Wonders of hypnosis

by Jennifer Doalfer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I go to a hypnotist to get help to stop smoking. His solution is convert my desires for cigarettes to desire for sex. He embeds a secret keyword in my mind, which a colleague uses to have sex with me.

Preface: I would like to point out that this story is written especially for publication. I have included actions which I honestly don't care much for myself, but which I have understood that my readers like to read. If you are one of my readers who likes the intimacy of my stories and the feeling that you get to know me through my stories, then please don't take the content of this story as an indication of my true feelings.

I am sorry to say that many years ago I was a smoker. I know that doesn't go very well with being a medical student, as I was at the time, but the studying was hard and I needed the cigarettes to relax. When I graduated I decided to stop, but I couldn't. I was getting rather desperate. I thought I had a fairly good character, and I had always been sure I could stop anytime.

So when one of my good friends suggested I should try hypnosis, I was willing to try, even though I had always been a strongly sceptical. My friend Brian, however, insisted that this guy who was Egyptian, was fantastic and that he had got one of his friends off 60 cigarettes a day. As I was under 20 a day, but still feeling that was a burden, I thought that, maybe, this guy might actually be able do something for me. So I booked a time to go and see him, and one afternoon a couple of weeks later, I went along.

I was received by a beautiful girl who was obviously also Egyptian.

"Please come in. Sit down and relax," she said.

I looked around. Even though this was in a completely normal flat in one of the better parts of Copenhagen, everything inside was Egyptian, even down to the smell of incense. I was in a large room divided by a thick curtain, almost like a carpet, the way I imagine the Bedouins have the interior of their tents separated.

"My father is still busy with his last client, but he should be out in a short time. You can't always tell how long these sessions are going to last," she added apologetically.

I smiled back. I just hoped that I wasn't going to change my mind in the meantime. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long. I never saw the previous client, as that person was ushered out behind another curtain, which covered the way to the door. I could hear a muffled conversation, apparently between the girl and her father before he came out to greet me. He was a rather small man. Not ugly, not particularly old, but in some way strangely mysterious. The first thing I really noticed about him was his eyes, which were large, round, and almost black. I already found them mesmerising, thinking about what it would be like staring into the eyes of a snake. But I didn't feel uncomfortable. I guess I would have been disappointed if he had been a completely normal- looking man. He certainly fitted the part of a hypnotist.

"Hello to you then," he said in the same broken Danish I had heard before.

He held the curtain to the side so I could step through the opening. He kept it open, indicating with his head that his daughter should leave. I got the impression she didn't want to, but that she was frightened to disobey him. She quickly slipped out and I heard the main door close and the lock click.

I felt slightly worried, but he smiled a very warm and reassuring smile.

"Please sit there in the large chair," he said, as he indicated a large, very cosy looking chair, a mixture between a chair and a bed. It looked very Egyptian as well. I could imagine a slim Egyptian goddess resting on it smoking a long thin black cigarette. The thought of the cigarette reminded me of why I was there.

I almost had to climb into the chair, but once I sat down I could understand why he was using furniture like that. It was extremely comfortable, and I had no problem finding a relaxing position. He didn't speak for a while.

"Have you ever tried hypnosis before?" he wanted to know.

"No," I replied

"Do you believe in the possibilities of hypnosis?" It was asked very neutrally, but I wanted to be careful about answering it.

"I admit I am sceptical, but on the other hand if I didn't believe in its possibilities I wouldn't be here now."

"True enough," he said with a friendly smile. "It is common that people need to have experienced the effects of it before they fully believe in it, but as long as you are receptive it shouldn't be a problem being sceptical."

