Jason's Power

by E. Z. Riter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, BiSexual, Incest, Orgy, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Cindy meets the boy next door, Jason, who hypnotizes her and a lot of others with the objective of a happier, sexier life.

I was fifteen on Thursday. No one wanted to come to the small party my mother gave me. Not even the beautiful summer day could stop my tears.

"Hey, pretty girl! Why are you crying?"

I saw a freckled-faced grin peering at me over the fence, with a shock of unruly red hair and glasses over his blue eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Jason Evans. My folks and I moved in yesterday. Can I come over?"

"No. I want to be alone," I said in my best Greta Garbo imitation.

In a moment, the gate opened. As he storked in, I saw he was about six feet tall, but scrawny and gangly. He sat down beside me, eyeing me with a gentle, humorous twinkle.

"Jason Evans, at your service," he said, sticking out his hand. I ignored him hoping he'd go away. He waited a moment, then said with a grin, "No wonder you're unhappy. Your parents didn't give you a name."

"Cynthia Caldwell, but, everyone calls me Cindy. Now, go away!" I was miserable and I wanted to stay that way.

"No. I'm going to stay right here until I find out why such a lovely lady is unhappy."

Jason was very sweet as he talked to me. After he gained my confidence, I gushed my problems to him. I was overweight (he could see that), not popular and very shy. I was smart, but my grades were lousy because I was so unhappy all the time.

"I can cure all your problems," he said confidently. "What are you, a magician?"

"No, but my grandfather was. I can help you, Cindy."

I looked hard at this new boy I'd met. I knew he was sixteen, with a positive attitude. I knew he was a bright student and in all the top classes.

"How?" I asked.

"I can hypnotize you. It'll help you concentrate on your school work, let you shed a few pounds and you'll be on your way to success."

"I can't be hypnotized. My parents took me to a doctor last fall to try that. But thanks anyway."

He took my hand in his.

"My grandfather was a hypnotist and a magician. My father's a hypnotist and a psychologist. My mother's a hypnotist and a dentist. My skills have been honed for years. I can do it. Let me know when you want to start."

"Now. I want to start now, but I don't think it'll work."

Jason led me to his room, or, rather, his apartment. The people who had owned the house before his parents bought it built living quarters in back for an older relative. There was a large living room, a large bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Jason lived there now and that's where he took me to hypnotize me.

I'd thought when a person is hypnotized, they don't remember. I remembered everything. He put me under and worked for an hour deepening and broadening the trance, making me more receptive to his suggestions. He planted a key word in my mind to let me be hypnotized more easily the next time. He began with helping me concentrate and he told me I would hate chocolate. After he brought me out of my trance, I told him I remembered everything. He was very surprised, but, after a few questions, he believed me. He said it was very rare for the subject to remember.

I didn't feel different from being hypnotized except I noticed I ate differently that night at dinner, avoiding the fats and starches, and, taking smaller portions. I was so happy that I was really going to lose weight, I cried myself to sleep in the quiet of my room.

The next morning, Dad and I went to church but Mom felt puny, so she stayed home. When we returned, she was feeling much better.

"I met our new neighbors," she said. "They're lovely and that Jason is quite a nice young man. Have you met him, Cindy?"

"Yes, Mom," I replied, but I didn't tell her about the hypnosis. I didn't know what she might say. After lunch, Jason arrived and Mom let him in.

"Why don't you and Jason go up to your room, Cindy. Shut the door. I won't bother you," she said.

I looked at her with my mouth hanging open. My mother would never allow a boy in my room, particularly with the door shut! As I took Jason to my room, I wondered if he had anything to do with Mom's attitude, but I didn't ask. Again, he put me into a deep trance.

Within four weeks, I was much more self assured and positive. Already, I'd lost twenty pounds. By now, Jason was walking in and out of my house and my room as if he owned the place. He and I had been on a few dates. He'd kissed me, but I pushed him away when he tried anything else.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I saw a big Mercedes drive in his driveway. Mrs. Parker got out. I knew her because her daughter, Patti, was the best friend of my older sister, Cathy. When I saw her walk back towards Jason's apartment, I snuck downstairs, through the loose boards in the fence near the back, and up to Jason's window, which was open. I was very quiet as I listened.

"My husband and I appreciate the changes you made in our lives, Jason."

