Jason's Power

by E. Z. Riter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, BiSexual, Incest, Orgy, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Cindy meets the boy next door, Jason, who hypnotizes her and a lot of others with the objective of a happier, sexier life.

I was fifteen on Thursday. No one wanted to come to the small party my mother gave me. Not even the beautiful summer day could stop my tears.

"Hey, pretty girl! Why are you crying?"

I saw a freckled-faced grin peering at me over the fence, with a shock of unruly red hair and glasses over his blue eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Jason Evans. My folks and I moved in yesterday. Can I come over?"

"No. I want to be alone," I said in my best Greta Garbo imitation.

In a moment, the gate opened. As he storked in, I saw he was about six feet tall, but scrawny and gangly. He sat down beside me, eyeing me with a gentle, humorous twinkle.

"Jason Evans, at your service," he said, sticking out his hand. I ignored him hoping he'd go away. He waited a moment, then said with a grin, "No wonder you're unhappy. Your parents didn't give you a name."

"Cynthia Caldwell, but, everyone calls me Cindy. Now, go away!" I was miserable and I wanted to stay that way.

"No. I'm going to stay right here until I find out why such a lovely lady is unhappy."

Jason was very sweet as he talked to me. After he gained my confidence, I gushed my problems to him. I was overweight (he could see that), not popular and very shy. I was smart, but my grades were lousy because I was so unhappy all the time.

"I can cure all your problems," he said confidently. "What are you, a magician?"

"No, but my grandfather was. I can help you, Cindy."

I looked hard at this new boy I'd met. I knew he was sixteen, with a positive attitude. I knew he was a bright student and in all the top classes.

"How?" I asked.

"I can hypnotize you. It'll help you concentrate on your school work, let you shed a few pounds and you'll be on your way to success."

"I can't be hypnotized. My parents took me to a doctor last fall to try that. But thanks anyway."

He took my hand in his.

"My grandfather was a hypnotist and a magician. My father's a hypnotist and a psychologist. My mother's a hypnotist and a dentist. My skills have been honed for years. I can do it. Let me know when you want to start."

"Now. I want to start now, but I don't think it'll work."

Jason led me to his room, or, rather, his apartment. The people who had owned the house before his parents bought it built living quarters in back for an older relative. There was a large living room, a large bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Jason lived there now and that's where he took me to hypnotize me.

I'd thought when a person is hypnotized, they don't remember. I remembered everything. He put me under and worked for an hour deepening and broadening the trance, making me more receptive to his suggestions. He planted a key word in my mind to let me be hypnotized more easily the next time. He began with helping me concentrate and he told me I would hate chocolate. After he brought me out of my trance, I told him I remembered everything. He was very surprised, but, after a few questions, he believed me. He said it was very rare for the subject to remember.

I didn't feel different from being hypnotized except I noticed I ate differently that night at dinner, avoiding the fats and starches, and, taking smaller portions. I was so happy that I was really going to lose weight, I cried myself to sleep in the quiet of my room.

The next morning, Dad and I went to church but Mom felt puny, so she stayed home. When we returned, she was feeling much better.

"I met our new neighbors," she said. "They're lovely and that Jason is quite a nice young man. Have you met him, Cindy?"

"Yes, Mom," I replied, but I didn't tell her about the hypnosis. I didn't know what she might say. After lunch, Jason arrived and Mom let him in.

"Why don't you and Jason go up to your room, Cindy. Shut the door. I won't bother you," she said.

I looked at her with my mouth hanging open. My mother would never allow a boy in my room, particularly with the door shut! As I took Jason to my room, I wondered if he had anything to do with Mom's attitude, but I didn't ask. Again, he put me into a deep trance.

Within four weeks, I was much more self assured and positive. Already, I'd lost twenty pounds. By now, Jason was walking in and out of my house and my room as if he owned the place. He and I had been on a few dates. He'd kissed me, but I pushed him away when he tried anything else.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I saw a big Mercedes drive in his driveway. Mrs. Parker got out. I knew her because her daughter, Patti, was the best friend of my older sister, Cathy. When I saw her walk back towards Jason's apartment, I snuck downstairs, through the loose boards in the fence near the back, and up to Jason's window, which was open. I was very quiet as I listened.

"My husband and I appreciate the changes you made in our lives, Jason."

"You're welcome, Mrs. Parker."

