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Desc: Sex Story: a guy brings his friend home to meet his sleeping wife

An incident happened the other night, quite by accident, that awakened something in me I didn't know I had. Last Thursday night a friend of mine, Larry, came over to talk, drink a beer, and watch TV. He works at the same place I do, and since we had a three day weekend, we were in no hurry to end the night. My wife, Sandy, had to work the next day, and since she was not a night person she went to bed about 10:30. She is also one of the soundest sleepers I know of. I have actually shaken her pretty good trying to wake her up before, and still she would sleep.

After Sandy went to bed, Larry and I sat up and watched an old porno flick of his that he had brought over, since Sandy wasn't into much of that scene.

After the first couple of cum shots, Larry exclaimed, "Man, it sure would be nice to have a real piece of ass! It's been much too long since I've had any!"

I was a little surprised at his comment. Larry was not a bad looking guy, being about six foot-two and weighing in at about 175lbs, I would have thought he would have had plenty of lady-friends.

"Don't you date anybody now, Larry?" I asked.

"Naw, since Belinda broke it off with me two years ago, I've been pretty shy about asking anyone out," he replied.

We chatted a little more about Belinda, and how she had been running around on him while he was at work before finally dumping him. A few beers and a few cum shots later, Larry got up to use the bathroom.

I sat there watching the movie for a while before realizing Larry had been gone for an awful long time. I got up to go see if he was alright, and as I approached the bathroom door, I saw it was open. I walked on in and saw Larry standing there looking through the doorway that adjoins our bedroom. He jumped when he saw me.

"Oh, man. I'm sorry," he stammered. "It's just that when I came in here, the door was open. When I was about to leave, I just saw her laying there like that!"

I stepped around Larry and looked into the bedroom. Sandy was lying on her side facing away from us, with her legs kind of tucked under her slightly. She had gone to bed wearing a nightgown, but it had ridden up over her hips, showing her smooth, bare, pantyless ass. Her shoulders were turned slightly more our way allowing us to view the side of her cone shaped breast and nipple through the semi-sheer nightgown.

She looked very sexy lying there in the reflected light from the bathroom, her lips slightly pouting and her long dark hair thrown across the pillow.

It was almost like she was posing for a centerfold.

"God, she's beautiful," Larry said breathlessly. "I'd give anything to have a woman like her, Chris."

At first, I was a little pissed off at Larry. But at the same time, the thought of Larry seeing my wife like that without her knowing it was turning me on.

"Chris, I'm sorry. I guess I better go on home," Larry said, turning to go back out.

"No, wait a minute Larry," I heard myself thinking. "Come on in here a minute. Just walk real quietly, OK."

"Wha..., you *want* me to come in there?"

"I guess it wouldn't hurt anything for you to just look. But we can't wake her up, OK?"

I couldn't believe what I was saying. I was about to bring another man into my bedroom so that he could look at my almost naked wife. I wasn't quite sure just what I was going to do yet, or how far I would go.

As we tiptoed into the bedroom, I motioned for Larry to come on over to the side of the bed. He looked a little unsure of himself, his eyes darting from me to Sandy. But the closer he got, the longer his gaze locked on Sandy. She was lying on the side of the bed closest to us, and as we approached her both of her firm breasts came into full view.

Her nipples could just be seen through the thin fabric of her gown, but her legs being bent prevented us from seeing her pussy. Her gown was just about the level of her belly-button though, and the smooth curve of her belly could be seen until it disappeared between her legs.

I just stood there grinning from ear to ear, looking back and forth from Larry to Sandy. He was just standing there, staring at her in utter amazement and disbelief.

"Oh, Chris. She's so sexy! I can't believe your'e letting me see her like this!"

Carefully, I reached down and eased the strap of her gown off of her left shoulder, exposing more of her breast, and stopping just as the material reached her nipple.

"Want to see more?" I whispered.

"Y-Yeah!" he whispered back.

