Game of Seduction

by Jeevan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Orgy, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: Seduction of Brother and sister and more

Today I am going to narrate an incidence of seduction of a girl and her brother. How they were seduced and how I enjoyed the charms of both of them. And ohhhh! They were Muslims and from Pakistan who had come to their cousin for holidays. Surprised! But I am not.

I stayed in a rented flat in cantonment area of Pune with my mistress Asha ( I keep on changing the companions, are u interested? Asha was 32, 5'6", small 34A boobs, 26 waist and solid 36 ass. She had a friendly look on her face and she did make friends easily. This gave me many opportunities to enter into threesomes with hr friends and then she was Bisexual, an added advantage too.

Recently she was friends with our neighbour, Mrs. Sabera Khan, a widow and alone. I was thinking of telling Asha to bring her into our house for nice experience but could not do so as they had some guests from Pakistan. I wondered who they were but did not bother more. One day I saw a beautiful young girl, may be 16-17 yr old with 20 yr old boy passing by. I asked Asha who they were. She told me that they were the same guests of Mrs. Sabera and had come from Pakistan. I told her that I wanted to taste this Bud and the boy too. Asha smiled and said, " Jeevan! Think of her age! She is small as your daughter! But I know you don't mind fucking even 10 yr old. So no use telling you. Ohhh! I would myself love to have the boy in me. I will try on some pretax to bring them in our house and do it for us." I told her to bring them to learn Internet here. Asha was confident and never failed.

After two days I saw her talking to the girl. Lubna and the boy, Asif. They were laughing on something interesting and then Asha rang the doorbell. I opened the door to greet our new guests. Asha introduced both of them to me and they said Hello UNCLE! Uncle! To hell with Uncle! I wanted that cunt badly, Uncle or not. Asha told me to teach them something about Internet Browsing.

Lubna was very fair, white skin, 5'3", 34 - 24- 34 and roundish face with dimple cheeks. She had beautiful eyes and wore skirt and T-shirt. Asif was skinny and very fair. I asked them if they know anything about the internet. They had just completed their course in the computers and knew something but they wanted to know more and get acquainted. I took them to my bed room (Ohh Computer was in bed room hence you have dirty minds). I sat on the chair and asked Lubna to sit on my right and Asif to my left. I showed them how to connect and how to browse etc and then asked them if they want to browse them selves. They smiled and Lubna sat in my chair and I sat in hers. Lubna was opening my Yahoo mail and I was teaching her how to open mails etc. Asha called Asif from the kitchen, " Asif beta, please come here I want your help." I knew what it was and was little excited. Asif went to kitchen and left two of us alone. That's what I wanted. Lubna saw one mail from my fan couple " fuck my wife Jeevan". She looked at me and I smiled at her. She opened the mail and I put my hand on the mouse above hers, to stop her. Her hand felt soft and warm and an electric current passed through my body. While doing so my hand rubbed against her right breast and she too was in the same condition. Her breathing grew faster and she did open the mail and read it. She looked at me and said, " Uncle what is this going on? This mail! they write to you to fuck their wife? Why?" What could I say? I just rubbed my arm on her breast and smiled at her. " Lubna, I have 9 inches of solid meat and they want their wives to enjoy it so they invite me."

" Ohhhh Uncle is it? Ohhhhh! Will you show me? I don't believe."

I said lets see what Asha Aunty is doing and then I will show you everything. I knew what would be the picture in the kitchen so I told her to follow me. We were about to enter the kitchen when we heard Asif, " oHH aunty It feels soooo good! Ohhhhhhh Suck it." And there was Asha, naked, with her mouth stuffed with Asif's cock! Lubna muffled a cry and was really surprised at the show. I told her to watch from outside and not to disturb their enjoyment.

We watched from the door, hiding behind it. Lubna was in front of me and watched the show with excitement. She was breathing faster and her 34-inch boobs were heaving. Asif's cock was out of his pants and Asha was kneeling on the floor with his cock stuffed in her mouth. I got hot watching Asha sucking and caught Lubna's boobs in my hands from behind. She moaned and continued looking at the two. I felt her ass push back on my now hard cock. Ohhh it was exciting! I knew Asha knew that I was there with Lubna. So I lifted Lubna in my arms and carried her to the kitchen to watch her brother getting his cock sucked by Asha. Asif saw us and stiffened. I told her not to worry, as I wanted Lubna to do the same thing to me. I removed Lubna's clothes and made her naked. Her boobs were solid conical with small brown nipples crowning them. Her cunt was covered with thick pussy hair and was small, slit like. She had nice fleshy ass covered with smooth skin. I told Lubna to kneel and suck my cock. Lubna obeyed and kneeled on the floor and unzipped my pants, taking out the 9-inch cock. " Ohhhh! Uncle your cock is so big! How can I take it in my mouth? Ohh I want to but how can I?"

