Honeymoon Night in a Perfect World

by Lazram

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: He knew exactly what his newlywed wife wanted and needed, and he was there to provide... in spades!

Part 1: Romance

Peals of giddy laughter could be heard in the hallway as the newlywed couple approached their suite. Outside the door, there could be heard the rustle of many layers of clothing and clumsy fumbling for the keycard. There was a loud thump against the door followed by snickers and more laughter. Anyone nearby could hear that these two were having entirely too much fun for their own good, and they haven't even gotten into the room yet.

Finally, with a click and a kick, the room's door burst open. There they were, the happiest couple on the planet, Lazram and Eva on the first night of the rest of their lives. He could be barely seen behind all of the lacy white layers of her dress. He was there, holder her and dutifully carrying his love across their conjugal threshold. He stood 5'11" and 200lb but never stood taller than this day for in his arms, he carried his beautiful and luscious Eva, only 5'3" and full of impish charm.

He looked at her now, into her beautiful face that never failed to mesmerize him with its grace and elegance. She had a pure, wholesome face. Innocent framed in lush brown hair and adorned with lovely blue-gray eyes that were always full of cheer, and cherry red lips that begged to be passionately kissed. The rest of her was covered in the most elegant tide of satin and lace any woman had ever worn. The sheer veil pulled back and covered the top of her head and cascaded down her back to join the remaining fabric, framing her face like the fine art it is. He held in his arms the love of his life, and she was perfect.

She could have rested cradled in his arms for the rest of the night. She loved how it felt to have her head resting on his chest. It was one of her favorite positions, and one she had come to know well. In it she could hear the beat of his heart and feel the rising and falling of his chest. These things let her know that he was near, that he was with her and that she would be safe and warm. Be even as she basked in the comfort that only he could give her, she could feel the weight of his stare as she knew he was watching her. She looked up to find his eyes fixed on her, his light brown eyes. His eyes were almost a perfect match for his skin, which was also brown and smooth, only broken by the dimples in his cheeks as he smiled down at her and the smile itself. When he smiled at her is was always either a warm smile of love and pride, or his wide grin of laughter. She loved to make him laugh. Most everything she did he found cute or amusing. She's often wondered why, but never could dwell on it long, as her thoughts would always drift back to the charming smile the laughter brought. Yes she loved to please him. She loved him.

"Whoa!" He breathed. His legs and back were straining under the effort he'd just put forth trying to impress his young bride. "Ok, whew! We made it in. Where's the bed?"

"Anxious to get started already?" She cooed. Normally he took his time with her, teasing and tantalizing her. Maybe he wasn't immune to the wedding night jitters and it was making him antsy. Not that she minded, she'd wanted him since she saw him standing at the altar in his tuxedo. She feared God would strike her down for thinking such thoughts in a Synagogue. She wouldn't have been struck alone as she could see the simmering lust on his face as she walked down the aisle toward him. They way his hands clutched, the way his chest rose and fell. Anyone else would have thought it was just his nerves, but she knew better. Seeing his small and voluptuous lover with her full, creamy breasts and her ample, curvy figure in her long, white, flowing wedding gown was enough to keep him in a simmering lust. A lust she'd make sure she quenched tonight.

His grin widened at her playful remark as he began to make his way speedily toward the bed. He chuckled warmly to her while falling down upon it, backward, still holding her in his arms ad allowing her to fall atop of him. "Ha haa! Well, not entirely. Just feeling a little strain from carrying you into the room." He let out a long breath "Whew, I'm getting to old for this."

"Well you were the gimp who decided he was going to carry me all the way from the elevator and all the way down the hall!" She giggled and nuzzled up into his neck planting a light, gentle kiss on it.

"I know, but I was trying to impress you. I guess it's time to invest in a home gym." He removed her veil and headdress and rather abruptly tossed it away. He stroked her head softly, feeling the silkiness of her hair. He loved her hair, and bent down slightly to place his nose where he could smell her soft hair and scalp. They lay there resting for a while, each basking in the other's warmth. After a bit more conversation about their new house and moving arrangements, they fell silent once again.

