Honeymoon Night in a Perfect World

by Lazram

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: He knew exactly what his newlywed wife wanted and needed, and he was there to provide... in spades!

Part 1: Romance

Peals of giddy laughter could be heard in the hallway as the newlywed couple approached their suite. Outside the door, there could be heard the rustle of many layers of clothing and clumsy fumbling for the keycard. There was a loud thump against the door followed by snickers and more laughter. Anyone nearby could hear that these two were having entirely too much fun for their own good, and they haven't even gotten into the room yet.

Finally, with a click and a kick, the room's door burst open. There they were, the happiest couple on the planet, Lazram and Eva on the first night of the rest of their lives. He could be barely seen behind all of the lacy white layers of her dress. He was there, holder her and dutifully carrying his love across their conjugal threshold. He stood 5'11" and 200lb but never stood taller than this day for in his arms, he carried his beautiful and luscious Eva, only 5'3" and full of impish charm.

He looked at her now, into her beautiful face that never failed to mesmerize him with its grace and elegance. She had a pure, wholesome face. Innocent framed in lush brown hair and adorned with lovely blue-gray eyes that were always full of cheer, and cherry red lips that begged to be passionately kissed. The rest of her was covered in the most elegant tide of satin and lace any woman had ever worn. The sheer veil pulled back and covered the top of her head and cascaded down her back to join the remaining fabric, framing her face like the fine art it is. He held in his arms the love of his life, and she was perfect.

She could have rested cradled in his arms for the rest of the night. She loved how it felt to have her head resting on his chest. It was one of her favorite positions, and one she had come to know well. In it she could hear the beat of his heart and feel the rising and falling of his chest. These things let her know that he was near, that he was with her and that she would be safe and warm. Be even as she basked in the comfort that only he could give her, she could feel the weight of his stare as she knew he was watching her. She looked up to find his eyes fixed on her, his light brown eyes. His eyes were almost a perfect match for his skin, which was also brown and smooth, only broken by the dimples in his cheeks as he smiled down at her and the smile itself. When he smiled at her is was always either a warm smile of love and pride, or his wide grin of laughter. She loved to make him laugh. Most everything she did he found cute or amusing. She's often wondered why, but never could dwell on it long, as her thoughts would always drift back to the charming smile the laughter brought. Yes she loved to please him. She loved him.

"Whoa!" He breathed. His legs and back were straining under the effort he'd just put forth trying to impress his young bride. "Ok, whew! We made it in. Where's the bed?"

"Anxious to get started already?" She cooed. Normally he took his time with her, teasing and tantalizing her. Maybe he wasn't immune to the wedding night jitters and it was making him antsy. Not that she minded, she'd wanted him since she saw him standing at the altar in his tuxedo. She feared God would strike her down for thinking such thoughts in a Synagogue. She wouldn't have been struck alone as she could see the simmering lust on his face as she walked down the aisle toward him. They way his hands clutched, the way his chest rose and fell. Anyone else would have thought it was just his nerves, but she knew better. Seeing his small and voluptuous lover with her full, creamy breasts and her ample, curvy figure in her long, white, flowing wedding gown was enough to keep him in a simmering lust. A lust she'd make sure she quenched tonight.

His grin widened at her playful remark as he began to make his way speedily toward the bed. He chuckled warmly to her while falling down upon it, backward, still holding her in his arms ad allowing her to fall atop of him. "Ha haa! Well, not entirely. Just feeling a little strain from carrying you into the room." He let out a long breath "Whew, I'm getting to old for this."

"Well you were the gimp who decided he was going to carry me all the way from the elevator and all the way down the hall!" She giggled and nuzzled up into his neck planting a light, gentle kiss on it.

"I know, but I was trying to impress you. I guess it's time to invest in a home gym." He removed her veil and headdress and rather abruptly tossed it away. He stroked her head softly, feeling the silkiness of her hair. He loved her hair, and bent down slightly to place his nose where he could smell her soft hair and scalp. They lay there resting for a while, each basking in the other's warmth. After a bit more conversation about their new house and moving arrangements, they fell silent once again.

