Donna's Vacation with the Guys

by Zlooker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband gets his wife to go on a Carribean vacation without him and arranges for some guys to use her for sex. Alot of pantyhose sex!

My wife Donna and I have been married for 8 years. She is 35, 5'5, about 130lbs, with light brown hair (that gets blond in the sun). Our sex life has been dull to say the least. Donna will do it missionary style only. Over the past few years I have been fantasizing about her getting screwed by other men. I have tried to broach the subject a few times without any success.

8 months ago I met Randy through work. Randy and his wife, Jane, and Donna and I went out a number of times and enjoyed ourselves. About 3 months ago Randy told me that he and his wife were into kinky sex, swapping, etc. I told Randy of my fantasy of Donna screwing other guys. He had a plan. The 4 of us would plan a trip to St Maarten. Randy has a house in a secluded area that he rents each year. Just before we go on the trip I would cancel out due to business, but I would encourage Donna to go and have a good time with Randy and Jane. Since we live in separate cities, Donna would travel alone. When she arrived there she would find out that Jane had to cancel at the last minute as well. Randy will be there with a friend, Tim, who took Jane's place since they didn't want to waste the airfare. Randy and/or Tim would have 4 days to get into Donna's pants. Randy would video all the action with 3-4 hidden cameras and I would have it all on tape. I agreed with a few conditions. First, they had to use condoms for all sex and second, Donna had to wear pantyhose and high heels for all sex, no panties. The part about they nylons really turned Randy on.

Donna was excited about the trip. Randy told Jane what was going on. Everything was set. Donna left Wednesday mid-morning. She would be back Sunday evening. I could hardly wait to see the videos. I knew Donna would take a few pairs of nylons, but I also told Randy what she wears so he could have them on hand when she got there. Hanes Silk Reflection Pantyhose, the color is Barely There (suntan).

I would later find out that Randy changed a few things. For one, it wasn't just him and Tim. He added two other friends: Juan and Mike. When Donna arrived at the airport Randy was there to pick her up. He explained the situation about Jane. They had a few drinks at the airport and headed to the house. Randy didn't tell her about the other guys. Donna had on a white dress with nylons and tan high heels. The dress was made of a sheer material and buttoned down the front.

They got to the house and there was no sign of life. Randy had the others hide in Mike's bedroom. He took Donna to his bedroom to put down her things. He told her he was glad she had come and then he put his arm around her and began kissing her. She protested. The others came in. They held her on the bed. One held her hands over her head while the other 2 each took an ankle and spread her legs. Randy pushed the dress up to her waist. He then put his hand down the front of her nylons and ripped her panties off. He put his head between her legs and began kissing and licking her thighs. Next, he buried his face into Donna's nylon covered cunt and ate her out. This last for 15-20 minutes. For the first few minutes Tim and Juan rubbed her nylon covered thighs while holding her ankles. After that there was no need to hold her. It was obvious she was turned on the way she was rotating her hips. Randy continued to work her hot pussy. He chewed the nylon material covering her juicy snatch. He knew if he could make a hole he would have easy entry later. Mission accomplished. The others left as they had been instructed. Randy moved up and began kissing Donna's neck while he rubbed the nylons into her hot pussy. He then began to tongue kiss her. She responded with her tongue in his mouth. He then mounted her and rubbed his cock against her nylon-covered cunt and thighs. This was definitely making her hot. She pumped back against him. She didn't realize he had made a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose. He positioned the head of his dick at the opening of her soaking wet cunt. Not wanting to miss the opportunity he thrust his 8' member deep into her pussy. She let out scream of ecstasy as he began to plow the shit out of her. She bucked back like a wild animal. I couldn't believe it! After a few minutes she said, "Please, put on a condom. I'm not on anything." Randy responded by fucking her faster and harder until he said, "Take my load bitch!" With that he filled her with his sperm and brought her to orgasm as well.

Through out the night Randy fucked Donna two more times in just her nylons and high heels. He had her in every position imaginable. It became obvious that Randy had thought about this for a long time. I think Donna probably had fantasized about Randy as well. The next morning Randy explained the situation. Randy told Donna she would sleep with a different guy each night. Four guys, four nights. Early mornings and early evenings would be for group sex. She would wear nylons and high heels all the time. No panties. The nylons would have a slight tear in the crotch. The only time she didn't have to wear pantyhose was when she had her bikini bottoms (no top!) on by the pool. "No rubbers, we're fucking you bare back." Randy said. Donna protested, "You'll get me pregnant!" He handed her an assortment of birth control pills he had gotten through Jane. "Take these and enjoy yourself." He said. It was 5am. "Get some rest. The others will be in in a few hours. And if I were you, I'd start taking those pills right away" he said.

