What Goes Around Cums Around

by John Taillon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Size, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Professional woman is kidnapped and used as a slave. She is able to turn the tables on her captor.

Nancy woke up and felt wonderful. She felt the warm body next to her and remembered a wonderful night of lovemaking and sex. She moved down and sucked a limp cock into her mouth and started to lick and suck it. Its owner moaned and it started to grow. Nancy looked up and saw a set of loving eyes and a mouth that said, "good morning, come up here."

Nancy crawled up and kissed her love and begins to move her hips, sliding her cunt up and down on a semi hard cock. Her stimulation caused the cock to become hard enough to perform its duty and Nancy wiggled her cunt onto the stiffening cock with practiced skill. Nancy wondered if she would ever tire of the comfortable love making her and John had enjoyed for the past two years. John sucked her breasts and Nancy hips started to move slowly and Johns cock got bigger and harder. Nancy was delighted that John and her were started on a nice long loving morning fuck that they both enjoyed. With Nancy on top John sucked her nipples and his hands caressed her back and butt. Nancy started the long slow rise to multiple climaxes. Almost an hour later John flipped her over and started to fuck her faster and harder. Nancy had already had several smaller climaxes but now John was fucking her and trying to attain his release. Nancy wrapped her legs around him and her cunt was clamping on to his cock. Nancy's body was on automatic and her mind was filled with a need to attain the Climax, They met each other thrusts harder and faster. John moaned and started begging her to cum with him. Nancy did and they climaxed together. They held each other and enjoyed the after glow of another wonderful session of lovemaking.

John and Nancy got up and showered and sat down to have coffee. John asked Nancy, "Will you marry Me." as he did almost every morning after an evening of lovemaking.

Nancy laughed and held his hand. "Why screw up a wonderful relationship?" Her usual answer.

Nancy and John were research doctors for a large company designing medication delivery systems. They worked together and started playing together and fell in love. Soon after, they had moved in together, living as man and wife.

Nancy was 29 and with her long blonde hair and her 36C-25-35 and 5'-6" body and lovely face Nancy was more than beautiful. She a sexy intelligent and confident woman, which attracted John and many other men.

One such man was attracted by Nancy and had followed her for the past few weeks. This man, Charles, had followed Nancy long enough to know where she worked, lived, her schedule for the spa, hair salon and shopping. In his mid forties, Charles had done this many times before as a prelude to capturing his prey.

Charles waited for Nancy in his black panel van. This was Spa Day and would drive her BMW sports car. "This is my day, I will be fucking you by tonight." His cock started to become erect as his visualized her body and what he was going to do to her. As Nancy pulled out of the underground parking of her luxury condo, Charles followed her in his van. He knew where she was supposed to go but always followed his prey all day on the day of capture so he would find if the schedule changed at all.

Nancy worked her 9 to 5 shifts. She was pleased with herself, as she had tested a design for automatic pain relief medication delivery system. It had worked well enough so it could be tested on a large animal. With design skills in automation, electronics as well as being a medical doctor Nancy was well qualified and had already demonstrated several designs that the production people were bringing to the market place.

Her plan was to go to the health spa and then home to John and dinner and maybe more sex. Nancy smiled and thought maybe she should design a remote controlled auto-dispenser for Viagra.

As soon as Charles saw Nancy heading for her BMW he drove to her spa and got ready. He removed a syringe from his pocket and removed the protective sheath and moved to where Nancy usually parked. Sure enough Nancy pulled in the exact space she had for the last several weeks. Charles took a deep breath and look around. Nobody close, so he closed in as Nancy pulled the gym bag out and before she could close the door, she heard her name. She turned and Charles kissed her and inserted the needle into her upper arm. He held her keeping his lips over hers Nancy struggled and tried to scream but within a few seconds Nancy was helpless. Charles holding her up right her dragged her to his van and pushed her into the back. He looked around and saw no one. He walked slowly back to the BMW and closed the door and locked it up.

Returning to the van Charles drove to a remote spot. He tied Nancy up and secured a ball gag and covered her with a tarp. Charles lived an hour out of town at the end of a mile long dirt road and a 500-yard driveway with gates.

