by John Dent

Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Water Sports,

Desc: : Returning from a night out, three female friends and a young man they have befriended are forced to spend the night in a lonely, hillside barn.

Jenny, myself and Samantha had been out celebrating the latter's eighteenth birthday; we'd started off at the Frog and Nightgown before moving on to Arkwright's when the club opened its doors. We'd been saving up hard for several weeks and the booze had flowed... well, like booze so that by midnight we were all rather 'happy' and this state of inebriation was further advanced when Samantha, ever the exuberant member of our trio, had 'allowed' herself to be coerced to enter the Wet T-Shirt competition. Not that Sam ever needed much persuasion to show her almost perfect body off and even as she joined the line up of other contestants, I knew that with those massive breasts of hers and her long, straight ash-blond hair she would win the day... and they did, quite easily. Still dressed in the soaking wet shirt which was plastered tightly to her tits, her nipples standing proudly to attention, she bounced her way through the throng of ogling males back to our table leading a waiter who was carrying her prize - a silver ice bucket containing a magnum of champagne along with three fluted glasses. Sam duly removed the cork with the traditional loud 'pop' and stream of ice cold liquid which just sort of accidentally ended up being sprayed over my blouse and subsequently showing off my own, rather more meagre, assets. But by this stage we were all somewhat past the point of caring and the three of us laughed, raised our glasses and toasted Sam one more time...

Just after three in the morning, we left the club in the company of Jeff who'd promised us a lift home in his car. Jeff's two mates stood disconsolately together at the disco's door watching us depart; the three of them had been eyeing us girls up ever since that T-Shirt competition and while Jeff had struck lucky with Sam - who swung both ways - Jenny and I had proved to be a disappointment to the other lads as we made the depth of our feelings for each other as well as our general disinterest in males clear to the boys. Now the car was travelling down the darkened country lane that meandered its way through the deserted landscape towards the small village where we girls all shared a flat while working at the local so-called Country Hotel. The car was moving rather slowly because Jeff was somewhat distracted from his driving by two factors, the main one of which was that, several miles previously, Sam had unzipped his jeans, pulled his cock out and was now busily giving him a blow-job, her head somehow wedged between his groin and the car's steering wheel yet still finding the room to bob rapidly up and down. The second thing that was distracting our driver was that his eyes were firmly fixed on the mirror of the car so that he could observe the antics going on in the back seat where Jenny had unbuttoned my blouse and was busy sucking greedily on my nipples while I'd managed to hitch her skirt up around her waist and had slipped my hand inside her knickers where I was busily playing a tune on her clitoris. Unfortunately, the combination of these two factors (plus the fact that young Jeff had been hitting the beer quite hard in the club) lead to the almost inevitable result - the car failed to make one of the corners, bounced over the grassy kerb and bumped almost gracefully into the dry-stone wall surrounding a sheep-filled field. For a second or two we all sat frozen; no one screamed so I assumed that we were all uninjured. Samantha, never one to be easily distracted, began to suck again almost as if nothing had happened and, even as Jenny and I raised our heads to see where we were, Jeff groaned, threw back his clean shaven head, shuddered and very obviously began to pump his seed down our friend's throat. Discreetly, the pair of us slipped out of the back seat, Jenny pulling her mini- skirt back down while I buttoned up my blouse again as we waited by on the grass.

"Any idea where we are?" I asked Jenny.

"About five miles from nowhere in both directions," she replied brushing her long brown hair out of her face.

"Shit!" I spat out, "And there's hardly likely to be any traffic down here for quite some time."

Jeff and Samantha joined us and, as Sam pulled on her t-shirt again, he walked to the front of the car where he watched, somewhat dejectedly, as steam continued to rise from somewhere under the bonnet. "That's it then, girls," he said with a shrug of his wide shoulders. "The radiator's fucked and we ain't going no further in this heap tonight. I guess we'll just have to walk the rest of the way."

Actually, I thought that Jeff seemed to be taking this all rather well considering the state that his car was now in and I voiced the thought aloud. He smiled and answered, "Not my car, not my problem."

"Who's car is it then?" asked Jenny suspiciously.

Jeff's smile widened as he took Sam's hand and started to lead her off down the darkened road. "How should I know? It was parked up by the side of the road with some others and was the easiest to hot-wire..."

I groaned quietly to myself, running my hand through my dark, crew cut hair; at least I now knew why he'd taken so long to bring 'his' car round to the front of the club to pick us up. Samantha pressed her body closer into Jeff's as she breathed, "Oh, how exciting! Travelling in a stolen car..."

Jenny and I glanced at each other and raised our eyes - typical Sam that, turned on by anything exciting or unusual. I leaned closer to my lover and whispered into her ear that, in my opinion, Sam would come to a sticky end one day. I didn't notice Jenny trying to argue with me over this appraisal...

Twenty minutes later and we were still walking down the lane, Jeff - who had now transferred his hand to Sam's denim covered arse - ambled along at no great pace while myself and Jenny followed behind, our hands linked with intertwined fingers. The early morning pre-dawn light was just starting to make itself felt... as was something else and I started to squirm slightly. "Need to go?" muttered Jenny quietly to me as she easily read my body language. I nodded. "Me too - for the last half mile or so." She started to look around, clearly searching for a spot of privacy where we might be hidden from Jeff's no doubt eager gaze as we relieved ourselves.

A large dollop of rain spattered against my face. I shrugged my shoulders - that was all we needed! A second large drop followed... and another. Jeff released his grip on Sam's buttock and turned to shout that we should follow him as he started to jog towards a gate in the wall. Quickly, the three of us followed and, after a rapid and rather clumsy run in high heels over the muddy ground of a field, we were all soon sheltering in a derelict barn a few hundred yards from the road as the rain pounded the ground outside and began to puddle around our feet where the numerous holes in the roof were letting the waters in. The temperature had taken a sudden dive and that, combined with the rain that had dampened our clothing before we made it to shelter, had caused us all to start shivering. I crossed my arms over my chest and sank on a dry spot on the floor, bringing my knees up close to my chest. Jeff eased his muscular frame down next to me and slipped his arm over my shoulders. "I could always help to keep you warm, love," he suggested helpfully.

Brusquely, I brushed his arm aside. "Don't even think about it, buster! I'm not interested in men at all - understand?"

Jeff shrugged and stood up. "Your loss, honey," he observed as he moved closer to the more welcoming Sam again.

"Why don't you do something useful like find some firewood?" I suggested from the floor, the ache in my bladder now getting stronger. "You know - prove yourself to be an efficient hunter and provider to us poor, weak and helpless females?"

I noticed Jenny trying to hide a smile as Jeff, his chest swelling, stated that by chance he'd spotted some kindling laying sheltered from the rain by a tree outside. "Well, don't just stand there, go and get it," I added. Anything to get rid of him for a while, I thought... with him out of the way, me and Jenny could have a pee each in peace in here so that handing the task to him would be worth it even if he never did get a blaze going.

"Right - I will!" he exclaimed, his sightly drunken pride pricked now... and out into the rain he went. Relieved, I quickly unbuckled by belt and, after pulling down the zip, started to lower my jean which, being rather damp now and always delightfully tight, proved rather difficult. Frantically, I wiggled about pulling at the material which seemed almost to be a living thing in the manner of its resistance as I frantically clamped down on myself trying to hold on for those last few moments. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Sam was having a similar difficulty as myself while Jenny, being rather more sensibly dressed for such an occurrence in her skirt, had already got her knickers round her ankles and had squatted down and was already relieving herself. Just then Sam called out, "Too late! I can hear him coming back!"

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