"Okay then," he said, and started out in way I hadn't anticipated. I had expected a pendulum, or him staring into my eyes and telling me to go to sleep. Instead, he asked me to imagine arriving at a tropical beach, leaving my single-seater outrigger, and walking across the fine and soft sand into a narrow jungle path taking me up a mountain. As I walked along he described the feeling of the sand, the colour of the flowers and the sounds. Soon I really felt as if I was walking in the jungle, up the path and finding a small temple. Inside was a hot spring that flowed into a pool. He told me to get undressed and immerse myself in the pool, relax and leave all my worries and stress from the civilised world behind me.

"You are now in a totally relaxed position," he told me, and I could only agree. I really was. You almost feel weightless in the water and the minerals in the water make you dozy and sleepy. Rest your head against the edge of the pool and fall into a light sleep where you will be very receptive to all I am going to tell you."

He told me to go to a journey inside myself. He took me back to a room inside myself, where I could sit in an elevated position and look down on myself and my inner feelings. His voice had changed into a soft, persuasive, persistent droning, which made we want to sleep.

He showed me how I had a pool of desires, of food, comfort, sex, sleep, and smoking.

"You have the same total pool of desires. What we need you to do is convert some of the unwanted desires into a stronger feeling for some of the other desires, so that there is no more room in the pool for the unwanted ones. The strongest desire, and the one easiest to convert to without either sleeping or eating too much, is sex. I want you to concentrate on your desire for sex. Think back to some of the best sex you have had,"

He paused while I easily found one of my most recent experiences, which had, indeed, been very good.

"Now think of some unfulfilled desire and get deep into dreaming, or imagining a way where that could happen."

That was much harder, but I had recently been at a swimming pool where I had noticed two guys staring at me. Later I had imagined what it would be like if I had met them in the changing room afterwards. In my dream the two guys actually walked into my temple in the jungle, undressed, and joined me in the pool. It wasn't long before I was imagining us having sex there in the water.

I guess he must have been observing my rate of breathing, because as I was getting quite excited from my dream, he interrupted me with his soft voice, "I want you to concentrate on the feelings you have now. Next time you think that you need a cigarette, you will be experiencing this feeling and emotion instead. You will feel that if you take the cigarette, you won't be able to feel like this again. That it is the choice between feeling the pleasure of the cigarette or the pleasure of sex. Do you understand that?"

I nodded and said yes, even though I didn't fully understand it. I understood his command and I was concentrating on being able to carry it out, but I didn't really understand or believe that I could feel like that, just from wanting a cigarette.

"It is very important that in the following weeks, you have a lot of strong sexual activity. You need to make your mind understand that the desire for cigarettes can be overcome with your desire for, and the pleasures of sex. Do you have a regular partner in your life right now?"

"No, I haven't had a steady boyfriend for some time now, and I haven't had sex for more than a month." I hadn't really intended to say that, but I felt I had no secrets I couldn't tell him.

"As your desire for cigarettes gets converted into desires for sex, it is very important that you fulfil those desires, so that your subconscious will accept the switch. I will now give you some further instructions. These will be stored in your subconscious mind, and when you wake from your present state, you will not remember any of them, but you will obey the instructions carefully. Do you understand that?"

"Yes," I understood that, and was willing to accept it.

"When you hear somebody offering you a cigarette you will decline, but if the same person says the words, 'take the whole pack', in any connection, this will be a trigger sentence meant for you. From that point on you will lose any inhibitions. You will accept any offers or suggestions being put to you. You will feel a strong urge to exhibit yourself and you will take off your clothes if asked. You will be in a state where you will accept any advances or sexual suggestions made to you."

"The next trigger sentence you must remember is, 'I can see you don't need that'. When you hear that you will feel very strong sexual desires. Your breasts will be very receptive to touch, and you will feel a burning desire to have somebody touch, fondle or kiss them. You will feel a strong desire to touch yourself between the legs or have somebody do it to you. You will become very wet and feel you must have sex right then and there. You will not care where, or with whom, but you must have an orgasm as soon as possible. The sex will feel very, very good to you, and in this state you will have very strong orgasms. You will only be able to think about sex and of getting as much as possible. You will feel no inhibitions as all."