"You're welcome, Mrs. Parker."

"Call me Beth. Jason, the reason I'm here is... did you make any suggestions about you and me when you hypnotized us."

"Why, Mrs...Beth?"

"I have a desire to be with you. That surprises me. I don't have sex with boys."

"I suggested you would think of me as an adult male, Beth. That's all."

"Oh, if you are considered an adult, this feeling is all my own?" Mrs. Parker asked.

"Yes, it is."

"Well, Jason, are you an adult male or are you still a boy?"

"I'm counting on you to make me an adult, " he said.

"Jason, I'd love to teach you about sex. Shall we began?"

I could hear the sound of clothes hitting the floor. I heard Mrs. Parker groan, then whisper, "I want that monster in my mouth first, Jason." I heard slurping sounds. I closed my eyes, imagining the sight happening on the other side of the wall, the sight of Mrs. Parker on her knees with Jason's cock in her mouth. I'd never seen a real cock except for once when I was seven and Jamie Miller and I played doctor. But I knew my nipples were tingling and there was moisture between my legs.

"Now, Jason, please, stick it in me. Like that... yes, oh, yes. God, you're big. Fuck me with that big cock...Uhhhh."

Mrs. Parker was very vocal in her lovemaking and while I won't repeat all of it, I can tell you it was wonderfully wild and made me very hot.

"Good, Jason, so good..." she whimpered as my hand slipped under my blouse to caress my nipple.

"Yes, Jason, hold my arms down. Slam me hard, baby. Hard! Fuck me, Jason, fuck me."

She began to laugh as my other hand went between my legs, feeling my little button so hard and erect. I twisted it as I pinched my nipple. I felt a feeling I'd never felt before. I knew my first orgasm was on its way.

"Yes! Jason, yes! Oh, God, I'm cumming," Mrs. Parker screamed.

I orgasmed the same time she did, whimpering quietly by myself outside Jason's window. I gasped for breath, exhausted, but Mrs. Parker was just getting started.

"Have you ever taken a woman's ass, Jason?" she asked in a voice I never heard before, a voice I would learn is a woman floating in her afterglow.

"No, Beth," he replied.

"Well, with that monster cock of yours, it may hurt them. You need to be very well lubricated and aware of what you are doing. I'll teach you."

"Maybe, I shouldn't have anal sex," he said.

"Don't be silly. Not all women enjoy it, but a lot of us do. And some learn to enjoy it. Besides, if you ever want to dominate a woman, take her ass while she resists. It makes her feel very submissive, like she's with a real man. Now slip on that condom and grease it up."

"You do it, Beth."

Mrs. Parker laughed. "See. You're learning to dominate already."

I listened as she moaned, working it in. I was dying to look but I was afraid. I listened as again Mrs. Parker orgasmed loudly on Jason's cock up her ass, and, again, my little fingers brought me off the same time as her. Now, I was limp as a rag from my first two orgasms ever.

"I need to dress, Jason. If we go again, I'll be too tired for my husband tonight."

"I need to cum again, Beth. You need to take me one more time," he replied.


"Your mouth."

"I'd love to." Again, the sounds of her slurping filled the air.

I couldn't stand it. I had to look. Mrs. Parker was on her knees naked, her back against the couch. Jason was over her, his cock moving smoothly in and out of her mouth. One of her hands was on his ass, the other on his cock. Both of his hands were on her head. He started moaning and moving faster. Suddenly, his prick began jumping and Mrs. Parker started swallowing. I saw his stuff ooze out of the corner of her mouth as she tried to swallow him all down. Jason groaned and fell back, sitting on the ground. Mrs. Parker had a dazed smile as she took his cum off her face with a finger and sexily licked it off.

"I bet your balls hurt with that much cum in them. That was a big load."

Jason groaned and fell backward. She began to dress. I hid again, but continued to listen.

"Have you ever used your power to enslave a woman, Jason?" she asked.

My heart stopped. I hadn't thought of that until then.

"No," he answered.

"Do you plan to?"


I could hear their breathing and the rustle of her silk stockings as she put them on.

"May I suggest someone?"

The silence was deafening.

"Yes. Please do," he said.

"My daughter, Patti."

