by E. Z. Riter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Cuckold, Humiliation, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sam loses his money to a black bookie. But Mandy, Sam's wife, makes a deal to repay it by having the bookie's baby.

Mandy and I started dating in the seventh grade. She's the only woman I've dated and I've always thought I was the luckiest man alive to have her. Why she picked me, I'll never know.

I'm an average man at five eight and one hundred forty pounds. Mandy's small, only five feet tall and one hundred five pounds. I'm average in appearance, too, but her appearance is far above average. She's beautiful with a delightful feminine figure.

When we married before our freshman year in college, we were virgins eager to begin our lives together. Our first sex was on our wedding night. My hands trembled as I unrolled a condom while Mandy smiled sweetly up at me from our wedding bed.

"Don't use it, Sammy. Please," she whispered.

"You might get pregnant."

She wrapped her hand around my unprotected cock and pulled me toward her.

"I want to be pregnant. You know that."

"But we're just starting out."

"Let's start by letting nature take its course. Make love to me where I can feel you, not a condom, Sammy."

From that first night or maybe the night after, Julie was created. She was born nine months to the day after we wed. Our second child was another girl, who we named Jenny. She was born when we were juniors.

We struggled through college as we both worked and went to school. I graduated on schedule and went to work for a big company as an accountant. A year later, Mandy graduated and started teaching second grade.

Neither Mandy nor I are leaders. We're both content being followers, which reflects our passive personalities. Our peaceful life style reflects that, too. We worked hard, saved, played, loved our children, and enjoyed what Americans call the good life.

Ours was a placid marriage. The one major disagreement was the number of children. She wanted five, but I insisted we stop at two, which is one of the few times I stood up to her. Mandy was never happy with that decision. It was the only bitter point between us.

In marriages like ours, money's an issue because it's in short supply, but Mandy wasn't a woman who longed after wealth. She wanted more children. I was the one who longed for a more financially successful life.

Julie was fifteen and Jenny almost fourteen when Mandy and I went with friends to Las Vegas. We had a wonderful time, and I won $30, 000 gambling.

I thought I'd found a way to ease the money problems and give us a better life. I didn't know I'd sown the seeds of our destruction.

Gambling's a terrible, uncontrollable addiction in some people. I was one of those. I gambled on everything I could find: football, basketball, horses, numbers. After we returned from Vegas, I won a little, but then the losses came in waves. I increased the amount I gambled because I knew my luck would change. And it did change - for the worse. In six months, I lost our savings, the kids' college funds, everything. And I lost even more as my bookie gave me credit.

Mandy knew nothing about it.

"Sam Johnson, get your ass over here straight from work! Don't mess with me, boy!" the horrifying voice on the phone said.

The sweat oozed from my face as his violent disconnection rang in my ears. I was $20, 000 in debt to my bookmaker and not a dime to my name. They'd been trying to collect for a month. My time was up. I went to the bathroom and threw up.

I shook uncontrollably and my clothes were soaked in sweat as I entered the store front office. The bookie grabbed my arm, dragged me out the back door, and shoved me into a large van, which had been modified to allow a person to stand. Someone picked me up like a child and jammed me on the floor of the van on my knees.

I looked up at one of the biggest men I'd ever seen.

"I'm David Winston White. Leroy works for me. I understand you won't pay your bills."

"Look, I... "

He moved quickly, like a tiger leaping on its prey and I was the lamb he was devouring. His massive left hand crushed the back of my neck and lifted me several inches in the air. His fingers were so long and strong they held my jaw shut. And his right hand grabbed my cock and balls. I felt him began to squeeze as I stared into the coldest, most evil black eyes in the world. I whimpered, and tears fell down my face. The pain in my balls was unbearable.

He dropped me. I fell to the floor sobbing.

"I want my money now."

"I don't have it."

"But you have a way to earn it."

"How? Tell me how?"

"You have a wife and daughters, don't you?"

"No," I gasped.

"Janet, stand! Look at her, Sam!" he commanded.