"You don't have to impress me you know." She said softy, "I'm yours now. "

"I'll never stop trying to impress you. You deserve no less. Every day you'll get nothing from me but my very best. I'll always go above and beyond for you. I meant it when we were dating and I mean it now. That much will never change."

"You'll spoil me."

"You deserve to be spoiled. If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, someone as loving and caring and nurturing as yourself deserves to be well cared for. You should want for nothing. I'll do my best for you." That said, he rolled her over onto her back and looked deeply into the blue-gray pools of her eyes while lying on top of her. "I love you Eva, thank you for becoming my wife."

"I love you Laz."

He leaned forward to kiss her then. Only their second kiss as husband and wife, but it was every bit as fervent and their first kiss, and every kiss thereafter. She threw her arms around his neck as they maintained a heated lip lock. She could feel his weight upon her now, covering her fully. She loved the feel of his hard masculine body. He never fully settled in their embrace as he rested the weight of his upper body on his elbows. While maintaining their kiss, He brought his left hand up to stroke the side of her angelic face. She sighed softly as he stroked the side of her face and let his hand gently drift down to her neck and then her shoulder. There his hand lingered, caressing the creamy flesh that lay there while slowly working the fabric of her gown down off of her shoulder. She assisted him by allowing her arm to fall limp at her side and then pulling it up and out of her lacy sleeve. She returned her arm to his neck while he brought his hand to her ample chest and gently stroked her full, left breast through her strapless brassiere. His fingers glided softly over the satiny bra cup sending feather-light tickles to the quivering flesh beneath.

Her breasts never ceased to amaze him. They were absolutely perfect in every way. Fleshy, creamy mounds that a 36DD bra could only modestly contain, capped with deliciously pink nipples that seemed to be in a state of permanent arousal. Her all natural wonders were what women shelled out thousands of dollars for but would never achieve. The desire to see them bare was overwhelming. Breaking the kiss, He sat up on his knees and began to urgently help her out of the other sleeve of her wedding gown. His bottom lip quivered with his need, and she could see his growing frustration. Seeing this as a golden opportunity to tease him. She squirmed out from under him and stood at the edge of the bed.

"Where are you going?" He asked, "Don't run away yet, we're just getting started."

"I'm not going anywhere... " she said innocently, but that familiar impish smile clued him in to the fact that she was up to no good. As she smiled wickedly at him, she let the remaining upper half of her prodigious garment fall to her waist and cupped her bra-encased globes tenderly, presenting them to her new husband. "I could see how anxious you were getting to get at 'the girls' so I just thought I'd give you a hand. And, it would be awfully hard to get out of this dress if I were still lying on the bed." Though little blood was fueling his brain at this point. Laz could see that his vivacious wife was making a lot of sense. "Just relax sweapea," Eva giggled, "you're going to have it all tonight!"

That said, she reached between her voluminous breasts and undid her bra clasp. Two perfectly formed melon heavy globes of womanly flesh capped by protuberant pink nipples sprang free of their harness and danced before Lazram's eyes. His jaw dropped open and his eyes became round as saucers. He had seen his lovely bride's breasts more times than he could count in many ways, shapes, and forms, but never had they been more spectacular than they were now. Laz's surprise amused Eva and started her giggling again which in turn made her gorgeous breasts jiggle and bounce with a life all their own.

Eva then began to cup and play with her breasts for both their amusements while Laz removed his jacket and tie. She cup her hand under one of them and gently tugged at the nipple before releasing it and sending bubbling waves through the entire mound. She then licked a finger and lightly rubbed her wet digit over the nipple sending electric sparks of pleasure through her entire breast. Lazram took note of his new wife's behavior. He loved her playfulness but he also knew of a more serious side of their relationship. He pondered this as he watched his impishly playful bride tease and stimulate her nipples. In his mind's eye he imagined what they would look like nine months to a year from now.