Oh, my God, I thought. Patti was a bouncy, beautiful, and popular girl, my sister's best friend. Why would a woman suggest her own daughter be enslaved by a man?

"Why would you suggest her, Beth?" Jason asked, voicing my thought.

"I think Patti's a natural submissive. I believe she really needs and wants a man to guide her. You're a unique man. I can think of no other person I'd rather guide my daughter. I know she'd have a good life with you, Jason."

"I need to meet her," he said.

"I'll set it up," she replied. "But, Jason, even if you are fucking my daughter, you need to save time for me!"

"Beth, there'll always be time for you!"

They passed small talk and kissed until he walked her to her car. And Jason always did have plenty of time for Mrs. Parker. I was so tired, my legs so weak, it took forever before I was back in my room. I slept like a baby that night.

I awakened late and grabbed a bowl of cereal. I was looking out the window when I saw Patti's car drive up. I gulped my food, then ran barefoot in my nightgown to hide outside Jason's window again.

"My mother thinks you can help me with two bad habits I have," Patti was saying. "I bite my nails and I've started smoking."

"Of course, Patti. I can correct those habits."

"Well, let's get started," she said.

I listened for about an hour and a half as Jason put her into a trance. Since I remembered how he did it, I was surprised when he began going deeper, much deeper than he had with me. She was in a deeper trance than I was after five sessions. Jason gave her the command to stop biting her nails and stop smoking. I was very surprised as he took her deeper still.



Her voice was that zombie-like monotone of people in the deepest trances.

"Are you a virgin?"


"How many people have you had sex with?"

There was silence. I guess she was counting.

"Seventeen men and six women."

Men and women! Wow! I hadn't guessed Patti was gay.

"Tell me about the first one."

Patti's voice never showed emotion as she described the senior fullback taking her cherry when she was a freshman, ripping off her panties, pushing her on her back and holding her down, fucking her in the backseat of his car.

"Who was next?" Jason asked.

She mentioned three different guys, then said, "Billy Warren was my fifth. He gave me to his friends. All the others were guys he told me to fuck."

I was sure they could hear my heart pounding.

"So he dominated you?" Jason asked.

"Yes," Patti replied.

"Did you like that?"


"Did you like being given to his friends?"

"I liked making him happy. If having sex with his friends made him happy, then it made me happy. I didn't like it when they laughed at me or called me a slut."

"How about the women?"

"I have one friend who's been my lover since we were sophomores. The others were all one nighters for Billy's amusement."

"Who's your long term lover?"

"Cathy Caldwell."

I gasped. Oh, I hoped Jason didn't hear me.

"Is she gay?" he asked.

My ears burned, waiting for her response.

"We both like guys and girls. I like guys better. I'm not sure about Cathy."

My big sister liked women. I began to see things that had happened between her and me in a new light.

"Do you have sexual fantasies?"


"Does one fantasy occur more often than the others?"


"Tell me this fantasy, Patti."

"I'm walking, sometimes in a mall, sometimes at school, sometimes around the neighborhood. There are many people. Suddenly, I see one man staring at me. My whole focus becomes him. I can see his body, but his face is always hazy. I can never make out who he is. He motions me to follow him.

Sometimes we walk a long time, sometimes only a little ways, but we always end in a pet store. I stand beside him as he selects a collar, a dog collar. It's plain leather, no rhinestones. He selects a leash to match and a dog tag.

He asks my name. I say 'Patti.' He has the tag engraved. It reads 'I'm Patti. I'm owned by', but I can't read his name. He puts the collar around my neck. The tags hang down on my throat. I feel the collar. It no longer has an lock but is smooth leather. I know I'll wear it forever. I'm happy and excited to belong to him, to have a man to lead and guide me. He attaches the leash and says 'Come, Patti.' I follow after him."

It was strange hearing her tell how excited she was in such a dead monotone, as if the tone gave lie to the words. But I knew that tone was normal for a person in the deepest kind of trance. It seemed there was a long silence.

"Is that the end of your fantasy?"

"Sometimes. Most of the time there's more."

"Tell me about it?"

"Usually, it continues my entire life. I do belong to him. He's my master. He treats me lovingly, kind, but he's firm with me, punishing me if I'm bad. I know the punishment is given in love. I have his children. We live our lives and grow old together."

"What kind of punishment does your master give you?"