A petite white woman stood in the corner of the van. She was naked. She had massive breasts and a sad, frightened face that looked sixty although her body looked much younger.

"Tell him your story, Janet!"

"I was a sales rep, but I got addicted to gambling. I'm paying off my debt by being a whore for Mr. White."

"Come suck my cock, Janet!"

She scurried to him, quickly kneeling and fishing his cock from his trousers. It was massive, easily the biggest I had ever seen, but it was proportionate to the rest of him. Mr. White was probably six six and two hundred fifty pounds. Janet sucked the cock head, but his hand on the back of her head forced it into her mouth.

"Watch, Sam! Watch the stupid white slut suck my cock. Tomorrow night I'm coming to your house. I'll leave with my money or I'll leave with your wife and daughters. They'll do what Janet's doing until I have my money!"

"No. Please. Have mercy," I whimpered.

"I've no mercy for you, boy. Your wife and daughters'll be my whores until they earn back my money. Now, come here! You need to learn what sucking my cock's like since you're forcing your wife and daughters to do it."

He shoved Janet aside and yanked me between his legs. I felt like a child, unable to resist even if I had tried. His huge cock barely fit in my mouth. He didn't care about that. He jammed it in and out. When I put my hands up in protest, he whipped his cock across my face like a hard slap. When he came, he pulled out to cover my face in his sticky goo. He shoved me out of the way.

I was too terrified to even wipe his dripping cum from my cheeks. Janet scurried between his legs again to clean his cock with her mouth, sucking and slurping, as I felt his cum drying on my face.

"Tomorrow night. Don't try to run or hide or call the police. It'll only make me mad! Now get out."

It was late when I got home. I'd cleaned up at a service station, then stopped at a bar for liquid courage. Mandy was asleep when I got home. I sneaked in the shower before I crawled in our bed, wondering if she'd ever be there next to me again.

I couldn't sleep. My mind, body, and soul were paralyzed by fear: fear of what I'd done, fear of what would happen to my family as a result. I left early for work the next morning before Mandy awakened. That night, I got home for dinner about seven. She was at the kitchen table, grading papers.

"Sam, are you all right? You've been acting funny lately. Is something wrong?"

"No. Everything's fine."

I heard the front door open.

"Who's that, I wonder?" she said as she disappeared into the living room.

"WHO... " I heard her say.

I wet myself, sitting in my own pea, paralyzed with fear.

Mr. White walked into the room carrying my wife in his arms like a baby, except her mouth was taped shut and her arms handcuffed behind her. She was frightened like I'd never seen her before, shaking uncontrollably, her face ashen and sweating. His associate pointed a gun at me as Mr. White ordered me to sit and cuffed my hands behind me.

He put Mandy in the chair next to me. She was sobbing, making a sound like a dying dove.

"If you can be quiet, I'll remove the gag," Mr. White said to Mandy.

She nodded and he yanked the tape from her face. She said nothing.

"My name is Mr. White. Has your husband explained your problem?"

She stared at me with questioning eyes before she shook her head no. He told her my whole gambling history. He knew I'd maxed out the credit cards and home equity loan for my addiction. Mandy said nothing. Her eyes flitted back and forth between us. I could tell she couldn't believe what I'd done, and the loss and danger it put her in. She was in shock from it.

"What are you going to do to us, Mr. White?" she asked, the hysteria in her voice barely controlled.

"You and your daughters'll come with me, Mandy. You'll be my whores, fucking men for money until I've recovered what I'm owed."

Mr. White looked as if he expected her to become hysterical. I certainly expected it. We both were surprised.

As if someone filled an empty bag with iron, Mandy appeared bigger and sat more erect. A determined expression grew on her face. She held his cold, dead eyes with her own, never blinking or looking away. When she spoke, her voice was calm, sincere and confident, not threatening, but not submissive.

"Mr. White, I'm a lot of things. I'm Sam's wife and a teacher and a woman. I'll be your whore, too, the best one'll you have and I'll earn all your money back for you. I promise. But you must understand me, most importantly I'm a mother."