He imagined the breasts becoming fuller and heavier perhaps even gaining a cup size or two. He imagined the nipples and areolas darkening form the rosy pink they are to rich brown. He also saw her nipples growing more protuberant and rubbery. He could even imagine her expanding areolas textured by little pebbly bumps that would arise and her body made the changes needed to feed their offspring. Finally he could see her nipples enlongnate and flow with rich, sweet milk that leaked from her breasts like a dripping faucet. The milk ran down her heavily engorged breasts and flowed down her torso in thick streams. Some of it collected in her pubic hairs but most continued to flow down her legs to pool at her feet. She stood proudly her arms back and her chest out and her breasts leaked and flowed with more and more mother's milk until they became a veritable fountain of creamy goodness and the biggest waste of calcium he had ever seen. "Do you like what you see?" she asked, though she sounded like she was miles away through his dream haze.

Then reality snapped back upon him as if he'd been popped with a rubber band. Eva was standing there as he envisioned. Arms back and chest forward proudly displaying her ample charms for his enjoyment. By now her rosy nipples were slick and wet with her saliva as she made sure each one got a generous and thorough seeing to. The stood up hard as diamonds causing even the surrounding areola to become slightly puffy. "Do I ever!" was his eventual response. Laz smiled widely at his curvaceous bride.

"I know what you really want to see." Eva purred. In a whirling rustle of lace skirts, she slowly turned her back to him and locked her thumbs around the waist of her bridal gown. She had his undivided attention as she began to work her hips from side to side, slowly and sensuously sliding the lacy white material down over her full shapely hips. Laz was always pestering her to flash him some booty. To her, her breasts were her crowning features, but he truly enjoyed the entire package. She was making his every wish come true as she allowed the heavy gown to fall from her hips to the floor affording him a fantastic view of her ample rear clad only in a thin white thong.

His gaze continued down her body to her stocking-encased thighs. Her thighs made him salivate every time he gazed upon them. Her plump thighs had juiciness to them that he simply could not resist. He could spend an hour or more worshipping her legs alone. She always wished she had nicer legs, long slender ones, like his friend in Texas he would chat with online, but her luscious legs suited him just fine. Thick, delicious, shapely legs in white fishnet stockings with suspenders that attached to a lacy garter around her waist greeted him now. Her entire figure was amazing! Not only was she gifted with a beautiful pair of breasts, but the entire way she was put together, from her ample chest, to her small waist, to her wide, womanly hips made her a wild, wanton, wet dream he could care less to awaken from. No dream could be this perfect.

He could stand it no longer. He had to touch her, to feel her. With a swift move, he was behind her. All she could hear was the rustle of sheets and a creak of the box springs and then she knew he was there. She could feel his heat on her back, his breath on her neck. She could feel as his hands slowly made their over her shoulders and down her arms. Then they smoothly slipped underneath them and caressed the sides of her breasts. She could feel him inhale and exhale as he breathed in the scent of her hair as his large, masculine hands slid down her body to her small waist and over her full hips.

His grip became firm upon reaching her soft hips and he pulled her close to him. With an audible grunt, he bared his teeth and firmly bit down into the flesh of her neck. She gasped with the shock of the new sensation. As she felt his sharp canines gently grinding into her sensitive flesh she nearly swooned. Holding her tender flesh in his mouth he began to gently lick and nibble the area made hyper sensitive by his biting. He would not bite hard enough to draw blood, but fully and sensuously, as if to convey bestial ownership of his mate. His hands dug firmly into the flesh of her hips and he drew her nearer. He continued his oral assault on her neck and collarbone. He switched sides to tenderize the tasty neck-meat that lay there. She melted in his arms and ground her hips firmly into him. In the small of her back she could feel his burgeoning erection trapped in his slacks. Even beneath the fabric of his tuxedo pants she could feel it twitching and pulsing with his need. His heat burned her like a branding iron. Knowing she was exciting him made her feel deeply happy. She would give herself to him entire, and she would love every minute.

