Donna and the Fraternity

by Q-Tip

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Fisting, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: The beautiful Donna becomes the girl-toy of a fraternity for a weekend.


It was almost six months after spring break in Ft. Lauderdale that I decided to visit Don at his college in the Midwest. Carol couldn't travel with me, but we had become roommates as soon as we returned and I had learned to really love the taste of her sweet blonde pussy.

We had both kept in contact with Don. He was such a stud! And when I found myself with just enough cash to make the trip, I went.

Don met me at the airport and, even though I had reservations at a small motel near the campus, we drove directly to his fraternity house. I was about to have the most wild, sex-filled weekend of my life and I never did check into the motel.

If you haven't read the other stories I've written this will describe me and what I look like. If you have read the other stories, thank you, and you can skip this part.

My name is Donna, by the way. I'm small, maybe 5'1" and less than 100 pounds. My dad is Portuguese and my mother's Greek, and I've got dark hair and olive skin. I also have great breasts. They're not really huge; I'm between a "C" cup and a "D" cup, but as small as I am they look immense on me, and they're perfectly shaped with just a little droop. I could admire my tits in the mirror for hours.

I also have a fat cunt. That's how one of my old boyfriends described it, he said my cunt was fat. What he meant was that my labia is big and hangs down from my body. My hood is also very big and my clit sticks out of it. It never goes down it's just big. When I get excited my clit gets very big, about as big as my thumb! I love sex and I don't really care if it's with a guy or another girl. As long as they turn me on!

When we got to the frat house we went directly to Don's room. It was late and most of Don's frat brothers were out for the night partying. Don couldn't wait to get my clothing off me. As soon as we closed the door I leapt into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. I kissed him hard while feeling his cock hardening against my rump. Oh god he felt good to me. I leaned back and started to unbutton his shirt while he walked, with me hanging off his waist, to the bed. He sat with me just finishing my task and starting to rub my hands all over his hard fury chest.

I love playing with a guy's chest. Running my hands through the chest hair and feeling the hard little guy-nipples. Oh that gets me so hot!! I quickly leaned over and planted my lips on his hard nub. They're just so cute!

While I was doing that Don wasn't wasting any time. He was pulling my sweater up and all ready had his hands all over my tits. Sometimes I like them handled gently, sometimes I'm in the mood for them to be squeezed and mauled. Tonight I was in the mood for a good mauling! Don was squeezing my boobs and twisting my hard nipples like he was trying to tune in a distant radio station. It felt great. When he pulled my nipples hard away from my chest, not at all gentle, I took my lips off his chest and moaned into his mouth as I pushed my tongue between his lips.

I knew that this wasn't going to be a long drawn out love making. We were going to fuck. Right now.

Don had me on the bed, on my back, and just like that he had my jeans and panties off. With my sweater still pushed up around my neck Don was already running the thick head of his cock along the crack of my pussy. I must have already gotten quite wet because when Don started to push inside of me he met no resistance.

I love the feeling of being penetrated my a hard cock. The girls know what I mean. Feeling that hard cock slowly push inside. Feeling the hard, hot length sinking inside and filling a space that you didn't really know was empty until just that moment. And, when he's all the way in, feeling his pubic hair intermesh with mine and his balls come to rest on my ass.

Oh, it is so goooooooooood. I was moaning and groaning that whole time, my hands on his ass urging him inside of me. I love sex, I love to fuck!!

When Don started to pound in and out of me I was grunting right along with him and when he came inside of me I screamed and came with him. I felt his cock throbbing inside of me as he pumped me full of his cum. That is the greatest feeling in the world. Maybe its all tied up with having babies or something, but that moment of feeling a guy cum is the nearest thing to heaven I'm likely to ever need.


That night I stayed in Don's room. We kissed and did things all night. The next morning I woke up to find a strange guy standing at the foot of the bed looking at me. His hair was messed and he was wearing only his underwear. He looked like he's just gotten up.

We looked at each other for a moment. I had to smile it was kinda funny. He just looked confused. I'd been to the bathroom a hour or so before so I was in no hurry to jump out of bed. I was naked under the covers anyway.

Just then Don came back into the room. He had on his jeans and had probably been to the bathroom himself. He looked from the stranger to me and said, "Donna this is Joe. Thanks for showing him your tits."

I looked down quickly and realized that the covers didn't totally cover. I just shrugged my shoulders, which caused the covers to slide a little lower.

"So, Joe. What do say to a person who shows you her tits?" I asked.

Joe didn't miss a beat. "Show me your pussy," he said.

With that Don took hold of the covers and pulled them off me completely. "Donna," he said. "Joe looks like he needs a little relief."

I could see the tip of Joe's cock had worked its way under the leg band of his briefs. It looked yummy! With just a drop or two of pre-cum on the head.

"What do you think I should do about it?" I asked.

"I think the least you could do is give him a blow job," that was Don's solution to everything. A blow job.

"Sure," I said. I loved playing the slut. I was quickly on my knees, with my boobies swinging under me, pulling Joe's briefs down so I could get at this cock.

