Donna the Intern

by Q-Tip

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Donna first seduces her female boss. They join forces to seduce the well hung mailroom guy.

Her name is Mrs. Kelly and she is the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, much less met. In her early 30's Mrs. Kelly is 5'10," has beautiful red hair and bright green eyes. Her skin is perfect, not a blemish anywhere and her smile when we were introduced took my breath away, and I'm a woman.

She looked so elegant, tall and slender, perfectly dressed as the HR person said, "Dora Kelly this is Donna, your new intern for the summer."

"You're gorgeous," I gushed. I probably blushed, I know that I was embarrassed. The HR person looked like she'd swallowed a lemon.

Mrs. Kelly just smiled at me sweetly and, sticking out her hand to shake mine, said, "Why thank you. It's nice to meet you too." It's hard for a woman to be mad at someone who says a thing like that.

For those of you who haven't read my other stories, my name is Donna and this is about my first real office-type job. I'm small, maybe 5'1" and less than 100 pounds. My dad is Portuguese and my mother's Greek, and I've got dark hair and olive skin. I also have great breasts. They're not really huge; I'm between a "C" cup and a "D" cup, but as small as I am they look immense on me, and they're perfectly shaped with just a little droop. I could admire my tits in the mirror for hours.

I also have a fat cunt. That's how one of my old boyfriends described it, he said my cunt was fat. What he meant was that my labia is big and hangs down from my body. My hood is also very big and my clit sticks out of it. It never goes down it's just big. When I get excited my clit gets very big, about as big as my thumb! I love sex and I don't really care if it's with a guy or another girl. As long as they turn me on!

As I said, Mrs. Kelly's build is very different from mine. Tall with long wonderful legs and a great ass, she's small on the top, with just a hint of breasts. I've never seen anybody so beautiful.

Between us, we were the support staff for the small division of a large company that occupies most of a downtown office building. Mrs. Kelly and I bonded right away. As beautiful as she is the other women on our floor had banded against her and she had no friends to speak of, either at the office or at home. They wanted nothing to do with me either, I guess because I'm not only good looking but also young, and just a lowly intern. Of course things weren't made any easier by the reactions of the men on our floor. They seemed to look for excuses to hang around us, drooling and slobbering all over the place. One more thing to bring us together.

I really enjoyed working for Mrs. Kelly, Dora, and I know she enjoyed having someone to talk to at the company, other than one of the sales guys looking to get in her pants. I even tried to tone things down a little. I hate wearing pantyhose, preferring the thigh high hose that allow me to go without panties, but I wore those damn pantyhose sometimes just to be "appropriate." I even wore a bra, from time to time, to keep peace in the division. Mrs. Kelly, of course, was always dressed in the most elegant, exquisite clothing. Another reason for the frumpy secretaries to hate us.

I hadn't had sex in so long that I was really horny when, about a month after starting I looked up from my desk to find a short, dumpy looking man asking for Mrs. Kelly.

"She's on a conference call," I said indicating her closed door. "Is she expecting you?"

"I'm her husband," he answered. "If she won't be long, I'll just wait."

"She should only be ten minutes of so," I answered. "If you'd like to sit and wait," I indicated the chair by my desk, which he eagerly took.

This gave me a chance to study him more closely. Mrs. Kelly's husband was not only short and dumpy looking, but he had a greasy look to him too. Balding, with a nose that was too big for his face, he smiled as he boldly checked out my body. I smiled back and return to my work. I could feel his eyes on my legs and breasts as he mentally undressed me. I don't mind that, I know some women do, but I actually enjoy it, most of the time. This time I was confused because he was Dora's husband and I didn't know what to do about it. I can't really help it though. Having a man mentally undress me is a turn-on and I smiled at him when I caught him trying to look down my blouse. I'm such a slut.

Finally, the door opened and the Mrs. Kelly came out of her office.

"Marty," she said. "I didn't know you were here. Come on in."

Almost 15 minutes later Marty left, making sure to say good-bye to me while I stood and his eyes traveled from my head to my feet, lingering on my breasts. Mrs. Kelly stood in the doorway to her office watching. When he was gone, she asked me to come inside her office.

"Well, Donna. Now you've met my husband. I'm sorry you had to put up with him ogling you like that," Mrs. Kelly said, looking sad. She'd always seemed so bright before; this was the first time I'd seen her this way. I assured her that it was all right, no harm done.

"Donna, let's go out to lunch and I'll tell you a story," she said. We gathered up our purses and left, it was only 11:00 in the morning.

When we were settled in a private booth, side by side in the dark back of a neighborhood bar/restaurant, Mrs. Kelly began her story. "I'm a 'trophy wife, ' Donna. I married Marty when I was 24 years old and he was 45. Marty is a very successful attorney, he makes a lot of money, has a lot of money. When he got to the point in his life when he could get rid of the first wife and get himself some 'eye candy, ' he found me. I'm his eye candy. It sounded so great when I was 24, all that money and all I had to do was look good and let him fuck me."

