Change of Heart

by Virago Blue

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: What can a girl and a guy do with a popsicle and Dr. Pepper bottle on a hot, sunny afternoon?


"How many of them are you going to eat?" Jimmy turned a little in the swing, abruptly changing the tempo of the ride.

"As many as I want. Why? Do you want one? Damn, Jimmy, you're so... moody. You want me to come over and then you're so rude." Crystal stood up from the swing, leaving it to bob around in a crazy sort of way, especially with Jimmy moving around so much. "You asked me over and ever since I got here, all you keep doin' is asking me what I want to drink, do I want somethin' to eat... my mama feeds me, if that's what yer worried about." She jumped a little when she noticed the popsicle was starting to melt down her arm. She wiped at the sticky orange stripe running down the underside of her elbow. She sucked the melting juice off the popsicle, finally getting Jimmy to look back at her. All the loud slurping noises finally got his attention.

"Is that good? Must be your third one." She rolled her eyes at his observation, said a little surly as he picked at the frayed hole on the thigh of his Levi's.

She decided to ignore that, maybe change the subject so that he would finally get up enough nerve to invite her inside, maybe to his bedroom. Hell, it didn't matter, she'd do it right here on the plank flooring of his back porch. She knew that's what he wanted to do. Somehow she was gettin' the feeling Jimmy was a little uncomfortable. Travis was out of town, said somethin' about a fishing trip with his uncle, and she was feeling down lately, like she was being ignored. It was a nice day, a little warm for May. She dug out a pair of her old cut-off shorts and squeezed her way into them this morning after Jimmy called. Either they shrunk or she gained a couple of pounds since last summer because she sure didn't remember them riding up on her like they were doin'. It took all her willpower not to pull the crotch down and give her privates a little relief from the cut of the stiff fabric. But then again if she shifted her hips just right, she felt a little ripple of pleasure from down there. Crystal decided she was going to shift her weight a little, seeing that she was being neglected. Besides, she wanted Jimmy to get one of his enormous hard-ons she had heard so much about.

"It sure is a nice day, even if it is a little hot." Crystal leaned her elbows against the porch railing, arching her back just enough to give Jimmy a nice view of her ass which she knew hung out from her shorts just a little. In what she felt like was one fluid movement, she slid one long, lean, tanned leg to the edge of the porch and wiggled her toes in the sultry breeze. She was sure Jimmy had gotten an eyeful of her white panties by now. She paused, with just a slight cant of her head, enough to give him a good view of her profile while she held the dripping popsicle in front of her lips. She couldn't tell much, not without turning her head, but she thought he was watching her. Then she opened her mouth and dragged her tongue along the length of the popsicle, making sure to catch all the cool, sticky drops that drizzled faster and faster down the stick. She ignored the slurping noises she had to make... just one of those things. Jimmy seemed to have ignored the slurping noises, too. Seducing men just wasn't that easy, she decided. If she was going to go on to Hollywood to become a movie star, her seductions would have to improve. Practice makes perfect, Mr. Harlowe down at the feed store always told her. She always was a little confused about that. She already was a champion barrel racer. She would've asked Mr. Harlowe what exactly he meant by that but he usually would stand a little to close to her when she gave him a little attention, like he was going to hump her leg or something. She decided to let it pass, no use getting old Mr. Harlowe worked up. Daddy said he had a heart condition.

She stole a few of them magazines from the drugstore a while back, the ones that tell it like it is, you know, how a woman can go about pleasing a man and how a man can do things with his tongue and fingers and what have you to make a woman scream in absolute ecstacy, sort of like she was going to explode and all. Travis never quite made her feel like she wanted to scream, although she does admit to hollering a little bit at him, like telling him to go a little faster. He never lasted too long after that. Somehow she felt like she was missing out on something and damn if Jimmy didn't look to be the one who could help her find it. Besides, practice does make perfect.