When I finally had them down far enough his cock popped up and slapped me under the chin. I jumped back and giggled. It was really cute. His cock was cute too. It was really nice and I slipped it right into my mouth. I could feel my cunt dripping again as I sucked him in and out of my mouth. I quickly got my hand wet and used it, like a five-fingered cunt to slide up and down his shaft just below my mouth. When I slid my mouth down on his cock I simultaneously slid my wet hand down toward his pubic hair. Up and down like that, like a hot wet cunt.

Within minutes Joe was groaning and humping toward my mouth. I felt him tighten and than he was shooting his cum into my mouth. That's not as good as feeling a cock shooting into my cunt, but it's the next best thing.

His cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed as fast as I could. Not too bad tasting either.

When he was done I slowly let his cock out of my mouth making sure to get every drop from the tip before I let it go.

Don quickly flipped me on my back and slid his hand into my cunt. When I say his hand I mean damn near the entire thing! I was so hot my cunt was flowing wet, wet all the way to my belly button. I was flowered completely open. Just a big open pussy and Don slipped almost his entire hand into me.

I was panting, gasping for breath. I though Don was going to fuck me right then and I wanted him too. But he had other plans. Instead of fucking he kept working his hand up inside of me while whispering into my ear.

"You liked sucking Joe didn't you Donna. You didn't know him, you just sucked him off because I asked you to, didn't you?"

I could only moan, "Yes."

"You like being a slut don't you, Donna?" He was whispering right into my ear. I could feel his thumb joining his fingers inside my cunt.

"Oh god, yes. I loved sucking him."

Don's entire hand was inching inside me as I pushed down trying to get as much of him inside me as I could. Each time I pushed a moan of pleasure escaped my lips.

"I'm going to make one of your fantasies come true Donna. There's lots of horny guys in this house."

I was grunting over and over again as he worked his entire hand in and out of my cunt. I'd never felt so full before. His hand was so big inside of me that every time he pushed in my clit was pulled down to rub on the back of his hand.

I looked into his eyes as he said, "Before the weekend is over you're going to fuck each one of those horny guys. You're going to be our personal sex slave for the entire weekend."

And I came. I screamed and passed out for a moment. Sex slave for the weekend!!

When I came to, I was laying on my slide and Don's hand was in front of my face, dripping with pussy juice.

"Lick my hand Donna. Lick my hand so I know that you're our sex slave."

With that I went down on his hand. Engulfing as much as I could into my mouth as I sucked my own sweet juice and licked between his fingers to make sure I got it all.

It was an hour later that I padded out of the bathroom and into the kitchen wearing just a robe loosely tied in front.

Don, Joe and three other guys were sitting around the large table in the center of the room drinking coffee and eating a variety of breakfast-type foods.

"Hi everybody," I said as I walked in.

"Everybody, this is Donna," Don said.

"Hi, Joe," I said in a sexy voice as I bent down and kissed him on the lips. I know that the front of my robe had gapped open and that the other guys had looked. I felt really sexy as I picked up a piece of toast and started to nibble on it while checking everybody out.

"Donna's agreed to help us this weekend," Don said to the group.

All eyes turned toward him as one of the guys said, "In what way?"

"By agreeing to be our fuck-toy until Sunday night. Isn't that right Donna?" he asked while slipping my robe off my shoulders.

"That's right," I smiled brightly as my robe hit the floor. "I'm the fraternity girl-toy for the next two days. Isn't that right Joe?"

Joe looked around at me and said to the group, "Donna gives the best blow-job you've ever had. How about another one?"

I didn't say a thing. I quickly got on my knees, again, with my boobs swinging freely, again, and helped Joe pull down his jeans. His beautiful cock was already growing erect as I slid my mouth over the smooth head. Like velvet on steel. I really like cock!!

"Geez Don, I thought you were kidding!" said one of the guys behind me.

"Isn't anybody going to fuck me?" I asked looking over my shoulder while stroking Joe's cock with my wet hand.

"Let's take this into the bedroom," said Don. And just like that we were all up and I was laying flat on my stomach on the bed sucking Joe's now throbbing dick.

I felt hands on my hips pulling me upward. While I continued to work Joe's cock with my wet mouth and wet hand I felt a hard cock sliding into my hungry cunt. I would have thought that after Don had stuck his entire hand up me earlier I might be a bit sore but I wasn't. I was wide open, wet and very horny. My cunt was kinda achy though, but not a sore achy, more of a "I wanna fuck" achy.

The cock in my cunt fucked me in unison to my sucking. That is until Joe shot off all over my face and hair. I stroked his cock until he was done and then, with cum dripping off of me, another cock was shoved in front of me. I smiled at it, smiled up at its owner a tall black guy, and started to lick the bulging purple cock head.

As I started to really get going on the wonderful black cock in my mouth I felt the cock in my pussy starting to pound inside of me. I took the cock out of my mouth long enough to enjoy the feelings from deep in my womb. I didn't cum, but I didn't care. I was just enjoying the taste of that big black cock sliding through my wet hand and into my wet mouth.

