I Bet My Wife

by Q-Tip

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man bets his neighbor that his wife can't be seduced. He loses.

Helga, my wife, has an incredible body. I mean her body is absolutely perfect. Beautiful long legs, an incredible bubble-butt, soft and smooth. Her tits, oh sweet Jesus, her tits are a work of art. Perfectly formed, sitting high up on her chest with perfectly round areolas and pencil-eraser sized nipples. She's 5'6" and her measurements are 34D-24-34. Perfect.

Helga's face is a little different. Oh, I don't mean that she's ugly or anything. I've heard Helga described as "plain," and I guess that fits. She's not pretty but she doesn't scare small children either. Her personality is just as perfect as her body. She's kind, gentle, and completely devoted to me. That's why what I did was so stupid.

Eric is our next door neighbor. Eric is about 10 years younger than I am, only in his mid-20's. Actually, he's Helga's age. Eric also has money from his family. His house is bigger than ours, with a pool, and he drives a new BMW. Eric also seems to have no shortage of beautiful young women hanging around. It's normal for me to spot these incredible creatures hanging around Eric's pool or showing up with Eric at neighborhood parties.

It's not too surprising that I don't like Eric much. I think he oblivious to this as he always acts as if I'm his "new best friend" whenever our paths cross. I guess that I'm envious of him, his money, good looks, beautiful dates, youth. I try not to be too obvious, of course, but Helga knows. She knows me very well and can see right through my forced good nature around Eric.

It was almost a year ago that Eric and I let things get out of hand. Eric had a pool party at his house and, of course, Helga and I were invited. There was barbecue and all of the guests were in bathing suits standing around the pool talking, drinking, and occasionally jumping in the water to cool off. Later in the afternoon, I found myself listening to Eric brag about his success with women. It was his contention that he could fuck any woman he wanted, it was just a matter of wanting to and putting in the time. I was really pissed-off by this bragging. I don't like the guy anyway and his boasting was just too much.

It was at this point that I fucked up. Fucked up good. I told him that he couldn't fuck just any woman he wanted that I didn't believe it. Eric just looked down his nose at me and asked if I was willing to make a bet about that. A bet that I could name any woman and he's fuck her within two months. I just laughed at him and said that he couldn't fuck Helga so that was that. Eric continued to study me, searching my face with a thoughtful look. "Want to bet?" he asked.

To make a long story short, we did bet. I bet that he couldn't get Helga into bed with him within the next two months and he bet that he could. If I won, if Eric failed to fuck my wife, he would hire me as his accountant for $50, 000 a year. If he won, if he fucked her, she would be his for one month to do with as he pleased. I couldn't interfere with that either.

We set the ground rules quickly. Neither of us could tell Helga what was going on. I could not interfere in any way. He couldn't force or drug her. I had to be present to prove that he had succeeded. I felt pretty good about things. We agreed that only full penetration, cock/pussy, counted. Eric suggested that a "Monica" could count if she swallowed. Classy guy, Eric. I disagreed, full penetration.

The bet started officially the next day. I admit to feelings of misgiving but, after a long leisurely morning fuck with Helga, I was feeling much better. I quickly figured that my strategy should be to keep her satisfied. If she were getting all she needed at home, she would be even less likely to be interested in Eric. On the plus side, I figured that Eric would just rush in and try to get Helga into bed. That he'd be a little bit crude. He's used to getting his own way in life and I didn't think Eric had the patience and tact that would be required to get Helga interested in him. In addition, Helga was very aware of Eric's reputation with women and I don't think she was favorably impressed by it.

Eric fooled me, he didn't charge right in, instead he set out to make Helga his friend. He became solicitous of her, very friendly, and very helpful. He invited her over to use the pool almost every day. Helga loves to swim, she loves to get into her bathing suit, nothing too showy, and drive into the water. I started to notice a couple of things. The first was that the models had disappeared, not just when Helga was there, but all the time. The second was that Helga and Eric spent a lot of time talking, sometimes very serious, sometimes laughing and enjoying each other's conversation. The third was that Helga was enjoying herself. She seemed really happy to not only have found a friend in Eric but that I was making love to her every chance I got.

As she and Eric became noticeably closer I wanted to warn her off, but I couldn't, it was against the rules. I had to give Eric and clear shot at her and it was killing me. I don't like to swim so I didn't hang around the pool with them after the first few times. It would have looked funny and Helga would have noticed.

A few weeks after the bet started I got really busy. A major client had run into some significant tax problems and I found myself spending a great deal of time at the office and then on the road. While this was going on Helga and Eric were spending a lot of time together, too much time it turned out.