She didn't have a chance to muse for very long as she was brought back to her situation by feeling his hand envelop one of her breasts. His strong hand kneaded and squeezed making it swell with excitement. Her mouth fell slack as his loving hand worked her great breast in a circle, she shuddered when she felt his fingers brush her nipple. Then, she felt his other hand move from her hip to the moist cleft between her legs. One of his slick fingers easily slid between her puffy outer lips and brushed the hood of her clit sending shivers right up her spine. His fingers worked themselves in lazy circles around her sensitive clit and moist, puffy lips while his other hand continued to stimulate her breast and nipple. With his mouth, he relentlessly bit and nibbled at her neck, shoulders and ears making her head swim with overstimulation. Soon she felt her knees begin to waver and she reached up with one arm to hold on to the back of his neck before she fell quivering to the floor. Languid sensual feelings washed over her as his hands and mouth made her whole body warm and flushed with desire.

He turned her in his arms facing him. They locked eyes for a critical instant. They both could see the heat of passion in one another's eyes. They stood there for an instant, panting and flushed. "I love you." He breathed and then kissed her full on the mouth. Her lips parted anxiously to receive him. They stood there for a good while, tongues lashed and flitted over one another, their lips sucked at each other. They kissed deeply and drank of each other's soul.

He moved her to the bed and backed her into it until the backs of her legs met the mattress and she was forced to sit down. They moved in unison across the length of the bed toward the pillows, all the while nibbling and sucking at each other's lips. Soon they could no longer travel upward any further and she lay there, her hands stroking the sides of his face while he hovered above her supported by his fist into the mattress. She opened her legs allowing him to slide his lower half between them. Their kissing slowed to halt as they hung there for a tense moment, until he finally broke the silence.

"I need to go wash up"

"Hrmm? She had temporarily forgotten how to comprehend English; either that or she genuinely didn't hear what he said.

"I need to go wash up, this tux made me kinda sweaty." He wrinkled his nose and screwed his face up in a feeble attempt to be adorable. That said, he moved from on top of her and got to his feet, making his way out of the room toward the bath.

"I'll go with you!" she started to move but he stopped her by turning and raising a finger.

"You'll stay right there." She whimpered and it almost made him give in, but he stood firm. "Don't worry love, I won't be a minute. We'll pick up where we left off when I return, so be ready." He smiled and turned, moving out of the room and out of sight.

"Hurry up!" she called out, her voice was half-whining and she felt silly, but this was her wedding night and she was ready to consummate this union and properly! She settled back onto the bed and took a brief personal inventory. Her creamy white body looked delectable, as she was clad only in her white fishnet stockings and lacy G-string and garter. She allowed her hands to wander over her chest and cupped her sensitive bosom. Gently she squeezed her soft breasts and watched bemusedly as her pink nipples popped up and pointed proudly toward the ceiling. "Mmmm..." she moaned at the contact, and indulged herself in a few more caresses of her lovely breasts. "They're really sensitive today," she thought, "and they feel so hot. I must be terribly horny."

She let her hands flow smoothly down to her soft belly. Her fingers caused magical tingles to spark through her tummy as she caressed it. Her mind began to wander as she caressed her fertile abdomen. "He's going to give me a child tonight, I know it!" Her thoughts drifted to her fertility cycle. They had agreed that they would immediately begin a family after marriage, this way the child would be in school and at that time she was ready to begin her career. She had stopped taking the pill two months ago and therefore, their sexual activity had slowed considerably. Although they used condoms when they began dating, they soon knew that they would be locked together in monogamy, so after getting tested for STD's they got rid of the Trojans and never looked back. He insisted they not conceive out of wedlock and neither of them had any desire to go back to using contraception, so the last two months had been a hell of non-vaginal intercourse.