"The last trigger sentence you must remember is, 'stub it out'. This will bring you to a state where you will slowly return to your normal self. You will stop feeling sexually aroused, but you will feel pleasantly satisfied. You will get dressed and assume the activity and conversation you were engaged in when you heard the first trigger sentence. After that you will forget all that happened, but you will have a strong feeling, that the rejection of the cigarette, has given you fulfilment of a different, and much stronger desire. You will know that it was this rejection which made you feel so good."

"Notice that when you wake up you will not remember that you have been given these instructions, but you will, all the time, be listening for the trigger sentences, and react to them when you hear them. Do you understand that?"

"I do." I certainly did. I had no idea where this would lead, but the instructions were very clear and I had a strong feeling of a need to comply. I was certainly going to do this if I should hear those sentences. I didn't know what situations it might bring me into, but I appreciated the theory of converting desires, and if this was what it took, and if I could have some good sex at the same time, then that was fine with me.

He now guided me back from the pool. Feeling the cool breeze and hearing the sound of the birds. Dressing and walking to the beach, getting into the outrigger and leaving the shore. I opened my eyes. I was surprised I had closed them. I wasn't even aware of closing them. I was strangely unaware of how much time had passed. I felt I was oddly short of breath, but otherwise I felt fine. I thought back to the journey through the jungle, and remembered everything clearly. I understood the need for the replacing of desires, and the sense in using sex, one of my strongest desires, as that replacement. I was surprised, however, at remembering him telling me about the trigger sentences. I remember hearing him saying that I wasn't supposed to remember those instructions. I did remember, but I felt a bit disappointed. Maybe the rest of it wouldn't work either then.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked me.

"Fine, very relaxed," I lied. I felt a bit confused, but I didn't want to tell him. I didn't want to let him know that I doubted him. Also I found the instructions a bit embarrassing now, and it would perhaps be better just to forget about the whole thing.

"How would you like a cigarette now then," he asked as be brought out a pack and offered me one.

"No thanks," I said with a smile, knowing he was testing me. I was very much aware of being in the process of converting the desire. I found myself thinking about the last time I had had sex, and the pleasure I had experienced. No way was I going to give that up for a cigarette. I felt quite pleased with myself for making it work. Maybe there was something in it after all.

"You can take the whole pack," he said as he closed it and offered it to me.

I shook my head as I realised that that was the trigger sentence I was supposed to look out for, but not know about. I knew he was still just testing me, but I was surprised to find that I was feeling very grateful that he was giving me this opportunity and helping me. Actually, I would probably do anything he asked me; I was just waiting for instructions.

"I want you to unbutton your shirt," he said quietly.

I could see nothing wrong in that. We were, after all, just testing if the hypnosis worked. I wanted to let him think that it did. Actually, I quite liked the idea of letting him see my breasts. When I consciously accepted to obey him, I was surprised to find that my hand had already undone half the buttons. As usual I wore no bra. I unbuttoned the shirt all the way down, and had to pull it out of my trousers to get the bottom ones undone. When they were all undone, I looked over at him. His eyes met mine. They were soft and not unpleasant at all. Even though he had not asked me to I wanted to pull the shirt open to let him see my breasts. As a matter of fact, I felt a strong desire to do so. I looked down my front as I opened the shirt, completely baring my breasts to him. I could see the cooler air was making the nipples react. I didn't know what to do, but if he had come and touched them, I would happily have let him do so. Actually, he could do anything to me he wanted. I felt really grateful towards him.

"Take it off completely," he said, and of course I did that. I felt like I was lying in the pool. It was so comfortable.

He looked at the pack of cigarettes still in his hand and said, "I can see you don't need these."

