From Her Toes to Heaven

by Lazram

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: A leg lover? He didn't realize he was. She did and today was his lucky day!

I never believed in love at first sight, which is probably why it just came up and bit me in the ass! But oh my God! How can I not fall in love with a woman like that! I didn't even notice her at first. A few of the guys from the office and I come here for 5 o'clock drinks and wings about every other day. Most of the women here are usually just like us; working stiffs, all suit and tie and much too interested in forgetting about our office woes to do much in the way of socializing. I think I'm one of the few who are unmarried anyway. But this woman, this vision! How do I begin to describe her?

Well, let's start at the top. Hair: Dark brown, wavy, shiny and full. Face: Modelesque and mature, Her eyes were hazel grey, a little heavy on the eyeshadow but I think even that was to convey a message. What message is that? Available and I heard her loud and clear! This message was echoed by the sly and sexy smile on her wide and luscious mouth. Laugh wrinkles formed at the corners of her mouth framing her lips as one would a Rembrandt. Yes, classic beauty in this one! No woman under the age of 30 could ever aspire to look this hot! Her smooth thin face was one that had seen some wild times and had no plans on slowing down. But I haven't even gotten to the body yet!

She wore a black and white designer dress. White from her waist to her superb breasts. Not overly large breasts mind you. A large B or C cups maybe, but oh so full and creamy, with a deep dark furrow of cleavage that seemed to call out my name! In the other direction, the dress was black from her waist to her thighs. I'd love to go on about how wonderfully cinched her waist was, or about the nice swell of her hips, but by the time I got to her legs I lost the capacity for rational thought.

Legs! I don't think I have the words for what lay just below the hem of that short dress. The first thing I saw was the sheer black stockings. Her slender thigh was so smooth, so round, and seemed to go on forever! She crossed her legs toward me as my eyes made the trip down her juicy thigh to her knees. So delicately capped they were and moved with such graceful precision I could have watched her bob her crossed leg up and down all day, but if I did that, I would never have made it to her smooth, perfect shins. Her calves were tightly muscled, set off by the pointing of her toes in her 4" black heels. Her glossy black shoes were seductively open at the toes. A silver anklet shone around her left ankle shining like a silvery star against the blackened flesh-toned sky that was her perfect legs.

I drank in the sight of her as if I had all the time in the world. Actually, I no longer had the concept of time; my whole world had become those long, shapely, juicy legs. They seemed to put on a show with myself as the only audience member. They shifted, they danced, they posed, and then they repositioned to do it all again. It seemed like hours before I was finally able to tear my gaze away from those sensual appendages and allow my eyes to wander up the rest of the package back to that lovely elegant face. Her wide sensual mouth smiled warmly at me as our eyes locked from across the bar. Her look was pleasant and inviting... wait a sec, she smiled at me?


I could feel the color drain from my face as the realization hit me that she had seen me ogling her body. If I could find a nice rock to crawl under at that point I would have. I was so stunned I couldn't even look away. I just sat there like a deer in headlights with my mind trying desperately to think of a way to apologize for blatantly staring at this gorgeous woman who was obviously way out of my league. She reveled in my embarrassment. She shook her wavy curls into her face as she giggled silently. That was enough for me to allow the reality of what just happened set in. My shoulders sank and my head fell straight down giving me a view of my own lap. What I saw there only added to my shame.

There it was for all to see. My slacks were tented like Barnum and Bailey's big top. My crotch looked huge as my thick penis stood up at attention threatening to burst right through my zipper. Its long tubular outline was clearly visible beneath the fabric as the length of it that couldn't stand up was twisted onto its side. The bell-shaped head was pressing lewdly against the top of my thigh for everyone to see. The fabric of my slacks had pulled so taut that even my balls were clearly outlined in them. I felt as though everyone in the bar could see my fat bullocks churning in their excitement through my trousers.

