Jacquie, A Cuckold's story

by Tafod Arian and Jacquie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Gay, BiSexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, Slut Wife, Cuckold, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young husband is cuckolded and humiliated in his own home as he and his wife are controlled and manipulated by his boss

Copyright © 2000

I had met you, Ronnie, in the office and, while you were getting coffee, I had a quick look in your diary and was not really surprised to find references to a whole new personality. You seemed to have a feminine side which you referred to as 'Jacquie'. I smiled to myself. With your delicate build and features you looked as much a 'Jacquie' as a Ronnie!!! When you returned I greeted you as Jacquie and you paled with shock. You were so frightened of your secret getting out that you agreed to do anything I demanded. I thought that dinner at your house would be nice for a start. I wondered what your wife Kathy would think of Jacquie. I told you to ring her and to tell her that I was coming for dinner and that, whether or not she usually wore obviously sexy clothes she was to be sure to dress up. I told you that I would be exploring the relationship between your wife and yourself in some detail and that I would feel free to do or ask anything to either of them that I liked, I knew that I had you, as you were so afraid of exposure that you would agree to anything. To press home my advantage I asked you to describe your wife's tits and cunt to me in absolute detail so that I could imagine them if I shut my eyes. You shuddered but in a halting voice did as I asked,

"My wife has a nice cunt. It is very well shaped and always smells clean for me. It has a thick bush which she usually allows to grow without much trimming. It is quick to get wet and has a nice taste"

I smiled and pressed you further,

"And your pretty wife's tits, what about those?"

You blushed and looked at your feet before muttering,

"She has 36C breasts with big nipples."

I just looked at you and laughed scornfully, dismissing you.

I arrive at your house in good time for dinner. Ronnie/Jacquie opens the door apprehensively. You are very scared as I enter your house, knowing that I am attracted to your wife and also knowing that I can have her any time I want and that you cannot stop me. The thought thrills you but also strangely excites you. You are dressed casually in an open-necked shirt and slacks. I enter the hall and to let you know immediately how the evening is going to go I cup your balls and, smiling into your terrified but reluctantly excited eyes, slowly and luxuriously feel you up. Your little prick hardens under my caress and I begin to gently wank you. You begin to pant gently and I slip a finger between your cute red lips and make you suck it in your own hall as I play with your little prick.

"Now, Jacquie, " I say maliciously, "take me in and introduce me to your pretty little wife. I can't wait to get to know her better."

I release your prick and withdraw my finger from between your lips. My attentions have left you very pale and breathing heavily. I smile at you and go in and allow you to nervously introduce me to your young wife. I look her over from head to foot assimilating her clothes and imagining her sexy underwear. You know that Kathy is wet right now with the attention I am giving her. I look at her prominent tits which are, to your eyes nice and firm and seem even perkier than normal. You can tell that her nipples are hard.

Following my instructions you had to ask her to dress very sexy today for my visit and despite herself, the thought turned her on. She never said a word but you can tell that she is excited by the way she smells, by the hardness of her nipples and the extra sway of her hips as she walks. You can actually smell her cunt. Putting all that together you know that Kathy is extremely excited. You know that your wife is excited at the thought of a dominant sexy man in the house after living with a submissive sissy over whom she has easy control.

I had ordered you to tell her to pick out something sexy and she has chosen an incredibly tight and short little black spandex miniskirt which moulds perfectly to her ass. She is wearing no panties, just a pair of black seamed stockings and black garters. Her heels are spiked and at least four inches high. Her toes are painted a deep red and they stick out of her open-toed high-heeled shoes showing even through the black stockings. She is wearing a white sheer tube top which does nothing to hide her breasts. It is as if they are on display. Her big firm tits are outlined perfectly and her nipples are clearly visible through the sheer flimsy fabric.

She is wearing very hot red lipstick to match her toenails and her fingernails are painted that same blazing colour. Her pouty lips are quivering slightly in excitement as she keeps her eyes fixed on me. It is clear that I am running the show and she defers to me without a thought for you, her husband.