I didn't even get time to reflect on the fact that this was the second trigger sentence. I don't know if it was the hypnosis working, or whether it was my exhibitionistic tendencies but just those words made me know that this was more that just proving that the commands worked. I looked down at myself and noticed my nipples had become very erect. I wanted to touch them, but I felt just a slight pang of embarrassment from doing so while he was staring at me. That didn't last long. I didn't really care. He was my mentor. I was in a process of converting my desires, and why shouldn't he be allowed to watch that? I looked up and saw his eyes resting on my breasts. I felt myself go wet. I was wriggling a bit in the seat, trying to get my panties to rub against my pussy, which felt on fire. My fingers found my nipples and started to rub them the way I love. I leant my head back against the pillow and arched my back so my breasts stood out more prominently.

"Now lift up your skirt and remove you panties," he said, in the same soft voice.

Oh, that was just exactly what I was burning to do. I wanted to show him the effect his words were having on me. What a good patient I was, that I was obeying his commands, and that I was converting my pleasures. I pulled the skirt all the way up over my hips and quickly removed my panties. I pulled up my legs and spread them as much as I could. I gripped the insides of my thighs, pulling them apart, offering him a perfect view of my pussy, which I keep nicely trimmed, and leaving the lips completely bare.

"I want you to bring yourself to an orgasm, and I want you to think about the pleasures you are feeling, that you are only feeling them because you rejected the cigarette," he said, in his soft persuasive voice.

Of course I knew that. This was only part of the therapy, but it felt so good. I really wanted to keep rejecting cigarettes so I could continue feeling like this. My hands slipped down to my pussy. I spread the lips, feeling so randy. If he had wanted to make love to me now I would have let him do it, no problem. As it was, he didn't make any move, so I just plunged two fingers inside me, rubbing them in and out, trying the best I could to mimic the movements of the dick I really was dreaming of having inside me. Meanwhile the fingers of my other hand had found my clitoris. It was just so sensitive that it only took a few careful strokes before I started losing it. I lost contact with reality, or whatever you could call my present state, and just concentrated on my feelings. I think I was shaking my head from side to side and crying out, as the work of my fingers sped up.

When the first waves of the orgasm hit me, I bucked as my stomach muscles contracted. I happened to look at my mentor who was staring at me. I could see drops of sweat rolling down his forehead. I felt happy that this was having an effect on him, that it wasn't purely clinical. He saw me watching him, and he smiled an approving smile and nodded for me to go on. Not that I could have stopped even if I wanted to. Apart from the exquisite pleasure I found from my fingers, there was also the added excitement of actually doing this in front of a guy. This was one of my great exhibitionistic dreams coming true. I stared into his eyes all the way though the orgasm. I didn't want it to stop, so I kept up the movements past the point where I normally felt it too much to go on, and was rewarded with the immediate knowledge that the next orgasm was about to hit me. Looking into his eyes I kept telling myself, as he had instructed, that this was the result of converting my desire for the cigarettes. As I collapsed in the spasms of the next gigantic orgasm, I could only think about how grateful I felt for this opportunity to drop smoking cigarettes in this way.

I felt completely spent. This had been such a strong sensation. I was out of breath, I was sweaty and would have been happy if I could just go to sleep, right there like that, in his presence.

He stood up, and as he put a hand carefully on the inside of one of my thighs, he looked into my eyes and said, "I think we can stub that out now". That was the first time he had actually touched me and it felt electric. I quickly recovered myself, and without being told to, I knew I would have to get dressed and get back to reality. I got off the chair to get my panties from the floor, and when I turned around I was alone. I dressed quickly, found a mirror over a hand washbasin in the corner of the room, and did the best I could to brush my hair into a decent shape again. I could have done with some makeup but I hadn't brought any along, so I just washed the worst of the perspiration off my face.

When I turned around again he was back in the room again, watching me.

"I hope you believe more in the powers of hypnosis now. You seem very receptive and I am sure it will work fine with you. If, after some weeks, you feel the need for sex instead of the cigarettes becomes a liability, then please come back, and we can adjust the need for crossover desires, to your reduced need for cigarettes at that time."

