The Corporation

by mark_la688

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Torture, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Angie is blackmailed into becoming a sex slave by The Corporation or else they will recruit her younger sister.

Chapter 1: Angie Surrenders

Angie is just 20 years old. Her parents had died a few years back when she was just graduating from high school. She has a 15-year-old sister named Amy that lives with her aunt 500 miles away in a small rural town. They where lucky that their parents had a large insurance policy and that they had set up collage funds for both of them. Angie moved to the LA to go to collage. She had no idea what her major was going to be yet so she was taking general classes.

Unknown to Angie she was being watched by The Corporation. The Corporation monitored the local collages for potential new recruits. In looking at her student file she met the profile. Beautiful, no parents, and a sibling that she felt responsible for. They watched her to make sure that she didn't have a lot of friends of relationship. Again Angie was a loner. She was shy and reserved. After about 3 months of watching both her and her sister they made their move.

Angie caught a cab to go to work at the public library. She was not paying attention to the ride, instead reading a book on the way. The cab came to a stop. She looked out the window and found herself in an empty parking lot. Suddenly the door locks engaged and she was trapped. She tried to get the door open but it was not going to happen. She then stared to beat on the windows hoping to break them. The where shatter proof and stood firm. Finally after about 5 minutes she sat still. When the drive saw that she had calmed down a little he slid an envelope through the Plexiglas window between the front and the back. "Open and Read."

Angie slowly opened the big envelope. Inside she found a second envelope and a letter. She started to read.

Dear Angie, Before you read any further why don't you take a look in the envelope.

She looked at the driver then opened the envelope. She pulled out a bunch of pictures. Angie stared to cry and shake as she looked at them. They were of her sister Amy. The first few just showed her walking around the neighborhood. The rest showed her naked and unconscious with 5 men jacking off on her. The last one was of Amy still unconscious with a gun in her mouth.

Slowly she started to read the letter again.

Nice pictures if I do say so my self. Don't worry. Your sister is fine. She was drugged and will never know about what happened as long as you do what we say. If you don't, it will all happen again. This time she will not be drugged, and in the end we will pull the trigger. Her life is in your hands Angie. If you try to go to the police or warn her, she's a dead young girl. You are free to leave now, but if you do you know what will happen. If you agree to be good the driver will take you home.

Angie looked back up at the driver who was looking in the rearview mirror. He unlocked the doors and waited. Angie again looked at the pictures still crying. Slowly she nodded her head. The driver drove Angie home. As they where getting close the driver ordered her to put every thing back into the big envelope and leave it on the seat. Angie did as she was told. When they stopped in front of her building she looked at the driver again. He nodded and she went to her apartment.

Angie locked the doors as soon as she got inside then fell to the ground and started to cry hysterically. After about a half hour she stopped and got up. The phone rang and she picked it up. "Are you done now?" a voice asked.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?"

"You will find out soon enough. Now Some ground rules. First thing: You will not talk until I am finished." There was a long pause for his words to settle in. "We have your apartment bugged and videoed. Yes the whole apartment including the bathroom. While you where gone we delivered you some new clothes. In fact we took all of your old ones too. We left a change of clothes on your bed for you to put on. You are to go put them on and only what is on the bed. You will find a note stuck on the mirror in the bedroom with an address on it. You are to be there in one hour. Do you understand your instructions?"

"Yes, but why are... " Angie said but the phone went dead.

Crying Angie went into her bedroom. As soon as she seen the clothes on the bed she started to cry again. She had never worn clothes like that. Angie took off her clothes and looked in the mirror. She was short, just 5'2" and weighed only 102 pounds. She had long hair red down to her mid back. She had small freckles on her face, shoulders, and the tops of her breasts. Her breasts where small but her nipples were the size of 50-cent pieces. She had never grown much pubic hair and as a result it looked like it was trimmed tight even though she had never touched it.

Angie looked again at the clothes on the bed and slowly started dressing. First she put on the shear white top and buttoned up the only buttons on it. The two bottom ones. Next she put on the white garter belt and white stockings. After that she then put on the white thong panties over with she slid on the plaid mini skirt. She tucked in the top and then put on the shoes. They looked like little girl dress shoes except that they had 5 inch heals. She found a couple of white ribbons with a note attached telling her to put her long red hair into two pigtails.

