Night Prowlers

by Mandil

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A man that can't get his wife pregnant, asks the brother of his wife to impregnate her in such a way that she will no that he did it.

My sister Nathalie got married when I was sixteen. She was nineteen when she married Mike Fletcher who was her school sweetheart.

I know for a fact that neither she nor Mike ever went out with anyone else before they met. When Mike graduated from college he opened his own electronic store and soon things were going so well that he had over a dozen people working for him.

Four years after they were married it was my turn to get married to Cynthia, a girl I had met while attending college. By now my sister was twenty-three and she was still without a child. I knew that they often went to see the doctors to see if there was anything wrong with them, but Mike or my sister never said anything as to what could be the problem.

I could tell that Mike was greatly disappointed, he loved children a great deal and beside he was well aware that his wife wanted to be a mother more than anything else in the world. I knew also aware that it was only a question of time before it would begin to affect their marriage. But there was nothing I could do about it; the problem was a private matter between them

Cynthia and I bought a house next to my sister's house and soon the four of us began to go out together. We had been going on trips and camping together for a couple of years and every time I would see Mike I felt sorry for him. After all those years he and my sister were still waiting and hoping for theirs first born.

Life is funny I told myself, Cynthia and I were taking a lot of precautions so that she wouldn't get pregnant, while on the other hand my sister Nathalie and Mike were trying as hard as they could to have a baby and this without success.

By that time I was more than ready to get started on a family of my own. But my wife wanted to wait a little so that we could have more time to enjoy life together before we got started of a family. While she knew that I was anxious to be a father, she didn't feel ready yet to take her role as a mother.

One Sunday afternoon while Mike and I were alone in my living room, - his wife and Cynthia had gone to his place so that Nathalie could show her the new dress she had just bought - he began to confess to me that their failure to have a child was beginning to affect their marriage.

"More than anything else in the world," he told me, "Nathalie would want a baby. But it never seems to happen. The doctors told us that we were both in good health and there is nothing wrong with me or Nathalie."

"You have to be patient with these things Mike. You can't force nature, things must take their own course."

I really felt bad for him and I knew exactly how he must have been feeling since I was also anxious to become a father. But in my case I knew that it was going to happen soon, while as for Mike, his hopes were pretty slim now after five years of trying.

"I don't think that I will ever be a father." He finally admitted to me

"Of course you will. The doctors told you that there was nothing wrong with you and neither is there anything wrong with Nathalie, it's only a question of time."

"No, time had nothing to do with it. I might as well tell you this. I had an accident when I was fourteen; I was climbing over a fence when I felt on it as I had reach the top. It hit me right on the balls and I was knocked unconscious for almost an hour. When I came back to senses, my balls were so swollen that I could hardly walk. I am sure that something happened to me then and it is preventing me from impregnating Nathalie."

"But the doctors told you that everything was fine with you."

"Yes they did, but still I think that they are wrong, how else can I explain my failure to impregnate her. There is nothing wrong with my wife, she is in perfect health."

We had to stop talking about his plight then since both women were back and it was evident to me that Mike didn't want either of them to know what we had been talking about.

A couple of weeks later Mike phoned me, he asked me to come to his house. Nathalie was gone shopping and he wanted to discuss something of the utmost importance with me.

"Listen Jack," he told me once we were face to face, " I have a favor to ask of you. But first I want you to feel free to refuse, and if you do I will understand and it won't affect our friendship."

I was really intrigued. Jack had no money problem, he had a big house that was all paid for and he had a prospering business, so money was not the problem. What could he want from me, and more important still, how could I help him?

"Shoot pall. If I can help you in any way, you know I will do it. What is it that you want?"

"Well it is a delicate matter and I wouldn't want to offend you, therefore promise me first that whatever I propose to you, you won't get angry at me."

Now more than ever I was curious as well as anxious to know what he was going to say.

"Listen Mike, you have known me for almost ten years now, you know that Nathalie and I we never went out with anyone else before or after our marriage. At this point in out marriage I think that she really want a baby. I can tell that she is beginning to have doubts about her ever having one. The point is, it is beginning to affect her health and since I can't make her the child she so desperately want, I am thinking of asking someone else to impregnate her."

"Are you serious? Think of the consequences. If you go on with this plan and if your wife does get pregnant, you will both know that you are not the father. Further more that man whom you are thinking of choosing, will also know. He might one-day want to have the custody of his child. Beside my sister will never agree to this."

"You are right on your last objection. Nathalie will never agree. This is why she will have to be impregnated while she thinks she is having sex with me. As for the real father of her child, I don't think he will ever causes problems for us, he is a really nice guy and you know him well."

"I do? Whom do you have in mind? He may not agree to this."

"Well this is why I am asking you."

I couldn't see the point of this discussion. He was not asking me my opinion he had already made up his mind on the matter, so why was he asking me? It then hit me. He had chosen me, and he was asking me if I was willing to be the father of my sister's child.

"Wait a minute. I can't do this. Nathalie is my sister and what you are proposing would be incest. It would be very wrong for me to do this. Beside there is no way on earth that she will agree with this."

"She doesn't have to agree. She won't even know that you are the father, she will think that I am. Beside there is no one else that I could trust enough, you are my last hope Paul."

"Just a minute, you lost me somewhere. Explain to me how it is possible for her not to know who is f... who is having sex with her."

"Ok here it is. As you know, in two weeks the four of us we are going to Niagara Fall for a week. On the way to and back from there we will sleep in motels along the way. Well, instead of renting separate rooms as we usually do, we will drive an hour more so that when it is time to stop to rent a room, there won't be any single room left. Or if there are any, we will say that there is only one room left and it has two double beds.

Later, during the night while it is dark in the room, I will get up to go to the bathroom. When it appears to you that I am done, you will get out of bed as though you also want to use the bathroom. As soon as we meet, in front of the bathroom's door, you will go to my wife's bed thus replacing me there. If she is awake, she will think that it is I returning from the bathroom and go back to sleep. I will remain in the bathroom for a minute or so then I will go to your bed."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I told myself that he must be tremendously desperate indeed to have thought of such a scheme. But in the back of my mind I had to admit to myself that it was a well thought off plan. It even made me feel a little exited just listening to him proposing this impossible exchange.

"Before you go any further," I finally told him," I admit that what you have told me so far is possible. But do you expect me to have sex with Nathalie, and worst still, while I am doing so, she has to think that you are the one in bed with her."

"No problem there. I will coach you on our sex habits. In bed she usually wear a thin gown with panties underneath, I know that she will be wearing a gown in the motel room. But this will cause no problem I assure you. For the last couple of months I took into the habit of having sex with her in the middle of the night while she is lying on her side. I just lift her gown around her waist and pull her panties down and do my duty. Sometimes we both fall asleep while my penis is still lodged within her.

Last week I even fucked her while she was sleeping, she didn't even know about it until the next morning when she realized that she was all wet."

"But what about Cynthia. If she ever find out the truth it will be the end of our marriage. Beside, you will be laying next to her. Even though she is a very sound sleeper, should she ever discover that you in her bed with her instead of me, all hell would break loose."

"I have thought of that also. We will fill the girls with wine in the evening and they will both be half knocked out when they go to bed. As for Cynthia, well I can swear to you that I won't lay a hand on her. So what do you say?"

"That is some wild proposition. I don't know; I will have to think about it. But how do you know that Nathalie will get pregnant? It usually takes more than one fuck to get a women pregnant."

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