Mandy stopped and for seconds they stared at each other.

"Do you understand? I'm a mother... and if you or anyone else touches my daughters, I'll kill you."

Mr. White's mouth dropped open before it snapped shut like a steel trap. Mandy stood, walked to him, and turned her back.

"Please remove the handcuffs. You've nothing to fear from me unless you harm my daughters."

He was stunned and her actions defused his natural proclivity to harm. He gave a sharp, hard laugh, removed the cuffs, spun her around, and jammed her to her knees between his legs.

A knife appeared in his hand and he pressed it to her throat. A tiny movement by either of them would pierce her throat with the knife point. She never quivered or moved or took her eyes from his.

Somewhere in those long minutes as they stared at each other, they reached an unspoken agreement. He smiled at her as he put away the knife. It was a soft, gentle smile, like a man gives his lover.

"Mandy, please show me your house," he said with sincere politeness.

"Certainly. Mr. White, may I call you by your first name?"

"Call me by the nick name my family uses. Since I was the last born, they call me Baby."

Mandy showed him the house, giving him the in depth tour as if she were showing our preacher her homey treasures. She seemed happy and positive, telling him our history, pointing out the pictures in the hall that recorded when this thing occurred or that thing happened. She stopped in each girl's room, spending a long time talking about her beloved daughters.

I could see that she enchanted him. When he took her hand in his, she squeezed his in return, giving him a warm and friendly smile.

"Coffee?" she asked when we returned to the kitchen.

"Yes, thank you, Mandy," Baby answered.

"Baby, you can understand why I'm so protective of my girls, why I said what I did."

"You're an unusual woman, Mandy. I know you honestly meant it when you said you'd become a whore for me, and when you said you'd kill me. You really love your children, don't you?"

"Yes. I love them deeply, but I understand your position, too, Baby. That's why I'll cooperate with you to the fullest, doing whatever you wish for me to do. I'll make every effort to get your money back."

She handed him the coffee and guided us all to the den. She sat on the couch opposite him. No one spoke as the two of them worked through their own private thoughts, their eyes never leaving each other.

"Mandy, can you still bear children?"

Her body language became extremely intense as her eyes slammed into me before returning to him.

"Yes. Why?"

The silence was killing me. I knew why. We all knew why! My God, was she really considering it?

"I'll forget Sam's debt if you'll have my child."

I could tell immediately she was going to agree. Mr. White could tell, too. Mandy wasn't ready to say it, not verbally anyway.

"Why would you want that?"

"I want children. Finding a woman to bear one is easy. Finding a woman I can trust to love and nurture them is difficult in my world, Mandy."

"Babies are a big responsibility. Babies need love and tenderness... "

He laughed. He threw back his giant head and laughed. She had a sheepish, crooked grin, like a kid who'd been caught stealing candy.

"What do you want, Mandy? Just tell me. We both know you'd love and care for a child more than other woman would, no matter who the father was, no matter the circumstances of the birth."

She walked to him, took his huge hands and put them on her waist. She took his giant face in her hands and gently held it to look at her. Again, there was a long silence as they communicated nonverbally. That silence was painful for me. She leaned down slowly to kiss him softly on the lips.

"I'd like having your child, Baby. I know you'll be a good father and never hurt me or any of my children."

She pushed him back into the couch with her body as she kissed him long and hard. Slowly his arms folded around her in a lover's embrace.

This giant, this criminal who hurt people for a living, asked my wife if he could impregnate her, putting his black seed in her belly to make it grow with child. She rewarded him with a passionate kiss.

"Baby, I'm not on the pill. Would you like to start now?"

"I'd like that very much," he replied with such softness and feeling in his voice even I was touched. She took his hand, leading him toward the bedroom, then she stopped.

"Is it all right with you if Sam watches us?"

What was that expression on her face as she looked back at me? Not hatred. Not happiness. I knew it made me feel small because that look expressed that I was making her fuck someone else and she resented it greatly.