"He binds me, ties me up. Then he spanks me. Sometimes, he whips me. The binding is sometimes my punishment. I'm left in an awkward position. I can feel my muscles ache and throb."

"Do you like it?"

"Not the whipping, but a nice spanking stimulates me sexually. I love the bondage. I love pulling against the ropes. It makes me horny. If he leaves me that way, I'm so aroused when he returns, I beg him to fuck me."

"Are there other men and women in the fantasy, besides the children?"


"Who are they?"

"They're nameless, floating in and out. My master has sex with whomever he pleases. Sometimes, I watch. Sometimes, we have a threesome or he shares me with his friends. All this makes me happy."

It seemed the longest time before Jason spoke again.

"Why does it make you happy, Patti?"

"I can be free of guilt and happily participate as he directs."

"Patti, would you like to know your master's name?"

"Oh, yes, very much. Then I'll know whom I'm to serve for the rest of my life."

"I want you to go back to the pet store. I want you to take the dog tags in your hand and look at them. Do you see them?"


"Listen to me. I'll read the dog tag to you since you have been unable to read it."

"Thank you," she replied.

"The tag reads, 'I'm Patti. I'm owned by Jason Evans.' Can you read it now?" "Of course. It's very clear. I can read 'Jason Evans'." She sighed happily. "At last, I know who he is."

It was the first time I heard emotion in her voice since she was hypnotized.

"Repeat what the tag says Patti." She repeated over and over, "I'm Patti. I'm owned by Jason Evans."

After she repeated it about twenty times, Jason began to take her out of the trance, bringing her back to consciousness. When she was conscious, I heard her yawn.

"Wow! Did I go under?" she asked.

"Yes, you did. I think we can stop worrying about the smoking and nail biting now."

"I hope you're right, uh, what did you say your name is?"

"Jason Evans."

I heard her gasp, then fall to the floor. I prayed I wouldn't be seen, but I had to look. Patti was on her knees in front of Jason. She was looking up at him with an expression which could only be described as worshiping. He stroked her cheek gently.

"Jason Evans, I've been looking for you my whole life. Please, I implore... I beg... can I be your woman?"

"I don't know. I want a slave, a female totally devoted to me, who will always be thinking of how to please me, who'll follow my every command and will do it all happily."

"That's me. I'm the woman you want. I want to be your slave, your pet. Please, Jason, let me prove my devotion to you."

"Patti, if you promise to be that, I would love to have you as my woman."

She hugged his legs, then squirmed between them, raising her head to be kissed. He kissed her long and hard. I saw his hand cup her breast.

When they broke, Patti said, "I ask only one thing. May I wear your collar?"

He smiled warmly at her.

"Yes, Patti, you can, but now I want you to go home. Eat and then take a nap. Dream of you and me, of your favorite fantasy, of how you can please me. Then comeback here this afternoon at three."

"Yes, Jason," she murmured.

They kissed again and she left. Jason collapsed face down on the couch. I heard him snoring almost immediately. Enslaving females must be hard work. I wondered if he would enslave me. Somehow, I knew he would.

I was ready. When I saw Patti's car drive up, I shot out the door. I was hidden outside Jason's window before she was inside. I was wondering if Jason was going to reinforce his trance before doing anything sexual with her, but it was obvious she was sexually ready and he forged ahead.

"Undress," he said.

"Anything you want, master," she replied sweetly.

"Patti, you may call me master in private but never in public. People might not understand."

"Yes, master," she replied.

"Wow," Jason said reverently. Patti must've removed her blouse.

She giggled sexily. Everybody I knew wished they had a body or a face like Patti Parker. The most beautiful and well built young woman in town, she was a natural blonde with big, blue eyes, a lower pouty lip, high cheekbones, dimples and a warm, wonderful smile. Add to it her drop dead figure. No wonder the boys were always around her. I had to look.

Patti was naked. She was slowly turning, letting Jason take in the sheer physical beauty of his new slave. His mouth was open, as well it should be. Jenny McCarthy wished she looked as good as Patti Parker. When I saw Jason's pants tented, I knew I was looking at an erection. I knew I'd look more often.

"Now, let me please you," she said as she moved against him, grinding herself into him as they kissed. I quickly felt the wetness ooze from my panties onto my leg.

