Sharing Kim

by E. Z. Riter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: When they marry, he inists Kim have sex with his best friend. But how does Kim feel about it?

Kim and I had discussed almost everything since we started dating. We hadn't discussed Dave yet. Dave was my best friend, my very best friend. He always had been; he always would be.

I expected Kim to be faithful to me. Except for Dave. I expected her to fuck Dave anytime he asked. I don't mean lie there. I mean happily and enthusiastically fuck his eyes out.

That wouldn't be easy for Kim, but it was very important to me. Now that we'd agreed to marry, we had to discuss it. Fortunately, she brought up fidelity as we sat facing each other on the couch. Our knees were touching. Her hand stroked mine as they lay on the couch back.

"I want to talk about something very important to me, Jason. We've discussed it before, but I want to talk about it again," she said softly. Her tone instantly put me on alert.

"What's that, baby?" I asked innocently.


"It's very important to me, too," I answered.

"Good. I know you're much more sexually experienced then I am."

She looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to say something. I didn't utter a peep. Her brow wrinkled.

"I want to know you'll be faithful to me." She leaned forward when she said "know". The word was drawn out.

"I've said I'd be faithful, and I will."

"I know, but the way you said it made me wonder. I don't think you'd lie, but it's important."

"Yes, it's very important. I won't live with you fucking around."

Her hand pulled back. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes flared.

"Me? You don't have to worry about me. I haven't screwed half the women in town. I mean half the men. You know what I mean."

"You weren't a virgin when we met."

"You're my third man. My first was in college. He got me drunk, so drunk I don't remember it. Chet was the second. He doesn't count."

"Why doesn't he?"

"Oh for Pete's sake, Jason. Don't change the subject."

"I'm not changing the subject. Even if Chet doesn't count, people change. You might be tempted to play around."

"Never! How could you suggest that?"

"Will you be faithful, Kim?"

She looked me square in the eye. Her face was a picture of sincerity.

"Of course I'll be faithful. Will you?"

"Yes. I'll be faithful to you."

Head on my shoulder, arms around me, she pressed into me. Her scent filled my nose.

"You don't know how happy that makes me," she whispered in my ear.

"I'd like to define faithful."

Her body became rigid. Slowly, she pushed back to look me in the eye.

"I know the meaning," she said flatly.

"This time it has a special meaning. A meaning that applies just to us."

She slid away from me and smoothed her skirt. She searched for and removed imaginary lint to give herself time to think.

"What does it mean?"

"Look at me, Kim."

Her expression was somewhere between panic and anger.

"Well, what does it mean?" Her tone was even; her vocal cords tight as a kite string.

"It means I won't have sex with any other women except Dave's women."

She looked me right in the eye. She was red faced. I tried to appear relaxed, but my stomach was doing cartwheels.

"Dave? Dave? Oh, your friend. The one you're always talking about, but I've never met because he lives in Russia."

"Yes. That Dave."

"You're going to have sex with his... what did you say? His women?"


She was redder when she spoke, but their was a cockiness in her voice.

"Well, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I'll have sex with Dave."

"Yes, you will. I insist on it."

She looked confused and her hands trembled. She fought to regain her equilibrium.

"Insist on it? You're going to insist I let your friend have sex with me? Are you mad?"

"No, I'm not mad, Kim. I want you to fuck him until he can't walk, not just let him have sex with you."

She gasped for breath and her hands clenched. When she responded, the lid came off the pressure cooker.

"You may not be mad, but I am. I'm very mad. As in angry. As in pissed off! Really pissed off! I'll decide later if we're still engaged. I'm leaving!"

She jumped to her feet and stormed toward the door.

"Wait, Kim."

She spun to glare at me. Her hands were by her sides, fists clenched in little balls.

"What could you possibly say that would keep me from leaving?"

"This is your apartment," I replied with a grin.

Unfortunately, that made her angrier.

"Get out!" she screamed, pointing toward the door.

As I walked by, I reached for her. She backed up, her arms crossed under her breasts. I took her in my arms. It took a few minutes, but finally she put her arms around me and lay her head on my chest. She responded when I kissed her, but she gave me a dirty look.