"Come on, Sam," Baby said, not even looking at me. He had eyes only for Mandy.

I followed them into the master bedroom, the bedroom that had been hers and mine exclusively. Baby's henchman shoved me in a chair and stood by me, his hand on my shoulder. Mandy looked at us.

"Baby, Sam won't cause a problem. Would you please ask your friend to leave?"

"Here, Junior," Baby said handing him a revolver. "Why don't you watch TV?"

"Sure, boss," the man replied. In a moment, I heard the TV start in the den.

Baby took off his coat and sat on the edge of the bed. Mandy kissed him again before she began unbuttoning his shirt. She didn't look at me as she slipped the shirt off his massive shoulders. Her fingers slid across his torso lovingly before she sucked his nipples. She slipped to her knees to untie his shoes.

"Stand up so I can take off your trousers," she said to him.

She undid his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor. She looked up at him with a sensual grin as she yanked down his boxers. That giant black cock that only last night spilled his seed on me jumped into her face.

"Oh, my God, Baby. I can't take that!"

"Yes, you can. I wouldn't hurt you."

"I know you wouldn't, Baby, but he would. I'll bet you don't get many complaints about being too small."

"None so far," he laughed.

Mandy turned to look at me. Her small fingers daintily held his hard cock near her face.

"Have you ever seen a cock this big?" she asked.

I didn't respond.

"Answer me," she snapped.

"No, I haven't."

"What would you estimate, Sam? Is it twice as big as yours? Three times? Or more?"

"I don't know," I mumbled as I stared at my wife unable to tear my eyes away from her. I'd never seen the anger and, yes, hatred in her that I saw at that moment.

"They say that once a woman's had a big cock like this one that she can't even feel a tiny little thing like you have, and that your little boy's cock won't ever bring her pleasure. Do you think that's true, Sam?"

"I don't know," I whispered as I trembled in abject humiliation.

"We're going to find out, aren't we?" she said, her voice dripping with insincere sweetness.

She turned back toward him as her hand lovingly caressed his shaft. She kissed the opening.

"What's his name?" she asked Baby.


"Your cock. I thought all men named their cocks."

"I haven't named him. Would you like to do it?"

"Yes, but I need him in me first. I need to see how he feels so the name'll fit. May I suck him?"

His huge, ham sized hand guided her mouth to his cock. Mandy always enjoyed sucking cock although she'd never initiate it. Now she valiantly worked on the shiny black helmet head of a monster as big as her fist. Quickly, it was coated in her saliva, which hung in ropes of spittle as she moved back and forth on it. She was doing a yeoman's job, but her jaws quickly tired. Baby could tell and pulled his cock from her mouth.

"I'm sorry, Baby. I'll do better next time," she murmured. He lifted her as if she were a child to kiss her softly on the lips.

"Don't worry. You were wonderful, Mandy. I want to fuck you. I want to feel your delicious pussy around my cock."

As he quickly undressed her, she never acted shy or embarrassed. She stood proudly before him, displaying her body, letting his giant hands roam the lush territory that'd been exclusively mine.

"Do you have any K-Y?" he asked. "I don't want to hurt you."

"I won't need it. I'm dripping wet for you, Baby," she replied sultrily.

She lay back. When he crawled between her legs, the bed groaned with his weight.

"Let me show you the easy way," he said.

Gently, he pulled her legs up with her knees outside her breasts. He brought her elbows inside her knees to leverage them apart. He guided her hands to her pussy lips, which she held open for him as he put the head of his cock against her.

"Oh, Baby, I've never had a cock this big," she whimpered as he slowly pressured to push his monster in her tight wetness.

There was no question he would fit. Her juices poured down her leg, her pussy glistened from her own wetness. He worked slowly, letting her become accustomed to him until his cock head rested against her cervix.