When she had finished she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like she was younger than her sister. Her nipples could be seen through the thin top, which just covered them anyway because of how low cut the shirt was. She could see the top of her stockings about 2 inches below the bottom of her skirt with the garter straps reaching out from under the skirt to hold up the stockings.

"God I look like some junior high school slut." She said to herself.

She then left for the address on the note. All of the way she thought about how she could get herself and her sister out of this. She kept thinking of stopping at a pay phone and calling her aunt and having them send her sister off and hide her. She knew that they would never believe her and this story. Angie hoped that an opening would present itself and she could save both of them. She also kept asking herself who where these people and why would the do something like this.

She was dropped off in front of the address by a cab. It was a big two-story building with no window. The only markings on the building were the address numbers painted on the mirrored door. She opened the door and stepped into an entranceway. The Inside door was locked. She pushed a button on the wall. In response a female voice asked, "What can I do for you?"

"I was instructed to come to this address." She replied with a shaky voice. The door buzzed and she went in.

Seated at a desk was a woman. She was dressed in a sexy looking business suit that left little to the imagination as to what was underneath. She also had on a solid silver chocker with an inlayed "C" in the center. "What is your name Ma'am?" asked the woman.

"Angie, Angie Wilson."

The woman picked up the phone and told someone of her arrival. "Someone will be right with you."

Angie was going to set down but there were not any chairs.

After a few minutes a man is a black suit came out of the door leading into the rest of the building. "Follow me please Ms. Wilson." Angie followed him back into a small office. He motioned for her to have a seat, which she did.

The man opened a folder than looked at Angie. "You probably have a lot of questions. Firs let me tell you about us. We are The Corporation. We are a company that specializes in acquiring the services of young women for our clients. As I am sure you are now aware of how we recruit our female employee's. Let me first state that you may leave here right now. If you do decide to leave I will be forced to make a certain phone call. If you decide to stay and become an employee you will be asked to sign a contract. You will be a contracted employee until such time as we feel we wish to sever said contract. Once you are employed with us you will be come the sole property of The Corporation. That is correct. You will become our prosperity. You may think that this is not legal. You're correct. It isn't. But if you break the agreement between us we will be forced to take the appropriate action. Have I made myself clear?"

Angie sat there with her head down and small tears running down the sides of her face. She slowly nodded her head.

"I have an application for you to fill out. I will be back half and hour." He placed an application in front of her and left.

Angie started the application. It had all of the usual questions on the first page. When she opened it to page two she froze. It had questions about her body size, her sexual history, if she had any known sexual diseases. She finished just as the same man came back in.

He picked up the application. "Since this Friday morning, you will be staying with us for a few days for orientation. Follow me." He led the now defeated Angie to a changing room. "Remove all of your clothes and place them in locker 28 then come in here." He said indicating the door he was entering.

She took off all of her clothes and put them into the locker. She then went into the room.

The room looked like a fancy doctors office. In the center was a dentist type chair. A different man was standing next to it dressed in a lab coat. "Sit in the chair." She commanded.

As soon as she did the chairs hidden restrains emerged and locked her arms and legs in place. Angie screamed.

The doctor pushed a button and the chair rose up and the legs separated exposing her pussy to the doctor. He pulled a speculum from the table and gave Angie a pelvic exam. While he was down there he also took measurements of her pussy, clit and ass hole. As he was finishing the other man came back in.

"You are no longer in possession of your body. We now own you. You will serve us as we please. As you will find out we will also make a few changes to OUR body. Some of these will be quite painful, but we don't care."

As the man was speaking the doctor brought a collar like the one the secretary was wearing to the man. "This is our ownership band. Inside is a micro pager. If we want you to contact us you will feel a small vibration. At which time you will call us with in 15 minutes. Also enclosed is your punishment master. If you do something that we don't want we can either give you an electrical shock or have the devise shrink, choking you. This collar cannot be removed except by The Corporation. You will learn more about the collar later. Right now the good doctor has some work to do. Just try and relax."

The man left as the doctor placed the collar on Angie and locked it in place. He then went to a computer and pressed a button. Angie felt a tingling sensation in her throat. She started to ask what was going on but she could not make her voice work.

"This is one of my favorite parts of the collar. We can turn your voice on and off at our will. Nice idea isn't it?"

Angie's eye's showed her fear.

The doctor then without explaining what he was doing to Angie went to work.