"You don't have to impress me you know." She said softy, "I'm yours now. "

"I'll never stop trying to impress you. You deserve no less. Every day you'll get nothing from me but my very best. I'll always go above and beyond for you. I meant it when we were dating and I mean it now. That much will never change."

"You'll spoil me."

"You deserve to be spoiled. If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, someone as loving and caring and nurturing as yourself deserves to be well cared for. You should want for nothing. I'll do my best for you." That said, he rolled her over onto her back and looked deeply into the blue-gray pools of her eyes while lying on top of her. "I love you Eva, thank you for becoming my wife."

"I love you Laz."

He leaned forward to kiss her then. Only their second kiss as husband and wife, but it was every bit as fervent and their first kiss, and every kiss thereafter. She threw her arms around his neck as they maintained a heated lip lock. She could feel his weight upon her now, covering her fully. She loved the feel of his hard masculine body. He never fully settled in their embrace as he rested the weight of his upper body on his elbows. While maintaining their kiss, He brought his left hand up to stroke the side of her angelic face. She sighed softly as he stroked the side of her face and let his hand gently drift down to her neck and then her shoulder. There his hand lingered, caressing the creamy flesh that lay there while slowly working the fabric of her gown down off of her shoulder. She assisted him by allowing her arm to fall limp at her side and then pulling it up and out of her lacy sleeve. She returned her arm to his neck while he brought his hand to her ample chest and gently stroked her full, left breast through her strapless brassiere. His fingers glided softly over the satiny bra cup sending feather-light tickles to the quivering flesh beneath.

Her breasts never ceased to amaze him. They were absolutely perfect in every way. Fleshy, creamy mounds that a 36DD bra could only modestly contain, capped with deliciously pink nipples that seemed to be in a state of permanent arousal. Her all natural wonders were what women shelled out thousands of dollars for but would never achieve. The desire to see them bare was overwhelming. Breaking the kiss, He sat up on his knees and began to urgently help her out of the other sleeve of her wedding gown. His bottom lip quivered with his need, and she could see his growing frustration. Seeing this as a golden opportunity to tease him. She squirmed out from under him and stood at the edge of the bed.

"Where are you going?" He asked, "Don't run away yet, we're just getting started."

"I'm not going anywhere... " she said innocently, but that familiar impish smile clued him in to the fact that she was up to no good. As she smiled wickedly at him, she let the remaining upper half of her prodigious garment fall to her waist and cupped her bra-encased globes tenderly, presenting them to her new husband. "I could see how anxious you were getting to get at 'the girls' so I just thought I'd give you a hand. And, it would be awfully hard to get out of this dress if I were still lying on the bed." Though little blood was fueling his brain at this point. Laz could see that his vivacious wife was making a lot of sense. "Just relax sweapea," Eva giggled, "you're going to have it all tonight!"

That said, she reached between her voluminous breasts and undid her bra clasp. Two perfectly formed melon heavy globes of womanly flesh capped by protuberant pink nipples sprang free of their harness and danced before Lazram's eyes. His jaw dropped open and his eyes became round as saucers. He had seen his lovely bride's breasts more times than he could count in many ways, shapes, and forms, but never had they been more spectacular than they were now. Laz's surprise amused Eva and started her giggling again which in turn made her gorgeous breasts jiggle and bounce with a life all their own.

Eva then began to cup and play with her breasts for both their amusements while Laz removed his jacket and tie. She cup her hand under one of them and gently tugged at the nipple before releasing it and sending bubbling waves through the entire mound. She then licked a finger and lightly rubbed her wet digit over the nipple sending electric sparks of pleasure through her entire breast. Lazram took note of his new wife's behavior. He loved her playfulness but he also knew of a more serious side of their relationship. He pondered this as he watched his impishly playful bride tease and stimulate her nipples. In his mind's eye he imagined what they would look like nine months to a year from now.

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