Patti squirmed against him, then slowly slid to her knees to pull his trousers down. She smiled. From the angle, I couldn't see all of his cock. He moved and Patti gasped as he penetrated her.

"Oh, god, Jason, you're so big," she whimpered.

As I listened, Patti started to cum from Jason fucking hers. My panties were so wet I was sloshing as my hand flew between my legs. I came when Patti did, except she came from Jason's cock while I came on my fingers. I slipped away, sneaking into my room. I masturbated there thinking of Jason Evans and his big cock.

The next morning I left for camp. Three weeks. I didn't want to go with everything happening, but my parents insisted. When I got back from camp on a Sunday evening, Cathy was out. Mom, Dad and I had a great home cooked dinner and a nice visit. I was in my nightgown, talking to Mom, when I heard a key in the door.

"It's just me," Jason said.

"Jason has his own key now, Cindy. He comes and goes as he wants," Mom told me.

He looked so good to me. My pussy was oozing I wanted him to fuck me so much. But I was afraid, too. I was still a virgin and I knew what he could do with his power. He kissed Mom lightly on the lips and sat by me.

"Hello, you good looking babe, you. I've missed you," he said.

He put his hand on my knee. It embarrassed me but Mom didn't notice. In fact, she yawned, wished us goodnight and left. He leaned to kiss my lips, but I turned away. I saw sadness, then anger flick across his face. He put his hand on my chin, turning me towards him. He said my key phrase. By now, I was so receptive to him, the phrase repeated twice put me deeply asleep.

"Tell me of all your sexual experiences, Cindy. Start at the very first one you remember and move forward through time," he commanded.

I was powerless to resist even though I would have cut off an arm not to tell him. I told of him of being aware of my body as long as I could remember, of mother telling me how to keep myself clean and warning me about boys. I told him about letting Jamie Miller play doctor with me when we were seven. I could feel my heart beating madly as I said, "When I was twelve, my sister, Cathy, and I would play with each other. We only did it for a few months but she would love for me to play with her... her..."

"Pussy?" Jason said.

"Yes," I replied.

"Always use the common words, Cindy."

"I played with Cathy's pussy. She was fifteen. She let me rub her nipples and then, she'd rub mine."

"Did you orgasm?"

"I don't think so, but she did. It frightened me the first time when she screamed and flopped around on the bed."

"Go on," he said.

"Then, we stopped doing things to each other. That was the time when Patti Parker became her best friend. For the next year or so, I knew about boys. I'd talk and giggle with the girls. Sometimes we'd look at each other's pussies but not touch."

I let out a big sigh.

"Then this summer I saw you with Mrs. Parker. I was outside the window. I masturbated to orgasm. Twice. I have masturbated at least once a day since then. At camp, I let some of the boys play with my breasts and one I let touch my pussy. I made him stop before I orgasmed, but I ran to my cabin and finished myself."

I could not see Jason, but I knew he was there. I knew I was pouring my heart out to him. I wondered what he was going to do. I found out.

"Cindy, repeat after me," he said. I repeated.

"I love Jason. I want Jason to be my man, my lover. I want his cock in me. I want him to make love to me, to penetrate me, to fuck me. I orgasm freely with Jason. Jason is my only lover, the only person I'll let touch me unless Jason gives me to another. I'll always be sexy and happy and loving with Jason. I eagerly and happily follow all of Jason's commands, his directions to me. I want to be his, to be owned by him."

I repeated it ten times, permanently burying it deep in my psyche. When he brought me out of the trance, I looked at him.

"I know what you've done to me," I said. "Why have you done it? Why have you made me your love slave?"

It was the first time a man ever looked at me with love in his eyes, except my Dad, of course. That's how I knew it was love and not lust. Jason loved me. That was very clear to me.

"I love you, Cindy. I want you to belong to me."

"I love you, too, but, I'm too young for sex. It frightens me. Anyway, you have Patti."

Very slowly, he leaned towards me. I did not want his kiss, but I couldn't control my actions. I raised my head to him and my lips parted. His kiss was gentle, soft and sweet.

"Yes, I have Patti, and I'll have many others. I have you, too, Cindy. You're mine now. I own you. Don't fear, little girl. I love you very much. I'll take care of you. Cindy, I won't force you to have sex. Let me know when you're ready."