Crystal turned from the porch, eyeing Jimmy. She leaned her elbows back on the railing, lowering her gaze a little and then bringing her eyes back up to meet his. Jimmy's eyes were a little bluer than hers, but she could always get some contact lenses to make hers look a little bluer. Or maybe lavender, like Elizabeth Taylor's.

He was watching her, but it was still hard to tell if she was having any kind of effect on him. He brought the bottle of Dr. Pepper up and swallowed. She watched the way his throat moved, how the muscles in his neck just kind of waved up and down. His eyes never left her face. Crystal inhaled slowly, steadying her breathing. She would have to be able to take those kind of calming breaths when she got in front of the camera for particularly difficult scenes. Practice makes perfect. What she hoped was plan B was about to begin. Plan A didn't seem to have roused Jimmy much.

"Jimmy, you and me, we've been friends for a while, like, long enough for you to tell me truly what you think. You would be real honest with me if I asked your opinion, a man's opinion, wouldn't you?" Crystal gave him a wide-eyed innocent look before sucking the remains of the popsicle from the stick. "I mean, I'm planning my future and I want everything to be just right."

Jimmy pulled one leg up off the ground and rested his arm on his knee that showed through his torn jeans. It seemed in that one movement about a hundred or so muscles rippled in his chest, stomach and arms. Of course, it couldn't have been that many, she couldn't remember exactly how many muscles there were in the human body, but surely there weren't a hundred. He had nice skin, she noticed, golden brown in color, all over. Not just the arms, face and neck like some boys she knew. It just made her wonder more if he even had any tan lines at all. And would his hair down there be darker than the sandy blond hair that curled on his head and down behind his ears, just to the middle of his neck? The little patch of gold hair on his chest was a little darker. He had a nice chest, with nice arms to match. But then most men who could break a horse had a pretty good build up of muscle.

"Sure, Crystal, I'll tell you what I think. Go ahead and ask me." Jimmy leaned forward and put the empty Dr. Pepper bottle on the wood floor. When he sat back up, he gave her this smile, the kind that makes a girl get that funny tickly feeling in her stomach and even lower. He leaned back, putting his hands behind his neck, getting all comfortable and just waiting for her to start.

Her eyes followed a curious path down his flat belly to the sparse golden hair that stuck out from the tops of his jeans. The top button of his button-fly jeans was undone. There went that tickly feeling again. She squirmed a little, just so the seam in the crotch of her shorts would stop the little trickle of wetness that she was sure was about to run down her leg. Maybe he would just think it was sweat. But what if he thought she peed herself? Time to make a move, and quick.

"Since I'll be leaving for California in a few months I started getting together some pictures I could show them talent scouts and agents. I got to have some different ones, different kinds, you know, so that they can get a full idea of what my talents are. Janie and Beth helped take the pictures after fixin' my hair and makeup. I think they turned out really good but I want to know what a man thinks." Crystal fidgeted around in her purse until she brought out a bright yellow envelope from the Fox Photo. "Here you go, Jimmy. And be honest, I can take it."

Jimmy leaned forward and reached for the envelope, he gave her this little crooked smile she thought was sexy. He was always so quiet and reserved, kinda treated her like a little girl sometimes. Well, he's fixin' to have to change his mind about that. Crystal handed him the envelope. Another little feeling passed over her as his fingers brushed against hers. She hesitated long enough for her pale blond hair to slip over her shoulder and tickle his arm.

She studied his face a little when he looked at the first picture. She would just have to get used to the embarrassment of someone looking at her naked body. It was something that was probably going to happen a lot once she got to California.

"I've been thinking about a new name, you know, like Crystal Shine."

"What? Sounds like a furniture polish to me." Jimmy laughed.

"What would you know about furniture polish? Besides you don't know anything about the life of an actress. We have to change our names to something easy and memorable." She pouted, feeling a little hurt that he didn't like her new name.

"Just ask Jill how much I know about polishing. How do you think that table in there got so smooth?" Jimmy snickered. Crystal felt like she was missing out on a joke.

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