"Ever so slowly, I eased the strap down further, but her nipple kept the fabric from going any further. Carefully, I slid my finger under the fabric, gently lifting it up and over her nipple. Larry gasped quietly.

Now her left breast was fully exposed. Her smooth pink nipples were standing erect from the stimulation of the moving fabric. I then reached over and eased the right strap down over her shoulder, gently pulling the fabric over her right nipple exposing it. I left the straps on her arms for the moment, as I didn't want to risk waking her up. Larry was still standing there, gawking at Sandy's firm tits and ass, rubbing the bulge in his pants occasionally while trying not to let me see. My own dick was about to burst the seams of my jeans too, not only because of seeing my wife, but of what I was doing.

"Well, what'cha think?" I whispered.

"Oh, god! I can't believe it! She's so gorgeous, I just wish...,"

he replied, rubbing his cock again before catching himself.

I thought for a moment, if she woke up..., but I was going to try it anyway. I motioned for Larry to come closer, then pointed at her tits.

"Go ahead, touch 'em. But be real gentle. I don't want to take any chances."

Larry's eyes were wide open as he eased closer, bending over slightly and reaching out to cup her breasts. His hand was shaking slightly, and he had his other hand between his legs as if to support himself, but it was obvious what he was doing. His hand kept edgeing closer, closer, until finally - his fingertips were touching the top of her left breast just below the areola. Carefully, his thumb rested on the underside of her breast, before sliding slowly up towards the nipple.

She didn't move. Just as his thumb reached her areola, he brought his forefinger down to close around the nipple ever so gently.

I had known Sandy since before high school, and we went steady together all during high school before getting married, and as far as I knew, not another man had ever seen this much of her, much less touched her before.

Larry then started caressing her breasts, going from first one, then the other, very lightly. Sandy was still quite asleep, although it seemed that her breathing was slightly faster. Larry began getting bolder, using slightly more pressure and gently squeezing each breast.

He was now not trying to hide his own crotch rubbing, and it appeared that he was going to attempt to cum off in his pants. I was having too much fun to let this end right now, though, so I motioned him back as I eased the straps of her gown the rest of the way off of her arms.

I pulled the gown down as far as it would go without pulling it down between her and the bed, leaving her entire top exposed down to about the bottom of her rib cage on the left side. Then I made my way down to her hips. I carefully moved the sheet away from the bottom of her ass, and untangled it from around her feet. This left all of her ass exposed, and part of her pussy. Larry couldn't see this yet from his vantage point. I heard him doing something behind me, so I turned and saw him pulling his jeans down to just below his balls so that he could jack off. I turned back around, and slowly straightened Sandy's left leg.

This exposed her upper pubic hair almost down to the slit of her pussy, and when Larry saw me doing this, he leaned over beside me to get a good look while still jacking off. Gently, I pulled her left leg closer to me easing her over to fully lie on her back, exposing her entire pussy.

"Ohhhh my god," Larry breathed as he began to jack himself faster.

"Don't get too far ahead of yourself, now," I cautioned him. "You want to touch her pussy before you cum, don't you?"

He stopped jacking off and looked at me like a child on Christmas morn.

Ohhh, yeah! You're gonna let me..., ohhh, yeah!"

He replaced his right hand with his left on his cock, but still not jacking off. Then he reached out with the same hand he had been rubbing his dick with, and slowly reached out to touch the top of her pubic mound.

He gently started rubbing his fingers through her dark brown pubic hair, not quite going as far as her slit yet. Sandy was still fast asleep, but her breathing became more rapid as he stroked her. Then he ran his first two fingers down the outside of her pussy lips and back up before running his middle finger down the outside of her slit. As he brought his finger back up, it opened her pussy lips slightly, and the sweet odor of her pussy began to fill the air.

"Ohhhhhh, godddd!!!" Larry sighed while pulling his finger back up slightly inside her slit.

Just as he reached her clit, she jumped a little, then let out a slight, almost inaudible moan. Larry quickly pulled his hand back.

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