" Watch Asha and you will learn how t suck a cock now. Asha, show Luban how u do it. Make her cock sucking slut Randi and whore!"

Asha said," See Lubna, first caress the cock in your hands and make it nice and hard like this." And Asha removed the cock of Asif and stroked it in her hands slowly, letting Lubna watch her skills. Asha told Lubna to rub my cock as she had done to Asif's cock and Lubna caught my Lund in her soft hand and started to move it up and down. I felt my cock twitch and jerk with the sensation of the tender girls hand. Now Asha told her to luck the cock head and Lubna switched out her long tongue and moved it all over my cock head. OHhhhhhhhh GOD! Asha told her to move the tongue all along the length of my cock and specially the underside of it. Lubna was doing well and her tongue felt like a snake crawling... She lingered more on the underside of my cock head and then sucked it in her tiny mouth. Her mouth was small and my cock head just fitted in it. She made sucking motion of her mouth and moved her lips over my cock as she did this. The soft lips made my cock rock hard and I involuntarily pushed my ass forward, trying to fuck her mouth. My cock was oozing precome and Lubna swallowed it happily. Asif was mow fucking Asha's mouth and was about to come looking at his sister sucking my cock.

Lubna learnt fast and opening her mouth fully she took almost 3 inches of my Lund in her mouth. Her teeth rubbed and scraped my cock and I told her to close them tightly over her teeth so that her lips touched my cock. She then sucked it in and drew it out in steady rhythm. Asif shouted that he was coming and his body went stiff and leaning forward he ejaculated globs of sperm in Asha's mouth. Asha moved her mouth away and showed Lubna how her brother's cock was spurting. Asif's cock jerked and white globs of come sprayed on Asha's face and then boobs. Asha moaned with the touch of the hot sticky fluid and told Lubna to do the same when her uncle comes. Lubna was fascinated at the site of all this and wanted me to do the same to her. Asif was now watching his sister sucking my cock and Asha too came near the scene and watched fondling my balls in her hands. She told Lubna to deep throat my cock and pushed her head forward over my cock. She must have gagged as she started to cough and my cock slipped out of the mouth. Asha immediately took it in her mouth and sucked on it. Lubna steadied herself and took my cock from Asha's mouth and started to suck, managing to take one more inch of it. Now her suction became powerful and I could not hold it any longer. I thrust my cock in her mouth and started to come. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Thick semen blasted out of my cock and landed in the oral cavity of the girl. Asha pushed her away and catching my cock in her hand aimed it at her face and boobs. Lubna's mouth was covered with come and her boobs too... Asif was fascinated with this and came to his sister and kissed her on the mouth, tasting my come from her.

Asha went to Lubna and started to play with her tits. She teased the nipples with her tongue till they were hard and then she massaged them with thumb and forefinger till Lubna was moaning with lust again. Asha called Asif and asked him to lick his sister's cunt. He immediately crawled to Lubna and spread her legs wide, exposing her virgin cunt to all of us. HE spread her cunt lips and showed us the pink fuck hole. It was wet with the excitement and we could see it glistening. His tongue sprang out and licked the opening. Asha had climbed Lubna's body and was now rubbing her cunt on the hard conical breast. Lubna's hard nipple rubbed the sensitive flesh and Asha moaned with pleasure. I was now getting excited and went to Lubna and rubbed my cock on her other breast. Lubna was getting all the attention from three of us and was moaning loudly with pleasure, " Ohh Uncle! Aunty! Asif! I am in heaven. Chato meri choot ko aur mere mamme ragado aapni choot pe aur lund par. Ahhhhhhhh kitna maza hai! Ohh Uncle! Chodo meri choot ! aapna mota lund dalkar phad dalo. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

" Chal Asif Sali ke pair phayla. Dekhu iski choot kitni mast hai. Ohhhhhhh! Sali gilee hai ! chal mera lund uske choot par rakh! Jaldi! Ghused ne do! Ohhhh !"