He looked at a chart then drew up two syringes from a vial 5 cc's of fluid each. He then grabbed her right tit and placed the needle against the end of the nipple. He then pushed it into the nipple a full two inches. Angie tried to scream but no sound came out. The doctor injected the full syringe into the flesh of Angie's tit. The fluid caused so much pain that Angie passed out. This didn't stop the doctor from doing the same to her left tit.

Angie woke up a few minutes later with an intense burning in both of her tits.

The doctor was just injecting some different chemicals into her right calf. Immediately her calf spasmed like the most intense charlie horse she had ever had. He then did the same t the left calf.

When he was done Angie thought she would go crazy with the pain in her tits and legs.

The doctor then placed a VR helmet on Angie. Then he inserted a vibrator into her pussy that connected to her clit. The helmet stared to show all kinds of sex. Every time the works "cum now Angie" were played into her ears the vibrator would cause her to orgasm.

The doctor started an IV on Angie that would give her all the fluids and nutrients she would need for the time she was in the chair. Then the doctor left.

For two solid days the helmet showed sex scenes with women doing what they where told to do. From male female sex, female female sex, female animal sex. Locations where shown in all types of places from public places to privet. Over and over she was told that she would do what she was told wherever she was told.

By the time the two days was up Angie was cumming with just the words "cum now Angie" without the vibrator.

When the doctor removed the VR helmet Angie was in a daze. Her mouth was half open with drool running down her face. The doctor put a blindfold on her and let her sleep for 12 hours.

When she woke up she thought it was all a bad dream. Then she realized she couldn't see. She started to move her head around and realized it wasn't a dream after all. She tied to speak but she still didn't have her voice.

The doctor realized she was awake called the man in the suit back into the lab.

When he came in he walked up to Angie and smiled. He took off her blindfold. "Well now. That wasn't so bad was it?" He said as she focused on him. "Cum now Angie. Don't you agree?"

At the words "cum now Angie" she had and instant climax.

I can fight him she thought. Please let me fight him.

He then had the doctor release her restraints along with giving her voice back. "So what do you think of your new tits Angie."

At this she lifted her head and looked at them. "Oh My God! What have you done to me? How? Why?" she said as she cupped her new 46D breasts.

"Quite simple really. We have developed a series of drugs and chemical to do what most plastic surgeons do with surgery. The injections the doctor gave you tits caused the tissue in your tits to swell. The swelling is permanent. Touch your nipples dear."

For some unknown reason, she immediately reached up and rubbed her nipples. It was as if her hands had a mind of their own. She immediately started to become aroused.

"Nice side effect from the injections. Your nipples will always be supper sensitive. Just a good breeze will put a smile on your face they will always will be erect and hard. Now stand up and come over here."

Again Angie stood up with out thinking. As she put her feet on the ground and stepped down flat she had an intense pain in her calf's. "I can't stand up. My legs hurt too much."

"Just stand on you toes and the pain will go away."

She did and the pain did leave. She looked at the man with concern.

"The injection in you calf's caused you calf muscles to shorten. You can never stand flat footed again. You will always have to ware at least 4 inch heals or stand on your toes. Here, put these shoes on." He handed her a pair of 5 inch strapped heals which she put on.

"You see. We here at The Corporation like all of our female employee's to meet a minimum standard. All women should be big chested and we like the way heals make women look. Not just the legs but also how you now walk and the way it forms your ass. We may from time to time do some more changes but for now this should be enough."

"When will you let me go?" Angie asked.

"Don't ever ask questions like that again unless you are told you can! Do you understand?" he said.

"Yes" she replied.

"Good. Now beg me to let you suck my cock." He told her.

She tried to fight him but she couldn't. "Please let me suck you cock. I want you in my mouth. Please put you cock in my mouth." Angie begged.

"If you insist little lady. Go ahead."

Angie squatted in front of the man like the girls she watched over and over. She pulled him out of his pants and swallowed his shaft. She bobbed her head up and down like a mad woman. She needed to make him cum. She had to taste his sperm. Finally he shot his load down her. She drank every drop like her life depended on it.

"Good job." He said as he put his dick back in his pants.

"Listen good Angie. I'm giving you a piece of paper with some rules on it. Memorize them by morning. Remember we are watching you at all times. Now go and get dressed and go home. One last thing, if you kill yourself you sister will take your place."

