by James Anderton

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Ex Con wreaks havoc with the life of the man who framed him<br><i>a 'Power Broker' story</i>

A 'Power Broker' Story

Part 1: Release

The large steel door clanged shut with a bang that could be heard in the next street. As the sunlight speared from a clear blue sky into his eyes, the old man raised a hand to provide shade. Across the street, a long, sleek limousine gleamed blackly against the brick wall. The rear door opened, and a tall, elegant man, fortyish, and dressed in a smart dark blue suit climbed languidly out of the back. Hi Dad he shouted, running at a canter across the street to take his fathers arm. Welcome back to the world.

"Twenty years inside for a crime you didn't commit is too long Dad! We thought you might like a short break before you go home, so we have fixed up a little holiday on our boat first. Now that Mums gone, we thought you might also appreciate a little company".

"What I really want is to know that the bastard who framed me has got his just desserts," muttered the old man, almost to himself. " There's nothing left to live for now, son. You and your Brother are grown up, your Mother and Sister are dead, and I've thought of nothing but revenge for the last twenty years. You have to help me pay him back, son, you must help!"

"Don't worry Dad, we haven't been idle whilst you have been a way, - All in good time. First, a week on the boat should set you up for what Dan and I have in mind. I don't think you will be disappointed."

Guiding the old man gently by the arm, Paul Hegarty opened the rear door and helped him into the back seat. A young girl, no more than 19 years old, sat quietly on the seat facing him, a nervous smile playing gently on her lips. Climbing into the passenger seat beside his brother, Paul gave him a quiet grin and closed the blind between the seats.

In the back, the old man fell back into the seat and sighed in sheer relief. He found it hard to imagine that at last he was free to pursue his tormentor, Detective Sergeant Dave Willis. For twenty years he had harboured a burning hatred for the man who had not only planted the evidence that had convicted him of a particularly nasty robbery, but had actually carried out the crime himself, killing an innocent bystander in the process. As he wondered to himself where to start, he felt hands flutter across the front of his trousers, and opened his eyes to see the young girl, crouched on the floor of the vehicle between his legs, loosening his belt.

"What's your name girl?" he demanded.

"Becky, sir" she squeaked, taken by surprise by his gruff manner. "Well you had better be good!, or I'll put that belt to better use than holding up my trousers!"

"Yes sir" she murmured and swiftly drew down his zip. She expected a wizened object to appear, but was surprised again by the vigorous way his sizeable tool leapt out of his trousers and filled her hand. She dipped forward, and gently ran the tip of her tongue around the purple head of his dick. A small drop of precum gave her a taste of what was to come, as she slowly opened her mouth wider to take the tip inside. She felt him tighten as he raised his hips, pushing himself deeper into her throat. Swiftly she sucked him inside, opening her throat as far as she could, and began to slide her lips up and down his shaft. Twenty years of abstinence had obviously taken it's toll. In no time at all, she felt him stiffen, and his orgasm squirted a stream of hot, watery liquid into her mouth. As he came, she spied the belt, and remembering his earlier words, decided that swallowing would be the best course of action. He sighed as she licked him clean, and when she looked up she saw him staring down at her with a curious, almost sympathetic smile on his face.

Almost immediately, the car drew to a halt. The tall man who had recruited her appeared at the door, wordlessly dragged her onto the sidewalk, and threw a handful of bills onto her prostrate body. He jumped in the back, and the car pulled gently away as she pulled herself together and set off to walk to the houses she could see in the distance.

Inside the car, Paul gave his Dad a big grin. "Now!" he announced "Let me tell what plans Dan and I have made for our friend Sergeant Willis...

Part 2: Janey

"GO ON - I ONLY WANT ONE!" The girl in the silver mini- dress shouted above the booming bass of the dance music. At only 5ft tall, she was having trouble keeping the attention of her friend, a statuesque coffee coloured beauty who towered over her by a foot.


Janey knew this was going to happen eventually. For months now she had been relying on Sonja to keep her supplied with the ecstasy tablet she had come to depend on during her long nights of clubbing. At just turned 18, she had been introduced to the habit by Sonja, an older girl she had bumped into whilst queuing outside the club one night. They had both turned up on their own, and despite the physical disparity in their appearance had struck up an immediate rapport. Janey loved the bright lights, loud music, and the atmosphere of sexual tension which, despite the fact of her virginity, never ceased to excite her. Boys seemed to find her Pixie-like features and small tight body attractive enough to keep a constant stream of admirers vying for her attention. Sonja, on the other hand, was predatory. She oozed confidence, and rarely would a male in her sights escape without paying her full attention for as long as she wanted.



She pushed her way through the crowd, following Janey as the crowd parted around her. Squeezing through the part-opened door, she found herself in a corridor leading to the offices above. Sonja turned to face her. "Look, E's not what you want. Try this," she said in a hushed voice, "and don't tell anyone about it! Understand?" Janey looked down at the small plastic sachet Sonja had thrust in her hand.

"What is it? Coke?"

"What do you think?" Muttered the dark girl, "Do you know how to use it?"

"Show me" said Janey, warming to the excitement of it all.

Sonja took the packet, sprinkled the white crystals on the back of Janey's hand, and helped her through her first sniff. The feel of the stuff as the first rush hit her brain made Janey slump against the wall.

"Jeez!" "I never guessed!" she muttered. "Lets get back to the dance before it wears off!"

Sonja eased Janey back through the door, glancing slyly at the small video camera mounted high in the wall as she did so. Upstairs, Steve Washington, Hood, Coke dealer, Owner of "Wonderland" the club, and general all-round Bastard, picked up the phone on his desk. "Get me Paul Hegarty", he barked.

"Boss?", "Steve!" Thought you'd want to know, Sonja delivered. Phase 1 is complete". He soaked up the congratulations, without ever taking his eyes off the TV monitor and little Janey Jeavons. Boy was he going to enjoy this.

Part 3: The Plan

Billy Hegarty picked up the plastic folder from the coffee table. He scan read the several documents inside before looking up at his eldest son beside him.

"Let me summarise", he said. "Dave Willis is now 63, retired, and untouchable. Is that correct?"

"Not quite Dad, we just think that killing an old man like that is probably too easy on him".

"I don't care, I just want him dead. That bastard framed me, killed my wife from worry, and caused Sally to kill herself from the shame of it all. He deserves all he has coming and more!"

"That's why we feel killing him is too simple. We should make the bastard suffer like we have had to. Attack him through his family, damage the things closest to his heart, wreck his reputation, In short, make him WISH he was dead.

Billy sat back in his chair, and an evil smirk slowly crossed his face as the full impact of his boys plan dawned on him. He picked up the folder and began to read the details with a new intensity. When he finished, he grabbed the towel beside him and strolled purposefully up on deck. Leaning against the rail, he wagged a finger at the girl sitting on her own, reading beside the pool. He couldn't remember her name, but what the hell did that matter. The boys had organised his holiday, and he had no idea how they managed to find such beautiful women to wait on him hand and foot.

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