And Asif placed my lund at her choot hole. I pushed my lund inside and felt the hymen obstructing the hole. I rubbed my cock on that obstruction and felt it hard and ring like. I wanted to force my cock through it but Asha stopped me understanding the situation. Asha told me that her brother should take Her virginity and so I should remove my cock and instead I have the honor of taking hr virgin ass. I was glad at the offer and so I withdrew. Asha caught Asif's lund and asked him to fuck his sister. Asha was really wicked, wanting to fuck Lubna with her brother in a taboo fucking. Asif's cock was placed at the virgin hole and Asha pushed his ass with all her strength. Ohhhhhhhh! There was cry from Lubna, " Ohhhh Aunty! He is tearing my choot. Ohhh Allah! It painsssss! Ohhh Ahhhhhhhhhh! Please remove that from my choot I will die if u dontttt! Ohhhhhhhh!"

"Come on Lubna! Let your brother have the honor of taking your virginity Ohhhhhh! Fuck her! chodo Sali ko! Dekho Randi kaise chilla rahi hai! Phad dalo uskee choot! Chal Asif chod!"

And Asif pushed his cock in with all his strength. Lubna was now crying and we could see blood on Asif's cock. Asha clapped her hands at the ceremony and told Lubna to enjoy. Asif had steadied his cock and he was slowly fucking his sister's cunt and Lubna moaned with every thrust of her brothers cock. Asha was not idle either and she went to Asif and whispered, " Asif, while u take your sistes virginity, I want Jeevan to take your virgin ass. It will be fun with both of u loosing your virginity at the same time. I will lick you ass and make it slippery for my Jeevan."

Ohh what an idea! And Asha immediately kneeled behind Asif and spreading his ass cheeks started to lick his asshole, giving it a nice saliva bath. Asha told Lubna to suck my cock and make it hard and solid so that it can fuck her brothers asshole. Lubna was now enjoying the fucking and opened her mouth. Ohhh Uncle! Its nice to have my brother fuck me! Ohhhhhhh! Bring that Ramrod here Uncle! I will suck it ! Fuck my mouth with it! OHHHHHHH!" And Lubna grabbed my cock with her tender hands and stuffed it in her mouth. Asha was licking Asif's asshole and had opened it with her tongue and was pushing her tongue right inside. Lubna had my cock in her mouth and was licking the underside, moving her tongue lightly and making me shiver. My cock became rock hard and I told Asha that I am ready to fuck Asif's asshole. Asha got up and taking my Lund in her hands placed it on Asif's asshole. Asha patted my ass and asked me to push my Lund in. ohhh his asshole was real tight and I had to struggle to push my Lund in. oohhhhhhh! The kid had nice ass and loved it too. Asha moaned at the sight, " Ohhh we all are really weried! The brother fucking his sisters choot and at the same time taking his uncles cock n his own ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Now I want something too! Something in my hungry choot Ohhhhhh! Fuck! Chodo sale ki gand marro! Ohhh muze bhi Lund de do!" how could I give her that! So I asked Asha to fuck her cunt with Lubna's hard boobs. Asha did take it seriously and sat on Lubna's chest pushing her cunt over the right breast. Asha caught the boob with her hand at the base and held it tightly, lowering her own choot over it. Ohhh! I could see the nipple and some portion of the boob vanish inside the choot and Asha moaned at the hard bud teasing her choot. Asha moved her ass up and down trying to take more of the boob in her choot. Now I had my knob inside the asshole of Asif and was trying to push more of it inside. Asif was moving his ass to and fro to fuck Lubna and that troubled me a lot to adjust my rhythm. I kept still and let Asif move his ass so hat my cock automatically entered his ass slowly. Lubna was shouting with pleasure now and was enjoying Asif's cock in her choot. Asif cried as he came and poured his come first time in the choot of Lubna, his sister. Now the incest was complete and to progress later. Asha too came on Lubna's boob coating it with her love juice. Lubna too came moving her ass fast and then her body went limp and she breathed heavily. Asif removed his cock and Asha immediately took it in her mouth to taste the virgin cunt juice and come too. Lubna looked at Asha and asked her to clean her choot too. Asha dipped her tongue in the cum filled cunt of Lubna and licked all the come flowing out. Now I held Asif's ass and rammed my cock in with force. Asif cried, "Ohhh Uncle it pains! Your cock is soo big! Ohh Allah! How can I take it in?"

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