Joanne and Lexi

by Admiral Cartwright

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: A short story about best friends who share a little more.

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Author's note: This story actually was written several years ago but never posted. It is a short, open-ended tale of romantic, if hesitant, lovemaking between two women.

It does stand alone and I do not expect ever to finish it. If however inspiration so strikes another author, I ask only that you maintain character and e-mail me prior to any posting.

Joanne tried to convince herself this was only a dream.

It wasn't working.

Her best friend for fifteen years has just confessed she's bisexual... and attracted to HER.

Sure, Lexi was beautiful -- drop-dead gorgeous, in fact. But, if anything, Joanne was envious of Lexi -- nothing sexual about it.

Alexis preferred 'Lexi' because she hated the requisite comparisons to Joan Collins' character on Dynasty, despite the years that have passed since the TV show went off the air. Besides, they didn't look at all alike: Lexi was blonde, five-feet-three and petite. She almost could pass for her early teens, except that her 118-pound frame was well rounded in all the right places.

Joanne weighed about the same, but she stood 5'7". She never thought her 34B breasts were big enough. But now, Lexi gently was fondling one as if it was just perfect.

Joanne couldn't decide whether to scream or jump out of her skin, so instead she sat quietly trembling. "I-- I've never done anything with a girl," she somehow blurted out.

Lexi's voice was almost a purr: "Don't be scared. Please?" She brought her hand up to caress Joanne's cheek. "Close your eyes," Lexi whispered.

Okay, I'll try that, Joanne thought. Then, she felt her friend's lips brush against hers. Joanne wondered if she should respond and suddenly realized she was! The kiss was soft, warm, wet... she loved it! Lexi's tongue met hers, and Joanne let loose. She clamped her lips around that probing tongue and sucked it deeply into her mouth.

Lexi's eyes opened wide in surprise. She giggled playfully, and the sound snapped Joanne back to reality. The taller girl froze, almost as if hit with a brick emblazoned with the words, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?

The blonde moved to Joanne's earlobe and nibbled ever so gently. "I won't force you, babe. Anytime you want to stop, just say 'stop'."

Joanne nearly obliged; but, something choked off the word. A shoulder strap on her dress now was untied, exposing one of her too-small breasts. She watched, fascinated, as Lexi caressed the globe with her hot breath and her soft face and lips. The blonde then ran her tongue in gentle circles around its nipple and softly suckled, like a baby. That did it -- Joanne's head fell onto the couch-back and she let out a low moan.

The taller girl now noticed a warm feeling washing over her like ocean waves, and she suddenly felt an urge to move her hand to her pussy. As if on cue, a hand did find its way there -- one of Lexi's! The blonde had moved her mouth to Joanne's other breast by now, and sensed that her 'student' was ready to cum. Oh, no, not YET you don't, Lexi thought. You're going to cum in my face.

"Jo," she whispered. "You want to try that on me, too?"

The slim brunette felt like she was in a dream, or on auto-pilot, or something. Almost unconsciously, she sat up as Lexi sank back onto the couch. Only four buttons on the blonde's thin, almost-see-through blouse. Four buttons, and the naked breasts of a girl she grew up with would stare her straight in the face.

Lexi's narrow back created a deceptive 35-inch measurement; her C-cup tits were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her figure, which was why Joanne was always envious. Now, they were hers to play with; if she could do it. The third button undone... the fourth opened. Not even sure what she was doing, Joanne let the fingertips on each hand brush across a breast as she pulled open Lexi's blouse.

Lexi sucked in a breath as a chill rode up her back. Her bright pink nips stood straight up, begging the brunette to please them. Hell, this can't kill me, Joanne nearly said aloud as she leaned slowly forward to kiss a waiting nipple.

She nibbled and licked hesitantly and tentatively, still unsure of herself -- and it made her all the more gentle. It also drove Lexi nuts.

"God, fuck, Jo, that's it! Ohhhhhh... you're so good!!"

Joanne couldn't help but smile. It was like... a new sense of power. If I can't have your body, I'll have a little fun with it, I guess. What the fuck, huh?

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