"Call me Beth. Jason, the reason I'm here is... did you make any suggestions about you and me when you hypnotized us."

"Why, Mrs...Beth?"

"I have a desire to be with you. That surprises me. I don't have sex with boys."

"I suggested you would think of me as an adult male, Beth. That's all."

"Oh, if you are considered an adult, this feeling is all my own?" Mrs. Parker asked.

"Yes, it is."

"Well, Jason, are you an adult male or are you still a boy?"

"I'm counting on you to make me an adult, " he said.

"Jason, I'd love to teach you about sex. Shall we began?"

I could hear the sound of clothes hitting the floor. I heard Mrs. Parker groan, then whisper, "I want that monster in my mouth first, Jason." I heard slurping sounds. I closed my eyes, imagining the sight happening on the other side of the wall, the sight of Mrs. Parker on her knees with Jason's cock in her mouth. I'd never seen a real cock except for once when I was seven and Jamie Miller and I played doctor. But I knew my nipples were tingling and there was moisture between my legs.

"Now, Jason, please, stick it in me. Like that... yes, oh, yes. God, you're big. Fuck me with that big cock...Uhhhh."

Mrs. Parker was very vocal in her lovemaking and while I won't repeat all of it, I can tell you it was wonderfully wild and made me very hot.

"Good, Jason, so good..." she whimpered as my hand slipped under my blouse to caress my nipple.

"Yes, Jason, hold my arms down. Slam me hard, baby. Hard! Fuck me, Jason, fuck me."

She began to laugh as my other hand went between my legs, feeling my little button so hard and erect. I twisted it as I pinched my nipple. I felt a feeling I'd never felt before. I knew my first orgasm was on its way.

"Yes! Jason, yes! Oh, God, I'm cumming," Mrs. Parker screamed.

I orgasmed the same time she did, whimpering quietly by myself outside Jason's window. I gasped for breath, exhausted, but Mrs. Parker was just getting started.

"Have you ever taken a woman's ass, Jason?" she asked in a voice I never heard before, a voice I would learn is a woman floating in her afterglow.

"No, Beth," he replied.

"Well, with that monster cock of yours, it may hurt them. You need to be very well lubricated and aware of what you are doing. I'll teach you."

"Maybe, I shouldn't have anal sex," he said.

"Don't be silly. Not all women enjoy it, but a lot of us do. And some learn to enjoy it. Besides, if you ever want to dominate a woman, take her ass while she resists. It makes her feel very submissive, like she's with a real man. Now slip on that condom and grease it up."

"You do it, Beth."

Mrs. Parker laughed. "See. You're learning to dominate already."

I listened as she moaned, working it in. I was dying to look but I was afraid. I listened as again Mrs. Parker orgasmed loudly on Jason's cock up her ass, and, again, my little fingers brought me off the same time as her. Now, I was limp as a rag from my first two orgasms ever.

"I need to dress, Jason. If we go again, I'll be too tired for my husband tonight."

"I need to cum again, Beth. You need to take me one more time," he replied.


"Your mouth."

"I'd love to." Again, the sounds of her slurping filled the air.

I couldn't stand it. I had to look. Mrs. Parker was on her knees naked, her back against the couch. Jason was over her, his cock moving smoothly in and out of her mouth. One of her hands was on his ass, the other on his cock. Both of his hands were on her head. He started moaning and moving faster. Suddenly, his prick began jumping and Mrs. Parker started swallowing. I saw his stuff ooze out of the corner of her mouth as she tried to swallow him all down. Jason groaned and fell back, sitting on the ground. Mrs. Parker had a dazed smile as she took his cum off her face with a finger and sexily licked it off.

"I bet your balls hurt with that much cum in them. That was a big load."

Jason groaned and fell backward. She began to dress. I hid again, but continued to listen.

"Have you ever used your power to enslave a woman, Jason?" she asked.

My heart stopped. I hadn't thought of that until then.

"No," he answered.

"Do you plan to?"


I could hear their breathing and the rustle of her silk stockings as she put them on.

"May I suggest someone?"

The silence was deafening.

"Yes. Please do," he said.

"My daughter, Patti."

Oh, my God, I thought. Patti was a bouncy, beautiful, and popular girl, my sister's best friend. Why would a woman suggest her own daughter be enslaved by a man?

"Why would you suggest her, Beth?" Jason asked, voicing my thought.

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