"On top of that, Marty can't have children," she continued. "He had a vasectomy years ago and when we got married it didn't matter. I was so young. But now I wonder what I'm missing. Oh, Donna, you're the only friend I have. Please don't think less of me," she looked sadder than ever now. Her green eyes pleading with me for understanding.

"Dora, I don't think less of you. I can tell you a few things that might make you think a lot less of me," I was messaging her arm and smiling at her as I said it.

After our drinks were served, the first of many, Dora turned to me and said, "Donna, you're far too young to have done anything as awful as I have."

Well, that was the start of our heart to heart. First, I told her about working a double shift as a lap dancer in Florida during spring break. Her eyes first got big and her mouth fell open as I talked. As the story went on she laughed and blushed along with me as I told her about Carol and I taking a guy back to our room to fuck.

When I told her about Carol, she just stared. "Dora," I said. "I'm bisexual. I like both guys and girls. I'm actually pretty much of a slut."

"Oh, Donna, really," she looked excited. "Really, you've been with another girl?"

I assured her that not only had I been with another woman, but that I had enjoyed it and planed on doing it again.

We were on our third drink now, Dora's were vodka martinis. "That's always been one of my fantasies," her voice was just a little slurred as she looked wistfully at the far wall. "I've never had the opportunity, or maybe I've just never had the guts."

"Dora, I'm not coming on to you or anything, but you're the most good-looking woman I've ever seen. You've got to have had lots of opportunities," I had my hand on her arm again. I was feeling the drinks too.

She turned her head to look at me. Her face was so incredibly beautiful as she looked into my eyes from just a few feet away. I'd never been this physically close to her before. She looked down at the hand on her arm, I almost snatched it off when she looked back up at me and smiled. Putting her left hand over mine she said, "why haven't you come on to me, Donna?"

I felt my pussy spasm as she said that, what a day I picked not to wear panties!! Lucky me!!

"Dora, will you let me make love to you?" She watched my face carefully, her eyes wide and lips wet, as I moved my mouth toward hers. Finally, our lips touched, softly almost like two feathers. Her moan was almost too low to hear. I'd never felt lips so soft and inviting, a shock wave ran through my body to my cunt. I know I was staining the back of my dress.

We broke the kiss and looked around the bar to see if anyone had seen us. I noticed Dora lick her lips while she looked. The sight of her pick tongue on her beautiful, puffy, lips was so erotic that it almost hurt to watch. I must have groaned, just a little, because Dora shifted her head to look at me.

I watched, my heart in my throat, as she smiled and squeezed my hand with hers. "That was... nice," she said.

I took a sip of my drink, smiling at her with my eyes as I lightly licked the rim of my glass and said, "It's all nice. Believe me."

"Donna, did you spill something on your dress," she asked looking at my lap.

I looked down and noticed that my red dress was stained dark where it rested in the "V" between my legs.

"Oh no," I said. "That's pussy juice. Look," and with that I pulled my dress up exposing my pantieless pussy. I was shaved and my thumb-sized clit was fully exposed. My fat labia were clearly visible from where Dora sat.

"Oh... " I heard her say as we both looked at my cunt. I raised my head to look at her, her eyes never left my lap.

"Donna, your clitoris is throbbing. I can see it. That's so amazing," she said finally looking up to my face, her eyes shining and excited.

Looking down again she slowly moved her hand from the table to my lap. The tip of her index finger touching my erect clit. I moaned, closed my eyes and sharply drew in my breath as she used her thumb and forefinger to masturbate my clit like a small, hard cock.

"Oh, Donna. You're so wet!" I heard her whisper, her mouth close to my ear. My hips were moving, pumping into her fingers.

"Please Dora, I want to make love to you," I was panting, begging very softly so I couldn't be overheard.

"We have to get back to work Donna," she was still running her thumb and forefinger up and down on my clit as I groaned softly in disappointment. "But we'll need to go by your apartment so you can change your dress. We can't have you show up at the office with a big wet spot like this one."

She was smiling as she withdrew her hand, smoothed her own dress and slid out of the booth. I pulled myself together as best I could and followed her outside into the bright sunshine. When the valet pulled up in her BMW, I quickly got into the passenger seat.

As we pulled away from the restaurant Dora dress slid up her thigh exposing most of her right leg to my gaze.

I turned halfway in my seat, facing her, my hands moving quickly to her thigh to caress her wonderful, long leg. "Oh Dora, your legs are so incredible," I was concentrated on the feeling of her nylon-covered flesh under my fingers. "I want you," I said as she quickly smiled over at me.

I continued to run my hands up her thigh, finally lightly touching the nylon covered pussy as she spread her legs slightly to give me room. The fabric was wet from her arousal, her breath caught in her throat at my touch.