As a saving grace, the both of them were very fond of oral sex. He could lick at her pussy and suck on her clit for hours on end. Sometimes he would seek to bring her to a clutching, convulsive orgasm. Other times, he would simply wish to keep her in a state of arousal, not stimulating her enough to make her cum, but enough to keep her in a state of simmering lust that made her juices flow continuously and copiously. He was addicted to her pussy juice. He openly admitted it. She didn't mind feeding his desire at all when time permitted, she just had to make sure a large pitcher of water was kept on the bedside table as his drinking sessions often left her a bit dehydrated.

She enjoyed watching him cum as well. Most of the time she didn't actually get to see his ejaculation, as he was quite fond of squirting it into her slick pussy. She remembered when they first started going "bareback", how they were going at it with she on all fours and him thrusting heatedly into her from the rear. She remembered how she reached back to fondle his plump balls, which triggered his orgasm. She felt him thrust deeply forward ands he winced as she felt his scalding cum bathe her cervix. She remembered how he held onto her hips keeping her so deeply penetrated. Her head was firmly pressed to the pillow as she received his creamy libation. His cock spasmed so violently she could feel every single contraction as it spewed its generous load. Later that day her panties were a mess as his semen thinned and seeped out of her. She was a wet gooey mess all night and loved every minute.

Seeing him cum was a huge turn on for her. She had plenty of opportunity to do that over the past couple of months. She treated him to a delicious, oily handjob a couple of weeks ago, the results of which were still fresh in her mind. She remembered covering his 8" brown cock in warm baby oil, making is shine as if it were a piece of polished mahogany. She held it firmly in both hands marveling at how deeply erotic it looked to see her pink hands surrounding his dark veiny shaft. She loved his balls as well, full and plump in a sac he kept shaved for her, a touch she appreciated though he claimed it was just to keep them cool.

She stroked him slowly and tightly in her tiny fists, feeling it's heat and it's girth straining against her squeezing hands. She pumped his dark member rhythmically until the head swelled like a mushroom about to burst and the whole thing pulsed and expanded before shooting a long, thick creamy wad of gooey cum straight up and out onto his belly. The first stream continued to flow as the next thick spurt leaped out of him with an audible squirt, followed be two more healthy pumps of fresh semen. He urged her not to stop, as the sensation was intense enough for him to orgasm again fairly quickly. So she continued to stroke him but even faster and more vigorously allowing her topmost hand to slip over his straining head. Her ministrations were rewarded a few minutes later with another creamy ejaculation that flowed over her already sticky hands and coated his entire shaft and her fists in his potent seed.

"Baby batter!" she giggled to herself as she thought about his pet name for semen. She wondered how much of his special sauce he would be whipping up for her tonight. She completely surrendered herself to the fantasy now as she imagined she could feel his thick, black cock inside her, shooting her full of potent baby making cum. She fantasized about it quickly finding her waiting egg and her growing huge with their strong, kicking baby. So lost was she to the fantasy that she could actually feel the weight in her belly pressing down on her body as she lay there on the bed, she even felt her breasts grow heavy with milk as they tingled with an urge to nurse. She already knew she would love the feeling of being so full and pregnant. She would be so proud when she was bursting with a new life that she and her love had created. She new he would be proud of her as well. She could feel the sensation building within her as her ripe loins were nearly burning with the desire to breed. She hadn't realized she was doing it, but now she rubbed her clit even more furiously as her mind was battered by the images of she and Lazram, making a baby, and of she becoming gloriously pregnant with their child.

Eva felt as though she was on the verge of screaming as she masturbated furiously. She did scream when the intense feelings finally overtook her and she rubbed her tender pussy to a furious orgasm. Her legs instinctively closed around her hand as she continues to frig her clit and rode out the final waves of her self-induced orgasm. She could still feel her clit jumping and pulsing against her hand, and the trickle of her feminine secretions. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her mind was numb and fuzzy. So far gone was she that she didn't even realize he had re-entered the room.

"Ahem." Lazram looked down at the spectacle happening on their marital bed. He'd only witnessed the tail end of the show but it was clear what had been going on. "I see you started without me." She looked up at him, at the expression on his face. It was completely devoid of emotion. Was he upset with her? Never before has he looked at her so coldly, so empty. She suddenly got self-conscious and began to cover herself with her hands and arms. Even as she did it, she felt totally silly, after all, she had married this man and he had seen her naked body more times than she could count. There was something very disturbing about the developing situation.

