Paying The Forfeit

by Ale Stone

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Wife gets mad at husband's sister hint of FF

I love my wife very much and I think she's the most beautiful woman in the world. She's perfect even if many other men wouldn't think so. They would say "she's got no tits". Of course she has tits, but they aren't big, they are small but beautifully shaped, the true pear-shape where the up-curve is topped by a small aureolae and a little nub for nipple, her hips are rather wide and her ass is just delicious! Her pussy is very tight and is just able to accommodate my cock and it gets wet and the smell from it is almost overwhelming but to me it's intoxicating and acts as an aphrodisiac.

There is only one drawback. She is, and always has been, my sisters best friend. I love my sister, almost as much as I love Fenny, but having her call everyday and Fenny calling her in between, is a little too much and to top it all they are both very competitive and make all kinds of silly bets. I think that Fenny dated me as a payment for a forfeit even if she assures me that she already was in love with me at the time and if I hint that she gave me her virginity in the same way she'll sulk for a week.

This story starts a Saturday. My wife had lost a bet to my sister. She would be my sister's slave for a day and had gone to as usual "clean up that bitches place". They always called each other bitch when they had lost a bet, but if I would even try to say something derogatory about the one to the other I would earn an icy look and some scolding.


Just a little after eleven o'clock that night my wife stormed in and slammed the door behind her.

"That bitch!" she almost yelled.

I had never seen her that mad on my sister before so I just had to ask her what was the matter.

"She made me clean her apartment!"

"Well, dear, you expected that, didn't you?"



"And that's not all!"

"It isn't?"

"No! She had bought a... a dildo!!! And she had me... told me to... To use it!!!"

I wasn't shocked by my wife's confession. She's always been very frank and I don't think that she has any secrets from me.

"Was it bad?"

"No, actually it was quit nice," she smiled. And then she turned sour again. "She told me to go into her bed-room and use it till I came. I did as she told me, of course. And after I had cum she had told me to call for her. I did that too. And do you know what the bitch did?!"


"She came in and looked at my cunt! Sniffed the air and PUSHED TWO FINGERS INSIDE IT!!"

"Oh. I can understand that it upset you."

"Yes! She used her thumb on my clit at the same time!"


It began to dawn on me why Fenny was so mad. Her clit gets really sensitive after one orgasm and it just needs one little flicking by my tongue or finger to make her cum again.

"And did you? Cum I mean."

"Yes damn it!"

"Well was it bad?"

"Nooo. It was nice."

"So, why are you mad?"

"She didn't ask me! She ordered me to cum again so she could be sure that I had obeyed her!"

"Oh, apparently she doesn't know..." I quieted when Fenny gave me a murderous look.

"So now you hate her," I said this mostly to divert her anger.

"Yes! NO! Of course not! I couldn't hate her!"

"Good. So are you still... hot?"

"Oh yes, I had to stop a couple of times on my way home. I had my hand inside my pants all the way!" she laughed.

"OK, come here then..."

At that time the phone rang. It was Patricia, my sister. Fenny talked to her for almost half an hour and when I asked what she wanted Fenny just said that she wanted to make sure that she had come home all right.

"And did you tell her that it took you longer that usual?"

"Nooo, but I told her that my revenge would be severe."

I forgot all about the incident until about three weeks later. My sister had made a silly bet with Fenny about the ingredients in some French dish of some sort. Silly because Trisha can't cook, judging by the meals she serves us when we visit her, while Fenny on the other hand could have been a pupil of Escoffiere. Of course my sister lost.

Patricia knocked on the door early Saturday-evening.

"Your outfit is on the bed," Fenny told her coldly. "Go and put it on and then I have some chores for you."

I saw that my sister gave her a surprised look but she didn't say anything but headed to our bedroom.

A short while later she called for Fenny.

"What is it?" Fenny called back.

"There... There seems to... Where's the... Is this ALL I'LL HAVE ON?"


If I understood there rules correctly it was that if you protested or refused to obey you could either get your forfeit doubled or the winner could spank the looser. During all the years I had never heard any of them refuse or protest.

"Are you objecting?" my wife asked sweetly.

"N-no-o, it's just... Oh what the hell!"

A short while later I heard her approach and instinctively I looked up and my heart almost stopped beating! My sister stood in the door almost naked! For the first time since our early teens I saw her naked and I looked. First at her beat-red face. Not for long though. My look drifted down to her breasts. Almost as small as Fenny's but with bigger and stiffer nipples, that probably was due to her embarrassment but even if they were flaccid they would've been bigger than my wife's. They were not pear-shaped more just jutting out from her chest, pointedly. Flat stomach and narrow waist and... there was an apron blocking my view! Ah well. My sister was a beautiful woman all right.

My wife told her to come with her out in the kitchen.

"I have to learn you how to..."

Her voice trailed off as I saw my sister from behind. What an ass! It was even fuller than my wife's and it wiggled sensual when she followed Fenny out of the room. It ended in sort of two vertical lines and when she walked one cheek would push up and the other stretch out and it looked as if her butt gave me a crooked smile. And was that her pussy-lips I could glimpse between the wiggling ass-cheeks? I could feel my cock twitch a little as I followed her with my eyes and I silently scolded myself for getting horny on my own sister.

I herd pots rattle and china crash and a swat on bare flesh and an "Ouch!" from my sister and a hissed voice saying something, my wife's.