Without speaking Angie walked into the locker room. She took off her shoes to put on her stockings and had to stand on her toes. She realized that he was right. She would always have to wear spiked heals even at home around the house. She put on the same clothes that she had on except they had given her a bigger top to wear.

When she got home she opened the piece of paper and read it.

You will continue with your life as if nothing is different. You will only wear the clothes we provide you. If anyone approaches you and says "The Corporation is all." You will immediately stand strait, lift up and offer your new tits and state "How may I be of service?" You will do as instructed without question. You will address all of your owners as Sir or Ma'am. You will check you email every morning for any instructions. You will buy a tanning bed and spend on hour a day until you are told otherwise tanning. You will masturbate yourself to the point of orgasm but will not cum before you get dressed, at lunch, before dinner, and before you go to bed.

Angie started to cry again because she knew she would do everything listed. She knew that they had fucked with her mind and she also knew they would harm her sister is she didn't

Chapter 2: Angie's First Assignment

Monday Angie woke up and took a shower. Remembering her new rules she masturbated in the bathroom. Just before she came she made herself stop. She was so excited she had to wait for a few minutes before she could get dressed. When she was calmed down she went to her closet.

Everything was short and sexy. Nothing was like her old clothes. Finally she picked out a black button up top that left her abdomen exposed and formed to her new breasts. She went to pick out a pair of stockings and found that they all would be better in the bedroom than on the street. She put on a black pair of stay up stockings that had a seam up the back. Then she put on a black skirt that just covered the tops of her stockings. When she sat down to put on her 5 inch pair of heals she noticed that her skirt would pull up showing her skin above the stockings.

Angie looked at her self in the mirror and wanted to cry but stopped herself. It was no use. She walked over to her computer and checked her email. There was a message from the Corporation. She opened it. "You'll always use this number to call us when we summon you 1-800-222-1234. Have a nice day."

"Fuck you!" she yelled at the screen.

Angie headed out and went to class. She noticed that everyone was looking at her. The girls all seemed to be giving her cold looks. After class she found herself driving to a strip mall and a store that sold tanning beds. Inside she walked up to the counter and asked for the best bed model and to have it delivered right away. The salesman told Angie that he could not get it there for a couple days. Inside Angie became consumed with dread. She had to tan in her own bed today. She begged the man to please have it delivered today. In the end she had to pay him $50 on the side. As soon as the deliveryman left Angie found herself stripping and getting in the bed. After an hour she got out and showered. And went to work.

At school and at work the guys all looked at her like a piece of meat.

One week went by with no contact. Angie was getting used to her new look. She found herself thinking about sex all the time from not being able to let her self cum during her masturbation sessions. After class she was walking in front of the library when a man stopped in front of her. "The Corporation is all." He said.

Angie was stunned. She couldn't move. He gave her a hard look. Angie then dropped her book bag, lifted her tits up and said, "How may I be of service?" Out of the corner of her eyes she saw people looking at her.

"You'll be punished for you delay." "Cum now Angie. Cum now Angie. Cum now Angie. Cum now Angie."

Angie was hit with orgasm after orgasm. The sight was remarkable. Here was this beautiful woman holding up her tits shaking with wave after wave of orgasms. Her legs shook as her cum stated running down her legs. Her breath was coming in short gasps. Finally when she stopped she had a glassy look in her eyes.

"Now follow me." The stranger said.

Angie slowly picked up her bag and followed. They came to a car and got in.

"We have a job for you. Don't let us down or you'll regret it. You'll find a change of clothes in a bag in the back seat. After you change go to this address. Tell the receptionist that you have an appointment with Mr. Martin. When you enter his office you'll tell him that you have been sent by the Corporation and that he has the unrestricted use of you until 8am as a bonus for exceptional services. You'll do everything and I mean everything you are told. Understand?"

Angie nodded.

"Good. Leave you book bag here, it'll be at you home when you get there. You can change in the back while we are driving."

Angie climbed into the back of the car and started to undress. Luckily the windows were tinted black. When she was done dressing she almost looked like a businesswoman in a tan suit with a short tan skirt. On the top she only had on a matching suit coat, no shirt. Shoes were 6 inch matching heels.

They pulled up to an office building. "Here you go. 26th floor. As she was in the elevator she was thinking about how they where right. She was their property. They could make her do whatever they wanted. She even found that she was getting excited sexually thinking about what might lay ahead for her.