"Thank you, very much. This has been a very pleasant experience, and I am sure that it will work – I can feel that it will!" I said, knowing that I really couldn't let him know that I had been very aware of what had been happening, and that I hadn't, as instructed, forgotten all about the sexual experience.

I got my purse out ready to pay him, but he looked almost offended.

"That has been taken care of. Don't worry about money now, my dear," he said, and gave me a hug goodbye.

He led me out through a side door, and I was soon down on the street. Only then did it hit me what had actually happened in there. God, I thought to myself, did I really do that? I knew I had. I had no problems at all remembering. I also knew that the hypnosis worked because, despite my history of not shying away from any possibility of a sexual experience, I was very much aware that I had been 'conned' into this. I would not, under normal circumstances, have done what I had. As I walked down the street in a daze, I also realised that I had enjoyed it, and that if this was what was necessary to do in order to drop the smoking, I would happily do it again. I managed to get all the way home before I felt the need for a cigarette, but I was very relieved to realise I had no problem concentrating my desires on sex instead. I was surprised however, how strong the sexual feelings were. Just thinking about a cigarette made me wet.

I decided to accept the situation. I put on my best rock album and settling in the bathtub, dreamt up an exciting sexual encounter. It wasn't long before I had myself lathered and rubbed into another orgasm. I felt that as long as I could convert my desire for smoking into this kind of pleasures, I knew I wouldn't need any more cigarettes. My last thoughts, however, before I turned out the light over my bed, were how I should get through the day tomorrow, without spending all day in the bathroom *converting* my desires.

The next day started off so busy, I wouldn't even have had time for a cigarette, even if I had still been smoking. Later in the morning I met Brian who looked equally stressed.

"Hi Jenny. What a morning! I am glad it is not me quitting smoking today. I really need one," he said as he made his way towards our hiding place in the storeroom. Smoking was not really allowed in the hospital, but it was generally accepted, that due to the stress, some staff just couldn't live without it, so one of the storerooms had been fitted out with extra ventilation and an air purifier.

I automatically made to follow him, when I remembered I didn't smoke any more.

"Brian," I called out, "stop a minute. I don't smoke any more, as you may remember."

He stopped and looked back at me in a funny, querying way.

"Of course you don't smoke anymore," he laughed. "You went to my Egyptian friend yesterday, didn't you?"

"Yes I did," I said defiantly, "and it works. I haven't had a cigarette since yesterday morning."

"Okay, but I haven't stopped yet, and I need a smoke now. Come along and tell me about yesterday. You can prove to me that you don't feel any more desire for cigarettes." He smiled as he waved me along.

I went along feeling certain I would have no problems. I would just think about sex, I said to myself with a smile. That shouldn't be difficult with Brian about. He was always joking about sex. He was becoming a very good friend, and if he hadn't been a colleague, I would have accepted his advances a long time ago. I just didn't want to start my career as a doctor with a relationship with another doctor. That would just be too cliché for words.

The storeroom had windows all along the side next to the corridor, so we had to hide in the back behind the second row of shelves. That had the advantage that we could see through the shelves and extinguish the cigarettes and pretend to be looking for stores if security should come around. They were the only ones who still were not accepting that smoking took place in the stores. I guess they were responsible for fire safety as well, and they didn't like the idea of smoking going on in a storeroom with laundry and linen.

By the time I reached the back of the stores Brian had already got his cigarettes out and was lighting up.

"Are you sure you don't want one," he asked with a big smile.

"Yes, I am very sure. I really don't need it any more," and immediately found my thought drifting off towards the pleasures of my bath last night.

I must have had a dreamy look on my face, for Brian looked at me strangely.

"I guess that Egyptian hypnosis worked then," he muttered more or less to himself.

He looked at me oddly as he fished the cigarettes out of his pocket again.

"I guess you can take the whole pack then," he said in an uncertain, questioning way.

