being able to take your shirt off."

"Oh, that." I laughed, "Well, it's okay for men to take off their shirts in mixed company."

"Listen squirt," Angie grinned, "if I wanted to take off my blouse I would."

"Oh yeah?" I said, my mouth living a life of its own.

"Yeah!" she replied sharply.

With that she took of her blouse, picked up the video remote, started the video machine and sat back. For a brief moment I gazed at her tits barely contained in her lacy bra, then I turned my attention to the screen. There was more on the tape, this time it was two women having sex together, they used their mouths, fingers and tongues on each other before one of the women strapped on an artificial cock and fucked the other to a climax. Once again the scene faded out and Angie stopped the machine, another twenty minutes had passed, half my wine was gone and my legs were sticky with sweat.

"Jesus," Angie sighed, "I'm sweltering."

Grinning I stood up, feeling a little light headed as I did so, and took off my trousers, there was a revealing bulge in my Y fronts, but I never gave it a thought.

"That's better," I said to Angie, "pity you can't do the same."

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