She began to become fearful, as he stood there, tall, dark and toned. All he wore was a white hotel towel knotted at the waist. His arms were folded tightly across his chest. His light brown eyes stared right through her. The though of angering him on their wedding night was almost more than she could stand. "What's wrong sweapea?" She found her voice, but it was small and wavering.

"Nothing's wrong dearest" He said in his most well modulated tone. He circled around to the foot of the bed, never allowing his eyes to leave her. "I expected you to be ready when I returned but I didn't expect you to start with out me."

"But you were gone so long... "

"I wasn't gone that long."

"Are you mad?"

"No." He sat on the foot of the bed now. His face softened a touch, but not enough to convince her that he truly wasn't angry. "I could never be angry with you love. I know that you would never do anything to purposefully upset me. You've proven again and again that you could be trusted, and that you love me. I love you too, very much, and now it's time I proved it."

Eva was confused. She'd never seen Laz so somber, so controlled. She was beginning to feel uneasy. The story of Jeckyll and Hyde began to race through her harried mind as she began to feel apprehension toward her new husband. If only she could have that smile, his wide mouthed grin that she had come to rely on. His smile that had always been there for her, comforting her, letting her know everything would be alright. His smile was not at home tonight, and she began to feel very alone.

"I don't understand... " Her voice was nearly a whisper.

Part 2: Surrender

"Come," He said to her and crooked a beckoning finger, "have a seat." He patted his knee as he indicated his desire for her to sit upon his lap. She made her way across the bed, crawling until she got to the foot of it. She then swung her legs over the edge to stand, and then eased herself into his lap. Once there, he placed his arm around her waist to hod her in place and took her hand in his that lay across her own legs. The position and the closeness to him made her feel somewhat comforted. But she could not shake the sense of dread she felt cause by his demeanor.

"Comfy?" He asked.


His hand began to softly stroke her knee. "Let me explain to you what's going to happen. You look a bit nervous. I hope this will set your mind at ease." He punctuated his sentence by giving her a light peck on the shoulder. The touch of his moist lips seemed to diffuse some of the anxiety that was building up within her. She was ready to listen. "Do you remember how we used to play our little Dom/sub games?"

The realization set in quickly and she immediately made the connection. The understanding made her feel a bit better already, but there was more to come. "Yes" she replied, her voice a bit bolder.

"Well dearest, we're going to play those games for real now." His eyes found hers again and held them. "I know how much you love to play the submissive. In fact, I believe that deep down inside of you is a genuine desire to be dominated. I know how validated it makes you feel to please the ones you love. I understand your need to let go of your will and to become Human clay in the hands of someone who will mold you, someone who cares for you. I also know that you would crave to have some of that in our relationship. Well I am prepared to give it to you. I love you Eva, I would deny you no pleasure."

"But I'm not sure... I mean I like it, but I don't know if I want to live it all the time."

"I know, I've worked that out too." He cocked an eyebrow to convey his confidence. " When we used to play before, you would call me 'Sir'. You used to do it just to get a rise out of me." He allowed himself to crack a smile. Her antics always amused him. He decided to let go of the humorless Master stance he had taken. It didn't suit him and besides, he loved her too much to be scary. "Now, whenever you are in the mood to be submissive, you will call me Sir. This will let me know that you are 'subbie mode' and we'll play. During this time I will refer to you as 'kitty' because that's what you'll be, my pretty kitty. Do you follow me so far pretty kitty?"

"Yes Sir." She took his cue and followed it perfectly. Her body began to feel warmer as the heaviness of the situation gave way to something that promised to be much more pleasurable.

