Wonders of hypnosis

by Jennifer Doalfer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I go to a hypnotist to get help to stop smoking. His solution is convert my desires for cigarettes to desire for sex. He embeds a secret keyword in my mind, which a colleague uses to have sex with me.

Preface: I would like to point out that this story is written especially for publication. I have included actions which I honestly don't care much for myself, but which I have understood that my readers like to read. If you are one of my readers who likes the intimacy of my stories and the feeling that you get to know me through my stories, then please don't take the content of this story as an indication of my true feelings.

I am sorry to say that many years ago I was a smoker. I know that doesn't go very well with being a medical student, as I was at the time, but the studying was hard and I needed the cigarettes to relax. When I graduated I decided to stop, but I couldn't. I was getting rather desperate. I thought I had a fairly good character, and I had always been sure I could stop anytime.

So when one of my good friends suggested I should try hypnosis, I was willing to try, even though I had always been a strongly sceptical. My friend Brian, however, insisted that this guy who was Egyptian, was fantastic and that he had got one of his friends off 60 cigarettes a day. As I was under 20 a day, but still feeling that was a burden, I thought that, maybe, this guy might actually be able do something for me. So I booked a time to go and see him, and one afternoon a couple of weeks later, I went along.

I was received by a beautiful girl who was obviously also Egyptian.

"Please come in. Sit down and relax," she said.

I looked around. Even though this was in a completely normal flat in one of the better parts of Copenhagen, everything inside was Egyptian, even down to the smell of incense. I was in a large room divided by a thick curtain, almost like a carpet, the way I imagine the Bedouins have the interior of their tents separated.

"My father is still busy with his last client, but he should be out in a short time. You can't always tell how long these sessions are going to last," she added apologetically.

I smiled back. I just hoped that I wasn't going to change my mind in the meantime. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long. I never saw the previous client, as that person was ushered out behind another curtain, which covered the way to the door. I could hear a muffled conversation, apparently between the girl and her father before he came out to greet me. He was a rather small man. Not ugly, not particularly old, but in some way strangely mysterious. The first thing I really noticed about him was his eyes, which were large, round, and almost black. I already found them mesmerising, thinking about what it would be like staring into the eyes of a snake. But I didn't feel uncomfortable. I guess I would have been disappointed if he had been a completely normal- looking man. He certainly fitted the part of a hypnotist.

"Hello to you then," he said in the same broken Danish I had heard before.

He held the curtain to the side so I could step through the opening. He kept it open, indicating with his head that his daughter should leave. I got the impression she didn't want to, but that she was frightened to disobey him. She quickly slipped out and I heard the main door close and the lock click.

I felt slightly worried, but he smiled a very warm and reassuring smile.

"Please sit there in the large chair," he said, as he indicated a large, very cosy looking chair, a mixture between a chair and a bed. It looked very Egyptian as well. I could imagine a slim Egyptian goddess resting on it smoking a long thin black cigarette. The thought of the cigarette reminded me of why I was there.

I almost had to climb into the chair, but once I sat down I could understand why he was using furniture like that. It was extremely comfortable, and I had no problem finding a relaxing position. He didn't speak for a while.

"Have you ever tried hypnosis before?" he wanted to know.

"No," I replied

"Do you believe in the possibilities of hypnosis?" It was asked very neutrally, but I wanted to be careful about answering it.

"I admit I am sceptical, but on the other hand if I didn't believe in its possibilities I wouldn't be here now."

"True enough," he said with a friendly smile. "It is common that people need to have experienced the effects of it before they fully believe in it, but as long as you are receptive it shouldn't be a problem being sceptical."

"Okay then," he said, and started out in way I hadn't anticipated. I had expected a pendulum, or him staring into my eyes and telling me to go to sleep. Instead, he asked me to imagine arriving at a tropical beach, leaving my single-seater outrigger, and walking across the fine and soft sand into a narrow jungle path taking me up a mountain. As I walked along he described the feeling of the sand, the colour of the flowers and the sounds. Soon I really felt as if I was walking in the jungle, up the path and finding a small temple. Inside was a hot spring that flowed into a pool. He told me to get undressed and immerse myself in the pool, relax and leave all my worries and stress from the civilised world behind me.

"You are now in a totally relaxed position," he told me, and I could only agree. I really was. You almost feel weightless in the water and the minerals in the water make you dozy and sleepy. Rest your head against the edge of the pool and fall into a light sleep where you will be very receptive to all I am going to tell you."

He told me to go to a journey inside myself. He took me back to a room inside myself, where I could sit in an elevated position and look down on myself and my inner feelings. His voice had changed into a soft, persuasive, persistent droning, which made we want to sleep.

He showed me how I had a pool of desires, of food, comfort, sex, sleep, and smoking.

"You have the same total pool of desires. What we need you to do is convert some of the unwanted desires into a stronger feeling for some of the other desires, so that there is no more room in the pool for the unwanted ones. The strongest desire, and the one easiest to convert to without either sleeping or eating too much, is sex. I want you to concentrate on your desire for sex. Think back to some of the best sex you have had,"

He paused while I easily found one of my most recent experiences, which had, indeed, been very good.

"Now think of some unfulfilled desire and get deep into dreaming, or imagining a way where that could happen."

That was much harder, but I had recently been at a swimming pool where I had noticed two guys staring at me. Later I had imagined what it would be like if I had met them in the changing room afterwards. In my dream the two guys actually walked into my temple in the jungle, undressed, and joined me in the pool. It wasn't long before I was imagining us having sex there in the water.

I guess he must have been observing my rate of breathing, because as I was getting quite excited from my dream, he interrupted me with his soft voice, "I want you to concentrate on the feelings you have now. Next time you think that you need a cigarette, you will be experiencing this feeling and emotion instead. You will feel that if you take the cigarette, you won't be able to feel like this again. That it is the choice between feeling the pleasure of the cigarette or the pleasure of sex. Do you understand that?"

I nodded and said yes, even though I didn't fully understand it. I understood his command and I was concentrating on being able to carry it out, but I didn't really understand or believe that I could feel like that, just from wanting a cigarette.

"It is very important that in the following weeks, you have a lot of strong sexual activity. You need to make your mind understand that the desire for cigarettes can be overcome with your desire for, and the pleasures of sex. Do you have a regular partner in your life right now?"

"No, I haven't had a steady boyfriend for some time now, and I haven't had sex for more than a month." I hadn't really intended to say that, but I felt I had no secrets I couldn't tell him.

"As your desire for cigarettes gets converted into desires for sex, it is very important that you fulfil those desires, so that your subconscious will accept the switch. I will now give you some further instructions. These will be stored in your subconscious mind, and when you wake from your present state, you will not remember any of them, but you will obey the instructions carefully. Do you understand that?"

"Yes," I understood that, and was willing to accept it.

"When you hear somebody offering you a cigarette you will decline, but if the same person says the words, 'take the whole pack', in any connection, this will be a trigger sentence meant for you. From that point on you will lose any inhibitions. You will accept any offers or suggestions being put to you. You will feel a strong urge to exhibit yourself and you will take off your clothes if asked. You will be in a state where you will accept any advances or sexual suggestions made to you."

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