Shaken and Stirred Up

by JasonD

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: The tense and yet well anticipated meeting of two online-partners, looking for the experience to match BOTH their fantasies..

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He had waited a lifetime for this moment. It seemed that the night would never come. As he sat against the head of his bed and watched the figures moving on his television screen, he saw only the patterns of light moving, not any specific scene or character there. Several times before, he had thot he would have this chance to be with his love, but something had always prevented their joining each other at the last moment. Misunderstandings, nerves, bad circumstances that seemed to blindside them on a regular basis, all things that in the past had found a way betwen them. This time was different tho. She had called him hours before, giving him her cell fone's number as she left her home city, leaving a mark on his heart as he realized that this time she was really coming, this time she would really see him up close, and not just in a picture. He pictured her speeding towards him, her face strained as she chewed absently on her lips and wrestled with her own worries and problems. He had promised her and himself he wouldn't call her every hour on the hour, and he had waited exactly five hours before calling her, catching her just coming thru a median city's traffic and making her way onto the longest stretch of her trip. He talked to her for minutes that seemed all to short as they both wondered at their future, the night before them rushing closer as her car chewed thru the miles. He heard the nerves in her voice and he promised her he would call her again about the time she would be passing thru a town much closer.

He looked at the clock now, wondering how her arm felt after driving for this long now, praying that her nerves weren't as strung as his were right now, that her car would not turn around and head home as he feared, and waiting for the clock to read 8:00 pm so he could call her as she passed thru the town so much closer and on into his arms. He smiled as he saw her in his mind's eye, brushing her hair and fanning herself in the car, the reality of her destination sinking home as she drew ever closer to Memphis. He finaly relaxed as he saw the clock finally draw closer to eight o' clock and his hand drifted towards the fone in his lap, knowing that as soon as he hung up the fone with her he would be jumping in the shower, cooling his head for the last fone call, the one she would make as she approached Memphis and waited for his reassurances that she was taking the right exits and driving in the right directions. His hand hovered over the receiver like a gunfighter preparing for high noon and the big showdown. When the clock struck 7:59, he cheated and dialed anyway, his breath in his chest, caught there as the fone rang, chastising himself for worrying so much, wishing he wasn't so fearful, but not so easily able to dismiss his anxieties over her arriving. When she answered on the third ring he sighed into the phone before he said her name, the name that rolled from his mouth in a pleased, happy tone,

Her giggle in to the receiver brought the same smile to his face it always did, the smile of one hearing his love happy. Her mischievous voice was just the balm his soul needed at this point, her teasing prods at him over the next few minutes were the very thing that helped the miles pass quickly for her and him as well, and he hated hanging up when they both were ready for nothing but talking some more. He walked quickly to the bath, stripping fast and jumping in the shower to rinse away the nerves and worries, shaving beneath the spray and cleaning the day from his hair and body. He was looking into the mirror, toweling his hair when he heard the knock at the door. Dismissing it as coincidence, he froze when he heard her voice, asking for him. When his mother told her he was still in the shower, he heard her wicked chuckle, and he hurried from the bathroom, rushing to his room to toss on his pants and shirt, calling out he would be in the den in just a few moments. Something must have possessed his mother that night, because no sooner had he dropped his towel and reached for the boxers he had laid out, than the door opened to admit his love, who smiled when she saw him in the midst of dressing, his shirt on but his boxers only halfway up his thighs, stopped there in shock as he saw her, his hand going to cover the erection that had sprung to life at the sound of her voice. He thot to himself he had either lost time in the shower, or she had been far ahead of schedule, and plotting to catch him by surprise the whole time. Overbalanced in his amazed state, he tottered backwards, his hands going to catch himself, and barely doing do before he collapsed fully on the bed, boxers falling to the floor as he struggled upright again, thoroughly embarrassed as he noticed her cheeks flaming and her eyes concentrating on the ceiling as she laughed so very hard at his awkward attempts at modesty.

Thinking of little else but her, finally here, within arm's reach, however she might have first seen him, he grabbed his boxers and yanked them up, rushing across the few feet between them and taking her in a hug as he turned to lean against the wall. Bringing her chest up against him she murmured an apology, her cheeks blazing red and her eyes dancing in amusement as he rested his forehead against hers. Feeling her stomach shaking against his, he realized just how hard she was controlling her laughter, trying to prevent her chuckles from turning to full out howls of merriment.

Snickering at himself he said her name in a slow breath. Whispering in relief, he told her the three words he had longed to say to her face to face since their first conversation so many months before, "I love you." With those three words his lips covered hers, tasting the soft mouth and nibbling her tongue as it darted out to play with his. Realizing his state of undress, the nearness of his bed, and his wanting to complete their relationship in an appropriate manner, he groaned as her hips moved up flush with his, her legs cradling his groin as he raged in need, pushing thru the fly of his underwear and rubbing the front of herpants. Grabbing her hand, he broke the kiss and the contact with her lower body, murmuring in apology of his concern for their surroundings, and lifting his pants from the bed to slip them up his legs, drawing her to sit on the side of his bed as he fastened his jeans grudgingly, then sitting beside her as he drew on his socks and shoes. His eyes never left hers as she watched him silently, her embarassment over as he tucked away his sex in his pants and his eyes communicated his patience even as his eyes blazed his wanting her. With a final look around his room, he closed his eyes and kissed her deeply once again, hearing her breathing his name into his mouth and feeling the low groaning message her voice sent him. Her whispering his name sent chills thru his frame, the message of hope in their meeting more clear now to him than he had hoped for, ever. He smiled as her hand laced fingers with his, he carrying his bag before him as they walked out to the front room, preparing to make their trip across town.

She smiled shakily at him as they got into the car, her nerves still a little frayed from meeting his parents and niece. A bit overwhelmed by the attention, she had been very quiet and reserved, her hand clinging to his as they talked about the weekend's plans and what all they were to do before Monday evening came. She seemed to handle the questions well, relieved that noone seemed to know this was such a momentous event for her, such a big step to trust him enough to come all this way to spend time with him alone. She smiled bigger when after backing out and heading down the street his hand went to hers again, twining his fingers thru hers and smiling at her as she made small talk. His eyes were smiling as they looked at her, and she politely told him it was not proper to stare so at her. His laughing rejoinder that he could not get enuff of her eyes and mouth in his memory yet to suit him left her blushing furiously, hissing at him to behave when they exited the car and his hand went to hers, which was reaching for his as well.

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