"Now, sometimes I might get the urge to play without you prompting me. Whenever I start referring to you as kitty, I'll expect you to go into subbie mode and play along, understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"I have no designs on playing with you this way outside of our own closed doors. I have no desire to hurt you... much... or humiliate you. The only exception to this I can foresee would be if we went to a fetish ball or club. That's the only instance I can think of where we'd be in character around anyone other than ourselves." She nodded and snuggled up to his neck. "Don't get too cozy dear, you've earned yourself a good spanking by getting yourself off without me, and on our wedding night too? Tsk, tsk. Yep, I'm afraid a good spanking is in order."

Eva pouted a bit, but was more than happy to play along. "I'm sorry Sir." She coated the statement in a heavy sprinkling of her adorable sugar. Then she pouted a pout that could melt even the coldest heart, well, almost.

"Apology accepted kitty." He smiled at her, "but you're still going to get it." He straightened his back and his smiled faded. Eva could see the intensity in his eyes. It thrilled her. "Stand up." It was a command. There was no mistaking the tone of his voice. Gingerly, she stood and faced him. His eyes followed her face upward to her standing position and then drifted down her body, over her full, firm breasts, down her rounded belly, finally resting on her shaven sex.

"Well, " he said, clearing the lump in his throat that formed with his growing excitement, "let's take a look at how serious the damage is. After all, I'll need to know how much of a spanking to give you." He drew nearer to the "Y" that lay between her legs. His rationalization for a pussy inspection made her smile. "Spread your legs a little." She complied with his next command by taking one step outward with each foot, bringing the whole of her pubic area open to his view. Everything was clearly visible, as she had just given herself a fresh shave that morning. The flesh of her labia was considerably darker than the surrounding shaven flesh as large amounts of blood still course through her intimate parts. Her inner lips were distended and hung visibly from her fatter outer labes. Hanging there they glistened with the dew from her earlier masturbatory session. Laz couldn't help himself as he drew nearer to her sex. The attraction he had to her perfect pussy was overpowering. The only way he would get through this was to keep his humor about him.

"Look at this." He said shaking his head. "This pussy is definitely aroused." She always marveled at his grasp on the obvious. He moved his hand in to smooth the area over her pubis. There he felt the smooth shaven skin. His hand continued down to her darkened outer lips. With two of his fingers he spread them open to reveal her blossoming inner labia and tiny throbbing clit. "Look at how engorged these pussylips are. You got yourself all hot and bothered and wasn't even thinking about your husband were you?" He moved off the edge of the bed and down to one knee, bringing himself closer still to her steaming sex.

From his new vantagepoint, he could get a better look at her glistening inner labia. "Just look at how wet you are." He commented. He drew nearer to her and began to smell the sticky sweetness of her sugary vulva. His nostrils flared when he caught her scent. The scent made his heart race and his head swim with desire. The urge to gorge himself between his lovely wife's legs was swiftly becoming overwhelming. "You are a sticky mess down here kitty. I am not pleased at all with this." He spread his fingers to force her lips even wider apart. The pressure brought her tiny pearl into view. He salivated as he watched it throb and pulse.

"I'm sorry Sir, was I bad? Did I make my pussy messy?" She was egging him on now and he knew it, the tease! This was a good sign as it meant she was surrendering to the game.

"Yes kitty, you were very, very bad to make a messy pussy without me. Oh, you're going to get it good for this." He brought his other hand up to trace the thick blood-filled inner lips of her pussy. He noticed that they were covered in a whitish discharge that according to what he had read, was a sure sign of his blushing bride's fertility. She shuddered as his fingers lightly ran all around the engorged flesh. A drop of her sticky nectar dribbled from deep inside her cunt and hung on one of her hanging lips. Laz ceased all motion as he sat transfixed on the drop of love honey that threatened to waste itself on the carpeted hotel room floor. The stared as it stretched and began to drip. The last of his self-control left him, as he knew what he had to do.