I take her hand but instead of shaking it I pull her to me and give her at first a gentle and then a demanding kiss. She tries to escape and I hear you gasp in protest. I look at you over her shoulder without releasing your wife's lips and that one look compels your silent acquiescence of my molesting your childhood sweetheart. I press gently until her lips reluctantly open under mine and I slowly and comprehensively ravish her sweet young mouth, slipping one hand down on to her bottom and moulding her full buttock in front to of your eyes. I play with her for as long as I feel like and then suddenly release her and step back. She stands gasping, pale and trembling.

After I have kissed her she is surprised and confused about what to do. Her eyes meet yours for a moment and then I look at you as well, saying

"Jacquie, get me a drink and fix yourself one as well. You will have a pink lady. I think I remember reading in your diary about how you like those, didn't I? Oh, and slip into something a bit more comfortable. Why not put on the little peach outfit you keep hidden behind the loose board in the reading room? Hurry back Jacquie, I will be getting to know Kathy while you are gone."

You look at me hoping for mercy, wanting to crawl under a rock but there is no escape. You am trapped and you know it. As you turn to go into the kitchen you see me grope Kathy's ass as she walks ahead of me. She shudders and tries to move away but my hands roams over her ass despite her feeble protests. You hear me talking to her but can't quite make out the words. You listen tensely for a moment from the other room until you hear me say,

"Jacquie, are you dressed yet?"

You know that I was aware of your lingering and you hustle to get the drinks and change. When you return you are carrying your sissy drink and my manly drink and you are wearing a peach baby doll nighty and panties. Kathy is shocked at your appearance but I don't giver her a chance to think. I tell her that she and I are going out dancing. You protest and I punch you in the stomach. As you are bent over and gasping for breath I take a pair of cuffs out of my briefcase and put your hands through the wooden arm on your heavy mahogany couch. I then cuff you to it. You are unable to move the heavy couch and are forced to remain on your knees. I tell Kathy to remove my pants and she stares at you and then at me, wondering what to do. I tell her that things will go easier on you if she does. She still hesitates and so slap your face relatively gently a few times. You whimper and begin to cry. Kathy falls to her knees and takes off my pants. My cock is huge and is nicely outlined in my briefs. I have her remove my briefs and she slides them off slowly and reluctantly. My cock sticks out towards her and nearly pokes her in the face. I tell Kathy to bring one of your credit cards because the night is going to be on Jacquie and she leaves the room to look for it without comment.

While Kathy is out of the room looking for the credit card I cross to the settee and sit down beside you with a nasty smile. You look up at me with fear in your eyes. Although you are kneeling uncomfortably with your hands handcuffed through the mahogany arm of the settee you can still move a little. I am naked below the waist with my briefs on the floor beside me.

"Spread your legs, " I order brusquely.

You are so frightened that you do not hesitate but separate your thighs until you are kneeling on widely spread thighs. As I look into your eyes I reach down and cup your balls, squeezing until you gasp with pain. I can see the tears of anguish gathering in the corners of your cloudy eyes. I smile down at my pretty little captive and you look up fearfully. My smile becomes a little nastier as I caress your balls, moving up to your little prick which, despite yourself has stiffened under my attention. As I grin down at you I begin to steadily wank you, playing with your reluctant body and enjoying your fear. I continue to wank you until you begin to gasp and then I slow up. Stimulating you has made my prick begin to stiffen and it is now semi-hard.

"Open your cocksucking lips, sissy, " I order bluntly.

You shake your head in horror but without hesitating I slap you hard across the face with my open hand. You begin to cry quietly.

"Now, open your lips or I will really hurt you, " I say with some menace.

Despite yourself, your cute red lips reluctantly open and I feed my half-stiff prick between them and into the reluctantly welcoming warmth of your mouth.

"Now, get sucking and do it properly if you don't want to get hurt, " I say and you begin to reluctantly suck me off.

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