I stiffened. There was no doubt this was the trigger sentence I had been told to listen for and it wasn't just said by chance. The sentence didn't fit well into the conversation we just had. I knew that the only explanation was that Brian also knew the trigger sentence, and knew what I had been told to do when I heard it. I stared at him. I felt hot. If that was what he wanted then I would give it to him. I didn't know if it was the hypnosis that worked, or it was the realisation that this man, who I felt attracted to, had just told me, in a secret way, that he wanted me. I didn't want to let down the Egyptian. I had been told what to do if I wanted to stop smoking, and I was going to carry it through, no matter what. If, as a side benefit, I could have sex with one of the best looking doctors, and be able to pretend afterwards that it had never happened, so much the better.

I was aware that we were vulnerable in the storeroom, but this was where the trigger words had been said, so this was where it had to happen. I didn't care. Let them all come and watch, I thought. Brian was staring at me. I still had given no indication that his words were having any effect on me.

I took the pack of cigarettes he was still offering me. I didn't look at it, I just put on a shelf.

"Thanks," I said, as I kept staring at him. "What do you want me to do?"

He gave a start, as if woken from a dream. He hesitated a bit, and then said as if out of breath, "I want you to take off your clothes."

Again I was surprised to find that my hands obediently started to unbutton my white uniform dress, even before I had consciously decided to do it. But there was no way I wasn't going to do it. I desperately wanted him to see me naked. I knew he had tried to hide looking at me when we changed into the scrubs (the green outfits we wear when in the operating theatre). I would always get very hot when operating, and I only wore underwear under the scrubs. We had often helped each other into the scrubs (which had to be put on without being touched on the outside by anything that wasn't sterile). For that reason I always wore very decent underwear, but I was always very much conscious of him watching me while I put on the scrubs over my head.

I had the dress unbuttoned and slipped it over my shoulders, and catching it behind me, I laid it over the back of a chair next to me. This was the state he had seen before, but as I put my hands behind my back to undo my bra, Brian's breathing almost stopped. I paused slightly to see the effect. He looked up into my eyes, questioningly. But as soon as I undid the hook and slipped out of the bra, his eyes shifted to my exposed breasts. I enjoyed him staring at my breasts, with my nipples starting to rise. I didn't stop but continued undressing by sliding my panties down. As I stepped out of them, I moved all the way up against him, put my arms behind his head, and pulled myself up to his lips for a kiss. He was holding me tight while we kissed, and I could feel his dick straining in the loose jogging trousers he normally wore under his white coat, now open. I felt strangely exhilarated standing there, completely naked up against him, just waiting for his next command.

He pushed me a bit away so he could look at me.

"You are just so beautiful," he said, with obvious admiration in his voice. "There isn't one single male in this department who wouldn't give their right arm to see you like this. Everybody is talking about you. Seeing you like this, in here, is just so incredibly arousing."

He grabbed the pack of cigarettes off the shelf and said, "I can see you don't need these anymore." The second trigger sentence.

I knew it was coming, and I was already halfway there, but I was surprised at the intensity of the excitement these words instilled in me. I almost felt dizzy. I got such a strong urge to touch myself that I couldn't stop myself. I leant my head back, closed my eyes, and grabbed my breasts with both hands. I had hardly touched my nipples before I could feel myself getting very turned on. I didn't really want to do this in front of Brian, but my hand just slipped from my breast down between my legs. I was so wet, my fingers slipped into me without me hardly noticing it. My legs almost buckled. I put one arm out to Brian for support, as my other hand frantically worked itself in and out of my pussy. I just couldn't stop. I opened my eyes and saw Brian watching me. His hands found my breasts, the first time he had actually touched me intimately.