It must have been about 7 when Donna awoke to find Tim and Mike in bed with her. They were both naked and their cocks stiff. Donna had only her nylons and high heels on from the night before. Tim kissed Donna passionately while Mike sucked her tits and rubbed her nylon-covered pussy. They quickly got her onto all fours on the bed. Mike stood in front of her and slipped his stiff prick into her mouth. Tim wasted no time in mounting her from behind and sliding his rod into her wet pussy. They were balling her from both ends at the same time! Donna was loving it! The way they were going she knew they weren't going to last long. Mike was first. Donna knew he was getting ready to blow his load so she pulled his cock out of her mouth and started licking his shaft and balls. Donna has never swallowed before. Mike shot cum all over Donna's face and hair. When Tim saw this he let out a yell and rammed his cock in her as far as it would go. Donna came as Mike filled her with his seed.

She noticed that Juan had been standing there taking in all the action. He was stroking his cock with his right hand. He had no clothes on. When Tim and Mike finished they quickly moved away from the bed and Juan moved into place. He had Donna lie on her stomach and spread her legs. He mounted her from behind and placed the head of his cock against the nylons covering her ass. He slowly began to try and pump the nylons up her ass. He didn't fully penetrate her, but she could feel the head of his large, stiff dick begin to slide in. She protested, "No, I can't do that. You're too big. I've never done it back there before!" He stopped and said; "OK, but I need to shoot my load. I can do it in your pussy or mouth." Donna flipped over. As Juan came close she slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. She laid on her back, spread her legs and stroked Juan's cock. She was still hot and wanted Juan to fuck her good. He positioned the head of his prick against her well-lubricated pussy. It slid right in. He immediately gave her all of his stiff dick. He fucked the crap out of her for 15 minutes. He rubbed the nylons covering her ass while he filled her with his load of jism. Donna had another orgasm.

Thursday afternoon Randy and Juan took Donna shopping. They helped her pick out 3 very short skirts, 2 pairs of high heels - mules, some red lipstick and K-Y Jelly. Juan talked to Donna about how to perform oral sex which included how to deep throat and swallow without gagging.

Thursday night the 5 of them went out to dinner and dancing. At dinner, Mike and Randy sat next to Donna first. They went up her skirt and rubbed her nylon-covered thighs under the table, eventually working their way up to her pussy. Half way through the meal they switched and Tim and Juan sat next to her. Each of them took turns fingering her nylons into her cunt. Needless to say, Donna didn't get to eat much of her meal.

After dinner they went to a club. They sat at a high table with high stools. The skirt Donna was wearing was so short that you could see the thigh-band tops of her control-top pantyhose. When she sat and crossed her legs it looked like she didn't even have a skirt on! The guys were constantly rubbing Donna's nylon-covered thighs and kissing her neck. They took turns dancing with her especially on slow songs. Each of them would rub her ass and dry hump her in front of everyone. Everybody in the place was turned on while they watched the guys work Donna's body. They all knew she would end up fucking for these guys. A couple of guys approached Mike and Randy to see if they could join in. Randy told them it was a private party.

Before they left the club Randy had Donna go into the bathroom to apply some lipstick. Donna spent the ride back to the house in the back seat, sucking each guys cock. Nobody squirted, but everybody was ready to fuck. When they got back to the house they took Donna in every position they could think of. After an hour of group sex they left her alone with Tim for the night.

Friday was more of the same. Friday night it was Juan's turn. Juan wanted to have anal sex with Donna. He had been trying to get into her ass since the first group encounter. Donna pleaded with him not to. She had never had anal. She offered to do anything else Juan wanted. As a result this turned out to be one of the best video segments. Juan loved the bright red lipstick on Donna. He was going to teach her how to deep throat. Donna also admitted to Juan that she had never swallowed before. This turned Juan on. The first time she sucked his cock he had her get on her knees. She deep-throated Juan until he shot his load. She swallowed every drop. Next, he removed her skirt and had her sit on the bed and cross her legs. She went down on him again. This time he squirted some of his load in her mouth and the rest all over her nylons. Donna blew Juan two more times that night. Each time he came in her mouth. Each time she swallowed.

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