This was almost too much. There I was looking much like a sex-starved pervert. Ok, so I was sex-starved, but she didn't have to know that! My mind had been made up, I needed to get out of there and find a short pier to take a long walk off of. I gathered my jacket and set a 10 down on the bar to pay for my beer. I hoped I could get out of the place before the whole bar noticed I was sporting wood. I cast one last look at my dream woman hoping a single look could convey how sorry I was for embarrassing her so. My eyes were caught once again by hers as we shared gazes. I looked at her apologetically and began to turn away. She answered me with a wanton smile. She crooked a finger at me, beckoning me to come to her. I stopped in my tracks.

What was I to do? Part of my brain was telling me to get the hell out of there before I had a chance to make a bigger fool of myself, while the other half was telling me this was too good to be true! Sensing my hesitation, she cocked her head seductively and patted the stool next to her. Yes, the implied notion was immistakeable. She wanted me to join her! Could I really? She went ahead and made my mind up for me by giving her lips a sensual, seductive lick. Her tiny pink tongue put me in a trance as it very quickly and subtlely danced on her lips. Before I realized it, I had lost control of my own legs and was standing right next to her. I don't even remember crossing the room. That's all it took. I was effectively seduced and putty in her hands.

"Hello handsome." Her voice was rich like a red velvet cake, and just as sweet. She gave me yet another wide-mouthed smile as I sat down on the stool beside hers. She opened her purse lying on the bar and produced a cigarette. Suddenly I remembered that I myself didn't smoke, but spotted a book of matches on the bar behind her. Without a word I quickly reached past her and grabbed the matches. My head swam as I watched her toy with her cigarette. She held it delicately between her fingers and moved it toward her pursed lips. Upon reaching her mouth, she gently allowed it to penetrate her soft, moist lips and teased the filter with the tip of her nimble tongue. All the while she was watching me. Her seductive gaze was making me a nervous wreck. I fumbled with the matches and finally got one lit. She held her cigarette to her mouth and guided her lovely face toward the flame. Her cheeks hollowed as she took a long healthy drag from her smoke. The end of it glowed brightly as she continued to suck in smoke. Finally she pulled back and smiled at me again as she exhaled.

"So, you're a leg man are you?" she asked as she ran her free hand up and down her thigh, obviously meaning to draw my attention to it. It worked. My eyes followed as she began to stroke and caress her thigh. She kneaded the flesh with her thin fingers. She began to caress her way to the insides of her thigh as well, letting her hand move higher toward the hem of her dress. She draped her leg across my lap, as her hand made it's way higher up the inside of her thigh. As if on instinct, I began to caress her calf. The feel of her leg in my hands was incredible. First there was the cool, sheer; sleekness of her transparent black stockings, then beneath that was hot succulent leg flesh. Taut and firm, yet soft and feminine, I wanted to sink my teeth into that flesh as if it were milk-fed veal. Her calf muscle was tight as a drum and very shapely as popped prominently from the back of her leg. Her foot danced in lazy circles as we worked her lovely leg over. Higher and higher her hand went until she began to raise the hem of her dress.

An inch above her hem is where the stockings ended. Lovely bands of elastic black lace capped them. I marveled at how the elastic lace gently squeezed the tender flesh of her thighs. It pinched her delicate thigh muscle in slightly and them allowed it to over flow at the top. Then, I was given my next shock. Her toying hand had allowed light to penetrate beneath her dress and I could see her sex peeking out at me from between her shapely thighs. She wore no panties!

Her thick lipped sex peeked out at me gloriously! Her labia were fat and engorged making them considerably darker than the surrounding flesh. Only a few dark curls of pubic hair capped the top of her mound, as the remainder was shaven clean. Even though her legs weren't widely spread, I could make out the fleshy folds that made up her inner lips. They reached out hungrily from in between the generous outer lips, as if beckoning me to lick and suckle them. I'm not sure if I was imagining it, but I could swear I could smell the sweet fragrance of her pussy. Her erotic heat assaulted my senses and my head began to swim.

My cock began to strain in my slacks and I could feel my balls throbbing heavily and painfully. Something had to break soon; there was no way I could continue like this. Never before had a woman turned me on so hot so fast. But who was she? Why was she tormenting me so? I thought I'd ask.

"Who are you?" I said with a weak smile. I was almost too far gone for words, but I had to know what was going on and where this was going to go.

"Call me Trish, hun" She smiled and flicked ashes from the cigarette she had been smoking.

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