Again I settled down and continued reading the novel I had started earlier and soon I forgot everything around me but was reminded of reality when my wife told me to get ready for dinner.

"You mean ready... or ready?"

I know it sounds as a silly question but the fact is that Fenny and I had a habit when we were on our own on Saturdays. We showered before dinner and then we had dinner in the nude and just left the dishes for the next day and went to bed naked and ready, but we liked to draw out on it for as long as long as possible and we just lay there watching some TV, talking and holding each other till my cock would hurt and my balls would start to change color and then we would fuck, Fenny was just as wet as I was hard so there wasn't any delays.

"Yes. I mean ready. As usual."

"But... but Trisha..."

"Yes. What about her?"

"Is she... Has she..."

"Oh. No she hasn't. There will be a little change in our usual Saturday activities. We have to stay here, we can't leave her on her own, can we?"


"Oh, it's no big deal. She'll be almost naked too."

"Yes. Yes I know that! I have seen her for God's sake!"

"Good. Now get ready. Dinner in half an hour."

A little dazed I made my way to the bathroom, showered and put my white teddy-bathrobe on. I would be damn if I was going to sit down at the dinner table naked in front of my sister! Her being almost naked or not!

Fenny gave me a look when I came back but she didn't say anything just went to the bathroom and got ready and soon she appeared, naked, of course.

"As usual, I said," she said in a tone she never had used before. Almost as an order and I obeyed her after I had a little thought about it. After all I would be sitting by the table with my privates hidden under it so...

"You may serve dinner now!" Fenny called to Tricha.

Reluctantly my sister entered and she almost dropped the tray she had in her hands when she saw us.


"What? Objections?"


Patricia bowed her head and served first my wife and than me. I must admit that I had some trouble getting any salad on my plate since my eyes were glued on my sisters breasts. They hardly moved as she bent down putting the plate of salad in front of me and when she served me wine her right breast tightened up a little as she reached over to pour wine into my glass and it was an almost flat chest with a puffy nipple I saw. I'm ashamed to confess to being aroused by the sight of my sister's breasts but my cock didn't have any shame and stood hard in the hiding under the table. The sight of her tight ass wiggling as she departed the room and went out to the kitchen didn't help anything at all.

"Hm," my wife said.

"What dear?"

She looked up at me with her big blue eyes.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking. It's a great thing. Thinking I mean. You're able to do almost, no you *are* able to do everything in your mind, and sometimes you can benefit from it too," she added a little thoughtful.

"Like what?"

"Oh, a lot of things. Ready for the main course?"

"Yes, thank you."

"It might interest you to know that we're having veal or 'Côte de veau Milanaise' the one that Trisha thought she could cook. I taught her how to cook it, didn't I, Trisha?" she asked when my sister came in with the veal.

"Yes," she mumbled.

I thought I could see my wife's arm move when Trisha stood by her side and that my sister's nipples swelled a little but I thought it was just my imagination playing me a prank. But I distinctly saw Fenny whisper something to my sister and saw her blush.

My sister stooped a little more when she served me and I wasn't able to look at her breasts but instead it almost brushed against my chin and if I had turned my head it would have ended up in my mouth, but of course I didn't. It was my sister's not my wife's.

I was able to once again look at her ass wiggle it's way across the room and it was a sight for my eyes and when she returned with another bottle of wine she looked a little flushed.

This time I saw my wife's arm move as Trisha stood by her side and how my sister jumped a little and blushed deeply and I understood that my wife was making her pay for her fingering her pussy! I couldn't hide a little smile and when my sister saw this she blushed an even deeper shade of red.

When she stood by my side I could clearly smell her private smell and I couldn't help myself but I sniffed, rather loudly, and believe me or not but her blush spread all over her body! My wife smiled innocently at me but at the same time she winked and that betrayed her! She had been fingering my sister's pussy! And when Trisha looked up at her she pushed her finger into her mouth and sucked on it! Trisha was beet-red and her tight little ass almost didn't move when she exited the room, so tense was she.

As soon as we had finished our meal we took our wine-glasses and sat on the couch while Trisha cleared the table and after she had put the dishes in the dish-washer she came in and stood in front of us looking at my wife, avoiding my eyes, waiting for orders.

"You may sit over there," my wife pointed at a chair which was facing our way. "And have a glass of wine."

I tried to get a glimpse under my sister's apron as she sat down but she did it so primly that nothing showed.

Fenny stretched out on the sofa behind me and took me by my shoulders and drew me down in front of her, exposing my half-hard cock to my sister's eyes. She turned beat-red again but didn't avert her eyes!

Fenny didn't hesitate she just let her hand sneak around me and down to my cock and fondled it making it explode into full hardness, she took my hand and placed it on her hairy pussy.

"Am I wet?" she whispered giggling in my ear.

I just nodded while my fingers traveled the long slit feeling how it sprung open and how more of her juices wetted my fingers. Soon the smell of her woman-hood drifted up and I sniffed the air, just as I had done when my sister's smell was noticeable at the table. Fenny didn't mind though, she just slapped me lightly on my back and giggled.

"Push two fingers in me as a warning for me before you cum," she whispered, not quietly, but high enough for my sister to hear if she was focused.

I glanced over at her and I saw that her eyes hadn't left my stiff cock. She licked her lips from time to time and I saw that her thighs moved as she slowly rubbed them together.

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