"We're still engaged. I want to marry you, Kim. Call me when you're ready to talk."

"Just get out," she replied. Her tone was low and she looked away from me.

At home, I fell into bed. Sleep was sporadic and light. It was three A.M. when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, Kim stood there looking forlorn. Her eyes were puffy and red, the lids swollen from crying. She fell into my arms.

"Oh, Jason," she whimpered. "Just hold me."

We sat on the couch, holding each other. The crying tapered off, the tension eased.

"I don't understand what you said," she said.

"Dave's my friend. I want you to have sex with him."

"I'm not a whore, Jason."

"Dave's not going to pay you."

"I'm not a slut either."

"I don't want you to be a slut. I want you as you are: loving, fun, ladylike, and very faithful, except I define faithful as having sex with me and with Dave."

"I don't understand. My head aches. Can we go to bed and talk about this in the morning?"

I thought she would be up all night asking questions, but she was exhausted. After two aspirin and a double shot of vodka, she curled up in the crook of my arm and slept like a log. I wish I'd slept as well. When I awakened in the morning, she was on her side sleeping peacefully.

I love Kim. She's smart, sweet and loving. She'll be an excellent mother. She has a beautiful face, a delightful body. Sexually, we fit together like hand in glove. She's conservative in public. She dresses demurely, acts ladylike, and is above reproach. In private, she's a wild woman. No inhibitions. No reserve. She wasn't always that way. She's perfect for me. Most importantly, she loves me with all her heart.

Many women have wanted to marry me, but I've only proposed to one. Kim. She's the one I want to marry.

I'd been reading and sipping coffee for about twenty minutes when she came out of the bedroom naked, which she always is when we're alone. She walked sensually toward me, leaned over to kiss me and murmured, "Let's go back to bed." I followed the sway of her wonderful ass back into the bedroom.

"Come fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard," she whispered as she opened her legs wantonly. She was hot and squirming, sweating and needy as we spent the morning in my bed. I feared she'd hold back because of the Dave issue. She didn't. She was the same sexy, delightful Kim.

Dave wasn't mentioned again until Sunday night. Kim cooked a wonderful dinner. We finished eating, did the dishes and poured some wine. After we sat on her couch, she reopened the subject.

"Tell me about Dave."

"What do you want to know?" I was excited she asked, but tried not to show it.

"I'm trying to understand why the man I love, the man I want to marry, would insist I have sex with a friend of his I've never met."

"We're best friends. We've been best friends since the second grade."

"I have a best friend, too. Elizabeth. She'll be my maid of honor. I haven't suggested you have sex with her."

I grinned.

"I'm not going to suggest it either," she snapped.

"I didn't expect you to."

"You didn't answer me." "Dave and I are different, I guess."

"I guess you are," she replied. She looked away, seeing something I couldn't see. I waited patiently.

"Have you shared other women with Dave?" she asked.

"Yes. Most of them."

"Like who?"

"What do you mean?"

"Jason, give me an example."

"The first was Susy Simpson," I said. "We were in the ninth grade, both fifteen. Susy was seventeen. I was a virgin then. When Dave told me he was fucking her, I was jealous. Are you sure you want to hear this?"

"Yes. I've never asked you about other women. I'm curious. Go on."

"Anyway, Susy was a wet dream: senior cheerleader, big breasts, all that. Dave was the up and coming football star. One night at his house, Dave had me hide in his closet. I watched as he fucked her. Then I fucked her, too."

"Poor Susy. I bet she was mortified."

"Susy? Mortified? No way. Susy loved it. When she got hot, she was long and slow to cool down. She fucked Dave again, then I went back for a second time."

"She sounds like a slut."

"She definitely is."

"Is that what you want me to be?"

"No, Kim, I don't. I've told you this, but let me tell you again so there'll be no mistake. I want you to be faithful. If you're unfaithful, I'll divorce you."

Her eyes burned into me.

"But. But! There's a big, unsaid 'but' there! But - you define faithful as having sex with you and with Dave. Is that right?"

"Yes. With me and with Dave."

"You and Dave only or are there others?"

"No others. Just me and Dave."

"What about Dave's wife? What does she think of this?"

"She's all for it. Emily's a sexy woman."

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