I stared at my breasts as his fingers found my nipples and started to massage them. I could feel I was starting to come, but I didn't quite want that just yet. I stopped and moved one of his hands between my legs. While his fingers found my love button, I plunged my hands inside his trousers. One hand found his semi- erect dick, while the other yanked at his trousers to get them down. I didn't quite succeed with my one hand, but when he helped with his other hand, we managed, between us, to get his trousers down. He moved his hand from my clit and stood back a little, stepping out of his trousers, now around his feet.

I watched his dick jerk the last little bit into being fully erect. I moved in close again. I grabbed it with both hands and rubbed it against my stomach. He was gasping. His hands found my nipples again. I stood on my toes and kissed him hard and hungrily, as I guided his dick between my legs. I just slipped it back and forth along my slit, wanting it inside me, but I couldn't get up high enough. He was so much taller than me, I couldn't get the angle right.

Brian must have felt as frustrated as I did.

"Jenny, hang on a second," he said. "Let me sit down here." He moved my dress and some stuff off the chair and sat down. He leant back against the backrest.

Now I could get at him. I stood above him with a leg on each side and slowly lowered myself down on his towering dick. He was holding it upright, guiding it into me as I sat down on him, plunging it into me in one long thrust. He put a hand on one breast, and the other found my love button. It was up to me to control all our movements. That was fine with me. I held on to his shoulders as I lifted myself off a little, and plunged down on him again. Before long I had found a rhythm that suited me, and I could concentrate on my feelings. I could clearly feel his rather large dick slide in and out of me, but the best thing was the way he held his fingers in a position where they would hit my love button each time I thrust down on him. I would stay down just long enough to gyrate around his fingers, before lifting myself off again. Then down again, the speed picking up as the excitement grew.

I looked over his shoulder. Through the bottles and boxes on the shelves I could see the door to the storeroom, and through the wired glass I could clearly see our colleagues and some patients walking past, oblivious of what was going on just on the other side of the door. I slowed down as I saw the storekeeper, Robert, at the door. There was no way we could hide or cover up if someone came in and walked round to the back shelves. He opened the door and came in carrying a big cardboard box. I stopped moving.

"Don't stop now, don't stop," Brian whispered, having heard the door opening, but unable to stop his oncoming orgasm. I sat up a bit, stretching back staying down on Brian, just slowly rubbing myself against his fingers. I could feel he was just about to come, but I couldn't move for fear of our movements being seen by Robert. Then I realised that I didn't really care what Robert saw. He was an old age pensioner filling in some spare time by looking after the storeroom. Brian grabbed my breasts. I almost wished Robert would turn around and look through the boxes and see me. I started to move again as he was putting down the box on a far shelf. He was half-deaf anyway, so I doubted he would hear us. Brian grabbed my hips and started to force me back and forth. The excitement of doing this, with the door of the storeroom open and people walking past and Robert there, was all of a sudden too much for me, and I couldn't help speeding up as I could feel the beginning of my orgasm emerging. Brian was getting frantic. He had his back to the door, and I didn't know how much could be seen. I had stopped caring. I was biting my lip in order not to make a sound, but I could feel Brian was about to come, and I was getting close too. Nothing was going to stop me now.

Robert turned around, looked through the shelves, but didn't pause. Had he done so he would have seen the new doctor, the one that apparently every male was talking about, just about to orgasm, with tits flying as Brian frantically pulled and shoved, in the last throes of his orgasm. But Robert didn't stop. He just walked of out the open door and pulled it shut behind him.

"Oh, Brian, I've got to come now. Shiiit, wait for me!" I yelled as I felt him shooting into me. But he stayed hard, and with the action of his fingers, he had me going full out, rapidly catching up. The effect of the hypnosis, the excitement of the circumstances was just up my alley, the frustration of the slowed action at a crucial moment, all added to the size of the orgasm. I just couldn't control it. I yelled out and collapsed, crying over Brian, while I slowly rubbed up and down, getting as much out of the after shocks as I could, not wanting it to end. I was kissing him desperately, while his hands carefully caressed my firm breasts, the nipples now very sensitive to his touch.

