Lyndia Explores Her Submissive Side

by Q-Tip

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lyndia, the beautiful blonde wife from "A Blonde in A Bowling Alley," along with her husband explore her submissive side as she takes on multiple partners and exhibits herself in public.

Things changed for Lyndia and me after that night at the bowling alley. She was still the beautiful, elegant woman that I had married and I still love her. I think I love her more now, if that's possible.

I started to assert my control over Lyndia immediately. That very morning I told her that she couldn't put out for anybody, at least not any more, without my permission.

I sat on the couch in our living room while Lyndia knelt on the floor in front of me with her head down.

"I want to get this clear," I said to her. "Look at me when I'm giving you instructions."

With that Lyndia raised her beautiful head and looked into my eyes. It almost broke my heart; her exquisite blue eyes like a deer caught in the headlights, large and alarmed looking, but also shinning and hopeful.

She was completely naked as she knelt there. I hadn't let her put on any clothing and her tits, red and swollen from the treatment they had received the night before, had never looked more beautiful or appealing.

Her breath caught as I reached down and gripped her left nipple between my forefinger and thumb.

"You'll do exactly as I tell you from now on," I said directly into her face.

She flinched from the force of my fingers pinching her aching nipple and said, "Yes Bob. I'm yours to do with as you want."

She was excited. I could see that. Not only were her eyes sparkling, but her breath was coming in big gulps. If this is what she wanted, to be sexually dominated, than that is what she was going to get.

"Here are the rules," I said. I had thought about these as I sat in the chair waiting for her to come home from the bowling alley last night. "Rule one, no more underwear, ever. Do you understand me, you are not to wear a bra or panties unless I give you specific permission to do so."

"Yes, Bob."

"Rule two. At times I will want you to call me 'master.' I will tell you when those times are so that you are not confused. Now, I want you to practice saying 'master.' Say it for me."

"Yes, master. Master, master, master." Her breath was rasping now and her eyes had half closed as she savored the word 'master' on her tongue and I continued to pinch her nipple.

"What are you feeling now?" I asked her.

"Oh god, master. I'm feeling so hot. My pussy is on fire. I'm actually dripping on my leg!!" She looked up at me as she said the last. Her look was one of amazement. Amazement that she could be so turned on.

"Do you like it when I pinch you nipple?"

"Oh master. Please pinch my nipple as hard as you like. Please do anything to my tits that you want. I'm yours."

"Jeez, this is great!" I thought. "She'd never responded to sex before and here she is, dripping cunt juice on her own leg!"

"Rule three. You will do anything I tell you too with anybody that I tell you to do it with. You have no say in the matter. Is that clear? Repeat that after me," I said.

"Oh yes, master. I will do anything you tell me to do with anybody you tell me to do it with; I have no say." She was panting now. Her mouth hung open and a faint line of drool ran down from the corner of her beautiful lips.

"Rule four. You'll only cum when I give you permission. Is that clear."

"Ooooh master, I waaaant tooo cuuuuum now. I'm sooooo ready." Her entire chest was red from the sex flush that was controlling her. Her beasts heaved with her labored breathing.

"Lay on your back." I commanded her.

As quickly as the words left my mouth my wonderful Lyndia was on her back with her legs spread and her cunt pointed toward me. I could not believe what I saw between her legs. Her pussy, with its light coating of blonde/red hair, lay spread and gasping before me. Her labia were swollen and angry looking. Her cunt was bright red with long strings of pussy juice running down to her ass.

She was breathing heavily now. Her stomach raising and falling with the force of her breathing.

"OK," I said. "I want you to cum. I want you to grab hold of your bad girl cunt and jerk yourself off. Now."

With that Lyndia moaned loudly and grabbed her cunt with both hands. As her right hand pulled insistently at her clit the fingers of her left hand stabbed repeatedly into her gapping hole.

"Oh god!!" she screamed. "I'm cumming for you!! I'm cumming for you, Bob. Oh, please make me your slut!!!!! I want that more than anything!!!"

I have to tell you. If I hadn't shot off in pants twice, and once in her mouth, earlier that night I'd have cum again at the sight of my adored wife jerking herself to organism on the floor in front of me.