I was exhausted from the mental stress, the hypnosis, the being enslaved by Jason when I got home, but Cathy came into my room.

"Did you fuck him?" "What do you mean, Cathy?"

"Jason. Did you fuck him?"

"No!" I said, acting very insulted. "Why did you ask?"

"Patti and I are his lovers. When I asked if he planning to add another, he told me he'd take you."

I turned beet red, stuttering, as I replied, "You're his lover, too! It doesn't bother you... that you'll share a man with your little sister?"

She laughed. "No, little baby. There's no one better guy to pop your little cherry."

I knew she was right, but I was still afraid.

School started again in two weeks. I tried to avoid him, but I saw Jason every day. Nothing sexual happened between us. When school did begin, my brand new attitude and new looks significantly increased my popularity. Being new, Jason initially was an outcast. But being Patti and Cathy's boyfriend was a long step towards popularity. Then he convinced Bobby Winters he could help him be number one quarterback. It worked. Bobby was his life long buddy and Jason was now an "in" guy.

I noticed the change in attitude of a lot of other people towards Jason. The "bitch bunch" as the other students called a cliche of six beautiful and rich junior girls, suddenly became much nicer to everyone, but they were devoted to Jason. I'd see them carrying Jason's books in the hall, or getting his lunch in the cafeteria. They'd take turns driving him anywhere he wanted to go. They bought him presents.

Of course, they had to contend with Patti and Cathy, who were spending every available minute with him. Both Patti and Cathy wore gold choker necklaces, like collars.

I remembered Patti asking for his collar to wear. Cathy showed me hers. It could be removed but it would take an Allen wrench to do it. The other girls wore gold bracelets on their left ankles.

I'd see one or more of the "bitch bunch" arrive at Jason's apartment in the afternoon. Cathy and Patti were always there, too. I knew they weren't there for tea. Sometimes, I'd sneak up to his window. Jason was probably watching for me since I told him I listened outside his window when he put me under. He never said anything and the window was always open so I could hear.

They had sex every afternoon. Once, I saw Patti, Cathy, two of the bitch bunch and Jason all naked in a pile of the floor. I know my sister Cathy was loving these sessions, given her bisexual nature. She'd have at least one of the other girls every afternoon. After the sex, the girls would clean, wash and iron. Then they'd march naked into the big house where Jason's parents lived and clean it. Sometimes, they fixed dinner for Jason and his parents and who ever he invited over. I'm sure it's every man's dream to have beautiful, naked women serving his every whim. For Jason, it was reality.

Jason talked to me everyday. He was always loving and polite. You could describe us as very close friends. I liked him. More than that, I loved him. I think I'd love him even if he hadn't hypnotized me to do it.

"Ask if you want to go out with me," he said.

I never asked. Why, I don't know.

One day I asked Jason where he and a bunch of the other kids went after school some days, the days the girls didn't go to his apartment. He just smiled.

"We meet different places. Today, it's my house. Come to my house after school today," he said.

"I'm meeting Linda. We're going to the mall."

"Bring her with you," he said.

When Linda and I arrived, Jason answered the door. He whispered my key phrase in my ear, told me to sit in the blue chair in the corner, and took Linda by the hand. It was the first time he had taken control of me since he implanted the sexual suggestions. I did as I was instructed. I had no choice.

In the living room, there was about ten guys and ten girls. All were naked. All were engaged in some form of sex. Patti Parker was on her knees in front of Bobby Winters, his cock buried in her mouth. I wondered why Jason let his woman suck off another guy. As I heard her slurping and watched his big cock saw in and out, I felt my pussy tingle.

David White (who is black) and David Black (who is white) were comparing cock sizes. Then, Missy Winters (Bobby's sister) grabbed both of their cocks and pulled them towards her. Quickly, she was enjoying one in each end. My sister was riding the mouth of some girl I couldn't recognize. Our eyes met but she was so dazed by desire she didn't focus on me.

All that action made my own sexual needs accelerate. I wanted some cock myself. But I couldn't move. I sat primly, knees together, hands on my lap, as all the neat kids fucked in front of me. I heard the door open and more kids piled into the room. The orgy was at full steam.

"Listen up!"

