by K. M. Lambert

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: What can happen when your girl comes home early from a business trip.

My live-in girlfriend, Katie, travels a lot for business. I don't really like it, but I know she has earned the position she's in, which takes her all over the country. Mostly I don't like it because I get left behind a lot. Oh sure, it's fun for the first couple of days. I can toss my dirty sock in the middle of the living room floor, eat greasy take out in front of the TV, and even meet my pals out to watch the game on the big screen down at the corner bar. But, at the end of the night, I go to bed alone in an empty house.

Truth is, I miss Katie when she's gone. I get teased quite a bit because I admit that I miss her, but hey, it's true. There's just something about her that always makes me feel better. We've been together over two years, and I am not the least bit tired of her.

Even though we talk on the phone daily while she's gone, it's not the same. Sometimes our conversations get down right hot, and when I hang up, I'm still pretty horny. But I never cheat on her. I probably could. It's not like I'm not good looking. I'm almost 6 foot, with dark hair and green eyes. I'm a phys ed teacher at the local high school, so I'm always in shape. And when I'm not teaching or coaching, I'm playing in baseball and hockey leagues. I get offers all the time, but I have never taken anyone up on it because sex with Katie is the greatest, and I want it to stay that way.

When this adventure happened, Katie had been gone for 5 days, one of the longest trips she'd been on in awhile. I expected her home late on Saturday night. It was only Saturday afternoon, and I was missing her in a big way. I was lounging on the couch watching the hockey game, but my mind kept drifting off to her. It was weird; my whole body ached for her. Restless, I got up and went to our bedroom and opened the closet door. I let my hands drift across her suits hanging in the closet, feeling the soft silks and imagining her in them. I pulled them close to my face and took in the faint scent she left behind. It made me want her more accutely.

I opened the small drawer of her bureau and her scent drifted up to me, heavy and inviting. I began to rummage thru her most intimate things. I felt like I was trespassing on some sacred ground, and the sensation was heady. Each piece I picked up gave me an intimate vision of Katie. I saw her standing tall; her slender nearly 6 foot frame caught in silouette of an early sunset at our bedroom window before we went out to dinner, blonde hair piled up on her head, red bra and matching thong outlining her curves. My body responded to my thoughts by giving me an immediate hard on. I continued through the drawer, my hand finally falling upon a pair of her black silk thigh high stockings. God, how I loved to see her in those! She had been blessed with legs "up to there" and once she had treated me to a strut across the livingroom wearing nothing but those very thigh highs, black stilleto heals and a string of pearls. I picked the stockings out of the drawer and headed back to the couch. If I couldn't be with Katie, then I would imagine we were together, and I'd watch the hockey game too.

Since all my imagining was making me uncomfortable, I took off my boxers and laid back on the couch in just my jersey. I began to run the stockings through my fingers, imagining Katie's legs in them, rubbing up against me. I put a stocking on over my hand and up my forearm. The fabric was so sheer and smooth I reached out and touched myself with it. It was as if she were standing over me, foot caressing my chest, arms and belly. I began to stroke myself, and was surprized at how good it felt. I found the other stocking and put it on my other hand. I started to stroke, alternating hands, feeling myself growing harder by the second. My eyes were closed, and all I could see was Katie, touching me, dragging her hair across my body, flicking her tongue everywhere. My hand grew more frantic, squeezing my balls, taking short fast strokes on my now throbbing member. My visions of her were so real I could smell her. I could feel myself building dangerously close to climax and I started to moan her name.

"Had to start without me, huh?" I heard Katie's voice directly over me. My eyes flew open to find Katie, the real thing, not my fantasy, standing at the head of the couch watching me intently. There I was, in just my jersey, with my hands in her stockings around my throbbing cock! She looked amused, and I lay there not knowing quite what to do. "Oh, don't stop on my account," she said. "I was quite enjoying the show!

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