Nancy woke up while the van was just leaving the main highway. She was very well secured and could not move, or speak except to make grunts and humming type noise. Her mind was attacked by feelings of terror and helplessness. As she battled to get control, Nancy took inventory. She had a splitting headache. Otherwise she seemed be ok. She remembered the face and the short struggle. She lost consciousness just as her captor was moving to the van. She saw the license plate and then lost consciousness. She felt the van turn onto a paved road but the van stopped and she heard a gate squeak and a motor hum as it opened. The van moved a slow speed and turned once and then again. Another door closed.

Charles had pulled the van into his 4-car garage... He pulled Nancy out of the van. He removed her leg restraints. With the black hood still on she could not see. She tried to pretend to be unconscious, but Charles caught on. "COME ON SLUT, WALK OR I WILL BEAT YOU." Nancy obeyed but Charles kept manhandling her so she could not keep her balance. Down stairs, one flight, and a door, sound of a lock being opened. Down another flight of stairs and another locked door. The door was closed and the door locked. Charles removed her hood and she tried to talk he hit her and yelled at her. " Quiet slut, you're my slave and your not to look at me, talk to me or touch me without my permission. Nancy glared at him and he appeared to not see it. He took a knife and cut her clothes off from her. Still hand cuffed she stood naked before him.

"Kneel slut!!!" Nancy just glared at him. He stood and went across the room and got a bamboo cane. He hit her.

Nancy screamed into the ball gag. The pain was so sudden and unexpected she almost collapsed. The second strike and she fell to he knees. He hit her 8 more times and by that time just was a quivering mass of pain. Her mind, unable to focus, she fell over.

Charles loved breaking in a new slave. Especially one with spirit and independence. He picked up by her hair and told her, "I said Kneel Slut". She kneeled and kept her eyes down. Charles opened up his pants and removed his erect cock. Removed her gag, " Now suck me off Slut and be very careful, as I will kill you if you hurt me.

Nancy knew she had no choice and started to lick the end of the 8" cock. Swirling her tongue around she started giving him the kind of blowjob most men would love. But Charles was not like most men. He drove his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Nancy gagged and tried to back off. Charles fucked her mouth and her gagging caused her teeth to scrape his cock. He pulled out and made her put her head on the edge of the bed and caned her 20 times more. Nancy mind exploded with pain and screamed until she became unconscious after the first few strokes.

Nancy woke up to a young girl rubbing salve on her back. She moaned and the girl stopped. The girl spoke, "It will help heal you and most of the time you will not have a scar." She resumed rubbing, she moved very close to her ear, "He can see and hear every thing you do and say." She whispered.

Nancy asked her name.

"My name is Fuckee."

"What is your real name?"

"My name is Fuckee" The girl looking afraid moves to the corner.

The sound of a lock and latch being opened causes the girls to look at the door as Charles enters. " And your name is Slut" Charles spoke. "Time for you to know the rules and the situation. As of now you are my slave. You will leave here only if you are dead. If you do not obey me you will be punished, if you do not please me you will be punished, if you try to escape you will be crippled and the second time you will be killed. I enjoy inflicting pain and you will often be subjected to pain for my amusement and pleasure. Any questions?"

"Why me?" asked Nancy.

"Because you are you. I love to tame women like you to be my willing sex slaves."

"And if I do not become your willing sex slave?"

Charles laughed and answered her; "You will become my very willing sex slave or die trying"

A few more items for you to learn.

I am "Master" to you.

Your name is "Slut" No other name will be tolerated.

You are not to wear clothes of any kind

You will always kneel in my presence except if I direct you otherwise.

You will not speak without permission.

This room is your home, your jail cell, and my playground.

Nancy knew that now was not the time to make an escape attempt or argue. So she just nodded.

"Come here, Slut"

Nancy got up off the bed and started to walk to him. He pulled the cane from behind and swung it hard on her butt. On your knees Slut!!!" He struck her foot with the cane and she tried to escape. Charles struck the cane across her breasts and as she turned, across her back. " Never try to avoid my punishment. If you do it again you will be struck 10 times as much."

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