Lazram dove at the sweet dewdrop of his lovely wife's pussy juice tongue first. He caught it on his tongue just as it separated itself from her inner sex lips. The drop of nectar melted into his taste buds and took away the last of his reservations. He then began an oral assault on Eva's juicy engorged labia. His mouth engulfed both her hanging folds of flesh and sucked then into his mouth as if to clean them of all the juice that coated them. He leaned into her with the full of his face, grinding his nose into her sensitive clit.

She groaned as she felt his hot slithering tongue exploring her depths in search of her sweet nectar she knew he craved. Her sex was already sensitized by her earlier attentions and her husband's attack on her swollen intimate flesh sent waves of renewed pleasure through her overheated body. His rhythmic licking and sucking began to oscillate in her system and before she realized it, she had grabbed his head in her hands and was humping his face. She pressed her pulsating clit hard against his nose and rubbed it firmly while his lips and tongue flitted and sucked at her weeping vulva.

Her pussy literally hummed as she and her husband worked in unison to bring her toward an explosive orgasm. "Oh yes, suck my pussy baby!" she moaned as the pleasure began to numb her senses. The strength began to leave her legs as she felt the orgasm rising in her loins shooting white-hot thrills up and down her spine. " Oh you evil man, you evil, evil man... " Her voice trailed off as the first contractions of her orgasm began. Her buttocks tightened and she dug her nails into her loving husband's head. "Oh yes... " The feeling was upon her now, but it would not be complete, not yet.

Lazram stood up abruptly and broke free of his wife's grip. Eva's head reeled at the realization that he had just abandoned her in the middle of a powerful orgasm. "No!" she gasped, and her hands instinctively flew to her vagina to complete the act, but Lazram would have none of it. Without warning, he gave her 3 swift, furious smacks with his open hand on her bare bottom and pushed her forward toward the bed so that she had to catch herself with her hands or pitch forward onto her face. This left her standing bent at the waist. The color seemed to leave her face and collect in her ass as his hand left a reddening print on her left cheek. Her body was still quivering with need and she was on the verge of hysteria. He just stood there regarding her for a moment while he wiped her feminine juices from his face with his hand.

"Why?" she asked, her eyes beckoned him to finish what they had started and her voice quivered weakly.

"You didn't call me 'Sir'" was his reply.

"What?" Her voice was incredulous. She understood, but didn't really. Sensing this, he spelled it out for her.

"You called be 'baby' and an 'evil man' but you failed to call me Sir." He circled around behind her as he spoke. "It all shows that you lack discipline and you need training. We had best begin." She started to feel a bit of rebellion rising in her as she watched him walk to the far side of the bed and then bend down to retrieve something jammed underneath it. She began to rise to standing so she may have a better look, but her husband had other plans.

"Don't even think about it. Hands on the bed. Hands GLUED to the bed. Keep your feet planted where they are. Don't move. Don't so much as twitch. In fact, don't even breathe hard. Failure to do exactly as I say will put you in deeper shit than you already are. Do you understand me?" He shot straight up out of his crouch to give this set of commands. His tone caught Eva completely off guard and she found herself complying with every instruction without really thinking. She stayed put with her hands and feet firmly planted in place. She even tried to hold her breath and slow her breathing, but her body was still vibrating from her interrupted orgasm.

He crouched again and reached under the bed to find a small suitcase he had secreted there earlier when he came to stow their luggage. Placing it on the bed before her, he opened it to display its contents. Eva's eyes grew large as she saw what was inside the suitcase. Her excitement only grew as Laz began to place each item it contained one by one on the bed before her. From the suitcase he produced a leather wrapped wooden paddle, 2 sets of fur-lined leather manacles, a leather collar, a long leash chain, a rubber ball-gag, another chain connecting a pair of rubber tipped nipple clamps, a silver vibrating egg, and a pair of fuzzy white kitty ears mounted on a semi-circular hair bret.

Lazram sat on the bed, taking the cat ear bow and placed it on Eva's head "There, my pretty kitty has to have her ears, do you like them?"

"Yes Sir, I do." The knowledge that all this was indeed planned for her began to set her mind at ease and her excitement began to build. She had indeed married an evil, evil man.

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