She was moaning, squirming in obvious delight at being so full. Her ass and hips were in constant motion as her body struggled to accommodate the giant cock buried in her. When she finally relaxed, the tension flowed from her only to reappear as desire.

"Fuck me good, Baby," she murmured in his ear.

Groaning, sweating, whimpering, squirming under the masterful, well controlled fucking from his monster cock, Mandy orgasmed as she never had with me.

It was a strange feeling seeing him fuck her, seeing him bring her joy and orgasms like nothing I'd ever given her. I wondered if she'd ever enjoy me again. I felt happiness for her at being so well pleased, but I felt my own sorrow - my own deep and real sorrow - at having caused this mess.

I was the second best man in my wife's bed. I had no one to blame but myself.

While I felt a deep loss, I must admit, seeing another man fuck my wife had been a wild and deeply buried fantasy of mine. I was hard from watching because she was getting a royal fucking from someone else, as I'd fantasized.

His control was magnificent. Mandy orgasmed time after time. When he saw she was mentally and physically exhausted from the pounding of the past thirty-five minutes, he let himself come and roared like a banshee when he did.

She loved every stroke because he gave her the best fuck of her life. She held him tightly, arms and legs around him, spasming in one last, long orgasm, not letting him pull out, as she let his black seed ravish her body searching for her delicate white eggs.

He braced himself on his arms so his weight wouldn't crush her as he softened in her, but she pulled him down on her.

Her face was toward me when she bore his full weight. She radiated bliss.

"Don't go," she whispered as he pulled out of her.

He kissed her gently and said, "I'll be back."

She giggled as her hand stroked his face.

"See that you do. Even a big stud needs to fuck more than once to make sure the woman's pregnant. We'll need to do this every night until I'm sure I'm carrying your child."

She kissed him hungrily before letting him pull away from him. When she looked at me, it was with disdain.

"Wait, Baby," she said as he started to wipe his cock on the bed sheets. "Let Sam clean you up."

Baby laughed. "He tasted my cock last night."

"Oh? He did? Did you like a cock in your mouth, Sam?" she asked.

"No," I murmured.

"Well, I didn't get to see it. Do it again," she hissed.

"I need to go," Baby said as he wiped his cock.

"You can clean Baby next time," Mandy replied. "But you can clean me now, Sam. I'm not going anywhere."

When I hesitated, Baby said menacingly, "You heard the lady."

I fell between her spread legs facing her huge and bloated pussy. White liquid oozed down her ass cheek. As I began to lick Baby's cum from my wife's pussy, I wondered how many nights he'd fuck her before she was carrying his child.

"There's so much in me, Sam," Mandy said. "He must have shot a quart. Suck it all out, honey."

The word "honey" was like an icicle thrust in my manhood. As I sucked his cum out of her, Baby released the handcuffs. In moments, I heard the door shut, but I didn't get up then. Mandy's hand on the back of my head held me in place. When she released me, I left to lock the front door.

Mandy was asleep when I got in the bedroom. Without a word, I lay down without touching her. When I awakened in the morning, she was gone. I found her in the kitchen drinking coffee. Her face was hard and cold.

"We need to talk."

"All right, Mandy."

"Baby'll honor his commitment. He'll forgive your debt and not hurt any of us. I'll honor my commitment, too, Sam. I'll bear his black baby. I'll raise that child with all the love and caring any child ever had. The question is, will you? Because if you won't love this child as your own, I want a divorce. I wouldn't let you hurt a child any more than I'd let him."

"Mandy, I never want a divorce."

"That's not the question! Will you accept Baby's black child, the child I'll bear, as your own and love it unconditionally?"

"Yes. I will. Please, Mandy... "

"I'm going to take over the finances, Sam. I want your credit cards and your checkbook. From now on, you'll give me your paycheck and I'll give you an allowance. And I want that damn sports car you bought to be sold by tomorrow night."

"I'll need some kind of car to get to work."

"Take the bus. Do you owe any other bookmakers?"


"That's something positive at least. You need to get help for your gambling, Sam. I insist on it."

"I will."

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