Farewell Party for Marlene

by Mark Braun

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Marlene spends a few months as a foreign exchange student and gets very close to her host brother and his best friend.

It was the night before Marlene was to return home to the U.S. She had had a full summer and made many friends. She was looking forward to going home but at the same time she wished she could stay a little longer. She had grown attached to her host family and to the town in general. Carlos, the oldest son in the host family and also her age, had been her only friend at first and a good friend throughout. His best friend Antonio, had also been an important relation. Tonight, the two of them invited Marlene out to dinner, to do something special for her to remember when she was far away.

The trio went out a little after sundown, to a local restaurant just a few blocks away from the house. The conversation was lively and sometimes sad. The raw feelings of caring that these friends had for each other were intensified and exposed. It was as if a feeling of urgency was in the air. Of course, there were promises of letters and of future visits; but the reality was at hand and it was a heavy burden of anticipation. This made them closer and more open with each other than ever before. This was a night to remember.

They stayed at the restaurant for a long time. After dinner they talked and laughed and drank, somewhat heavily one might say. Eventually, the restaurant had to close and they headed back to Carlos's house. Walking home in the cool night air kept them alert and in no mood to end the evening. They found the house completely dark and quiet, and decided to continue their farewell reunion in Carlos's room.

Carlos brought in a bottle of Rum and glasses from the kitchen, and Antonio found some tapes to play and got them started. Marlene just sat on the bed to enjoy watching her friends getting a little sillier with every drink. Marlene knew that both her friends had a crush on her and she appreciated their attentions.

The music turn to blues, the kind that is traditionally associated with strip dances. The two guys danced for Marlene and in their clowning around began to strip as well. She laughed along with them and whistled and encouraged them. Soon enough, the two were down to just their briefs.

The music ended and the clothes were spread throughout the room. Rather than pick them up and get dressed they argued with Marlene that it wasn't fair that she was fully clothed while they were not. She argued back that under her one-piece dress she was only wearing a panty hose and had no underwear. So, it wouldn't be fair for her to remove her dress and be more naked than they were. Carlos chimed in "that is no problem. You can wear one of mine." And with that he reached in a drawer in his closet and threw her a white cotton Fruit-of-the-loom for her to try on.

"Well. What the heck" she thought and pulled off her dress over her head with both hands, standing with her back to them. She began to remove her panty hose and enjoyed the expression in their faces spying on them through the mirror in the closet. This was obviously a lot more than they had hoped for. Their mouths hung open while she walked to the bed picked up the borrowed white briefs and proceeded to put them on. She looked at them and said mischievously, "OK, is this fair now?" They were very slow to answer and she knew it was not fair, because her round tight breasts were now completely exposed to the pair of stunned friends and they could not keep their eyes off her chest.

"Oh, yeah, it is fair now" Carlos finally said and went over to the stereo to play more music. It was a hard thing to imagine that he picked the tape at random and it was music for slow dancing. He went straight to Marlene and invited her to dance. It was a maneuvering feat for Marlene to stand up and slow dance with Carlos, while having to continuously hold up the briefs that on her were quite oversized. Again, maybe on purpose and maybe by chance, but it seemed that Carlos was caressing her nipples with his own chest. He must have noticed that she was having a hard time staying dressed and offered to help her hold the briefs with his hand a the low of her back. She agreed. As they moved around the floor dancing, Marlene saw Antonio sitting on the bed watching them. He was not jealous or envious; he was rather mesmerized with the view. His distraction was so complete that he had allowed his erection to show and Marlene could see the wet stain in his stretched out brief, where the tip of his penis was pushing forth. To prevent the exciting rubbing of Carlos's chest against her nipples she decided to just hang her arms around his neck and just pressed her bare breasts against his chest. She could feel how his heart started pounding really loud. He was holding her hips and her briefs with both hands, but then she felt just his hands against her hips and her briefs were rapidly falling down her legs to her ankles. "That is not fair!" she whispered loudly in his ear. He said, "You are right" and letting go of her with one hand, he dropped his own underwear off. Carlos was taller than Marlene and his erected penis began to poke her tummy. She was enjoying their little game but was not really sure that she wanted to go any further than this, so, she hung tighter and closer to him to keep his penis trapped between their tummies. A quick glance around the room revealed Antonio sitting cross-legged on the bed, completely naked, and playing with his own erection while watching his friends dance naked.

Carlos turned his head towards Antonio and said "Hey, don't just watch. Come and join us!" Antonio jumped at the opportunity and stood next to them. He placed one arm around Marlene’s shoulder and the trio was dancing together. During their turning about, Antonio moved straight behind Marlene and danced hugging her from behind. He then began to get closer yet. She knew this, because she felt the wet tip of his penis brushing against her cheeks, and progressively just pressing against them, until it managed to lodge itself conveniently between them. After a while, Antonio was blatantly trying to penetrate Marlene from the rear. When she felt his wet tip brush her vagina and find its way between her labia, she decided to stop dancing. She let go of Carlos's neck and swiftly turned sideways of the boys grabbing one penis in each hand to be in control. And she was in control! She could walk around the room and drag them along like two obedient pet dogs. And she did. She wandered about and they walked passed the stereo and then all three of them sat on the bed.

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