I was surprised by the amount of cum that flooded my mouth as that beautiful cock exploded. I couldn't swallow it all and a lot dripped down my chin and onto the bed.

It wasn't long before another cock had taken its place in my engorged cunt. By this time I was sitting with my shoulders against the bed's headboard. I watched in fascination as a stranger's large veiney cock slowly slide into my very hot cunt.

Every inch sent a mini-orgasm through my body. I was gasping for breath and staring at the wonderful sight on my fat cunt turning in and out as he slowly moved in and out of me. I was fascinated by the sight of my juice covering his cock each time he withdrew until finally, with a very loud groan I started to cum. I couldn't catch my breath. I was gasping and crying and cuming so hard my cunt felt like liquid metal.

When the stranger in my cunt let out a loud groan and started to throb inside of me I came again. Harder this time if that was possible. Crying at the top of my lungs and grasping the headboard so hard I thought it might break.

When he pulled out long strings of cum stretched from my aching cunt to the tip of his slowly softening cock. We watched, mesmerized, as my thumb-sized clit pulsed with every beat of my heart. And my tits heaved with my heavy breathing.

It was early evening when Joe came into the bedroom. I had showered and was laying on the bed, naked, resting and catching my breath. I don't know how many guys had fucked me that afternoon but I felt great!

Guys just kept coming into the bedroom. It was like every guy that came into the fraternity was sent back to "get a piece." I loved it! I was so turned on that I welcomed every hard cock. I sucked and fucked and came and begged for more. But now I had taken a breather and a shower.

By the time that Joe came in with the girl I was starting to get horny again thinking about being the fraternity fuck toy. Nobody really knew me here and I was really enjoying being this dirty.

The girl looked shocked when Joe introduced me as the houses' girl-toy.

Naked I said, "Hi. I'm Donna."

"Gloria," she said staring at my naked body with large eyes. She was medium height with beautiful red hair and green eyes. She was pretty and looked like she had small tits and nice full hips. She was wearing a sweater and skirt. Real preppy.

"Sit down," said Joe steering Gloria toward the edge of the bed.

Blushing and trying not to stare at me, Gloria sat on the edge of the mattress.

"What's up Joe?" I asked.

"Gloria's got this fantasy of being with another girl," said Joe.

Gloria's head snapped around to stare at Joe. I mean it snapped. I was surprised she didn't hurt herself.

"JOE!" she yelled.

"Well you do," he said. Turning to me he added, "She's told me before that she's fantasized about being with another girl. So, will you eat out my beautiful Gloria?" He said the last while giving her a soft kiss.

Her eyes were open and I could see her straining to see me.

"Of course!" I said smiling. "I'd love to eat her pussy." And I joined the party, kissing the back of Gloria's neck while Joe kissed her mouth. I slid my arms around her from the back cupping her small breasts through her bra in front.

I heard her moan faintly into Joe's mouth.

I slid my hands down Gloria's body and under the front of her sweater, all the time kissing her neck and ears. I ran my hands up the smooth skin of her belly and, unhooking her bra from the front, over he small cone-shaped tits.

Now Joe was kissing and nibbling her throat and her nipples were hardening in my hands. I heard her groan as I eased around to take her pale pink nipple between my lips.

No biting or hard sucking here. We were making love to this beautiful redheaded girl and I gently licked and sucked at her tender flesh.

I felt Gloria tremble as Joe and I together eased the sweater over her head.

"Oh, god Gloria," I breathed looking at her. "You're so beautiful."

Gloria's eyes were half closed and she was breathing hard through her mouth as she watched my face.

As I kissed my way down her body Joe carefully eased Gloria onto her back. I eased her skirt up to her waist and was greeted by the sight on small sheer white satin panties. So sheer that I could see Gloria's dazzling red pussy hair.

As I moved to pull them down Gloria broke her kiss with Joe and put her hand on my head.

"No, please don't... I can't," she was trying to push my head away.

Instead I placed my mouth on her panties, right above her clit, and starting licking her through the thin material.

"Oh, no. What are you doing?" Gloria had her hand on the side of my head but wasn't really pushing me away. I could feel her hips move slightly, ever so slightly, pushing her pussy into my face.

I had been running my fingers along the leg hole of her panties and I slowly pulled her panties up and away from her bright scarlet bush. As I exposed her pussy to my mouth I started to gently lap directly on her clit.

Her head was off the mattress looking down at me as she said, "Oh god, NO... NO... YOU CAN'T... OHOHOH... THAT'S SOOOO GOOD...OH STOP...DON'T...STOP."

I figured that meant don't stop and I started to lick her pussy, slowly with my tongue flat and soft, from her hole to the hood of her clit. Her pussy was beautiful. Her labia were as red as the soft hair that proved she was a natural redhead. Her clit was swollen with desire and a fine coating of her juice covered her.

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