I called her from Cincinnati one night, it was almost midnight at home and I'd just gotten to my hotel. The answering machine finally picked up on the fourth ring and I hung up. I kept calling, off and on, all night but there was never an answer.

When I returned home, I confronted Eric. "Where was she? Where you screwing her?" I was almost out of my mind with jealousy.

"No, I didn't," was his answer. "We talked almost all night but nothing happened. Don't worry when something happens I'll make sure you see it."

We settled on a new set of conditions. Conditions about how I would see them and monitor my own wife's seduction. My heart was aching as we set things up; just going through these motions meant that it could happen and Eric was clearly a long way toward his goal now. I first tried to call things off but Eric would have none of that. Finally, we settled on the conditions.

The seduction could happen at either Eric's house or ours but nowhere else. If Eric thought there was a chance, he would warn me in advance so that I could hide myself at the appropriate house. Eric gave me a key and showed me two closets that I could use, one with a view of the living room and the other a view of the bedroom. The closet in the bedroom connected through to the guestroom so it was easy to use.

The choices were more limited at our home. The rec. room was in the basement and I could see it by peeking down the stairs. Our bedroom was down a long hallway so I could ease myself to the door and look in. Neither of these were perfect so Eric graciously allowed that he'd try to fuck my wife at his house. Big of him.

That night I hid in the closet at Eric's looking out at the living room. I watched for several hours as Eric and Helga talked, all the time Helga thinking I was at work. It was clear that they had become quite close and enjoyed each other's company. They laughed a lot and touched, from time to time, as if to make a point. When Helga was leaving Eric stopped her right in front of my closet, where I could help to see and overhear everything.

"I really like you Helga. I wish that we'd met a few year's ago, I would never had let you get away," Eric said.

"Eric, I really like you too," Helga looked so serious as she searched his face. "But you've always had all those beautiful girls hanging around, don't try to tell me that you'd ever have been willing to settle for me," she looked sadly hopeful as she said it.

"Oh, Helga, I would have," and he kissed her. This was the first time, he told me later. He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the mouth. He didn't try to force anything, just a sweet kiss, lingering on my wife's lips. At first Helga didn't do anything, I could see her eyes widen in surprise and then, oh god, they closed and with a slight moan she kissed him back. It was maybe only a few minutes that they stood in front of the closet kissing, but it seemed like hours to me. They stopped, at one point and pulled apart looking at each other panting a little and then, they kissed again with more hunger.

Finally, Eric pulled back. He was full of surprises that boy. "Helga, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you like that. It's just these feelings I have... " his voice trailed off as Helga once again searched his face.

She must have been satisfied with what she saw there. She raised her hand and stoked his cheek, only inches from my hiding place.

"Eric, I have some of those feelings too. I'd better go home now. I'll see you tomorrow?"

I didn't like my odds at that moment. Later that night I made love to my wife like a man possessed. I didn't want her looking for love with someone else. My heart fell through my feet when I discovered that her pussy was already dripping from her evening with Eric. She was already so turned on that it didn't take her long to orgasm. I don't think she was thinking of me when she did.

I watched them several times over the next two days. Each time they got together they kissed and hugged. The kisses seemed to be getting longer and the hugs more intense. It was the next Saturday that things really heated up. I was "at work" while really hiding in Eric's house. He had a silver film over the windows facing the pool to keep the house from absorbing too much heat from the concrete deck. I watched as Eric walked out to the pool, Helga was already swimming. They said "hello" to each other and Helga climbed out of the pool wearing a racy two piece-swimming suit. I was amazed, Helga always wore a modest one-piece and here she was in this almost nothing suit. The top consisted of two small pieces of material that barely covered her nipples and secured by strings that tied in her back and behind her neck. Helga's large, perfect breasts were clearly on display. The bottoms were also just two pieces of material, one that covered her butt and another that only scarcely covered her pussy, these were secured by two pieces of string that tied on each hip.

She smiled as she walked up to Eric and kissed him on the mouth. Eric was astound, he'd never seen Helga's improbably perfect body revealed like this before. Before I knew it they were kissing and hugging madly by the pool. With a single tug on the string around her neck, Helga's top came loose and hung, her breasts entirely exposed. It didn't take Eric long to start on them. He first caressed her breasts, causing her nipples to harden, while he continued kissing her mouth. Finally, bending his head, he took her nipple in his mouth and began to suck and bite while Helga threw her head back and moaned deep in her throat.

After a minute she stopped him. "Eric, we can't do this. I'm sorry but I'm married," she was smiling as she said it but my heart leapt anyway.

"Helga, we can't stop. Look what you've done to me," and as he said this Eric looked down at his own bathing suit.