When the doors opened she walked up to the receptionist and said as she was told. The receptionist took a double take at her and then called on the intercom and announced her arrival. Angie was told to go right in. She looked around as she walked into the office. It was a big corner office with large desk and floor to ceiling windows on the outside walls overlooking the streets below. As she walked up to the desk she looked at the man behind the desk. He was about 40, fat and bald. He looked up at her with a questioning look on his face. "Hello, What can I do for you?" he asked. "Hello sir. My name is Angie, I was sent by the Corporation as a thank you for your work for exceptional services. I am yours for the night until tomorrow morning at 8am."

"Well that was awful nice of them. Why don't you take off all of your clothes except for your stockings and shoes Angie while I finish up my notes here? I have a meeting in just a few minuets." Angie without thinking removed all of here clothes as orders as if her hands had a mind of their own. As she was undressing she could feel the heat start to build in her pussy as she became wet. When she was done undressing she stood with her feet together and cupped her new big tits offering them to her new owner.

When he was done he looked at his watch and looked at her. "Very nice. Put your clothes in that closet then come over here." She did as instructed. "Now my meeting is in just a couple of minuets. Get under my desk and squat. I want you to give me as many blowjobs as you can while I am busy. If I don't come at least 3 time I will be upset." She climbed under the desk of this fat man that she could not wait to suck off. Almost on queue the buzzer sounded announcing his meeting. Angie could not her what was being discussed for all of her attention was being set on her need to make this man cum as many times as she could. The first one was quick taking only 5 min. The second one took longer about 15 min. Each time he came she would drink him in as fast at he could shoot it in her mouth. She hated what she was doing but could not stop what she was doing. As time went on she could not get him to cum the third time. She tried humming on his shaft, playing with his balls. But nothing would work. Finally he pulled out.

"Get out of there young lady." He said as he put his dick back in his pants. As he stood she looked up and saw his secretary standing in front of his desk. "You didn't do as I asked did you, You where supposed to make me cum three times not two."

Until I say other wise you'll only respond to the name of Tits and you'll remember all this when you are no longer mine. Is that clear?" Angie felt a sharp pain in her head and blinked. "Yes Sir" she said. The Man asked "Angie walk around to the front of the desk." Angie just stood there wondering whom he was talking to. It wasn't her, her name was Tits. "I'm sorry, I met to say Tits instead of Angie. Angie - Tits walked around to the front of the desk.

"Karen here is also my slave, given to me by the Corporation. She will be addressed as mistress while you are with us. I am to be addressed as Master. You'll stand like a statue offering me your tits, not moving at all just your eyes. I have more in store for you tonight."

"Karen put your clit clamp on yourself before you go back to your desk." Karen quickly lifted her skirt showing she did not have any panties on and placed a clamp on her pussy moaning with excitement as she did. As Karen was doing as she was told Tits assumed her ordered position, crying inside, scared at the thoughts of what might be in store for her later.

Chapter 3: Angie's Second Assignment

Angie stood in her temporary owners office like a statue, hands holding up her tits for inspection, naked, and not able to move. Inside she wanted to leave and take her life back. But because of the mind control techniques she was forced to endure she had no ability to act on her own freewill.

At 5 pm her master called to her. "Tits come over her and get dressed." Angie was glad to be getting dressed. She started for the closet with her clothes in it. "Not those, these." He said as he pointed to a box on the floor. Her mind was screaming not to put them on but her body automatically started to get dressed. First she put on a pair of sheer white thigh high stockings with 7 inch strap on white healed spikes, making her walk on her toes. She then put on a short, short white skirt that just covered her pussy when standing but is she sat she would be exposed to the world. For her top she put on only a special low cut white bra. When she finished dressing she stood as before with her hands offering her tits and her feet together.

Karen then came over and pulled Angie's bra down exposing her ever hard-swollen nipples. She then placed nipple clips on each nipple with a silver chain attached to them. Angie's mind screamed in pain but her body started to become sexually exited. Karen then pulled the bra back over Angie's nipples. The chains came together forming making a leash that was a total 5 feet long with a leather handgrip. Karen then handed the grip to Angie.

Master looked at Angie. "Now go stand in front of the building at attention holding your leash. When Karen comes out give it to her and go with her. If someone asks what you are doing just tell them that you are waiting for you mistress. Now go."

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