It was Jason. He was naked now. It was the first time I had seen his cock except for when I saw Mrs. Parker suck him off. It was huge, easily bigger than either one of the David's, swinging like a big rubber bat between his legs. It frightened me as I thought of that in my virgin pussy. But then I felt a tingling warmness infuse me, making me quiver as my pussy ran with honeydew.

Jason held Linda by the hand. Little Linda. Prim and proper. Naked. Her pussy freshly shaved. A shiny gold bracelet on her left ankle.

"Linda's our virgin for the day. We'll initiate her now!"

A happy shout rose from the room. Four guys grabbed Linda, laying her on her back, holding her wide and apart. They could have let go because she wasn't struggling.

"Marcia, come warm her up," Jason said to a thin, tall, black girl standing near by.

"Thank you, Jason," she said as she knelt between Linda's legs.

She began lapping at Linda's naked pussy. Soon, Linda was groaning from her need and the smell of her pussy floated through the air. Jason pushed Marcia aside and knelt between Linda's legs.

"Linda, I want you to tell us all exactly how you feel and what is happening."

"Yes, Jason," she replied softly. "I feel you big cock resting on my stomach. It frightens me some but, my God, I want it. I want your cock... yes, Jason... in me... deep... full."

Linda's fingers encircled Jason and moved him to her opening, busily spreading her lips for him.

"Now, Jason, please, fuck me. Oh, god, you are so big... stop... wait... please, I'm tearing."

She was sweating heavily now, her eyes dilated and unfocused at the lust controlled her. Her breathing was ragged and labored.

"I'm being fucked... fucked so good... now, a little more... my cunt is stretching... expanding to take your big cock. Oh, a little more... yes, yes, so full. Stop."

I could see Linda's squirming, her muscles working to take him. Jason was being very gentle with her, letting her dictate his entry speed. He almost acted detached. Once, I saw him staring at me as he waited for her.

"Now, I'm ready, now. Oh, oh, oh!...aaahhhhh, holy mother-fucking shit... my cunt's so full...Jesus, Mary and Joseph that feels good... so good...hahahah..."

She began babbling as Jason began to move in and out of her. Her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around his hard, lean body.

"Yessss, oh God I'm cummminngggg," she screamed as she slammed her heels into the floor, lifting herself and Jason into the air. Her back arched, body rigid, eyes bugged out. I heard her fart as she passed out.

Jason pulled out of her and grinned at his silent and approving audience. "Yeah!" he said and the room broke into action as all the hungry, horny bodies attached to each other. He came to me, his cock like a giant rod before him. I couldn't move. Slowly, the tip of his cock touched my lips, then slid up my cheek, leaving a trail of Linda's love potion on my cheek. I was shaking in desire, and in fear he'd force me.

"Let me take you, Cindy," he asked.

"No," I groaned.

"I can make you."

"Please, Jason, don't."

"Open your mouth for my cock," he commanded.

My mouth opened. I felt the weight of his cock on my lower lip. Our eyes were locked. His cock pulled back and he leaned to kiss me.

"I told you I'd wait for you," he said lovingly.

He turned and grabbed the first available woman, who happened to be Mandy, the head cheerleader. At the time she was sucking off a guy. Without pity or mercy, Jason slammed that monster deep into her asshole and fucked her long and hard until I could see the muscles in his legs spasming and his contorted face as he orgasmed. Mandy had screamed like she was shot when he penetrated, but was happily babbling, orgasming with him at the end. I remember Mrs. Parker saying a good ass fucking was a way to make a woman surrender. I watched Mandy around Jason after that day. Mrs. Parker was right. Mandy looked at him like he was a god and became one of his most devoted followers.

Me? I sat there throughout the entire orgy, my desire building, my needs unmet.

The orgies occurred about twice a week. Apart from the orgies, any of the males could have any of the females anytime he wished. The ankle bracelets identified the girls. The guys wore a gold necklace. A secret password completed the matching process. As the weeks passed, I noticed more and more girls with bracelets and more guys with necklaces. I estimated everyone in school would be initiated by the end of the year.

I attended every orgy. Always I sat untouched, fully dressed. Always he asked me and I refused.

There was a change in Jason's activities I discovered one day when Cathy and Patti came into my house one afternoon when they usually were at Jason's.

"Why aren't you at Jason's?" I asked, surprised to see them.