I knew we had to get dressed and back to our duties, but I really didn't want this to end. However, it did end when Brian just said the words, "Stub it out," without trying to hide it in a sentence meant to make sense. I knew that was the end and that I couldn't do anything about it. I slid off Brian and found a paper towel to dry myself and Brian with. Then I got dressed while he just sat there watching me. I realised I was not supposed to remember anything after this, so I just pretended to gather myself together and get back to normal. I really wanted to give him a big kiss, hug him and say that I loved him, and that I would do this again anytime without him needing his trigger words, but I couldn't break the spell. So I just left him sitting there as I walked out of the storeroom. The first time in days not having the least desire for a cigarette, and pleased that for a change, I could walk out of this room not feeling guilty about smoking. I wasn't even feeling guilty about my converted desires. I just felt very satisfied and very pleased with myself.

It wasn't until the very end of the day I met Brian again. He seemed to have been avoiding me. That was okay with me, I wasn't really sure that I could actually play the part of not knowing what had happened. However, we managed to get into the lift together, and as other people were present we just had to make small talk, so it was easy to play the role of total innocence. When we got out of the lift however, we walked alone through the front door. Outside, just before our ways split, Brian turned towards me, taking some time before he actually spoke:

"Jennifer, I am having some friends around Saturday night. Would you like to come along?" he asked. The way he hesitated might have been interpreted as a reaction to today's experience, or just for the fact that he was inviting a girl around.

"Who's coming?" I wanted to know. I really didn't want the whole hospital knowing that we were seeing each other privately.

"Eric and Sam, Tony and Toni, Jim alone as he and Ann-Lou just split up, and possibly Benny and Patricia," he said. All were his friends from University. I knew them but they hadn't been in my circle of friends and none of them worked at the hospital, so I guessed that was okay.

"Yes, that could be fun," I said with obvious pleasure.

"Okay, we can talk more about it tomorrow. See you then," he waved and left for the parking lot in a hurry.

Saturday took a long time to arrive. It was a very nice evening, even though the guest list got a bit screwed up. Benny arrived, but alone as Pat was going out on a girls' hen night. Tony arrived, but not with Toni his regular girlfriend, but with Louise, a new one he had been seeing on the side until Toni found out the weekend before, and left. Only Eric and Sam came according to plan, apart from the fact that Jim came alone as expected. What a mess!

Around 23:30 we ran out of subjects to discuss and as we were also running low on the liquor Brian suggested we went down to the pub below. The owner was a very good friend of his, and even though they normally shut at midnight, Brian said he used to be allowed to use the poolroom after they had closed. As long as we had enough beer in there when the bar closed, we would be fine.

Brian was right, and at about 1:30 in the morning, we were down to only Benny, Tony and Louise, Jim, Brian and myself, as Eric and Sam had left early. Tony and Louise had disappeared in the closed bar area while we were playing pool. I was getting slightly drunk, and rather impatient. I had this idea that Brian had invited me with the intention of me staying over, which I had rather been looking forward to, but as it got later and later that hope diminished. Instead, I was making a nuisance of myself teasing the boys as they were trying to play. Finally Brian got a bit upset, as I had just ruined a good shot for him.

"Jenny, for Christ sake," he said, "stop bothering us. This is a very serious game."

"Oh yeah, and what are you playing for," I wanted to know.

"You," he said with a big smile.

"Me, like in *Jennifer* me? What do you mean?"

"Because you have been so naughty, you will now become our main prize," he said fishing a cigarette out of his pocket. When he had it lit, he took the whole pack out and offered it to me.

"Here you can have the whole pack," he said with a wicked smile.

Oh my god, I thought to myself, and I had been dreaming about returning to his flat with him.

"You see," Brian said to his friends, "I think we should play for Jennifer. For each game, Jenny has to let the winner remove one item of clothing. The winner is the one to remove the last piece."

"And what does the winner get?" Benny wanted to know.

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