When Bob made me knell on the floor, naked, in front of him I was so excited that I had a hard time catching my breath. I knew this was what I wanted. I wanted my man to sexually dominate me. I wanted to surrender all control of my body to him.

As I knelt there looking down at myself I was amazed by how red and swollen my boobs looked. They had been treated very roughly the night before by Tony, Allan, and Mitch. Well Bob hadn't been any too gentle either. My pussy was dripping wet, I could feel the heat throbbing up through my body.

Bob made me look up at him as he gave me the rules. As he told me each one I became hotter and hotter. I meekly answered, 'Yes, Bob, or yes, master, ' to each one.

This was what I wanted. I wanted him to use me. When he pinched up nipple between his finger and thumb, it was exactly what I needed. My breasts were so sensitive from the night before and his pinch sent shock waves directly to my cunt. I could feel it spasm as he pinched and my breath caught in my throat. I wanted to cum so badly!!

I begged him to let me cum and finally he did. Lying on my back I roughly grabbed my cunt and exploded in organism. I was his slut to do with as he pleased.


I married Lyndia right before I was transferred east. If you haven't read the first two parts of this story, my wife is a beautiful statuesque blonde with big innocent blue eyes and incredible long legs. With her long blonde hair pulled up behind her head and her conservative clothing she looks, well, glamorous.

We are both young, in our mid-20's, and I am completely taken by her beauty, she is so exquisite!. She's about 5'7", as I mentioned blonde (natural), with long awesome legs, slim hips, a perfectly flat belly, and nice, soft "c" cup breasts. A fucking wet dream.

It was a week later, on a Friday afternoon, that things really got rolling. I'd been thinking about how turned on I got watching Lyndia with the four guys at the bowling alley.

I called her in the middle of the afternoon and when she answered I said, "Lyndia, put the telephone down and take off all everything you're wearing. When you're naked, pick up the telephone again."

"Yes, Bob," she said as I heard the telephone receiver being placed on the table.

I heard the rustle of clothing and than her voice, "I'm naked, Bob."

"Go to the bedroom," I said, "and put on your thigh-high hose and your highest high-heeled shoes."

"Yes, Bob," she said again.

A few minutes later she was back on the line. "Describe yourself to me," I demanded.

"I'm completely naked, like you asked," she said. "Except I have on my thigh highs and my high-heels."

"What color are your stockings?"

"Naked." Was all she needed to say.

"Excellent. Now put the telephone down again and go get your trench coat," was my next direction.

Lyndia's trench coat is the kind that has a slit in the bottom of the pockets allowing the wearers' hand to go all the way through the coat. It's designed so that people can retrieve things from their pants pocket without pulling up the trench coat in the rain. It also has a small vertical pocket sewn into the inside lining for items that you don't want to get wet. It also has a number of buttons running down the front.

Breathless now I heard Lyndia say, "I have the coat, Bob."

"Put the coat on and button all the buttons," I directed her.

I could hear Lyndia's breathing as she did as I told her.

When she picked up the telephone again I said, "Now, dressed just as you are, take your purse and your cell phone and walk down to the bus stop. Take the bus into the city. If anyone talks to you, I want you to be nice to them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Bob."

"When you get downtown I want you to get off the bus at the "blank" Hotel. Go into the bar. I want you to sit at the bar and not at a table. Call me on my cell phone when you arrive. Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yes, Bob."


When the phone rang that Friday, I had just finished by shower. The marks from the bowling alley had faded from my tits and they looked, and felt, normal again. I had washed myself carefully, spending a lot of time cleaning my pussy. Well, not cleaning it exactly. OK, I was playing with myself. Running the shower spray over my cunt with one hand while I held my pussy lips open with the other. It felt so nice, but I didn't cum. I couldn't cum unless Bob told me to. That's the rule!

My breath caught in my throat when I heard the tone in Bob's voice. It was his "master" voice and I could instantly tell the difference.

I strip naked as fast as I could and ran to get my thigh highs and high heeled shoes. When I slipped the trench coat on over my naked body, I felt so sexy, so bad, and so vulnerable. My cunt, already turned on from my shower, was now starting to drip again.

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