Helga's eyes followed his and then widened in surprise as her hand flew to her mouth. "Eric, I'm so sorry."

Our clever Eric had turned himself sideways to the window so I could see what all this was about. Eric's swimming suit, a "Speedo" type to begin with, was tented showing a raging hard-on. "Helga, I'm sorry too, but I'm so turned on by you, I just can't help it."

"Well, we'll just have to do something about this, won't we," Helga was smiling, her breasts totally exposed to Eric's stare. "But you can never tell my husband. Nor anyone else. You promise?"

As soon as the "absolutely" was out of Eric's mouth my wonderful wife. The person I wanted to spend my entire life with, feel to her knees and freed Eric's erection from his suit.

I guess I really hadn't noticed Eric's body before this. Now I did. He was young and hard, in great shape. I looked down forlornly at my own pudgy accountant's body. His cock was beautiful. I'm not gay or anything, Eric just has a perfect cock. Almost pure white and curving slightly, it throbbed with every beat of his heart.

My heart broke again as my Helga, my wonderful wife, took that cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. I watched as Eric sat in one of the deck chairs and Helga crawled between his legs. I watched, fascinated, as my wonderful wife made love to that hard cock. I watched as she licked every inch with her tongue, as her mouth circled the head of his prick and slid, slowly, almost all the way down. As Eric's cock reappeared it was wet from Helga's tongue. I watched as Helga rubbed that slippery cock all over face and I listened to her moan as Eric played with her breasts.

To my amazement, my own cock was straining hard and erect. I had to loosen my pants and wrap my hand around my throbbing hard-on as I watched my wife go down on our neighbor.

"I want to make love to you, Helga," I heard Eric beg as he stroked her straining nipples.

"I'm sorry, Eric. I just can't do that, not now. Just let me do this for you, O.K.?" With that, Helga went back to work on Eric's cock, so hard and smooth. Eric put his head back in surrender and was soon groaning as he shot into Helga's mouth. Helga was swallowed as fast as she could, her checks moving with the load being pumped into her mouth.

When Eric was finished his body seemed to collapse as the tension was released. Helga slid her mouth off his still hard cock, smiling at him as she did. I watched, my dick aching in my hand, as she carefully licked the top of his cock clean.

It was then that Eric did what I never could have done. He took Helga's face in his hands, one on each side, and saying, "god I love you Helga," he kissed her sperm coated lips. Helga's eyes flew open in surprise and then, realizing what he had said and what he was doing, she kissed him back.

That night I tried to make love to my wife but she wasn't interested. Helga seemed distracted all evening and when I tried to start something she turned me down, for the first time ever, saying she wasn't feeling "quite right." That night Helga didn't sleep well, she was restless all night, tossing and turning. At one point, while she was sleeping, she starting talking, not making any sense, just making noise like she might have been talking. I took a chance and slid my hand between her thighs, being very careful not to wake her. Her pussy was dripping wet, she was wet half way to her thighs and her labia were spread completely open. When I touched her she moaned loudly and spread her legs wide apart. I sunk a finger into her cunt as she hunched her hips, fucking herself on my hand. A moment later she groaned, "OOOOOOOOH ERIC... " and came, her body conceding her need.

As she rolled onto her side, I knew that the bet was lost. It was only a matter of when and what would happen during the month that Helga belonged to him. I was awake all night feeling an incredible emotional pain at the thought, while my hard-on continued to throb even into the next day.

That day Eric called me at work. He said that he and Helga had arranged to be together all the next day at his house and by the pool. He said that I might want to arrange to miss work and hide inside his house. With great sadness, I agreed. My sadness was not really made any better by the fact that my pants where tented by my erection.

The next morning I left for work as I normally did. I parked a few blocks away and hiked back through the woods that border Eric's house. I crept in the backdoor, through the small pool house and the laundry room to the closet that I would hide in and watch. I had prepared to hide the entire day bringing a sandwich, a bottle to piss in, and a bottle of water.

It was an hour or two later; I had dozed off, when I heard Helga's voice in the room just outside my hiding place.

"Oh Eric, you know I want you. I just don't know if I can do it. I love my husband," her sentences where broken by the sound of kisses.

I cracked the closet door to see Helga and Eric standing only a few feet away. Helga was again wearing her reveling bathing suit while Eric had only a towel wrapped around his waist. Eric had his arms wrapped around her and she was running her hands up and down his chest, obviously enjoying the feel of his well-developed body.

"Helga, you mean so much to me. I can't help myself. You're the most perfect woman I've ever known." While he was saying this Eric was kissing her throat, his hands running under the top of swimming suit to caress her breasts. "I need you, Helga. I need you in order to feel complete myself."

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