I didn't want to freak her out when we got to my apartment. I didn't attack her, throw her to the floor and eat her cunt raw. I wanted to -- but I didn't. Dora walked into my apartment and sat in a big over-stuffed chair that faced the door. When I turned toward her I noticed that she was sitting with both feet planted firmly on the floor, her arms folded across her chest. A small, anxious smile on her face. She looked unsure of herself.

I walked toward her until my knees were touching hers and, placing my hands on her legs, bent to lightly kiss her face. First her check and then her lips, softly running my tongue over her sweet, sweet lips. She was breathing hard, but not yet kissing me back. I lightly ran my tongue over the soft flesh around her lips as my hands gently urged her to spread her legs.

Dropping her crossed arms to her side she spread her legs, just enough for me to fall to my knees between them, my tongue and lips still working her lips and face. My hands left the chairs arms to lightly touch her face where I was kissing, tracing a line over her cheek and lips following my tongue.

I felt her shiver as I lowered my hands to, first her hips, and then under her dress to the top of her pantyhose. I was forced to stop kissing her as she lifted herself off the chair, just enough for me to slide her hose over her butt and down her long, long legs. When her pantyhose were off, I started to kiss her again, this time on the inside of her right knee. Long lingering kisses, trailing upward with my tongue as I spread her legs further apart.

Finally my tongue was at her pussy, the bright red pubic hair trimmed, her labia swollen. She groaned aloud as my tongue touched her cunt, trailing a line, flat and soft, from her asshole to her clit.

"Oh Donna. That's sooo good," it's nice to be appreciated.

She was squirming, pushing her cunt into my face as I continued to lick. I sucked her clit into my mouth as I eased my finger inside of her. Sucking in rhythm to the thrust of my hand, I could hear her grunting above me her hips rocking to and fore with her need.

I sucked her entire cunt into my mouth as all too soon she was cumming a long "AAAAAAAAH" escaping her mouth as she pulled my head hard into her cunt. I could feel her throbbing in my mouth as the warm, salt fluid of her pussy ran down my throat.

When she was done, when she had calmed down I careful pulled my lips away from her over -stimulated cunt and smiled up at her. "See, I told you I was good at this," I bragged.

Dora reached out her hand to stroke my hair, "You certainly are," she smiled back at me.

This time, when I changed my dress, I put on panties. I had to really, the juice from my cunt was running down my legs like a river. Dora offered to take care of me too, but I knew it was just an offer, she was still unsure, so I just said that we really needed to get back to the office before we were missed.

Our relationship changed after that, of course. We were really friends now and, while we maintained a professional relationship if anybody saw us at the office, we enjoyed each other's company in private. We didn't go queer or anything. I made it clear that I was open to a repeat of our activities at my apartment and Dora made it clear that she might, but not yet.

It was a few weeks later that our relationship took another interesting turn. The sales department had a huge presentation to make and, of course, the final work on the presentation binders had to be done the day before. By 4:00 in the afternoon it was clear that Dora and I would have to work late into the night to put everything together. We had to print and copy the presentations, hole punch them, and put them into three ring binders with tabs. The sales guys needed 50 of them by 8:00 the next morning.

Leon, the mailroom guy, offered to stay and help us and we eagerly took him up on it. Leon is about my age, maybe 23. A huge black guy, Leon clearly has the hots for both Dora and me. He was responsible for bringing us our mail in the morning and afternoon and never missed an opportunity to hang around and talk and maybe catch of glimpse down a blouse or something. I like Leon, I like guys who have the hots for me. I'm a slut.

We had been working for hours when I noticed Leon staring down my blouse. I had been bent over working on some binders that were laid out on the floor, Leon was standing by my desk sorting the tabs, or at least shuffling the tabs around as he stared down the top of blouse to my tits. I hadn't worn a bra that day, nor panties, just thigh-high hose. I, of course, let him look while shifting around to make sure he got a good view. I did peek up at the door to Dora's office to notice her signaling me. She was watching Leon look down my blouse but was now signaling me to look at Leon's crotch. Her eyes were quite big and her face looked slightly flushed. I casually leaned back in my chair and swiveled to look where she wanted me to. Now I understood why she was so excited. Leon looked like he had a kalbosia sausage stuffed down the left leg of his pants. He was getting a hard-on from looking at me and it was big. I felt my own pussy spasm just from looking at that big hose.

I smiled up at him and licked my lips before getting up to walk into Dora's office. We couldn't talk because Leon was just outside but we make big "can you believe that" faces at each other. Dora held her hands apart about a foot and looked at me with a question on her face. I shrugged and, taking her hands, moved them even further apart. That got us giggling and, when we had settled down, I whispered in her ear what I thought we should do.

Going back to my desk, I gave her the spare pair of thigh-high hose that I keep in a drawer. Many women keep an extra pair of pantyhose around somewhere. You just never know when you'll get a run in the ones you're wearing. Dora disappeared to the women's room, reappearing a few minutes later and going into her office where a number of the binders where also open on the floor, surrounded by stacks of inserts.

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