by S. M. Evans

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Desc: Sex Story: A guy's dream comes true on a hot summer day.

Kurt is a 20-something gen X er that cannot believe his luck. Like many guys his age, he sports the traditional crew cut, mustache, goatee, and baseball cap. Years of service as a Marine and later as a construction worker have given his 5'9" body broad shoulders, defined biceps, and thighs of steel. His piercing blue eyes have melted the hearts of every woman he's ever dated, and he hopes that Sarah, walking the beach with him, feels the same.

A few years older, Sarah is a leggy blonde with deep green eyes and equal height. She works out diligently and takes great pride in her legs and derriere, which she shows off in thong bathing suits and short skirts. This day is no exception. As they walk down the beach hand in hand, Kurt watches the stares they get from other men taking in her tiny string bikini top and thong suit subtly covered by a sheer wrap-style skirt. Just knowing that HE is the one holding her hand is enough to get him hot under the collar.

Sarah smiles coyly at him and squeezes his hand.

"Looks like a little bit of an alcove up ahead, let's see if we can't park ourselves on the beach up there!" She pulls him along, until they come upon a semi-secluded section of beach. The rock cliffs of the shore break out and form a bulkhead, leaving them out of view of the other sunbathers, but with a complete view of the ocean.

Sarah unfolds a blanket she's been carrying in her beach bag and lays it out on the sand. She reaches back in to the bag for her suntan oil and tosses it at Kurt. Casually, she unties the skirt and throws it to the side, and then she kneels down on the blanket and sits back on her heels He mimics her position and sits opposite her. Her already golden skin glows in the sun. Kurt feels his breath catch as he takes in her totally voluptuous form.

"Can you help me with the oil, babe?" she asks turning toward him. "Start right here, if that's okay with you," she says, pointing to the area between her neck and her breasts.

Kurt opens the bottle of tanning oil, and the scent of coconut fills the air. He tries not to let her see his hands trembling as he pours the oil into his palms. He reaches out to spread the oil, not sure exactly what he should do, and is overcome by the desire to place his hands everywhere on her body. Cautiously, he starts spreading oil where she has directed.

With head back and hands on her thighs, Sarah sighs. "God, that feels good. Summer sun and your hands on my skin, the scent of coconut, the sound of the waves…" her voice trails off.

Beside himself, Kurt's hands spread the oil in a circular motion, taking in more and more of her hardly covered breasts. Upon getting no resistance from Sarah, he puts more oil in his palms and circles again, this time reaching inside her suit and cupping her breasts completely. His massage continues, thumbs tantalizing Sarah's nipples erect, fingers enjoying the fullness of each breast.

Wearing sunglasses, Sarah can open her eyes without being seen, and she glances down to find Kurt's manhood straining against his trunks, a small wet spot starting to show. His eyes are fixed on the massage he is giving her breasts, and he does not notice her taking the oil to her own palms. Sarah's thumbs are in the waistband of his trunks and he is sprung free before he realizes what is happening. One hand reaches in and pulls him straight, her oiled palm gliding across his shaft, hardening him fully. When she adds her other hand and begins rhythmic stroking, he moans.

Reflexively he rises from his heels so that he can take off the trunks. He pushes them to his knees, and then starts to lift one leg to get them completely off. As this happens, Sarah encourages him to stand, and with one hand she helps him remove the shorts. With the other, she keeps hold of him, still stroking, and pulls him closer to her.

She places him between her breasts, and then takes one in each hand, squeezing herself around him. Kurt's hands fall to Sarah's shoulders as he watches himself sliding between her oily breasts. Just when he thinks he's found heaven, Sarah opens her mouth and licks the head of his cock with her tongue as he slides up between her breasts. The sensation drives him wild, and he rocks against her. As quickly as it starts, Sarah pulls away.

"If we are going to sit out here in the sun long, I really need you to do my back," she says

. She turns and gets up on her hands and knees presenting her thong-clad ass directly at Kurt.

"Uh, sure," Kurt mumbles, and he drops back to his knees looking for the oil.

While he lathers up again, Sarah pulls her hair around to the side of her neck and gently pulls the string ties on her top. The tiny triangles fall to the blanket below her. She feels Kurt's hands on her back; warm from the sun and smooth from the oil. He slowly works his way from her shoulders down to the small of her back. She feels him pour more oil directly in the small of her back, and begin to spread it across her cheeks. He kneads them gently, thumbs following the trail of her thong down further with each stroke. She feels his cock dancing against her thigh as it throbs, so she spreads her legs a bit, lets him in, and then closes tightly, trapping him. He slides forward until the knob touches her clit, and when she looks down, she sees the purple head peeking out between her thighs. He slides back and forth in this position, and they each enjoy the sensations his motion brings.

With a finger, Kurt moves the thong to the side, exposing her sweet, wet lips. He backs up from her thighs, and takes the head of his cock and presses it against her moisture.

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