"He had a date," Cathy said, acting unfazed by his seeing another woman. I looked out of my window. In a few minutes, Mrs. Bennett, a married but very sexy English teacher, came out of Jason's apartment looking well fucked. Jason was branching out.

Being around all of this sex and not getting any was starting to really eat on me. I would masturbate like crazy, wearing out my poor vibrator, using more batteries than a eight year old on a Game Boy. It was to no avail. I needed a cock. One night about two in the morning, I couldn't sleep. Dressed only in a thin, transparent cotton nightgown, I snuck downstairs. I guess mother heard me because she met me at the door.

"Going to give yourself to Jason, Cindy?" she asked, brushing my hair back lovingly. A kind, sweet expression was on her face.

"Yes, mother. I am."

"Good, baby. I know you'll enjoy him." I realized she was under his control. I wondered if he had fucked her, so I asked. "Yes, dear," she said as she pushed me out the door.

As I walked up to his door, it opened. It was Paula Jones.

"Hi, Cindy. Your turn next," she said with a giggle. I saw her skipping down the sidewalk to her car.

Jason stood there, smiling gently as he opened the door for me. He closed the door to his apartment. The warmth and love in his face was overpowering. I'd have gone to bed with him just as a result of that look.

"I'm ready, Jason," I said. He just stood there, smiling, staring at me. "Jason? Jason?" He leaned forward and tenderly kissed my lips. Again he stared at me.

"What do you want, Jason?"

"I want you to feel how much I want you and want me that much, Cindy."

Suddenly, sweat broke out all over my body. My pussy started lubricating, flowing as much liquid as if I had pissed. I felt the need for his cock so severely... so intensely... I couldn't stand it. I thought I would die if I did not get his cock in me.

"Jason, fuck me. Please. Fuck me. I need it so!"

"Beg me!" he said with a huge grin.

I ripped off my nightgown and fell prostrate at his feet. I grabbed his leg, begging him, pleading for him to take me. I crawled up him and sucked that monster into my mouth. It was like I had been in great pain, surgery perhaps, and the doctor had given me morphine. A warm, wet, tingling feeling came over me as soon as my lips closed on his cock. I was on my knees before him, his monster cock filling my mouth completely. But I wanted it in my pussy. I held his ass in my hands, scooting backwards towards the bed without letting his cock leave my mouth. I crawled on the bed and lay back.

"You'll know what I'm doing but you cannot move," he said.

I felt like I was watching someone else with him. I was already so sexually aroused it was painful but his hands were all over me, caressing, touching... god, it felt good. He was commenting, telling me how smooth my skin was, how he loved the way I felt, how beautiful I was. He was a man enamored with a particular woman trying to express to her how special she was to him. I knew for sure how much he loved me and that I always wanted to belong to Jason.

He pulled my legs up, spreading me wide. He was very gentle, penetrating me, ripping my hymen. He had used his power to prevent me from having pain. I just felt a warm fullness. We cleaned up the blood, changed the sheets, and lay down together again.

"Now, my one true love, you are freed to enjoy your man to the fullest," he said in my ear.

"Yes, yes...yes!" I screamed as he filled me again. Even the pain of his stretching me felt good as he fucked me long and hard. I began to orgasm, gasping, squealing, begging him to never stop fucking me. I had multiple orgasms from his wonderful fucking. Suddenly, I thought I was going to catch on fire I was so hot. When I tried to breathe, I couldn't.

"Jason! Stop, wait!"

"Like hell!" he muttered and started pounding me harder. He pinned my arms over my head and fucked me until orgasm after orgasm pounded me, each stronger than the last. I had never known anything like it. I passed out.

That day at school I was sore and in a daze. I'm sure it was clear to the non-virgins what caused my problem. Everyone could immediately tell I was one of three women who belonged to Jason Evans because I now wore a gold choker identical to the ones worn by Patti and Cathy.

Mrs. Bennett stopped me in the hall to tell me she loved my new necklace. I wondered if she knew where and how I got it; so, I asked her.

"Yes, Cindy," she said sweetly. "He's very special, isn't he?"

"Yes, Mrs. Bennett, he is."

She hugged me, a warm, loving hug of two women sharing a special feeling, a feeling generated by a special man.

Wonders never ceased.

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